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Want to make sure you use your airplay credits in the most effective way.txt
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Want to make sure you use your airplay credits in the most effective way.txt


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  • 1. Want to make sure you use your airplay credits in the most effective way?# 1 Promote Your HitsYou may have an entire album (or more) uploaded to Jango. Thats great for users that havealready come to enjoy your music. However, make sure you allocate more play credits to yourhits, the songs youre most satisfied with and that listeners enjoy the most. If you are unsurewhich songs are more popular - compare the results in the playstats.# 2 Use A Good PictureThe reason it is a cliche is because its true - you never get a second chance to make a firstimpression. An interesting, professional looking picture will catch listeners attention. It alsosignals that youre serious about your music.# 3 Use the Facebook IntegrationA correct Facebook URL (more here) enables you to connect your promo module with yourFacebook page. As you know - people spend a lot of time on social media in general (andfacebook in particular). By growing your fan base on both Jango and Facebook you createadditional ways to communicate with your fans.# 4 Update the Custom MessageThe custom message is the second thing listeners spot after the picture. Heres your chance topresent yourself with 80 characters or less, be creative but stick to the point. Tell listeners aboutan upcoming gig, boast with a high profile quote or let them know youre giving away a free mp3download. You should grow their interest by giving them further incentive to explore your music,be it on Jango, Facebook, Twitter or your own webpage.# 5: Keep your song title clean and correctly spelledMake sure there are no typos in your song title and avoid CAPS lock, the song title is part ofyour first impression and a professional looking title will further boast your image.If you guys have any other great tips and tricks to share with us then write them down in thecomment section, wed love to hear from you! Next week well be back with more tips . Asalways - thanks for being part of Jango Airplay.