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S088 P M T [ Rompatibility Uode]

  1. 1. Multiple trends are converging to create a massive opportunity – baby boomers, an increased focus on health, home p business explosion, medical research, media attention and more. •Chocolate represents a huge and growing market k t •99% of people like chocolate •90% actually crave chocolate •50% say they can’t live without it can t •Chocolate is the most craved food on the planet •Healthy Chocolate represents an entirely y p y new product segment Entrepreneur lists Chocolate on it’s Top 10 r Business tre ends to watch and profit from!
  2. 2. America is no one of the most Diabetic ow and obese countries in the world... This is due to la of education on nutrition, ack poor habits and n choosing to make a healthy not li ifestyle change. Selecting go food choices exercise, ood choices, exercise hydration and watching your portion sizes puts us on a bbetter path to wellness.
  3. 3. TRŪ Chocolate is a delicious treat that is ideal for the e n t i r e family. Many call it the “Guilt Free Chocolate Choice.” It tastes great and is an easy way for kids to add Antioxidants into their daily routine. TRŪ chocolate is a . healthy treat after meals or a better choice for snackin th t is far beyond h i f king that i f b d the ordinary choco olate experience.
  4. 4. TRŪ Chocolate is infused with beneficial herbs e which assist in p promoting healthy blood sugar levels. g y g TRŪ Chocolate assists in killing bacteria including e the one that crea cavities, plaque, Yeast and ates ,p q , Candida. TRŪ Chocolate fits into even the busiest lifestyle and e y assists in suppor rting healthy weight loss for women and men.
  5. 5. “If someone told me at 62 years old I could get thin f eating chocolate I would say they were nuts.” pp - John Cappadona I purchased some bags o Tru Chocolate a few months ago but of hadn't actually tried it un a little over 2 weeks ago. Now I am not a ntil big person, but I knew I nneeded to shake off a few pounds because as I got older, my metabolis most certainly slowed down. After sm hearing about how good the product really was, I decided to just start eating it, following the instructions and by drinking cold water after. The taste sure doe have that WOW factor and is very es interesting to say the least. St i t ti t th l t Strong b t nice, sweet and tasty. N but i t d t t Now that I have been on the Tru Chocolate I have shed 7lbs. This is the real thing ladies and gentlemen! We are able to offer a fantastic healthy weight loss product that WORKS! Tanya Fussell Diamond Executive Soul Purpose Lifestyle C Company
  6. 6. The “Guilt FREE” Chocolate Choice t • All Natural • Vegan Friendly • Gl Glycemic F iendly i Frie dl • L Lactose F t Free • Organic • Celiac Friendly • Kosher Ingreedients • Gluten Free Sweetened with Dentist recommended Xylitol • h • Antioxidant Loade ed - one chocolate is about the same Antioxidant poin as 27 servings of broccoli/day. nts
  7. 7. Product Sugar Artificial A Organic Cocoa Butter Cocoa Name Sweeteners S Ingredients Powder No No N Yes Yes No TRU Chocolate Yes No N No No Yes Xocai Yes No N No Yes No IsaDelight Comments Sugar is the Artificial A By using Cocoa Butter is Cocoa Powder main cause of sweeteners are s organic great for weight is chemically weight gain and shown to have s ingredients we loss and processed food fat production side s effects, guarantee the healthy skin. It that is the in the body and a increase absence of any also greatly “waste insulin i harmful improves the product” of the resistance r substances flavor of chocolate from the chocolate manufacturing product, and process the maximum quantity of nutrients
  8. 8. Product Herbal Blend Xylitol X Dairy Promotes Artificial Name Blood Sugar Nutrients Balance A complete Yes Y No Yes No TRU Chocolate herbal formula Acai only No N No No No Xocai No No N No No Yes IsaDelight Comments C t The h b l Th herbal Xylitol i X lit l is Artificial A tifi i l blend in TRU proven to p nutrients have a Chocolate is promote p very poor responsible for healthy teeth h absorption ratio its health and a retard and could promoting Candida, cold C imbalance the qualities and a flu, and body other bacteria o and a virus
  9. 9. TRŪ Chocolate T Ingredients Momordica Charantia Noni Fruit Citrus Extract Ellagic Acid ALL Green Tea Extract ORGANIC! Fabanol® Bioperine® Lectin Organic Lecithin
  10. 10. Wha is your Ideal at Bo Weight? ody
  11. 11. How do I Calculate my BMI? What i y Ideal Body Weight? Wh t is my Id l B d W i ht? BMI Categories: Underweight = <18.5 Normal weight = 18.5-24.9 Overweight = 25-29.9 Obesity = BMI of 30 or grea ater Calculate Step1.Determine your heigh and weight in inches and pounds. ht Step2 Multiply your height x height. Record the answer. Step3 Divide your body weight by the answer you calculated in step 2 2. Step4 Multiply the answer ffrom step three by 703. The result is your BMI. Example: 5’0 f = 60in. Wt.= ’ ft =122lbs BMI= 122/3600x703
  12. 12. 40 pounds o less over your or IDEAL BOD WEIGHT: DY Try one choc colate, one glass of water 10 mininutes b f before each meal, h l repeat 3 time a day. es A lifestyle including exerrcise and healthy food choices is recommended. These statemen have not been evaluated by the FDA nts FDA. This product is not inttended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, consu with your Doctor before starting. ult
  13. 13. 40 to 99 pou unds over your IDEAL BODY WEIG GHT: Try two chocolates, 2 glasses of water 10 minutes beefore each meal, repeat 3 y times a day. A lifestyle including exerrcise and healthy food choices is recommended. These statemen have not been evaluated by the FDA nts FDA. This product is not inttended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, consu with your Doctor before starting. ult
  14. 14. 100 pounds o more over your IDEAL or BODY WEIG GHT: Try three Choocolates, 3 glasses of water - 10 minutes bbefore each meal, repeat three times a day. y A lifestyle including exercise and healthy food choices is recommended. These statemen have not been evaluated by the FDA nts FDA. This product is not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, ded consult w your Doctor before starting. with
  15. 15. Wellness – a Balance Act! It tak more than physical exercise to kes main ntain good health Balance is the key health. to le eading a healthy lifestyle. Wellness is the ddynamic process of becoming aware of, aking responsibility for and making of ta for, choices that directly contribute to one's well being and that of the common good. It is the integration of body mind and spirit body, and the ongoing development of one's own meaning in life.
  16. 16. Tru Chocolate Q Quantities and Whole Sale Prices Tru Chocolate Quanti ities - 6 bags- $120, 9 bags - $180, 17 bags - $331, 29 bag - $551 gs TLC Quantities – 1 bo ottle- $44.50, 3 bottles - $127.50, 9 bottles- $335 50 b ttl $335.50
  17. 17. The Determining FACTOR Who do you know th likes chocolate? hat Who do you know th wants to lose some weight? hat Who do you know th would benefit from Tru Chocolate and hat TLC? It s It’s time to: Decide Demonstrate Drink Duplicate Soul Purpose plus Tr Chocolate = SUCCESS! ru Note: Recommended that you participate in the 5 day Cleansing Program. Note: Recommended if on p prescription drugs take meds 45 minutes before wafer. Note: Recommended for Au ship for entrepreneurs and customers for lifestyle change uto