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Powerpoint Lejla Gacevic
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Powerpoint Lejla Gacevic


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Going Online Lejla Gacevic 722
  • 2. Internet
    • The internet is a gigantic computer network that connects computers across the world.
    • It has changed the way people communicate, work and have fun.
  • 3. World Wide Web
    • The web is part of the internet. It is a way of accessing the information, services and websites available through the internet.
  • 4. The Internet And The Web Are Not The Same Thing
    • If you think of the internet as a highway, then think of the web as a car that takes you from place to place.
  • 5. What Is A Website?
    • A website is a specific location on the web that contains a collection of related files and resources by a persons, group or organization. A website is made up of individual web pages called subpages.
  • 6. Uniform Resource Locator Or URL
    • Just as every home or business has it own address, every web site has it own address that no other site can use.Each web page in a site has its own address just like every page in a book has its own number.
  • 7. Extensions
    • The three letter extension at the end of a domain name can tell you a lot about the type of web site you are visiting
  • 8. Common URL Extensions Professional or non profit organization .org Us government organization .gov Educational institution .edu Commercial of for non profit .com Common URL Extensionsss
  • 9. Getting Connected
    • You need four things to connect to the internet
      • Computer
      • Internet Service provider
      • Modem
      • Communication Software such as browser, email software and software that lets your computer connect to another network.
      • Modem
  • 10. Responsibilities Of A Internet Service Provider
      • Maintains equipment
      • Provides customer service
      • Protects the network
  • 11. Modem
    • A modem is a device that lets your computer send data to and receive data from other computers or networks
  • 12. Types of modems
    • Telephone or dial up- the slowest type of modem uses your phone line
    • DSL (digital subscriber line)-DSL modem uses your phone line to provide high speed internet 100 times faster then telephone modem
    • Cable-Cable tv lines to supply high speed internet always on 20-100 times faster than telephone line.
  • 13. Web Browser
    • A web browser is a software program that lets you surf the web and interact with web sites. The most popular are internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox
  • 14. Email
        • Electronic mail is another way to share information over the internet
          • Easy to access
          • Easy to use
          • Easy to track
  • 15. Netiquette
    • Netiquette is good manners in Electronic communication
  • 16. Spam
    • Spam is like junk mail. It is sent to many email accounts at once. Its purpose is to get you to buy something
    • To avoid spam, do not open email from an unfamiliar email address. Do not post your email address on a public site.
  • 17. Be Safe On The Internet
    • Do not believe everything that you read
    • Always evaluate a site before you use information from it
  • 18. A Good Website Should Be…
      • Relevant- relate to your topic
      • Reliable- search for the sites creator
      • Recent- is the information up to date
      • Verifiable- do other sources give you the same information?
  • 19. Internet Safety
    • There is a lot of personal information on the internet that is meant to be private and confidential such as:
    • Your school
    • Credit card numbers
    • Banking information
  • 20. Firewall
    • A firewall is a hardware or software that protects a computer from intruders
  • 21. Protect You Privacy Online
    • Never give out personal information
    • If you do give out information make sure you know who you are giving it to
    • Never give out social security number
    • Use different usernames and passwords for different sites