Michael Jordan Biography


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Michael Jordan Biography

  1. 1. The Biography of Michael Jordan
  2. 2. What is a Biography? A biography is a detailed description or account of a person's life. A biography has the following characteristics: • It describes a real person • It informs us about their childhood, important events in their life and their personality • It shows that the writer knows a lot about this person
  3. 3. Why Michael Jordan? • He is an interesting sport star • My godfather has always admired him. • I enjoy playing basketball.
  4. 4. Childhood • Michael Jordan was born on February 17,1963 in Brooklyn, New York. • Before he reached his first birthday his parents: James and Deloris moved the family to Wilmington, where Michael’s father built a basketball court in the backyard of the new house in Wilmington.
  5. 5. Childhood • Michael Jordan had two brothers –Larry and James and two sisters – Delores and Roslyn. • As a child he played three different sports: football, basketball and baseball.
  6. 6. College Career • Michael Jordan’s basketball skills in high school drew the attention of University of North Carolina coaches. The coaches made sure that Jordan attended Dean Smith’s basketball camp in 1980. • Dean Smith was so impressed with Jordan that he offered him a scholarship. • This meant that Jordan didn’t have to pay any college fees.
  7. 7. NBA Career • In 1984, Michael Jordan joined a team called the ‘Chicago Bulls’. • He was the best player on the team and averaged over 37 points each game! • Michael helped the ‘Bulls’ to win their third championship in a row.
  8. 8. Career • He retired from basketball in 1933, just 62 days after his father was shot during a robbery! • Jordan was very close to his dad so this was a particularly difficult time for him. • Then he decided that he wanted to try baseball because it was his father’s favourite sport.
  9. 9. Career • Michael Jordan signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox and played professional baseball for one year. • In 1995 he returned to basketball and played with the Chicago Bulls again. • They won their fourth title on father’s day and Jordan dedicated the championship to his father.
  10. 10. Career • In 1998, Jordan retired from basketball for a second time – this time for 3 years! • Maybe he decided he was too young to retire so he then joined a basketball team called the Washington Wizards. • He played for two years and then he truly ended his basketball career.
  11. 11. Olympic Hero • Jordan also competed at Olympic Level! • He played on the USA Olympic team in two different Olympic Games (1984 in L.A and 1992 in Barcelona) • They won the Gold medal very easily both times.
  12. 12. Nike • Jordan signed many contracts with companies such as Nike, Mc Donald’s and Gatorade (a popular sports drink). • He designed his own runners called ‘Air Jordan’ that made millions of Dollars for Nike and himself. • The runners had a logo with Jordan jumping in the air with a basketball in his hand.
  13. 13. Nike • The runners were called ‘Air Jordan’ because people were saying that he could fly through the air.
  14. 14. Personal Life • In 1989 Jordan married his girlfriend and the couple had three children: Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine. • Unfortunately in 2006 after 17 years together, they got divorced.
  15. 15. Where is he now? • Now Michael Jordan is 50 years old. • He remarried earlier this year in Florida at a big wedding surrounded by many celebrity friends. • He still earns $80 MILLION every year and is one of the most highly paid athletes in the world. • He gets the money from Nike, Gatorade, Hanes, Upperdeck and 2K sports.
  16. 16. Where is he now? • He also owns a few restaurants, a car dealership, a motorsports team and a basketball team called the ‘Charlotte Bobcats’. • He lives in this gated mansion in Illinois, U.S.A
  17. 17. • Thanks for listening to my presentation • I hope you find Michael Jordan interesting and I hope you enjoyed listening. • I will finish by showing you a short video of Jordan doing what he does best.