Social Media & Disaster events


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Entities, theory and social media numbers

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Social Media & Disaster events

  1. 1. FINAL INTERREGIONAL CONFERENCE “Regional Policies on Disaster Prevention” 8th of November 2012 Social Media & Disaster eventsEntities, theory and social media numbers Nondas Syrrakos – Digital Business Strategist
  2. 2. ContentsI. Social Media semioticsII. Social Media & Disaster ManagementIII. Community response in disaster…IV. Lessons learned
  3. 3. Social Media Semiotics Circle  Community (critical mass!)  Technology (all surfaces!) Mobility in communication & interaction
  4. 4. Social Media Semiotics Entities & Crisis Framework of citizens communication which is…in…  Non filtered! &  All included: Truth, Lie, Right, Wrong!
  5. 5. Social Media & Disaster Management 5 ways to use… Social Media are used for online collaboration to aid those in need Social Media facilitate expressions of gratitude Social Media facilitate expressions of greef Social Media are used to share and individual’s experiences of thecrisis or disaster Social Media are used to provide information after the mainstreammedia have left the story
  6. 6. Community response in disaster Framework of response Establishment of Disaster Recovery CentersState, local, voluntary, and nongovernmental organizations determinethe need for and location of Disaster Recovery Centers Coordination with the private sector on restoration and recoveryWorking with owners/operators to ensure the restoration of criticalservices, including water, power, natural gas and petroleum, emergencycommunications, and healthcare Coordinating mitigation grant programs to help communities reducethe potential impacts of future disastersActivities include developing strategies to rebuild resilient communities
  7. 7. Community response in disaster Systematic Use in phasesPre-event planning Emergency communications and issue warningsInter-event response activities Receive victim requests for assistance  Monitor user activities / postings to establish situational awarenessRecovery efforts after the event  Uploaded images use to create damage estimates
  8. 8. Community response in disaster … (Planning, Responding, Recovering) Before SandyPLANNINGHurricane Irene & Social media for residents preparation Federal level - FEMAFEMA operates a Web site,, linked to Facebook page and Blog witha Twitter feed, on which it gives safety tips in Spanish and English (tagged#saftytip and #consejo) Local level - Montgomery County, MDIncorporating an SMS/email alert system that sends out messages in advanceof an event telling residents what they can expect and giving links to pages onthe County Web site with detailed information.
  9. 9. Community response in disaster … (Planning, Responding, Recovering) Before SandyRESPONDING  Alert of emergency managers and officials to certain situations by monitoring the flow of information from different sources during an incident  Increase the publics ability to communicate with the governmentRECOVERING Information concerning what types of individual assistance is available to individualsand households, including:  how to apply for assistance,  announcing application deadlines and  providing information and links to other agencies and organizations that provide recovery assistance, such as the American Red Cross.
  10. 10. Community response in disaster … (A roadmap) at Sandy
  11. 11. Community response in disaster … (A roadmap) before Sandy
  12. 12. Community response in disaster … … (A roadmap) before Sandy
  13. 13. Hurricane Sandy in Social numbersNews feed into a scrollable section where the number of friends on your accountthat have posted about particular subjects are listed.Mentions of “Hurricane Sandy” and “Frankenstorm” increased by 1.000.000%,spiking hits for “hurricane” with a 21,962 % increase.Those who shortly called the hurricane simply as “Sandy” gave Facebook a 6,578percent mention increase, and “storm” is by approximately 3,000 percent.Users were utilizing the social network as a way to reach out to friends and family,with the top shared term of “We are ok”.
  14. 14. Hurricane Sandy in Social numbers via TechCrunch
  15. 15. Hurricane Sandy in Social numbers Information and real time data from National Weather Center!Reaching info…Engaging with…Sharing…
  16. 16. Hurricane Sandy in Social numbers Twitter was one of the largest go-to sources of the most recent updates by cityofficials, public transit authorities, and news outlets on top of the averagetweeter sending in their perspectives of what was happening in theirneighborhoods.Set up its own #Sandy hashtag page for news relating to the event, completewith top tweets of the most shared news links and photos.Search of hyperlocal tags to check out what was happening in theirneighborhood, such as #ConeyIsland
  17. 17. Hurricane Sandy in Social numbers Some companies also used Twitter to clarify rumors that virally spread over the Web.Con Edison, took to its official account to shoot down false information about workerstrapped in a building post-explosion at its 14th street power plant. New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) used Twitter to updatecommuters with damage notices to certain train stations, and estimate when servicesmay be restored. American Red Cross used twitter intensively all the way through….
  18. 18. Hurricane Sandy in Social numbersPhotos are the best way to illustrate the magnitude of the hurricane’s devastation. 10 photos per second uploaded onto the social network related to Sandy. As of 12:30 p.m. eastern time, the Instagram tag #Sandy has accumulated morethan 484,600 photos while #Frankenstorm garnered roughly 38,000.
  19. 19. Hurricane Sandy in Social numbersMore than 40,000 check-ins were made at the New York City-based Frankenstorm Apocalypse – Hurricane Sandy, with photos, updates, andtips shared amongst users.Not all tips are particularly helpful, however, since Foursquare users tend tojoke around a bit with Apocalypse-type locales.
  20. 20. Hurricane Sandy in Social numbers “Google Crisis Response” map, provided up-to-the-minute information onSandy’s path, areas of high wind and flooding, best evacuation routes and links towebcams in the surrounding areas.
  21. 21. Hurricane Sandy in Social numbers Fake viral images and posts…A photo of the Statue of Liberty with an ominous cloud swirling behind her!
  22. 22. Lessons learnedSocial Web is not for believing everything you seeBefore start sharing information with your community,verify them Tips, news, information and resources that you provideto others have to be credible Advertising and push market information during adisaster it a NOT TO DO!
  23. 23. Thank You! Nondas Syrrakos Digital Business Strategist Website: Email: syrrakos@one9six.comLinkedIn: Twitter: