What do I need to write my own story?


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This is my english project. Is a scrap book. I will print it.

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What do I need to write my own story?

  1. 1. Comments: “WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW TO BE ABLE TO WRITE MY OWN STORY?” Flash Fiction?
  2. 2. There’s more to writing a story than telling a story. Writing involves choosing Think about how people words to may react to crazy create tension circumstances and stir emotion. To write a good story you should choose the right character, plot, descriptions and Think about mad dialogues. Also If you don’t have a good situations that vocabulary it will be difficult to express could happen yourself. So… can anyone writeWhen you already have an a novel?understanding about the idea ofthe topic of your story, you don’t Everyone can try.have to worry much about the Not all will succeed.characters, details and dialogues.
  3. 3. How Long should Punctuation: why do a story be? we need it, anyway? I realized that in English class we where writing flash fiction, not short stories.. Punctuation marks are the traffic signals of language: they tell us to slow down, notice something and take a stop100 - 1,000 wordsThis is the type of short-short story thatyou can find in a magazine. You can find regular short stories in news papers and childrens books. 1,000 - 7,500 “Woman, without her man, is nothing.” words “Woman: Without her, man is nothing” These sentences show Novelette: how a slight change in It Is difficult to sell to a publisher because punctuation can it is too long to insert completely change all 7,500 - 20,000 into a magazine and the meaning of a words too short for a novel. sentence. And, by the way, the second one is right .
  4. 4. A good vocabulary doesnot mean you know manylong or difficult words.
  5. 5. To be able to write a short story you need to have a good why writers should practiceunderstanding about the idea of your story. With the idea of grammar? does itwhat your story is about, you can begin to write. matter?...You need to know how to use punctuations, since they helpyou to understand the reading better. The punctuation tells Here is the answer:you when to stop, slow down and how to express yourtone! (“?”,”!”) grammar? is, ImporttantAlso you must know how long a short story is because if youover write it, then it wouldn’t be a short story, instead itwould be a novelette.Having good vocabulary would help the reader to be ableto comprehend better. A good vocabulary helps you toexpress yourself more. It is not 100% necessary because youcan also express yourself by simple words, but it would bebetter and more interesting if you use long or short wordsthat you never heard of.Grammar is essential to write a story. If your story containsgrammatical mistakes your readers are going to have ahard time understanding it.In Conclusion to be able to write a shortstory you need to know: Grammar mistake •An idea of what is Good Story going to be your story about. •Good use of punctuation •Good vocabulary •Good grammar •Know how long your story should be Nothing is more distracting than being yanked out of a good story because a word is And creativity. misspelled or a punctuation mark is misplaced.
  6. 6. A good vocabulary does not mean you know many long or difficult words.Instead, it means that youknow how to so that the reader will understand your material. It is worthwhile to constantly work at improving your knowledge of words.