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Evaluation q1

  1. 1. EVALUATION – Q1 In what way does your media products use, develops or change forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Title of the Film The timing of when the title came in was picked for the right time, this is because we didn’t want the title to appear at a random time where it didn’t seem like it fit, this can break apart the trailer and make it look unprofessional. We brought the title towards the final scene, where the jokes that are made are coming to an end, or it’s punch-line, for the trailer. This helps to indicate the teaser trailers comedic nature.
  3. 3. Title of the Film Here is the title of the film ‘Wannabes’ which can be found in the trailer at 1:10. The bright colours used are to bring attention to the cheery vibe of the teaser and film in general; this helps to define the genre as a comedy. This font is a 3D effect type of font, but we found what would make it more effective would be to have the background colour within the font and to create definition we made the outline and 3D part of the font a blue that is a few shades darker than the background, still fitting in with the bright theme for our comedy genre.
  4. 4. For the comedy film ‘Kick Ass’ they also have the title of the film at the end of their trailer, as it worked best. Most trailers will have the title of the film at the end as it makes it more memorable for the audience.
  5. 5. Setting/Location The film is mainly set in College, however there will be shots where it is outside of college like in a park or outside a house where a party is happening, but the film is about two ‘unpopular’ boys in college so the main location is their college. School and college are the stereotypical places where you will find ‘popular’ and ‘unpopular’ kids. By using this stereotype, it helps to define our genre as a comedy
  6. 6. Here is a shot of where it’s set from our trailer compared to a shot in ‘Kick Ass’ where it’s set. Both of these happen to be in school/college.
  7. 7. Costume & Props The first main character Nigel (played by Joe, on the left) wears a un-tucked shirt with a wonky bow tie, this is to give the impression of looking smart but also trying to fit in with the other students. Like what students at high school do; un-tucking their shirts and not wearing ties properly. The other main character Johno (played by George, on the right) also wears an un-tucked shirt and a long tie, but he wears a hoodie on top, this is also commonly done in high school. By doing these we can give the impression off to the audience that Johno and Nigel are slow with catching up with the ‘cool kids’.
  8. 8. Here you can see costumes and props used in these two trailers. In Kick Ass it is a super hero costume and his ‘weapon’, and in Wannabes it’s their uniform and backpacks.
  9. 9. Camerawork & Editing To help make our trailer look good and well put together we needed to make sure we used a fair amount of different camerawork angles and movements. For example we did a tracking/follow movement, for when Johno is walking, by doing this and shots from all different angles, it helps to make the trailer (and the film) not look like one long block to watch, which would lose the audiences attention. The change of angles (e.g. over the shoulder, wide shot etc.), used right, can keep the audience interested without even knowing these shots have really been done and changed in editing, this is if the continuity is done right.
  10. 10. In Kick Ass in this scene of the trailer the camera zooms in closer to his face so he can say his ‘super hero’ name. In the Wannabes trailer we are tracking his walk for the audience to wonder where he is walking to.
  11. 11. Title & Font The fonts used in the trailer are the same in all the shots that contain text. This is to help link it together and make it look like one complete piece, and not badly created/edited. For all the titles other than the title of the film itself, they looked like the ones in this image as this gives a 3D effect, with a contrast of colours that are still helping to link the the genre of comedy.
  12. 12. In the Kick Ass trailer they also use the same fonts and presentation style for the titles in the trailer as it makes it look more complete and fit with the theme of the trailer.
  13. 13. Story/Set up of Opening In the storyline of the film, at the start, the boys are getting laughed at for various reasons. So for our trailer we wanted to show how ‘unpopular’ these boys are, by showing just one of their many ‘uncool’ moments they have in the film. This is done so the audience can immediately understand the characteristics of Johno and Nigel, and other characters in the film.
  14. 14. Here are shots of where both of the trailers start. In Kick Ass it looks to be in a rough area, this is thought because of the graffiti and the old looking cars. In Wannabes they are outside their college, this is hard to notice but you can think of school/college because of the characters costume.
  15. 15. Genre & How the Opening suggests this The genre of our film is a comedy, we wanted to make sure that this gets shown in the first scene of our teaser trailer, because if it is not noticeable by the audience, they will just become confused while watching the trailer and could choose not to watch it. The first scene of the trailer is Johno asking two ‘cool kids’ for a cigarette, however he coughs badly at taking his first puff at it, he does this cough in an exaggerating way for the audience to get that immediate vibe of a comedy. The two cool kids laughed at him which also helps the audience to establish that it is meant to be funny not taken seriously that he is choking.
  16. 16. In Kick Ass he gets beat up right from acting all strong and proud as if he could have beaten the bad guys up but he couldn’t, it freezes at this point and a voice over takes over, these help establish the comedic genre. This is similar with Wannabes as the ‘cool kids’ laugh at Johno for choking on a cigarette.
  17. 17. How Characters are Introduced The characters, Johno and Nigel, are first introduced by them doing something ‘uncool’ in front of ‘cool kids’ at their college, once they have shown how uncool they are the shot changes to a close up of their face. The colour of these where edited with a specific colour filter, and a change in music, to bring close attention to this by the audience, so they then know the names of these main characters.
  18. 18. Here is a comparison of where we first see the main character’s face properly for the first time in a real life trailer example of the film ‘Kick Ass’ with our trailer we made.
  19. 19. Special Effects There were not any extreme or unique special effects used in this teaser trailer as for our comedy, since it was a stereotypical cool vs. uncool kids at a college no special effects where really needed, except for the entertaining/funny/colourful/ effects made that you would see in many comedies like this teaser trailer.
  20. 20. In Wannabes no unique or high quality effects where used like there were in Kick Ass, as you can see were a mans head is getting shot through his jaw. This is done through special effects.