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Summer 3 smithe
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Summer 3 smithe


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  • 1. ~The Tenth Season~ ~Smithe~ By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  • 2. Welcome back! My Arbor Watch is getting big. Look at that. You can Sammie’s and Phil’s new house, the big unpainted one. I haven’t really played them, just starting building the house. Had a dream about the floorplan. You know how that goes.
  • 3. Enough of Sammie and Phil and more Mia! I love this dog, she is so cute. With her spots and blue eyes and cuteness.
  • 4. Even though it’s early, both Leon and Lilly are awake. Both their sleep cycles are off of the rest of the family. Lilly’s cause she pregnant with her and Ethan’s second child and Leon’s just an oddball.
  • 5. Good thing Lilly’s up because Richard soon gets up too. She finishes up teaching him how to walk.
  • 6. Isn’t he cute? I love Richard he’s a good blend of Lilly and Ethan.
  • 7. Walking done it cuddles time for Buffy. I really wish I had figured out a way to age her down.
  • 8. Bypassing the mess of the front yard the teens head off to school. Sim dogs, there’s only four in the house you would think the wouldn’t make so much of a mess.
  • 9. Once Lilly and Richard got settle I sent Ethan off to Smithe’s Underground. A little early in the day for a club, but he has to go to it sometime.
  • 10. It’s still one of my favorite businesses in Arbor Watch. I still don’t have a clue how to improve it. I suppose I’ll think of something eventually.
  • 11. For once the first customers in the door aren’t little old ladies.
  • 12. As the patrons play Ethan got his silver toymaking badge. Sweet. I had him close up shop and head home. I want him to take the older kids to The Toy Chest later.
  • 13. Back home brings a newly awakened Richard. I just want to squish him so cute. Even with teeth in the chin.
  • 14. Lilly let Richard out to play. Ethan and her went out on a date. I like to do that once in awhile. Mainly for aspiration purposes, but also I tend to neglect their relationships. Dating brings them back together.
  • 15. Not to mention it’s cute to see Ethan excited over the new baby.
  • 16. Lilly had to cut the date short with the coming of the new baby.
  • 17. Lilly gave birth to a little girl. I was half hoping for multiples. Oh well. Savannah has her dad’s eyes and black hair.
  • 18. Lilly fed Savannah and the older kids came home. The dining room is where all the cool kids do their homework.
  • 19. Ethan worked on teaching reluctant Richard to talk. And rolled the want for ten kids. Just no Ethan. I’d have to marry all the kids off to the Cookes.
  • 20. Ethan and the triplets all trooped up to The Toy Chest. They had a bit of money to spare so I gave the place some real bathrooms for a change. They’re not quite finished but much better than a room with a single toilet.
  • 21. Here’s a picture of the outside. I might have to change the window. But other than it’s starting to look pretty good.
  • 22. The review came in as well as Marsha Brunieg(sp?). Anyway, I love the outfit Marsha grew up in. I think it’s suits her very well. I can’t wait to marry her in.
  • 23. Ethan lets the kids run the store while he works on his toy making badge.
  • 24. Marylena gave us rank 4 yippee. I used to get the Will Wright grant.
  • 25. I used some of the money to expand the store’s stock. Kid posters for everyone!
  • 26. Finally it’s time to close up and head home. Leon manage to scrape up a silver sales badge and a bronze restocking. Cassie got her bronze register badge finally.
  • 27. I usually don’t make my sims skill unless the have/want to but I wanted to get Ethan’s portrait started before he turned elder. I want portraits of all the town in a museum eventually. And so far I only have the Vegas.
  • 28. Ethan heads straight for Savannah. She’s a cutie. I can’t wait to her as a toddler.
  • 29. Leon only needed like half a point to get enough skill points to paint still lives. I hope I’m saying that right. Probably not. Nevermind. Leon started a portrait of Ethan.
  • 30. Ethan and Lily shoo Richard out of the room for some alone time. I think I’m going to let them have at least one more kid. Six isn’t too crazy especially since the older kids are big enough to help out.
  • 31. Day Two starts rather loudly with dogs fighting outside.
  • 32. Oh poor Buffy. You leave an old girl alone, meanie wolf.
  • 33. Oh these two.. I wish there was a bucket of cold water handy sometimes.
  • 34. Lily prepares breakfast with no fire thankfully. Arbor Watch has had plenty of those.
  • 35. Leon spent much of the day working on his father’s painting. I had to redo it because for some odd reason the first try disappeared.
  • 36. I had Cassie work on her charisma a little. She has a few charisma skill points. I ‘m going to try and see if I can max them out for another Entertainment spot.
  • 37. Since Mia is finally old enough, it’s time for puppies! Mia’s named after Mia Moonstar on Boolprop who writes the Hill Asylum. Which is hilarious, I laughed until I cried.
  • 38. Shameless plugging over, the try for puppies was unsuccessful as were the next five tries. *headdesk*
  • 39. Double birthday time. It’s Savannah’s and Richard’s birthdays.
  • 40. Savannah up first. Goodness she’s a cutie.
  • 41. She reminds me a little of Elise. I think Lilly has the female version of Komei’s face template. I love Savannah though. She’s so cute.
  • 42. Richard's super excited about growing up. Who isn’t especially when you get duckie pajamas.
  • 43. I squeeze in one more bed into the boys’ room for Richard. I bet he’s glad he doesn’t have to sleep in his parents’ room anymore.
  • 44. The birthday guests which consist of Juan Vega and Faith Goodie hang out on the couches being boring.
  • 45. Lilly does get a chance to bond with Faith a little more. The Plan is slowly coming together.
  • 46. Day Three begins early. Richard is the first person to pop out of bed and hunt down a dog to play with.
  • 47. Poor Savannah wakes up soon after. She’s so cute. I promise I’ll stop gushing….eventually.
  • 48. Luckily it’s big brother Leon to the rescue. He’s practicing his family sim skills for when he moves out on his own.
  • 49. I caught Richard using Cassie’s oven, whoops he burned it. Poor thing, I don’t usually put these in the houses and Cassie never wanted to use it. I feel mean but it’s fun watch Richard use it to feed himself.
  • 50. It’s Family Sunday, and the Vegas and Goodies are invited over. And it seems they have brought an unwelcome guest. Go away Grimmy. Enough is enough this season.
  • 51. Grimmy comes to collect Soda. Steve’s going to be heartbroken about this. Maybe I’ll remake him his own Ghost Mutt.
  • 52. Goodbye Soda. Arbor Watch will miss you. And so will Pirate Steve. Though he was a little scared of you cause you clipped inside a couch. Now I guess you’ll really be a ghost mutt.
  • 53. Richard starts a water balloon fight with Elise and Ruth. I’m starting to line up tentative matches for the kids. However, I don’t think Richard will end up with either girl. Maybe Danielle, Ruth’s younger sister. But it’s a little too early to tell. Danielle’s still just a baby.
  • 54. The kids soon moved inside to play. It’s getting a little hot even with them throwing water balloons.
  • 55. I’m going to have to separate these two. They ditched their guests to have some alone time.
  • 56. One of the teens served lunch while Richard cemented his friendships with Elise and Ruth. The Plan is in motion muhahahahaha. *ahem*
  • 57. Darkness falls and Family Day becomes Ethan’s birhtday party. *sob* I don’t want him to be old ever.
  • 58. Let’s just pretend there’s not a giant plumbbob ruining Ethan’s birthday. Oh Ethan. I’m sort of tempted to leave him in those shorts. But they don’t really suit him.
  • 59. The Plan might be working of the wife side of things. But looks like we may have a few hiccups with the men. Herbert and Juan are friends, but Ethan’s not friends with either of them. Maybe because he’s a bit older.
  • 60. Day Four begins with duckies!!!! Richard was sent to jump on the bed because he’s up way too early. Quit trying to emulate Komei!
  • 61. I have Ethan make Pepsi and Mia try again for puppies. Still no luck. Come on you two.
  • 62. Richard makes his own breakfast again. He only gets to eat half off it before the school bus comes.
  • 63. It’s Richard’s first day of school *wipes tears* They grow up so fast.
  • 64. The kids away at school and Savannah sound asleep. Ethan and Lilly sneak in some alone time. There’s a lullaby. Why can they have a baby but the dogs can’t. Girf.
  • 65. Speaking of dogs. Grimmy comes for Buffy. I’m not as sad about her. I wish I had been able to breed her but oh well.
  • 66. See ya later Buffy. Sorry I didn’t get to do more with you. Maybe some day in another neighborhood.
  • 67. The Smithes are down to only two dogs. It’s kinda weird. Most of the houses have a lot more.
  • 68. Leon or Cassie brought Jeremiah Cooke home with them. But no time to socialize off to work!
  • 69. Ethan drags the three teens to The Toy Chest. I added in some flowers and lamp posts. Time to start beautify Arbor Watch.
  • 70. The Toy Chest did really this visit progress all the way to rank seven through these lovely ladies.
  • 71. Ethan stopped by Komei’s Klothes on the way home. Time to get a new look. I’m tired of those shorts already.
  • 72. Ethan gets some snazzy new clothes to look the part of elderly business man. I have decided that Richard will his heir. Benedict, Cassie and Leon will all go to found their own houses. Since their last name is Bertino and not Smithe.
  • 73. Cassie has a brief date with Jeremiah in the wee hours of Day Five. I’m still debating on what to do with her. Her and Thomas would be a nice pair, but she’s not a settling down type yet. I guess I’ll play it by ear for now.
  • 74. The whole house is up early. I caught Savannah playing with a fire truck her dad made. So cute. No one else had played with it yet.
  • 75. Leon pays the family’s taxes of 3,000. Just in time for my favorite day of the week.
  • 76. RENO DAY!!! I’m not entirely sure about the layout. I want to change the TV room area a lot. Might just take the TV out. The old back porch is now walled in as Ethan’s workshop. I made the dining room a pass through and added another living are. I like how it turned out. Still need so touch ups but it’s moving on up.
  • 77. Despite all the new things in the house. Cassie is glued to the mirror. Teenagers.
  • 78. I have Leon sneak in some painting before school. I need to get that portrait finished before he grows up. Not that’s going to happen this rotation.
  • 79. Lilly pops for the first time after tossing her cookies. She only had a little morning sickness thankfully.
  • 80. Ethan heads to Smithe’s Underground once the kids are off to school. I made some changes to the old place. But neglected to take pictures of the new addition. I made a spiffy dance room. I swore I took pictures of it. I guess not.
  • 81. Phil Jitmakusol gave Ethan the last star for Rank 4. I hate typing out that name. And of course I had Sammie take Phil’s last name. It’ll get better when I have to type it more often I guess.
  • 82. Back home Ethan heads to bed while Lilly teaches Savannah her toddler skills.
  • 83. Everyone in the house wanted a puppy. So I had them adopt Maxx. Who I guess is supposed to be Ben’s littermate. I apparently forgot to make a picture of Maxx. But he’s a little black puppy with a brown mask.
  • 84. As soon as the kids are home, it’s off to The Toy Chest. I’m trying to get another business rank 10. The Toy Chest is one of the closest.
  • 85. Armando Cox brings it up to Rank 8, but the family’s exhaust. So not this time.
  • 86. Home again, it’s time for Savannah’s birthday. I love it when they go from birth to child in one chapter.
  • 87. She grows up in banana pajamas. Hehe. I’m so easily amused. She’s continuing to be a cutie.
  • 88. Buffy and Soda are both out haunting just before midnight. *sniff* They’re not too creepy from far away.
  • 89. Savannah is the only one awake when the clock strikes midnight. That’s it for the Smithe. The Lillards are up next.
  • 90. Rotation: Summer 3 Households: 3 of 5 Playable Sims: 33 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 34 Community Lots: 10 Business Districts: 0 Universities: 0 Downtown: No SM: 4 Population: 132 CAS Available: 6 University Funds: $17106(+3000) # of Fires: 11 # of Burglaries: 2 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0
  • 91. Businesses: Amber's Tales – Sammie Jitmakusol- 10 More than Food - Julien Cooke – 6 Komei's Klothes – Abby Vega – 3 Smithe's Underground – Ethan Smithe – 4 The Toy Chest- Ethan Smithe- 8 Bertino’s Bolts- Dagmar Lillard – 2 Goodie Blooms – Herbert Goodie – 5 Vega Tykes – Juan Vega- 5 J&J Bakery – Julien Cooke – 0 Lillard Train&Tone – Brandon Lillard -1 Careers: Business – 0/1 (Andrea Cooke) Law Enforcement 1 /2 (Juan Vega) Slacker 0/1 (Dagmar Lillard) Entertainment 0/1 (Abby Vega) Architecture 1/1 Criminal 1/1 Culinary 1/1