Spring 1


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Spring 1

  1. 1. The First Season: Spring By: CanImarryapony Arbor Watch: A BACC!
  2. 2. Okay you guys are going to kill me. I have two/three legacies and now I'm adding a BACC, but seriously I need something to do. I can't play the legacy neighborhood right now because I'm eight to nine chapters behind in writing. But I promise you there is a method to the madness in this simmer's tale. The legacies are by no means ending or on hiatus, well except for the fact that I'm currently avoiding playing to get caught up writing. As for the method. For every photo taken in this BACC, the caption will be written immediately, and a slide for the current legacy story will be competed until I'm caught up. I'm going to try to keep BACC chapters short, but we'll see. Any how, this is Arbor Watch. I think I've heard the name somewhere but I cannot recall so sorry if I stole from someone. You have permission to smite me.
  3. 3. Those of you who have read my dualacy know this sim to be Lupe, the Fresh Family founder. I plan on sort of using her again. I just love the way her face turned out.
  4. 4. Meet Amber Vega, I was going to start with a male sim. Boys seem to better to be the ones who wonder out into the untamed land. But I was playing with Lupe's face and came out with Amber, who's a bit of diva and too good to resist. Amber's aspiration and personality was random selected. She turns out to be a fortune sim and a cancer. She's turned on by fit men high in their career and hates too much cologne.
  5. 5. A lady living alone in the wilds of Arbor Watch will need a good guard. This is Bane, he's based off a dog in one of my many unfinished stories. Because all stories need a scary looking black dog.
  6. 6. I'm not sure if Bane's against the rules, I hope not. Speaking of rules, I'm gonna to add another of my own. Instead of adding custom CAS. As I earn CAS points, I have to settle the premades into the neighborhood. So I won't have a sim bin full of unloved sims.
  7. 7. Another neighborhood shot, I moved Amber into a 3X3 lot, not too small, not too big. And then she's going to buy the little community lot and make a bookstore.
  8. 8. I built Amber a modest house, not too lavish, but nice enough, this left her with $2,341 in funds. I'm not such how much she needs to buy Amber's Tales, but definitely more than that. I think she needs $4,600 I want to say.
  9. 9. First things come first. See exactly how much she needs. I was wrong, Amber only needed $1,600. Leaving her $666 in the bank, I hope that's not a bad omen for this.
  10. 10. Luckily filling Bane's food dish prevents doom. Also I added a ceiling. Sky shots are forbidden.
  11. 11. Even though Amber is going to open a bookstore, I made her going and plant a small garden. I decided to have those strict rules on adding my next CAS so she might be the only household for awhile. Each means no grocery shop.
  12. 12. Mr. Humble braves Bane to deliver his computer. Amber puts away in inventory unopened to save for a rainy day.
  13. 13. Wow, this is the first time I've the Garden Club show up in while. I should of downloaded SimPE and cleaned the neighborhood before I started this. Too late now, we'll just have to deal with Maxis townies.
  14. 14. The welcome wagon finally shows up, it's nice not to see the usual Bluewater Village crew show up.
  15. 15. Amber fixes the traditional lunch meat sandwiches for her guests. So much for keeping the chapters short it's not even halfway through the first day and I'm already fifteen slides into this.
  16. 16. The first day always goes by too fast. Amber sent here guest home and she painted for awhile. I don't really want her to have to dig a whole bunch, but it's beginning to look like she's gonna have to.
  17. 17. Day Two begins with cereal, as all days should.
  18. 18. Amber pays her first bill dropping her down another $52. So I head her over to the store to see what all can be done there with limited funds.
  19. 19. Buying the counter and the register took all her funds leaving Amber with three bucks. Looks like we're gonna fall back on digging.
  20. 20. As soon as she found anything, I set it up for sale. Eventually she will sell books, but this is gonna have to do for now.
  21. 21. Joe Carr bought a map which gave Amber enough funds to actually buy a couple of bookcases.
  22. 22. Camryn Lee gives the business it's first star, and Amber packs it up early. She's hungry and grudgy, but I thinks she did okay for the first day. She leaves with $97 is the bank.
  23. 23. When Amber gets home, I let her run around on free will. She immediately chugs a can of Simfast, like she really needs one.
  24. 24. The rest of day two is pretty slow, Amber calls Joe Graham for a chat. Strangely enough she hit it off with the old man, though I don't think he's spouse material. We'll have to see.
  25. 25. Amber hits the hay early, but the moment she lays down Bane gets up, he's such a good guard dog.
  26. 26. Day three begins with cereal and gardening, Bane watching over Amber where ever she goes.
  27. 27. After the garden is tended, Amber heads to work. Hopefully she'll be able to upgraded the shop some. Although I am tempted to hold off and have a Reno Day on day five, like snuffalopagus's Krow BACC.
  28. 28. Still needing a spouse, Amber begins hunting. She likes Armando Cox, but I'm really tired of sims with black hair because of my Legacies, I want some variety by Boolprop.
  29. 29. Amber ends the day with a level 1 business and a bronze badge in sales. She also makes a marginal profit of $86 for the day.
  30. 30. Amber meets Balin, too bad he's male. I want a wolf to have babies with Bane.
  31. 31. Day Four goes just like Day Three, Amber does some housework before ending to the shop.
  32. 32. Amber closes up shop for the day with a level 2 business. Using the perk I cashed in the Letourneau Prize, Amber needed the money, though I dislike using the cash reward tree. She goes home with $1,286 in the bank.
  33. 33. Day Five rolls around. Amber spends the rainy morning gardening. The tomatoes should be ready to harvest in a day or so. I think I'll have her sell two of the plants and keep the third to put in the fridge.
  34. 34. Lightning caught Amber's tree on fire just as she was about to go the store. Too bad fires by lightning don't count.
  35. 35. Day Five means Reno Day, taken from snuffalopagus' Krow BACC. With only $1,044 in funds, I only built a small room for the store. It'll eventually be a bathroom.
  36. 36. Amber works most of the day, half looking for a spouse. Kennedy Cox is the only sim she has more than one bolt with. I guess I'm just doomed for black haired sims. Maybe he has a blonde/red recessive.
  37. 37. Amber leaves the store with a bounce in her step. The store's still rank two and she only has $104 to show for her hard work. But she met Kennedy and now has a bronze cashiers badge.
  38. 38. That's it for this rotation. I guess the chapter ended up short anyway. I have one CAS point, but I don't know if I'm gonna wait until the fall rotation to add another sim. Anpther rule added that I'm taking 10% of the household funds on Day Five to put toward the university. Another idea I stole of snuffalopagus.
  39. 39. Rotation: Spring 1 Households: 1 of 1 Playable Sims: 1 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 1 Community Lots: 1 Business Diststricts: 0 Universites: 0 Downtown: No SM: 2 Population: 2 CAS Available: 1/1 University Funds: $10 # of Fires: 0 # of Burglaries: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0 Businesses: Amber's Tales (Amber Vega Careers: None *Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211 ~Stats~
  40. 40. Happy Simming!