Pokemon legacy prologue
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Pokemon legacy prologue Pokemon legacy prologue Presentation Transcript

  • A whole another bit of insanity.
  • Out in the middle of a sparkling azure sea a island slowlyformed out of nothing, Settling itself without a splash into the warm inviting waters. It was the newest of a eight strong chain of islands in this corner of the world.
  • The only two residents of the island lounged on their deck, watching the waves.“So Pony, have you decided what to with this island?” Ani- Mei asked, breathing in the salty air, “What’d you call it again?”
  • “Laguna Isle.” Pony replied and smirked, “I think you knowexactly what I’m going to with this island. You’re the one togive me the push to try again, well you and Thai, but I don’t have his simself yet.”
  • Ani-Mei looked over at her friend sharply, “Uh no Pony, you already have a big project, what about Arbor Watch and the Fishy Dualacy.”
  • “I’ll had the new project to Arbor Watch’s rotation.” Ponyexplained, “And the dualacy is very boring, I dropped that a while back. I can’t wait I’ve wanted to do this for such I long, just think we’ll be doing Pokemon Legacy together!”
  • Ani-Mei grinned, Pony was like a puppy with a bone whenshe had an idea, “Fine, it’s your island. Are you going to it alphabetically again.”
  • “Nah, that didn’t work out so well, let’s go numerically.Ambi gave me that idea last time.” Pony paused reflecting on the tragic loss of her former love and legacy.
  • “One thing before you start this, Pony. Get us a betterhouse. Staging’s nice and all, but I’m not living in a shack!”
  • “That better?” Pony asked.“Yes but you had better furnish soon.” Ani-Mei, “Go start your legacy.”
  • “Sweet! Welcome to Laguna Isle, Anna!” Pony said with aagain, as the first new resident was being process through the island’s immigration office.
  • Look my townyfied eyeballs worked, they’re genetized too.Anyhow, thanks to Ani-Mei and Thai from Boolprop to give me the wonderful courage to pursue this legacy, and yes I’m going to the insanely ALL pokemon into one glorious legacy, I don’t know if it can contain it all.