Pokemon legacy chap 1


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Pokemon legacy chap 1

  1. 1. Chapter 1
  2. 2. Welcome to the NEW Pokémon Legacy, where, well let’s just say I’m insane and leave it at that. I’m once again trying to fit all the Pokémon into a single legacy. Yes all 600 something of them in order by number. Did I mention I was insane for trying this again!
  3. 3. And our lovely founder is Anna Pokemon, fresh to Laguna Island. She’s a delightful mix of my simself and my friend’s Ani-Mei. With a small change in eye color. She’s a logic sim with a LTW to be a prestidigitator and a OTH in Nature. Anna’s an Sagittarius 3/4/7/6/5.
  4. 4. Anna looked at her new home with disdain, this is what her 20g in immigration fees paid for. She even had to change her name from Anna Whatley, to Anna Pokemon. Boy Laguna Isle promised to be weird. But she was stuck with it, and anything was better than Pleasantview.
  5. 5. At the shack had some basic amenities if unfinished and small. Once she got a job this would get better. Maybe she could even qualify for a Motherlode Loan. A/N: Fat chance on that one Anna Banana.
  6. 6. Anna looked around the shack, there wasn’t much to do except painting. She was never good at painting, nothing like a new life to try something new.
  7. 7. A few hours passed when the doorbell rang, a woman was standing on her porch ringing the bell excitedly.
  8. 8. “Can I help you?” Anna asked coming out of the house, dangit why’d she did feel so nervous all of a sudden. The stranger was grinning so she couldn’t be all bad. “I knew it!” She exclaimed, “You’re perfect.” “Perfect? For what?” “Nevermind that now, I’m Pony.”
  9. 9. “Pony! Why didn’t you wait for me?” Another stranger called from the street, “Are you scaring the poor girl already?” “Now why would I do that?” Pony yelled back.
  10. 10. “Hi I’m Ani-Mei.” The new stranger smiled. “Anna What..Pokemon.” Anna replied, if would take her forever to get used to her new name. “I see you’ve met my friend, we’re your neighbors a couple streets down.” “Really? The flier said the island was unsettled.” “Who do you think sent out the flier?” Ani-Mei asked with a smile. “Oh.” Anna’s stomach growled, “Would you guys like to join me for lunch?”
  11. 11. She made some quick sandwiches, Pony sat happily on the couch while Ani-Mei sat with her at the table. “Is Pony always so cryptic?” Anna asked. “What did she say?” “That I was perfect.” “Don’t worry about that. Pony says random stuff sometimes.” Ani-Mei grinned, “I’m not even sure she realizes how much it confuses people.”
  12. 12. Anna found herself talking with Pony again. She couldn’t say she minded, though she couldn’t see where she need the knowledge of how many fish lived in the local sea.
  13. 13. The afternoon slipped by quickly, Anna was glad her little shack had lights, cottage, she must think of it as a cottage to be able to stay her. She cooked dinner while Ani-Mei and Pony had a pillow fight in the living room.
  14. 14. Again Pony opted to sit on the couch to eat. “So we hope you’ll like it here.” Ani-Mei said breaking the comfortable silence. “I hope so too, but any thing is better than Pleasantview I guess.” “Oh? What happened in Pleasantview?” “Nothing ever happened, it was too boring, that’s why I jumped on this chance.”
  15. 15. After the meal, Ani-Mei and Pony taught Anna how to play hacky sack. Before she realized her day was gone, Not a bad way to start a new life.
  16. 16. “Morning already?” Anna yawned, the cottage had a bevy of strange noises to get used. The orchestra had kept her up a good bit of the night.
  17. 17. Unfortunately, rain was pouring just outside her window. At least she knew the roof didn’t leak.
  18. 18. She ran out and snatched up the paper before it could get soak completely. A big article on the front page announced that the ferry to Bluewater Village was now opened. Sadly there was no job opening in the entertainment industry. Maybe she’d check out Bluewater and get away from the house awhile.
  19. 19. She needed breakfast first though. Nothing like a bowl of cereal in the morning. A/N: Ceeerealllll! Told you she was perfect.
  20. 20. Anna rang for a taxi, Ani-Mei and Pony might have the nerve to walk around an unsettled island, but she didn’t.
  21. 21. Anna walked to Hunter’s Park after leaving the ferry pier. She could see Ani-Mei and Pony in the distance, were they always together? There were others too.
  22. 22. There seemed to be an over abundance of elderly women in Bluewater. Not that she minded, but she wished there was more young men available. A/N: Anna did meet a young man, Andrew Livingston, While not the most handsome sim out there, Anna has two bolts for him and no interest in any of the other five men available.
  23. 23. “So you’re telling me that if I give my reboarding pass to the ferry that you’ll tell me the ancient secret of Jumbok?” Pony said skeptically. “Why should I believe you?” “Because my dearest, Jumbok can give you the world!” UC said expansively. “Ugh, get off me! I don’t really need the world. A couple islands in enough!” “Fine! Don’t learn the secret for eternal youth!”
  24. 24. As she was leaving a witch appeared, Anna was tempted to stay, but she was already so tired from the day.
  25. 25. Back at home Anna made a quick TV dinner. There wasn’t much to do, she had thought to dig for treasure. One of the old ladies told her that Laguna Isle was a pirate island and there was treasure buried everywhere on the island.
  26. 26. Anna settled to paint, she wasn’t very good at all she decided looking at the misshapen lady on her canvas.
  27. 27. Whether good or not Anna kept the painting after she finished, it brought some life to her unadorned walls.
  28. 28. The next morning, Anna found herself painting again. Completing her first work made her want to get better. Of course the moment she got going that the phone rang.
  29. 29. “Hello?” “ANNA!, what are you doing sleeping til noon? Pony shouted through the handset, “Come to the park, I’ll pay your ferry ticket.” “Well, I can’t say no that.” Anna laughed, “Lemme get dressed and I’ll see you there.”
  30. 30. “So we’re at the park what now?” Anna said tickling Pony, they had been here for two hours and she hadn’t said why. “I was hoping for hot men to entertain was, but looks like we’re sob.”
  31. 31. “Well we were here all day yesterday, let’s go somewhere else.” Anna suggested. “Oo, let’s go to the arcade, I haven’t been there yet.” Pony agreed.
  32. 32. Anna called a taxi, she really didn’t feel like walking to the arcade, although Pony had already skipped ahead. She wondered if she could ever keep up with her new friend. Hopefully Ani-Mei was at the arcade, she was a bit more stable.
  33. 33. The arcade wasn’t much better. There was a few younger guys there, but none caught Anna’s interest. She found herself just watching sports with an elderly woman.
  34. 34. Anna left when another witch showed up, this time a dark witch. Roaches were the last thing she wanted to deal with.
  35. 35. She barely got home when she noticed Andrew on the sidewalk looking confused.
  36. 36. “Andrew!” Anna rushed to greet him. “What are you doing here?” “I just wanted to explore the island, I though you lived in Bluewater.” “No, I just take the ferry there, there’s no place to go on this island yet.”
  37. 37. “That’s awfully brave of you to walk around the island alone.” Anna said “Yeah, I didn’t see anything to scary.” Andrew blushed.
  38. 38. “I’m just about to start making dinner.” Anna found herself blushing a little too, “Wanna join me?” “Sure why not?”
  39. 39. Anna made some quick sandwiches, not a great dinner but something. Andrew and her talk of simple things over dinner. She wanted to get to know him better, but every time she asked something personal he’d change the subject. Men!
  40. 40. “Well thank you for staying for a bit, you’re so tan from walking around everywhere.” She said trying to be seductive. “Thanks.” Andrew smiled, but she could tell he didn’t really understand, “Walking everywhere sure hurts my back after awhile.” “I bet I could fix that.”
  41. 41. “Better?” She asked giving his back one last thump. “Yes thank you.” Andrew groaned, “I should be going now, the last ferry will leave soon.” “I see.”
  42. 42. “Before you go.” Anna took a deep breath and kissed him right on the lips. He let it happen but didn’t kiss her back. Anna’s heart fell. “Good night.” He said and left. Anna simply went to bed trying to pretend it didn’t happen.
  43. 43. The next morning Anna woke up and didn’t really feel any better. She sighed and cleaned up the plates from the night before.
  44. 44. There still wasn’t an entertainment job in the paper and she needed money. There was always treasure hunting. The idea nagged at her thoughts.
  45. 45. She tried to make some toaster pastries for breakfast but burned them.
  46. 46. She evened tried to paint for a bit, but couldn’t focus. What bad could happen from looking for the treasure a little.
  47. 47. She headed outside with her shovel and picked a random spot.
  48. 48. Kist when she thought she was getting somewhere a muddy fountain of water burst from the ground. She had hit a water pipe.
  49. 49. Not to be deterred, she tried again. This time in a hole started by a wolf, maybe the wolf was smart enough to dig away from the water lines.
  50. 50. No such luck, Anna quickly filled in the hole.
  51. 51. She started her third hole as rain clouds gathered in the sky. Raining or not she was going to find something! As the downpour increased, Anna was forced to give up after finding one small rock. Luckily it sold for enough to pay the bills.
  52. 52. She tried to call Andrew, but he never picked up. She ended up calling Pony instead. It was a short conversation, Pony was beginning to get obsessed with Anna finding a man.
  53. 53. “Tomorrow will be better.” Anna told herself, “There’s five other guys in Bluewater, one of them is bound to like me.”
  54. 54. Anna couldn’t believe it was Friday already and there was still no jobs in the paper. You’d think there be a least a mime job available, Anna was even willing to be a party clown now.
  55. 55. Anna couldn’t stay home another so she rung up the taxi. Hopefully some local places would open up soon so she didn’t have to always go to Bluewater.
  56. 56. Anna went to La Magnifique! International Restaurant. She couldn’t really afford to eat here, but there was a chess table and it was nice to hang out.
  57. 57. “Anna!” Pony called “Where were you yesterday? I couldn’t find you anywhere.” “I decided to stay home fore the day.” Anna sighed. She really didn’t want to think of Andrew. “I see.” Pony nodded understandingly, “Well get something to eat, and unwind a little chickabee.” “Chickabee?” “Don’t ask.”
  58. 58. Anna did what Pony told her, she used most of her last twenty dollars to order some chili. Not having to cook for once definitely improved her mood.
  59. 59. After she finished eating, she walked over to the art gallery. A few more people had moved to Bluewater and greeted her eagerly.
  60. 60. She stayed out late, someone made hotdogs on the grill. It was fun with Pony and some others. Before she realized it, it was already midnight.
  61. 61. Back home, meowing woke her up from a nap. A scruffy looking cat named Ursa was standing on her porch demanding in.
  62. 62. She played with Ursa for several hours, even taught him to come when called. As abruptly as he cam he left, Anna hoped he would come back, she kind of liked the scruffy thing.
  63. 63. After a quick lunch, Anna called up Cleve Byall. She had met him the same day she met Andrew. Cleve seemed friendly enough and she wasn’t about to spend another afternoon alone.
  64. 64. “Thanks for coming over Cleve.” Anna said happily when he arrived. “No problem.” Cleve grinned, then blushed, “I was kind’ve hoping you’d call.”
  65. 65. “Oh really?” Anna asked. “Yes.” Cleve took a deep breath, “I like you and I think you’re stunning. I wanted to talk with you that day in the park but Andrew was all over you.” “Well Andrew isn’t here now.” Anna said curtly. “I noticed.”
  66. 66. He grabbed her hand, “I’m not Andrew.” He told her. “I noticed.” She grinned, “Go on a date with me.” “I thought you’d never ask.”
  67. 67. So they went on a date, or at least said they went on a date since they never really left the front yard. “Cleve it’s dark out, wanna go inside?” Anna said just noticing the sun had set. “I’ll make you dinner.” “Alright.”
  68. 68. Anna made spaghetti, not that they made much attention to it.
  69. 69. After dinner they slow danced to soundless music. “Cleve I don’t want you to leave.” She said. “Then I won’t.”
  70. 70. “I mean it Cleve, I want you to stay with me.” Anna told him, “Not just tonight either.” “I think I can manage that.” Cleve grinned at her. A/N: So Cleve moved in, and brought in 20g and garden club members are supposed to be poor. I’ll do his stats later, maybe, someday.
  71. 71. A/N: About time she found somebody, it’s only Saturday *rolls eyes*. Okay she’s really only with Cleve because I could never get a hold of Andrew again. He was always at work or something and would never show up on community lots again. Sorry I’ll try to keep these intrusions minimal.
  72. 72. With the money Cleve brought in they were able to buy a queen sized bed, though Anna kept the twin in case they needed it later. It didn’t take them long to test out the bed either.
  73. 73. . . .
  74. 74. Anna woke up early the next morning, Cleve still beside her. Sleepily she moved over to lay on him. She wished they never had to get up. A/N: This is one of my favorite pic of them, I don’t often take pictures of the cuddling. Aren’t they adorable!
  75. 75. Her stomach betrayed her, the spaghetti must have been bad last night.
  76. 76. When she got up there was freshly made toaster pastries on the counter. Surprisingly they smelled really good.
  77. 77. Cleve was sitting on the couch reading the paper. “Cleve, is it just me or is the house bigger?” She asked. “It is, I had some contractors come in and work on it.” Cleve looked up, “You like it?” “Very much. What are we going to do with all the extra space.”
  78. 78. “It actually kind of looks like a house now.” Anna grinned.
  79. 79. “I love you.” Cleve said kissing her gently. “Same to you.”
  80. 80. Anna suddenly didn’t feel well and went to take a nap leaving Cleve with the house to himself. Being a popularity driven sim, he spent the day on the phone talking to his friends in Bluewater.
  81. 81. Anna felt better at lunch and got up to grab a bite to eat. Cleve was just sitting down for lunch too.
  82. 82. “How do you manage to do all this when I’m asleep?” she asked him looking in wonder at the living room. “You’re a really heavy sleeper.” Cleve chuckled.
  83. 83. Cleve spotted Pony walking by on the street, he ran out to greet her. “Cleve! What are you doing at Anna’s house?” She asked surprised to see him. “I live here now.” Cleve blushed, “She asked me to move in last night.” “Good.” Pony nodded, “It’s about time she found somebody. I thought I was going to have to make someone for her. But you’ll do quite nicely.” “Thanks, I think.”
  84. 84. “Anna I’m so happy for you!” Pony said hugging her tightly. “I know, isn’t Cleve wonderful?” Anna grinned. “Much better than I expected.” Pony nodded, “When’s the baby due?” “Pony!” Anna gasped, “We’re not even married yet.” “Have it your way.” Pony shrugged. “I get to a bridesmaid right?”
  85. 85. Pony hung out the rest of the afternoon and tried to teach Cleve how to play hacky sack. Anna just watched them fondly, it had only been a week, but this little shack had become her home.
  86. 86. ~Meanwhile~ “Hi there little fishies!” Pony tapped the glass watching the fish danced excitedly for food. “Pony! Come down and eat” Ani-Mei called from below. “Oh bother.”
  87. 87. “So have you thought of any rules for you legacy?” Ani-Mei asked. “What do you mean? Like handicapps?” “Like inference, you and Anna are pretty close.” Ani-Mei said, “Are you going to pull back at all?” “I dunno. She doesn’t really know what we are. I don’t really plan on telling her anything.” “Like you haven’t told her why you change her name.” “The right time hasn’t come up yet, but it’s coming soon. Three days soon.”
  88. 88. “ANI-MEI! PONY! You guys around here somewhere?” Someone was yelling from the sidewalk.
  89. 89. “What in the world?” Pony asked. “Oh!” “Thai!” They exclaimed together.
  90. 90. “I see you guys actually saved some for me.” Thai grinned sitting down to eat. “Oh Thai.” Pony asked sweetly. “What?” “You’ve lost the game!”