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  • 1. ~The Seventh Season~ ~Smithe~By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  • 2. Welcome back to Arbor Watch. It’s finally the Smithe’s turn and last rotation Dagmar gave birth to triplets;Benedict, Cassie and Leon. They pretty much have to have a nanny at all times because of the chaos.
  • 3. Days started early to make sure all thekids got fed and changed. Ethan and Dagmar are such doting parents.
  • 4. After the sun came up I sent Ethan to The Toy Chest.Him and Dagmar still aren’t really getting along so he may spend a lot of time at work this chapter.
  • 5. When Ethan returned home, Dagmar picked a fight with him about being gone too long.
  • 6. Every now and then when the kids were asleepDagmar and Ethan actually got a long together.
  • 7. All too soon it was the triplets birthday. I can’t wait to see what they look like.
  • 8. Aww Benedict and Leongrew up in matching outfits. Benedict-5/4/5/4/5 Leon-3/10/7/7/7 Cassie-3/5/8/4/5
  • 9. After the kids were settled, Ethan escaped to the Underground. Though his customers didn’t appreciate open mic night all that much.
  • 10. Benedict is quick to find the closest dog andsmother Joy with cuddles. Lucky she’s as good natured as Bane.
  • 11. I don’t know what’s worse, toddlers without toys, or dogs. At least they’re having fun.
  • 12. Poor Dagmar can’t take it anymore.
  • 13. She snuck to the Underground for a few hours. She hit it off with Joe Carr. Too bad Ethan couldn’t be as easy going.
  • 14. Eventually she got a little bored with Joe, mainlybecause he’d rather dance with Amber Vega than with her. Dagmar ended up just spilling her sorrows toEthan’s bartender. Who looked rather uncomfortable by it all.
  • 15. When she got home, she ignored Ethan and sat down with paper. The Slacker career was bound to have an opening any day now. Ethan ate his breakfast without commenting on Dagmar. The kidswere finally asleep and he didn’t want to wake them up with a fight.
  • 16. Dagmar settled down for a nap while Ethan cleaned. Now that Dagmar was home and the nanny here. Itwas his turn to sneak away. He didn’t really wanted toleave his kids alone, but money was getting tight with having the nanny there all the time.
  • 17. The Toy Chest was booming, Ethan had to dig in between sales for extra inventory.
  • 18. He closed the store when the sun set. But hecouldn’t bring himself to go home yet. So he called Lilla.
  • 19. He shouldn’t have invited her over, shouldn’t have asked for a date, he was so lonely and she was there.
  • 20. Blissfully at home it was like nothing had happened.The kids were up and tormenting the poor puppies.
  • 21. The kids kept everyone busy forawhile. Eventually Dagmar locked herself in the bathroom to get away. She searched the newspaper in vain for a job opening. There was no way thatshe was going to be a house wife.
  • 22. Day Three began with a huge mess. The nanny pulledout several bottles of milk and left them on the floor and then had an accident herself. Ethan let her gohome for a bit, clearly keeping her at such long hours was taking its toll.
  • 23. Ethan spent the morning with his kids, while Dagmar slept him.
  • 24. At 11 the puppiesgrew up to dogs. Clockwise isPepper, Cola, and Pepsi.
  • 25. Of course that led to another argument on what to do with thepups. The house was too small or five dogs and five people. Ethan suggested that they give the dogs to the neighbors. But Dagmar wanted to keep them, they were like their own kids. And Ethan would not want to get rid of their kids.
  • 26. To escape Ethan went back to the toy store. I was doing fairly well and he finally got enough money to get a toy making bench there too.
  • 27. He went to the club after, still not ready todeal with Dagmar. Ethan knew it was petty to leave her with the children and he missed his kids, but he just needed to get away.
  • 28. Watching his patrons smustle in themost random places cheered him up.
  • 29. Komei Vega showed up and wanted to knowhow Joy was doing. It took some convincing, but Ethan got the man to stop talking enough so he could close up the bar.
  • 30. Feeling better, Ethan was able to get a smart milk machine. Only the best for his kids.
  • 31. Or at least he tried to give the best tothe kids, but he was exhausted even with the nanny’s help.
  • 32. Dagmar was at her wits end, Ethan was asleep leaving her to clean up the mess the tripletsand dogs made at four in the morning. All he did was run away to his stores when she snapped at him.
  • 33. Well she could escape too. Sunday beboolproped. Not working on Sunday was a stupid rule.
  • 34. She flirted outrageously with Peter Sims, one ofEthan’s bartenders. Though the silly man was too shyand afraid of Ethan’s wrath. Bartenders were stupid.
  • 35. Peter Sims was so naïve. Fed up with men in general now, Dagmar closed the club and went home.
  • 36. Pony back, I have to admit I’m a bad person, but everybody was in the red and Ethan and Dagmar were at the cusp of starving. So I maxmotived, only once, so they didn’t die and the kids get taken. I know that I could’ve have adopted them out to another family, but I have plans for Ethan and Daggie dear. Big plans, huge even, okay not really, it just sounds nice on paper.
  • 37. Ethan taught the kids their skills while Dagmar cleaned house. The day was almost normal.
  • 38. Alas the peace didn’t last long before Dagmar laid in to Ethan for not helping with the housework. Of course he retorted that sheshould of help with the kids so they didn’t grow up without any skills.
  • 39. They managed to finish when six rolled around and it was time for birthdays. Dagmar with Benedict and Ethan holding Leon.
  • 40. The boys looked at lot like their father.
  • 41. Cassie did too for that matter.
  • 42. Day Four soon came to an end, Ethan sent the kids to bed and went there himself.
  • 43. On Day Five shortly before dawn, Dagmarpicked up the newspaper one more time.There were no job openings, but she took another.
  • 44. The kids rushed out to stop her, but she didn’t look back in fear herresolve was going to weaken. She loved them and Ethan but therewas no way living here, in this house and chaos was going to work. She took Joy, Pepsi and Pepper with her. One day the kids would understand. One of them was bound to be romance too.
  • 45. Ethan sent the kids to school and sat down in a numbness. He had messed it up big time, and his biggest regret was he didn’t regretanything at all. He was family sim, he shouldn’t have cheated on Dagmar and ran away from their relationship. But he had made a mistake byinviting her to move in with him too soon and now his kids had to pay for it. He’d make it up to them somehow.
  • 46. He went to work like always when things went badly. He’dhave to stop eventually, his family, his children needed to come first.
  • 47. He went home and washed the numbness out of his soul, Dagmar was gone, and he wasn’t going tochase after her. She deserved someone who loved her completely, unlike him.
  • 48. He spent the money earned from his business to expand the house and get the kids into bedroomsinstead of them sleeping in the living room. He ranout of money before he could finish it, but it was a start.
  • 49. The kids came home and he helped them do their homework.
  • 50. And fixed them dinner. Life was good.
  • 51. Rotation: Fall 2 CAS Available: 3/5 Businesses: Households: 2 of 3 Ambers Tales - Amber Playable Sims: 14 University Funds: Vega - 10 # Of Total $1674 More than Food - Julien Residents(PS + Cooke – 5 Gravestones): 14 # of Fires: 5 Komeis Klothes – # of Burglaries: 0 Komei Vega – 3 Community Lots: 5 # of Electrocutions: 0 Smithes Underground – Business Districts: 0 # of Graves: 0 Ethan Smithe – 2 Universities: 0 The Toy Chest- Ethan Downtown: No Smithe- 2 Careers: SM: 3 Business – 1/1 Law Enforcement 1/1 Population: 42 Slacker 1/1*Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211
  • 52. I’m sorry for the flip-flop writing in this chapter. I shadn’t do it often, butDagmar and Ethan’s story was best told from their POV. I should be back in the normal style for the next chapter. And I want to admit that Dagmar was a really great mom and the fighting was my thing because after she moved in Ethan didn’t have any bolts for her. But don’t worry Dagmar was something special planned.
  • 53. And Steve gimme back my computer!