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Fall 1
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Fall 1


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  • 1. The Third Season: Fall Vega By: CanImarryapony Arbor Watch: A BACC
  • 2. Summer heat fades away and the leaves begin to turn. Which means Fall for Arbor Watch. As you can see there's a couple new lots. Time for my little neighborhood to grow.
  • 3. Day One begins with fresh pancakes. Which I think are becoming Komei's favorite food. Cereal is still the best.
  • 4. Because everyone loves phone shots, Amber is calling to register Bane's breed, even though he's basically a black German Shepherd
  • 5. At noon Komei heads off to the store while Amber works on the garden.
  • 6. The store quickly fills with customers. Komei earns his bronze sales badge.
  • 7. I added a few new objects to the store. Although customers are going outside to buy these. I'm gonna have to fix that. At this point in time I learn that every time Komei restocks the bookcases it charges the Vega the cost of the entire bookcase, not just the amount of what was sold. No wonder they haven't really been turning a profit. Komei goes home with only $23 in the bank today. Gerf.
  • 8. Back at the house after a quick lunch, Komei sets to digging. I sold the reminder of the stuff in his inventory bringing the total funds up $147, that's still not enough to buy a crib.
  • 9. Aww, I found Bane and Cleo sleeping together.
  • 10. Amber back in Lupe guise only has roughly two hours before the baby's born. I'm hoping she can finish the painting.
  • 11. After three diggings, Komei finds a gundam statue, a bone, and a map to the Hidden Burrow.
  • 12. With that they were able to buy both a crib and the bounce chair. They're my first family to get to use the chair. I'm so happy I was able to get it.
  • 13. Amber finishes the painting just as she goes into labor.
  • 14. Baby Abby is born. The first natural born citizen of Arbor Watch. She has red hair and her mom's custom eyes.
  • 15. I love the baby bouncer, look at her. Abby's so cute at least for now.
  • 16. Komei with Abby. Hopefully he's a good dad.
  • 17. Bane's got the whole baby thing covered, while Amber and Komei get some sleep.
  • 18. Day Two starts at 1 with a dirty diaper. Komei gets to change it because he's gotten the most sleep.
  • 19. I had him set in her the chair a bit while he did the chores, she kept falling asleep. Sorry expect a lot of chair spam. I just got this.
  • 20. With Komei taking care of Abby, it's Amber's turn to run the business. I moved the book stacks off the window and onto a table. No more outside shopping. Amber wanted a gold sales badge, but she was too busy trying to keep up with the register, she managed to earn herself a silver register badge and the business is a healthy level 6.
  • 21. Now that I know what was causing the money issues Amber was able to go home with her $600ish profit in her pockets. Which is good because they'll need all the funds they can get for Reno Day.
  • 22. Back at the house, Day Two turns out to be a rather lazy rainy afternoon.
  • 23. Amber naps on the couch, while Komei putters around. All the chores are done and there's not much to do.
  • 24. After Abby is settled for the night. Amber and Komei try for another baby. It's a little earlier than I want them to, with Abby only being a day old, but they were bored.
  • 25. Speaking of babies, Day Three heralds the arrivals of four new puppies.
  • 26. First born is Joy, she's black like her dad, but has Cleo's smooth coat.
  • 27. Second is Fierce, he takes after Cleo with smooth white fur.
  • 28. Finally Strength(Left) and Faith(Right). I'm gonna to call these the twins, they both look very much like Bane with black shaggy coats. Strength is male and Faith is female.
  • 29. Bane looks a little bit overwhelmed over the amount of babies running around now.
  • 30. Trust Bane to recover quickly.
  • 31. After sleeping in, Amber ends up to work. Her aspiration's in the red and she still wants that gold sales badge. This time she hires her first employee. It's kind of my first employee too most of my businesses are family run.
  • 32. Amber hires Angie Kalson to run the register while Amber makes sales. Angie doesn't have any badges and is slightly overpaid at $19 an hour.
  • 33. Poor Angie works hard, but can't quite keep up with the demanding pace. Though a fast pace means she'll earn her badges quickly.
  • 34. Amber gets her badge and closes the doors at seven, I put in another register so Amber could help Angie with the workload.
  • 35. Amber sets Angie to tidy up the place and gives her a spiffy new uniform before sending the girl home. Amber's Tales only made a minute profit and Amber goes home exhausted and starved.
  • 36. Poor Amber even missed her daughter's first birthday.
  • 37. Abby turned out to be a good mix of her parents. Komei's features aren't as strong on girl, thankfully. Abby definitely has his nose. She very neat, outgoing and active. She only has one nice point, she's her father's daughter for sure.
  • 38. Here she is after a more childlike hair cut. You can see she got a softer jawline from Amber, but overall Abby has a very square face. I like her.
  • 39. Abby loves her Bane.
  • 40. I like having puppies indoors, but I always forget that they can't go outside because I build on foundations. Merf! Now the living room is always covered in puddles. Though this is a cute pic of Faith.
  • 41. More puppy/toddler spam because it's good for the soul!
  • 42. Shortly before midnight Amber's belly pops. Another Komei jr on the way. Maybe more since I tweaked the birth odds. Amber only has a 55% chance of having a single child. I'm addicted to torturing myself. Four puppies and a toddler aren't enough.
  • 43. Despite it being the middle of the night. I sent both Amber and Komei to the bookstore. Frankly, they're both miserable with low aspirations and moods. But nothing a dream date won't fix.
  • 44. They started in the bookstore. But ended up back at home for some more serious business. And that was how Day Four began.
  • 45. The rest of the day went by quickly, Amber and Komei took turns working on Abby's toddler skills and cleaned house. Four puppies=big mess.
  • 46. Day Five means Reno Day(Thanks snuffalopagus). They only had about $300 in the bank, but they were able to expand the kitchen a little. Though with another little one on the way, they definitely need more room.
  • 47. I can't wait until they can get a maid. Sims are so messy.
  • 48. Even though poor Komei is exhausted, I sent him up to the store. The $12 left from renovations is not going to last them long.
  • 49. The work day was short. Komei closed up at three. But Amber's Tales is now a level 7 business and I used the perks in the cash tree so they can finish the reno.
  • 50. Back at the house, Amber takes a bath while Abby amuses her self with the potty.
  • 51. This Abby from Palmer's viewpoint. She turned out so cute.
  • 52. Cleo looks like she telling Faith to be careful while she plays outside. I didn't like Cleo at first, but she's a good momma dog.
  • 53. A shot of Bane with the puppies, I think I'm going to keep the twins, Faith and Strength. I want my next household to have Fierce and Joy, well I'll find something special for her.
  • 54. Day Five ends as it begins, with pancakes. That's it for the Vegas, next up is Julien Cooke first season in Arbor Watch.
  • 55. Rotation: Fall 1 Households: 1 of 2 Playable Sims: 4 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 4 Community Lots: 1 Business Diststricts: 0 Universites: 0 Downtown: No SM: 2 Population: 8 CAS Available: 0/1 University Funds: $277 # of Fires: 0 # of Burglaries: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0 Businesses: Amber's Tales (Amber Vega-7 Careers: None *Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211 ~Stats~ ~Stats~ ~Stats~
  • 56. Happy Simming!