Dualacy chap 1 fresh fw 1
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Dualacy chap 1 fresh fw 1



Fresh half of chapter 1 of my Fishy Dualacy

Fresh half of chapter 1 of my Fishy Dualacy



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Dualacy chap 1 fresh fw 1 Dualacy chap 1 fresh fw 1 Presentation Transcript

  • ~Fresh~ ~Fall and Winter~ By: CanImarryapony A Fishy Dualacy Chapter 1
  • Welcome back to A Fishy Dualacy. Ack do know how hard it is not to write my usual litany for the Pokemon Legacy. Oh well this chapter we follow Lupe through her first fall and winter.
  • . “I'm mad at you Pony.” Wait? Why? “You left me here and went to play my brother and all I had was this stinking telephone.” It's a rotation and quit breaking the fourth wall, you aren't supposed to be self aware. Plus I wanted you callable rather than sitting in the sim bin.
  • Here now you actually have house. “Better, but still a little on the lawn living side.” Quit being cliche and enjoy what you have.
  • The first time Lupe did was head out to Pepe's Pets. The townies could wait to introduce themselves to her. “Hi I'm Gilbert. Maybe we should get coffee sometime.” “Hi Gilbert, I'm engaged.” “Oh poo.”
  • Meet Frolic, a adorable red Aussie Shepard. Aussie's are one of my favorite breeds of dogs.
  • Frolic settled down right away into her new home, happily chewing on a toy.
  • Lupe got herself a temporary job as a dishwasher until the gaming career showed up. She also signed Frolic to be a service dog.
  • The rest of the first day was slow so Lupe spent the time working off the pounds she put on in college.
  • After work the next day she was able to get her foot in the door of her dream job of being a game designer. Thank boolprop she didn't have to spend anymore time than necessary washing greasy dishes.
  • Lupe also invited Jay over. “Lupe what took you so long to call me over?” “Sorry Jay, I wanted to get settled a little so you didn't have to come over to a yard.”
  • “Well don't do it again.” “Never, I promise.” Jay brought a thousand dollars to add to the house.
  • Why is he still wearing the llama hat, go change I want to see what you look like. “Hold your horses Pony I'm going.”
  • Much better. You don't actually look too shabby Jay, though I was hoping for someone without black hair to mix up the genetics a little, but I guess that's for later.
  • Jay and Lupe head over to Cover Me Clothing to get new outfits and Lupe a wedding dress.
  • Lupe picked out a butterfly outfit.
  • Jay turned out nicely as well. Oh and a proper intro, Jay's a family sim with a LTW of being a Captain Hero.
  • Lupe used the seclusion of the woman's dressing room to try out her wedding. “You like it, it's not too simple?” It looks very nice Lupe.
  • They also stop by Pepe's Pets to pick up a companion for Frolic. Wiley is a Golden Retriever that I altered a little.
  • He's so cute, sorry couldn't resist a bit of doggie spam.
  • The next day the wedding guests arrive, front to back, Florence Delarosa, Checo Ramirez, Adelè, and Marie. Not pictured, are Ax and Mary, and Adriana Kauker, the Greek placeholder.
  • Jay had set out the wedding arch and chairs in the wee hours of the morning.
  • “Hey, Ax I forgot about you and Marie's thing, I'm sorry is there going to be a problem?” “No, Mary and I will behave. Marie and I are still friends I wouldn't want to lose that.” For those of you who may have skipped the college chapter Marie and Ax were pretty hot and heavy in college, but Ax married Mary later instead.
  • Lupe headed to the arch as guests began to drift towards the chairs.
  • “You ready for this Lupe?” “You kidding Jay, I was ready since junior year“
  • I pronounce Lupe and Jay Fresh.
  • Frolic and Wiley disrupted the guests so only a handful saw Lupe and Jay kiss.
  • “Lupe I can't say how grateful I am for you inviting me to the wedding.” “No problem Adriana, you may be a placeholder, but we still want you to be part of our lives.”
  • “Grats on marrying my sister Jay, but if you ever hurt her.” “Relax Ax, I'm never planning on it.” “Sorry I got to do the overprotective brother bit.”
  • The party was a roof raiser, lasting way into the early evening.
  • After all the guest headed home Lupe and Jay got to know each other better, under the covers.
  • “Wanna go again?” “You bet.” Sims.
  • The next morning Jay looks for a job in the Law Enforcement career, but no job was available that day.
  • Frolic and Wiley took some private time in their dog house.
  • Late in the night, Lupe's stomach pops turns out that her wedding night left her a little present. She was pregnant.
  • ~Winter~
  • Now that it was winter, Jay and Lupe pooled their funds and got the front of the house closed in before the snow fell. The dogs however were not liking the new rules of not peeing in the house.
  • Lupe's pregnancy was going along swimmingly, even though she wasn't able to do much other than eat and sleep. She did, however, manage to squeeze into her formal wear and attend Ax's wedding.
  • Things were a little tough, there never seemed to be enough money, and even poor Frolic felt overworked.
  • One night after Frolic had come from work she laid down and had puppies on the sidewalk.
  • A little girl, Leylic.
  • And a boy Frowil.
  • A little bit of puppy spam, Leylic and Frowil, are always playing with each other. I feel a little bad because they're stuck outside because of the foundation.
  • Not too long after the puppies were born, Lupe went into labor.. “Jay! The babies are coming!” “Babies?”
  • First up is Comet, named after a comet goldfish. He has black hair and green eyes.
  • Next is Weather, names after the dojo loach sometimes called the weather loach because of their ability to sense storms. Weather has Black hair and green eyes like his brother.
  • Jay, being a family sim immediately took over Comet. He was so happy, being a father for the first time.
  • Lupe tucked Weather into his crib and passed out on the couch too tired to go to bed. No wonder her pregnancy was so hard. Twin Boys.
  • The next few days were hectic. When one twin was asleep, the other was crying. Jay started having nightmares of being smothered in babies.
  • Then there were those quiet moments when both kids were content.
  • The next days flew by, and it was time for the twins to go up.
  • Lupe called all their friends and family. Including Marie, she just hoped Mary and Ax would contain themselves, she didn't want to have drama at the boys' birthday.
  • Soon all the guest began to arrive. Front to back is Florence, Ax, Adelè, and Mary. Marie and Adriana were also there and I forget who else.
  • Night fell as the boys were brought to the cake.
  • First up was Comet, he's a pretty good mix of Lupe and Jay. He is neat, outgoing and active, but also mean.
  • Weather's turn. Weather looks very similar to his brother and is neat,not quite as outgoing, pretty active and a lot nicer than Comet. 4 points compared to Comet's 1.
  • After the party, the twins were wide awake, so Lupe set them to play with their toys while her and Jay got some much needed sleep.
  • The boys also managed to get a start on their potty-training.
  • Despite Comet being mean him and Weather were best friends.
  • The dogs were over the moon now that the kids were toddlers, and constantly were begging for pets and cuddles.
  • With the twins tendency to be up at night. Jay and Lupe switched their cribs for toddler blankets so they could put themselves to sleep.
  • On the last day of winter, it was the puppies turn to grow up. Here is Frowil. He has his mother's purple eyes and short tail.
  • Leylic had Wiley's blue eyes and long tail, but those are the only real differences between the pair. Now I have to decide which one to get rid of.
  • And this is where I end this chapter. With Frolic looking all cute and adorable.
  • I apologize for the little continuity issues here and there. It seems my pregnant sims like to switch to their everyday clothes during labor. And while I write Ax's house first. Lupe is a little ahead of him in the time line because she married Jay in the fall and Ax didn't marry Mary until Winter. So Comet and Weather are actually older than Azure.
  • Credit for dojo loach picture goes to Animal World, or www.animalworld.com The goldfish is actually a picture of my largest goldfish, Bonnie. I've had her two years since she was only two inches long and now she's about six inches. She one of favorite fish and runs the tank with an iron fin.
  • That's all for now and happy simming!