Chapter 6


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Chapter 6

  1. 1. Chapter 6 College Interlude
  2. 2. Welcome back to the NEW Pokémon Legacy! As compared to the old one which only partly exists on my computer’s hard drive. I keep meaning to edit it and slap it up somewhere. But I’m extremely lazy and one Pokémon Legacy at a time is enough. Don’t look so sad I’ll post it...eventually.
  3. 3. Last chapter, Anna kicked Tara Kody out of her house for good hopefully. Cleve seems oblivious to the drama between his wife and his best friend. Mel and Rizzi finally get to join their older sisters at college. Leaving Anna and Cleve to every a bit of quiet.
  4. 4. Pony waited anxiously on a bench in her garden. Despite it being summer on her lot there was a decided nip in the air. Maybe because she had to do something she really didn’t want to. Her foot jingled impatiently. She called Jeannie over an hour ago where was the old crone.
  5. 5. Finally the gypsy appeared on the edge of the lot. She waited gazing into the ocean waves. Pony sighed of course she wasn’t going to come to the door.
  6. 6. “Jeannie!” She called hurrying over to shake the old gypsy’s hand. “Pony.” Jeannie smiled, “Calling on us to help again on are you?”
  7. 7. “Tara Kody is sniffy her nose around my legacy, I want to know what she wants.” “Tara Kody is very powerful witch, one does not confront her directly.” Jeannie tsked, “I will send watchers, but there is a price.” “The same one as last time.” Pony said with a frown. “Yes.”
  8. 8. “That’s already happened here. Two can’t exist at a time.” “Well then Pony it seems we have no deal.” Jeannie said politely. Pony ground her teeth. This was not going as well as she planned.
  9. 9. An awkward silence stretch for what seemed like hours. “Jeannie, I’ll take some potions, it looks like I’m going to be needing them.”
  10. 10. “That I can help you with. You may not use them on an unwilling.” “I remember the rules Jeannie, I wrote them.” “Sometimes you forget.” “Sometimes they bend, I’ll call you if I need you again.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. 11. The taxi dropped Mel, Rizzi and their friend Gordon Notts, off at the dorm in the early hours of the morning. Rizzi heaved a sigh, she had thought they would get to go directly to the Greek House, but Mel had pointed out on the plane trip that students couldn’t join a Greek house until after their first semester. So the dorm it was.
  12. 12. It was too late to go to sleep, the sky was beginning to turn light. Mel’s dorm room had a computer so her and the others declared their majors while waiting for a call from the Greek House.
  13. 13. Another student lived in the dorm too, he had transfer from another university. Jim Phoenix he had been at the dorms almost a whole semester.
  14. 14. Finally Ivy called and invited everyone over including the two boys. The more the merrier. Rizzi didn’t care either way, but Mel dragged them along. It would be fun going to the Greek together.
  15. 15. They spent most of the afternoon there. There seemed to be an impromptu dance party going on in the kitchen.
  16. 16. “Mel, would you like to pledge to the Greek House?” Charrie asked pulling her aside. “Of course, but I thought we couldn’t join a Greek House yet.” “You can pledge, but you can’t move in until after finals. Bulba checked, we all want you and Rizzi here as soon as possible.” “Invite Gordon too, I think he’ll like here better than the dorm.” “Why?” “As a favor for me, please Charrie?” “Alright.”
  17. 17. “So you’re Gordon?” Charrie asked narrowing her eyes. “Yes.” Gordon chuckled nervously. “Mel wants you in the Greek though I have no earthly idea why. Would you like to pledge to the Greek?” “Would I never!” Gordon exclaimed, “I never got to be in any clubs in high school this is so AWESOME!” “Uh, okay, I’m gonna go dance.” Charrie said stepping around Gordon.
  18. 18. “Don’t worry about Charrie, Gordon she’s a little rough around the edges.” “I see, you must be Ivysaur.” Gordon said shyly. “I prefer to go by Ivy. Less to chew on. Welcome to the Greek Gordon.”
  19. 19. Mel didn’t want to leave, if was fun being with her older sisters again, but it was late and they all had class in the morning.
  20. 20. After the guests went home. Everyone settled into the usual routine of term paper writing and skill building. Ivy’s finger flew across the keyboard, she was excited, two more days and the others could move in. “Could you type a little quieter Ivy, you’re giving me a headache.” Venu complained.
  21. 21. Back at the dorm, the next morning was a quiet one. Rizzi left early for a jog so Mel spent the morning painting. Jim talked Gordon into playing a bit of chess.
  22. 22. After the chess match, Jim settled down to take a nap. Mel had finish her painting and sat on the couch. “Well this is interesting.” She mused. Grinning mischievously she turned the TV on.
  23. 23. “What?!?!” Jim jerked out of his pleasant dream to a sports announcer screaming, “Oh it’s just you.” he rubbed his eyes. One of the new girls to the dorm.
  24. 24. Sleep no longer an option he got up and sat on the far side of the couch. The girl, Mel, just scooted closer. “Can I help you?” He asked, all of a sudden his sweater getting rather uncomfortable hot. “I don’t know can you?” Mel grinned like a cat in the cream.
  25. 25. Jim got up, “I have to go to class.” He said stiffly, “Wait!” She got up, “The light is hitting you perfect right now.”
  26. 26. “Jim do you think I’m pretty?” Mel asked still grinning. “Heck yes!.” He coughed, “I mean yes I do.” “Would you like to go on a date with me?” “Sure I guess.”
  27. 27. “Isn’t that better?” Mel asked, then laugh, “You were so tense, do I make you that nervous?” “No, well maybe a little.” Jim laughed to, “I just didn’t expected my new roommate to be so forward.”
  28. 28. “How’s this for forward?” She asked kissing him soundly on the lips. Her eyes sparkling with excitement.
  29. 29. “Mel get a room seriously” Rizzi giggled, that poor man didn’t stand a chance against her sister.
  30. 30. At the end of the date, it was Jim’s turn to kiss Mel. “We’ll have to do this again sometime.” He said. “Definitely.” She grinned.
  31. 31. Jim started spending more time watching Mel. Seldom did an hour pass when he did not find himself watching her. He loved to watch her paint the most, she would paint for hours totally engrossed in the canvas.
  32. 32. “Can I go jogging with you Rizzi?” Gordon asked shyly. “I prefer to go alone, clear my head.” Rizzi replied. “Oh Okay then.” Gordon’s face fell and he stopped stretching. “I guess having company once in a while wouldn’t hurt.” Rizzi relented with an inward sigh. She just felt bad for the poor boy. “Cool!” Gordon grinned.
  33. 33. “Charmeleon Pokémon, I know it’s only been a shot while, but would you marry me?” Jimmy asked kneeling on one knee. “Really Jimmy?” Mel asked in a breathless voice, She “Yes, I love you Mel, and I want to be with you forever.” “Yes Jimmy I’ll marry you!” Mel grinned clapping her hands.
  34. 34. “Finals are today, you ready Mel?” “Of course.” “Good, I wasn’t sure with all the playing around with Jimmy.” “Please Rizzi a little faith in me, is it too much to ask?” “I’m sorry Mel, I just get a little nervous. “Relax, Rizzi go for a jog, you’ll do great today.”
  35. 35. The first semester finally ended with everyone passing. “So we ready to go to Greek?” Rizzi asked. “I got one thing to take care of sis.” Mel said, “Wait for me okay.” “Sure, but make it quick.”
  36. 36. “Come with us.” Mel said kissing Jimmy. “I’ll try, I’m not pledged.” Jimmy caressed her face, “Call me when you get there.” “I love you Jimmy.” “I love you too Mel.”
  37. 37. “Mel! Hurry up Charrie’s called like four times already!” Rizzi shouted. “She only called once though.” Gordon pointed out. “I know, but Mel’s being sappy, it’s sickening”
  38. 38. A party was in full swing when they arrived at the Greek house. Even the simselves were there.
  39. 39. “Mel! We expected you guys hours ago.” “I know, I just had to say goodbye to Jimmy.” “Why? We pledged him to the Greek. I was expecting him here finish.” “What???” “Oops it’s was supposed to be a surprise, welcome home Mel!”
  40. 40. Jimmy as it turned out was in the next room. “You are in trouble.” Mel squealed leaping into his arms. “Could you forgive me?”
  41. 41. “Welcome to the Greek Rizzi.” “Thanks Charrie, the dorm was awful I’m so glad to be here at last.” “I heard something about cow mascots invading dorms. We just get cheerleaders and llamas here.” “So lucky.”
  42. 42. With the money everyone brought in from good grades the house was a expanded. Everyone except Gordon and Rizzi had to share bedrooms but no one really minded.
  43. 43. Some minded it less than others. Jimmy crawled into bed beside Mel. She had picked the linens and he found that he didn’t mind pink as much as he would of guessed.
  44. 44. Rizzi was the first one up the next morning, she tried to make breakfast for everyone but the stove burnt the pop tarts the moment she looked away. She sighed and set the dish on the counter, they would just have to eat something else.
  45. 45. “You don’t have to clean up, Rizzi, I’m pretty sure we have a maid or some pledges to do that.” Charrie said getting a plate and a burnt pop tart. “The stove is acting up again, yum!” “You actually like burnt pop tarts?” Rizzi gasped. “Don’t you?” Charrie said blandly. “Not particularly.” Rizzi shuddered.
  46. 46. The other slowly made their way downstairs, not one complaint about burnt pop tarts. Rizzi guess they were just glad not to have to serve breakfast.
  47. 47. Gordon and Rizzi dipped into the household funds to get some better suited clothes. Rizzi couldn’t find anyone outfit that suited her like her siblings had found. But she did find some nice pants to jog in.
  48. 48. Mel had to get some skill points so she could keep her grades up. She wished she could talk to something more interactive than the mirror.
  49. 49. “I don’t think she even notices me.” Gordon blurted out while Charrie watched TV with him, “It’s like I’m on another planet.” “Wait what?” Charrie asked puzzled. “Rizzi, I’ve been trying to get attention all semester, but all she does is go out jogging. I tried going with her but she didn’t want to talk.” “I’m sorry Gordon, I can’t help you. I guess try to be more assertive you’re too shy.” Charrie tactfully didn’t mention Rizzi was head over heels in love with Thai. Gordon should at least have hope.
  50. 50. “You know this bedspread clashes a bit with the wallpaper.” Jimmy said idly as they relaxed together. “I suppose you’re right.” Mel sniffed, “But Bulbasaur’s stuff is green.” “I meant we should redecorate the room not change the sheets.” “Oh, I thought you didn’t like pink?” “Maybe I like pink when you pick it.”
  51. 51. “Did I mention that I love you?” “In passing, I think.” Jimmy laughed kissing her neck.
  52. 52. Gordon sighed, Rizzi was still too busy to talk to him. “Don’t be sad Gordy.” Ivy smiled at him, “She’ll come around be patient.” “If he’s as patient as you he’s going to be an old man before Rizzi comes around.” Venu snorted, “Just talk to her Gordy.” “Thank you.” He said, at least her sisters were nice, even if they were making him work up his own courage.
  53. 53. Mel finally made the time to buy a new outfit. While Jimmy was at class of course. They spent almost all their time together when they didn’t have to work on school work.
  54. 54. “Is this even allowed?” Venu asked looking over Jimmy’s and Mel’s room. “Why not, they used Jimmy’s scholarship money.” Charrie looked around approvingly, “I think I’ll bully Kendal into redecorating our room, this is much better than green, good luck convincing Ivy to redo yours.” “Thanks Charrie.” Venu said drily.
  55. 55. Bulba and Charrie ended up with a lot of free time after completely their school work. They took turns working on portraits for everyone that lived in the Greek House.
  56. 56. “This bubble blower is great Charrie I wish there was one at the dorm.” “Hehe, just pledge to the house and you can come whenever you want.” “And do everybody’s term papers, I know how you roll Charrie.”
  57. 57. All too soon the year was over. The quads were now seniors and the twins sophomores and all their friends scattered in between. “Just think six more days and then we get to go home.” Charrie grinned. “Yeah, but who’s going home to the parents?” Venu asked. “That’s a good question.” Bulba sighed, “I guess need to figure that out.”
  58. 58. “Hey you, everyone else is asleep.” Jimmy called softly he loved watching Mel paint. She put her whole self into her paintings. “I’ll be up in a minute I want to help paint everyone’s portraits there’s only a few more to do.”
  59. 59. Everyone really settled into working on their grades. Gordon found his skill woefully inadequate for his classes. He spent a lot of time practicing chess.
  60. 60. “The room looks great Greg!” Bulba said. “You think so? I got Jimmy and Gordon to help out. The dresser was a beast to get upstairs.” “Of course I think so, I wish we had thought of it earlier.”
  61. 61. The first four of the portraits were finally finished. The girls hung them up future generations could see the founders.
  62. 62. The rest of the semester flew by. The girls skilled, earned badges and spent hours on the phone making friends to maintain the Greek’s level 6.
  63. 63. Mid term exams were finally over. “It’s raining again.” Gordon observed. “It’s spring, it’s always raining.” Rizzi replied blandly before trooping inside. “Well at least she said something to me.” “We’re running out of time to make a decision.” Venu said. “Let’s get our term papers done and we’ll all sit down.” Ivy suggested “Yeah, we at least got a few more days to decide.” Bulba agreed.
  64. 64. Mel stood alone on the sidewalk her exam was a little later than the others. She had overheard her sisters talking. She had forgotten all about the heirship. She certainly didn’t want it. What does Jimmy want? Most sims would do anything to be part of the legacy, but Jimmy seemed different. She would have to ask.
  65. 65. “Jimmy?” She asked as she joined him for bed. “What Mel?” He asked with a bemused smile. “How would you feel if my sisters choose me to be heir?” She asked tentatively. “I thought you didn’t want to be. I was kind of hoping you would take my last name.” “Thank goodness, that’s what I was hoping for.” She let out a sigh of relief, “I love you Jim Phoenix.” she said kissing him soundly.
  66. 66. Some help was recruited from various places to assist with term paper writing. Nothing wrong with using a little influence here and there.
  67. 67. The next morning all the sisters sat down for breakfast together. “Everyone know why we’re here?” Bulba asked. “To decide the fate of the universe?” Mel said brightly, her and Jimmy had maybe stayed up a little too late. “Thanks Mel.” Bulba chuckled, “Just the fate of the legacy, one of us has to be heir.”
  68. 68. “What about you Bulba?” Rizzi suggested, “You were the first to get engaged.” “Nope not me.” Bulba shook her head, “I’m taking Greg’s last name, it’s tradition in his family.” “Tradition smission.” Rizzi disagreed, “You’re the eldest as well.” “I’m not going to do it, I don’t even want kids, the heir is going to have to have at least three.”
  69. 69. “What about Charrie? She’s the only one who hasn’t made plans yet.”
  70. 70. “I vote for Charrie!” Greg called from the background. “Shut up Greg.” Charrie told him curtly, “Bulba you’ve got to be kidding. Me?”
  71. 71. “But Charrie you’re perfect. Remember how great you were with Mel and Rizzi when they were kids.” Ivy insisted, “We all know you’re secretly a family sim in fortune’s clothes.
  72. 72. “Everyone who thinks Charrie should be heir say aye!” Venu said with a grin. “Aye!” The others said in unison.
  73. 73. “There that’s all settled.” Venu grinned at her sister. “You guys can’t be serious.” Charrie laughed nervously, “What about Mel? She’s engaged too.” “Too late, we already voted.” Mel said quickly, “Grats Charrie.”
  74. 74. Unable to talk her sisters around to choosing someone else; Charrie took solace in the living and her pottery wheel. What were they thinking? Ivy or Mel would be a better choice, but there just wasn’t anything she could do about other than just not move home, but she couldn’t let her family down like that. Why did they have to choose her?
  75. 75. Gordon used a little bit of his scholarship money to purchase a little sun conure named Boss. Talking to the mirror all day was boring. Boss would be a lot more fun.
  76. 76. Though getting the bird to stay in his cage was a bit of a challenge.
  77. 77. “Hey Yvette!” Ivy said greeting one of the few Greek members that didn’t live in the house. “Hey Ivy, I see you expanded the house again, did you get a pool table yet?” “Nope not yet, but I have a question for you.” “Oh?” “You would be our placeholder? Someone needs to keep Mel and Rizzi out of trouble when the rest of us graduate.” “Of course!” Yvette squealed gleefully, “I thought you would never ask!!”
  78. 78. “Ahhh! The smell of college, old pizzas, sweaty mascots and over perfumed cheerleaders.” Pony grinned. The time for finals had arrived and Bulbasaur was throwing one last party. “Can’t you be serious?” Ani-Mei asked. “Why?” Pony grinned again, “It is a party after all.” “You’re impossible.” Ani-Mei shook her and laughed
  79. 79. Pony in fact could sometimes be serious. Charrie drew her away from the slap dancing in the kitchen into the relative quiet of the living room. “Can’t you overturn their decision?” Charrie begged Pony, “I don’t know if I’m meant for this.” “Oh Charrie.” Pony patted her friend’s hand comfortingly. “I want you to be heir. You are as perfect as Anna is.”
  80. 80. “I was afraid you would say that.” Charrie sighed. “Maybe it would help if I explained things a little.” Pony mused thoughtfully, “Though Anna and I should explain it together.” “What?” “Oh dear, perhaps I said more should of.” “I don’t think you’ve said enough.” “Charrie, just believe me you are the best choice for heiress. I promise you I’ll explain more later, when you get home from college.” “But Pony.” “No buts, you have more important things to worry about like exams. Don’t they begin in an hour?” “Not fair Pony.” Charrie said running to class.
  81. 81. “I don’t see why that surprises anyone. I am a simself after all.” “Surprise for who?” Kendal asked sitting on the couch. “Oh you must be Kendal!” Pony said brightly. “I finally get to talk to you alone.” “You’re wanting to talk to me? I’m not special or anything.” “Oh but you are, look me up after college I got big plans for you dear heart.” “Are you hitting on me?” “Oh dear.” Pony laughed helplessly. “Not that at all.”
  82. 82. The party raged while the quads left for exams, soon to be followed by Rizzi, Mel and Gordon. Cleve finally arrived to take Charrie home after she graduated.
  83. 83. “It’s all over now.” Venu said softly after they returned from class, “We’ll never all live together again.” “Maybe don’t think of it as an end, perhaps a beginning.” Ivy said. “I suppose.” Charrie agreed, “We all had to grow up sometime.”
  84. 84. “Hey you.” Bulba said pulling Greg close. “Hey you.” He smiled. “You gonna be okay without me?” She asked. “If it’s only a little while.” Greg mused, “I love you.” “I love you too Greg.” “Call me when as soon as you can.” “I will.” Bulba smiled weakly kissing Greg.
  85. 85. She steeled herself and went to the phone, after all they all had to grow up sometime. “I’ll see you soon.” She promised Greg.
  86. 86. Ivy however didn’t hesitate, “One ticket back to Laguna please.”
  87. 87. Ani-Mei intercepted Venu on her way to the phone. “I just wanted you to know Venu, we’re all very proud of you and your sisters.” “Thanks Ani-Mei.”
  88. 88. “Not the greatest but so much better than last time.” Venu smiled. “What’d you grow up in last time?” “I’ll never tell.”
  89. 89. Finally Charrie made the call to unenroll herself from school. “Hey Gordon.” She said, Cleve was already waiting to take her home, “Don’t give up.” “Thanks Charrie, I’ll try to remember that.” . . .
  90. 90. “So how’d it go with Jeannie?” Thai asked. “Not as well as I had hoped.” Pony said glumly.
  91. 91. “She can’t help us unless I pay the price. But Eucalyptus is a genie baby, there can’t be two.” “What a silly rule.” Thai sighed, “So what now?”
  92. 92. “I’m going to have to bring in reinforcements.” “Those two? Com’n Pony surely there’s something else we can do.” “You have to admit they work very well together. Between the two of them very secret in the island will be unearthed.” “Who’s going to keep them under control?” “I got a perfect person in mind.”
  93. 93. Are you curious yet?