What's included in a Marketing Audit?

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A highlevel overview on what is included in a Marketing Audit.

A highlevel overview on what is included in a Marketing Audit.

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  • 1. What’s included in aMARKETING AUDIT?
    Created by SimplyDigitalMarketing.com
  • 2. What isA MARKETING AUDIT?
    A review of the internal and external marketing environments as well as the company’s operation.
  • 3. What’s included in aMARKETING AUDIT?
    Marketing Environments
    Marketing Strategy
    Marketing Department
    Marketing Systems
    Marketing Productivity
    Marketing Functions
    Source: Megicks, Donnelly, Harrison (2009)
  • 4. 1. MarketingENVIRONMENT
    The micro environment
    A review of the:
    • Organisation (Internal Environment)
    • 5. Suppliers
    • 6. Distributors and Dealers
    • 7. Customers
    • 8. Competitors
    • 9. The Public’s View
  • 1. MarketingENVIRONMENT
    Internal (part of micro)
    A review of McKinsey Seven ‘S’ Framework
    Source: Peters and Waterman (1982)
  • 10. 1. MarketingENVIRONMENT
    The macro environment
    A review of the:
  • 2. MarketingSTRATEGY
    Marketing objectives and strategy
    A review of the:
    - Vision, Mission & Position Statement
    • Marketing Objectives and Goals
    • 16. Marketing Strategy
    Source: Megicks, Donnelly, Harrison (2009)
  • 17. 3. MarketingDEPARMENT
    Team, structure & assets
    A review of the:
    • Formal Structure
    • 18. Functional Efficiency
    • 19. Interface Efficiency
    Source: Megicks, Donnelly, Harrison (2009)
  • 20. 4. MarketingSYSTEMS
    Information and analysis
    A review of the:
    • Information System e.g. CRM
    • 21. Planning System
    • 22. Control System
    • 23. New Product Development System (NPD)
    Source: Megicks, Donnelly, Harrison (2009)
  • 24. 5. MarketingPRODUCTIVITY
    Analysis of:
    • Profitability
    • 25. Cost Effectiveness
    Source: Megicks, Donnelly, Harrison (2009)
  • 26. 6. MarketingFUNCTIONS
    Marketing Mix
    A review of the:
  • A FinalWORD
    A marketing audit, although time consuming, is worth the effort. The actions you find will feed your marketing plan, ensuring the right foundation is set for the business.
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  • 34. InformationREFRENCES
    Phil Megicks, Ray Donnelly, Graham Harrison.
    (2009) The Marketing Planning Process. Elsevier, London.