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Google Plus in a Nutshell
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Google Plus in a Nutshell


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This will give you a good overview of Google + (plus) and what all the fuss is about.

This will give you a good overview of Google + (plus) and what all the fuss is about.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Google + in a NUTSHELL
    Created by
  • 2. What isGOOGLE +?
    Google + is a new Social Media platform set to rival the mighty Facebook...this could be big!
  • 3. What’s all the fussABOUT?
    3 Main things:
    Enhanced Socialising Tools
    Google Search Results
    Targeted Advertising
  • 4. 1.Enhanced SocialisingTOOLS
    Part 1
    The ability to sort your followers/friends into groups e.g. Football mates, Colleagues, Marketing nerds.
    Get suggestions about things you might be interested in e.g. The latest social media tool.
  • 5. 1.Enhanced SocialisingTOOLS
    Part 2
    Basically hangout with your mates via video. Interesting that Facebook and Skype have just hooked up!
    Auto upload photos you have taken and send group texts.
  • 6. Google searchRESULTS
    This is big for SEO- Part 1
    When logged into Google, you will start to see results for those within your social network, who may not usually rank well for the phrase you are searching for!
    For example, search for ‘gift boxes’ and the result now includes Jane’s Gift Boxes who you are following on Twitter! She may not rank as well for these terms when you are logged out of Google.
  • 7. Google searchRESULTS
    This is big for SEO- Part 2
    Also, the new +1 button allows you to boost the rankings of a particular result; basically you are saying that this result is important to me, so please rank it higher.
    Note: this is whilst you are logged into Google and is for your results only.
  • 8. TargetedADVERTISING
    The more you search whilst logged into Google and the more you use their new social network tool, the more they will know about what you like... start chatting about the new HTC on Google +, expect to see an ad about it!
  • 9. About US
    Who we are, what we do?
    WHO WE ARE Passionate Digital Marketers with years of academic and business experience. WHAT WE DO We are a leading Digital Marketing resource, inspired by simplicity and dedicated to keeping you up to date with SEM, VSEO, Social Media, E-Media and Display Advertising and lots more! Our site is packed full of free, useful stuff, for academics and professionals so please pay us a visit at: