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Simplilearn conducts 10 days FRM Part 1 certification training in across India delivered by certified and highly experienced trainers. We are one of the best FRM Part 1 Training institutes globally. FRM Part 1 course includes interactive FRM Part 1 classes, 100% Money back Guarantee, 180 Day E-learning, 6 Practice Tests.

About FRM (view slides for more details)
Financial Risk Manager or FRM certification is offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP®). FRM certification program consists of two levels of exam: FRM Part 1 and FRM Part 2 exam.

Benefits of FRM
Number one credential for Risk Management Professionals
Differentiates one from non-credential peers providing competitive advantage with colleagues, clients and prospective employers
Opportunity to network with best finance risk professionals in the world, (an elite group of over 26,000 FRMs from 110 countries)
High demanding career to become Chief Risk Officer, Senior Risk Analyst, Head of operational Risk, and Director, Investment Risk Management etc.
Strong fundamentals in risk management and adherence to the highest levels of ethical conduct.

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Financial Risk Manager (FRM) training simplilearn

  1. 1. FRM® - Financial Risk Management
  2. 2. Topics to be covered FRM® Product Knowledge: - Definitions & Terminologies Target Audience & Benefits of FRM® Pre-requisites for FRM® Exam FRM® Examination Syllabus Exam Registration process & Examination Fees FRM® Scholarship Simplilearn Course Offerings
  3. 3. Definitions & Terminologies  What is Financial Risk Manager (FRM) ® Certification ? Financial Risk Manager is a globally recognized professional certification program offered by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) ®, USA. The certification measures risk management professionals’ skills & knowledge in providing financial advice based on globally accepted industry standards FRM certification program is a practice-oriented examination offered in 2 parts (i.e., FRM Part I & II) covering essential topics in financial risk management. One also needs to demonstrate 2 years of professional work experience in financial risk management along with fulfilling other requirements Thus FRM certification is a benchmark adopted by companies in ensuring that their risk management employees are well versed in the latest financial risk concepts.
  4. 4.  GARP ® Global Association of Risk Professionals) The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)® is a not-for-profit organization and the only globally recognized membership association for risk managers. Established in 1996, GARP is governed by a Broad of Trustees comprising of leading management practitioners & academics. GARP has over years developed a comprehensive suite of programs geared for both individuals as well as institutions. The breadth and depth of these products and services address the critical need for risk education that keeps pace with a rapidly evolving industry. 24% GARP® 47% Membership Distribution America 29% Asia Pacific EMEA
  5. 5. FRM Fact Sheet FRM Program Inception: 1997 150,000+ Registrations 26,000+ Certified FRM’s 195+ countri es Certified FRMs have held positions like, Chief Risk Officer, Senior Risk Analyst, Director of Investment Risk Members employed by, Management Commercial Banks, Central Banks, Corporations etc.,
  6. 6.  Target Audience Any graduate who wants to build a career in the risk management domain.  Benefits of FRM Certification – Enhanced Career Prospects (Stand out to all major employers) – Develop ones’ knowledge and expertise on Risk Management – Join an Elite group of Certified FRM professionals – Help an individual demonstrate his/her skills – Confirm your Achievements by providing real-world experience – Enhance a professional’s reputation  Pre-requisites for FRM Exam There are no educational or professional prerequisites to sit for the FRM Exams
  7. 7.  Certified FRM Professional Note: Experience completed for school will not be considered, including internships, part-time jobs or student teaching An individual has 5 years to validate their work experience by completing an online form. If the work experience is not validated within the 5 stipulated years, then that individual will be required to retake the FRM Examination.
  8. 8.  Examination Syllabus The FRM Exam is designed by the FRM Committee consisting of a group of distinguished risk professionals and academics with diverse professional backgrounds The FRM Exam Part I and Part II covers a range of topics related to financial risk management FRM Part I Syllabus Quantitative Analysis 20% 30% Foundations of Risk Management 20% 30% Financial Markets & Products Valuations & Risk Models
  9. 9.  Examination Registration Process An individual can register for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Examination by filling an online application available at  Examination Fees for May 2014 Exam FRM Examination – November 2013 Registration Type Registration Start Date Registration Deadline Enrollment Fees Exam Fees Total Fees Early 01/12/2013 31/01/2014 $300 $350 $650 Standard 01/02/2014 28/02/2014 $300 $475 $775 Late 01/03/2014 15/04/2014 $300 $650 $950 Enrollment fee entitles an individual to a complimentary 1 year individual membership in GARP. The membership includes access to a wealth of premium risk content, programs & events, career centers etc., which forms a part of FRM Program.
  10. 10.  Examination Format - The FRM Exams are held twice a year i.e., May & November FRM Part I Examination Exam Format Total Examination Questions Pass Rate (%)* Examination Duration Multiple Choice 100 45.9% 4 hours *For May 2013 FRM Part I Exam - Both exams are administered manually via paper & pencil - The results for both examinations are announced via Email about approximately 6 weeks post examination date - Candidates are allowed to use GARP-approved calculators during the examination
  11. 11.  Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program GARP strongly encourages Certified FRMs to further their skills and knowledge on Risk Management by volunteering for the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program. Eligibility – Certified FRM Participation - Voluntary Earn 40 Credit Points every 2 years Qualified Learning Activities Submit Credit Points via CPE Credit Tracker Note: GARP conducts periodic random audits to review documentation for CPE Credit
  12. 12.  GARP ®Scholarship Program The GARP scholarship program was instituted to provide future leaders in risk management with the opportunity to sit for the FRM exam The scholarship program covers the cost of the Exam Registration fee for FRM part I only. Scholarship program is not available for FRM Exam part II. The Scholarship program is available for, - Students who have enrolled in a full-time graduate degree program; - Faculty members demonstrating full-time employment For further details you can visit GARP website
  13. 13. FRM Part 1 Workshop by Simplilearn The workshop shall help in: • • • • Preparing for a exam having globally recognized professional credential Demonstrating one as a skilled finance and risk management Demonstrating one’s practical skills on financial risk management Opening up greater prospects in the career field Who should attend ? • • Students who want to enter finance or risk management domain Career changers (students with non-investment backgrounds) to gain broader professional expertise and to make a career change into the financial risk management profession
  14. 14. Simplilearn Credentials Simplilearn is global training provider for professional certifications and have trained more than 75000 professional across 150+ countries. We are regular classroom and corporate training provider for PMP, CFA, FRM, PRINCE2, ITIL, CISSP. Some of the credentials (but not limited to) to be noted for Simplilearn are: • Global Registered Education Provider (REP) of PMI, USA. Our REP ID is 3147 • CFA Institute Prep Providers for CFA Level I • GARP Exam Preparation Providers for FRM Part I
  15. 15. Why Simplilearn ? • • • • Simplilearn is listed as a ‘Exam Prep Provider’ by GARP, USA Simplilearn provides both Blended Model of Learning as well as Online based training for FRM® courses along with providing Live Virtual Class & Practice Tests 24/7 customer support via chat, email and phone Interactive classroom sessions conducted by highly qualified and experienced instructors
  16. 16. FRM® Part 1: Online Training Offerings FRM® Part 1 Online Training includes:• 52 full length audio-video chapters as per FRM® Part 1 syllabus • 6 full-length FRM® Part 1Test Papers • Each test paper consists of 100 questions with detailed answers • Usage of Financial Calculators chapter included • 24/7 Access to Course content (90/180/365 days access) • Access to Moderated Discussion Forums, Free Resources & Blogs • 24/7 Customer Support via Telephone, Email & Chat • Price :- INR 4,000 for 90 days access
  17. 17. FRM® Part 1 : Classroom Training Offerings FRM® Part 1 Classroom Training with 100% Money Back Guarantee • 50 hours FRM® Part 1 Classroom Training • Access to FRM® Part 1 e-learning content (180 days) • 6 FRM® Part 1 Sample Tests with 100 questions each • Access to Moderated Discussion Forums, Free Resources & Blogs • 24/7 Customer Support Via Telephone, Email & Chat • Venue – Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore • Price :- INR 13,000
  18. 18. FRM® Part 1 Virtual Classroom Training Offerings FRM® Part 1 Live Virtual Classroom Training (100% Money Back Guarantee) • 50 Hours Live Virtual Class • Downloadable recordings for all sessions • Access to FRM® Part 1 e-learning Content (180 Days access) • 6 FRM® Part 1 Sample Tests (100 Questions each) • 50 Hours PMI PDU Certificate • Access to Moderated Discussion Forums, Free Resources & Blogs • 24/7 Customer Support via Telephone, Email & Chat • Price :- INR 13,000
  19. 19. FRM® Part 1 Practice Test Offerings • • • • • • FRM® Part 1 Exam Practice Tests 6 full-length FRM® Part 1Mock Test (one can buy any number of tests) 30 Day Access Each Test consists of 100 Questions 24/7 Customer Support via Telephone, Email & Chat Price starting INR 500
  20. 20. To know more about our certifications kindly visit – Contact us: Md. Mohsin ( +91 80 6568 1106 Subin S ( +91 8880280398 | +91-80 3009 4654 Kaustov K ( +91 80- 6568 4678