MESSAGES FOR           THE PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL                                             (Ed. 1)              Excerpts f...
The writings of Lorber and Mayerhofer, comprising tens of volumes are known as THE NEWREVELATION, the extraordinary spirit...
The promise of the LordMankinds conditionThe education of humanityIntroduction by the Lord to His Word “The Household of G...
The promise of the Lord“Oh, you children of Adam, why would you not rather become My children? How much effort andhard wor...
Mankinds condition“What happened when I first came to the earth as a man will happen again. There will be signs -happy the...
*"These are the industrial people and their needs that can never be satisfied. They may be comparedto the scrub and thorns...
*"What would it profit man if he possessed all the treasures on earth enabling him to enjoy allimaginable pleasures, but t...
creative quality, which is completely equal to Him, in order to develop themselves completelyfreely out of their own power...
regarded as fools by the worldly-wise. However, soon the intellect of the wise of the world willcome to nothing before the...
wise. And as for the remarks about the needed tranquility and range of vision and the requireddepth in the whole of the id...
The heavenly Fathers warning to his children"Thus spoke the Lord to me and within me for everyone, and that is true, faith...
11. Those who are fashion-crazy tell in all earnest that they will be standing naked before theirmost just judge. Their sp...
5. My church on earth is a bath of purification. Let him who has washed himself come to Me that Imay dry him with the warm...
pieces of silver not knowing in advance what would happen to Me; for he was deluded and becamelost. But now -as already to...
3. However, the people of this earth I called forth from the center of My heart and createdthem fully in My image. They we...
through and in the confession. Thereupon I will come and share the joyous feast with them beforethe altar.14. Tell them al...
unshakably until the end of his earthly life. Only in this school he will find the eternal life of the soulin the beyond, ...
See, the coming week reminds you of two things: firstly, of the example of My humility, meeknessand an all-embracing, all ...
as if out of his own willpower, then he still should acknowledge in himself that he has been alazy and slow servant, and g...
True faith. Superstition or false faith.“[2] You must not completely reject faith, for without it you would find it far mo...
strictly the duties imposed by the new teaching, well, then it would be time to turn your back onsuch a false teaching.” (...
*[16] Truly, I say to you: without true faith no one can be blessed. And I told you what and whereinyou should believe. So...
Thus, faith can be likened to fire. Although fire is such a beneficial and useful element for the onewho uses it wisely, i...
as fruit. Where these three qualities are united together in a heart, My Word is valid which I oncespoke to My disciples, ...
The extraordinary importance of Lord’s teaching for our spiritualdevelopment20 January 1871“All of you, however, must not ...
still admonish; who, apart from Me, knows what I shall do tomorrow? The piece of ground on whichyou live and peacefully wa...
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1
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Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1


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Excerpts from The New Revelation of Jesus Christ through Jakob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer

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Brochure - NEW REVELATION - Messages for the people of good-will - ed 1

  1. 1. MESSAGES FOR THE PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL (Ed. 1) Excerpts from THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST NEW REVELATIONFrom 1840 to 1864, and from 1870 to 1877, JESUS CHRIST dictated to the Austrian musician JakobLorber and to German Gottfried Mayerhofer the greatest and largest spiritual message everoffered to humanity.The revelations were received by the two scribes of the Lord through Inner Word, meaning Lorberand later, Mayerhofer heard them very clearly in the region of their heart and wrote them faithfullydown, without adding any personal contribution. They were perfectly awake, they didn´texperience any states of altered consciousness, nor were they some mediums for automatic writingwhose hands were guided by a spirit-entity. 1
  2. 2. The writings of Lorber and Mayerhofer, comprising tens of volumes are known as THE NEWREVELATION, the extraordinary spiritual teaching that JESUS CHRIST brought to mankind, almost2000 years after his earthly life.May the following texts warm the hearts and illuminate the minds of all the good-willing peoplewho search for the truth and meaning in life, so they could recognize the real Author of them andHis eternally fatherly Love. “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened toyou. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”(Luke 11:9-10)“Whoever seeks as long as you have been seeking, will find; whoever asks as you do, will begiven, and whoever knocks on the right door, as you now have just knocked, to him will it beopened.” (The Great Gospel of John Book 5, chap. 86:17)“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:27)“But I am the Lord Himself. I love My sheep because they are Mine. They know Me and alwayshear My voice when I call them.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 17, chap. 73:3)“Test all things, and hold firmly that which is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21)„He who wants to live properly may accomplish this in any church, because the main ruleis as follows: examine everything and keep what is good. I will tell no one: become aCatholic, a Protestant, or an Orthodox! Instead, remain what you are if you so wish; but bean active Christian in spirit and in truth! Because anyone may have access anywhere to thepure word of God, if he so wishes.” (Earth and Moon, chap. 73)"So as to be on the safe side, believe only Me, listen only to My voice in your hearts, whichdoes not deceive, and do not let yourselves be deluded by clever, sell-seeking interpreters ofMy Word. Here the word holds good: Examine what you hear and read; adhere to thegood and eliminate the bad."(Secrets of life ) 2
  3. 3. The promise of the LordMankinds conditionThe education of humanityIntroduction by the Lord to His Word “The Household of God”The heavenly Fathers warning to his childrenThe Lords Precepts for menThe Word as Father of his children"I Myself am the Master and the School"CROSS and CROWNWithout God man cant do anything for his eternal lifeTrue faith. Superstition or false faithTrue faith implies acting accordinglyFaith, trust and confidenceThe extraordinary importance of Lord’s teaching for our spiritualdevelopmentThe spiritual dignity of manThe infinite goodness and love of God for the human beingsLove of God and love of fellowmanWho is my neighbor?About giving - deeds of love. Foolishness of worrying about earth andflesh. To give also your coat.A giving attitude that is pleasing to GodEvil or good deeds of man and Gods meritThe mystery of H1 L V1 T S S A A S S"Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden! For My yoke iseasy, and My burden is light!" *** 3
  4. 4. The promise of the Lord“Oh, you children of Adam, why would you not rather become My children? How much effort andhard work it costs you to obtain the bread of Adam which drips from the sweat of your hands and issoiled by the drivel of serpents and soaked by the poison of adders and through which you in yourimmoderation eat yourselves into temporal and then also eternal death!2. And My bread is spread with the holler of My love and soaked in the milk of the forever tree lifeout of Me. You could eat it with the greatest enjoyment and it would never harm you, but insteadstrengthen you and endow you with all the might and power out of Me for all eternity and alreadytemporally, if you would only accept it. Behold, soon after My greatest act, which is the great workof salvation for you, the price for this My bread was still very high and people could buy it only insmall quantities and that only through the sacrifice of their blood and physical life for Me. At thattime this My bread tasted bitter in the mouths of the buyers and was not yet spread with the honeyof love and soaked in the milk of free life already temporally, but both, the honey and the milk weregiven the grieving buyers in the fight measure only in the realm of spirits. Nevertheless there werebuyers in great numbers.3. But now when I give it freely with honey and milk to everyone who wants it for the only verysmall reward of your love, now it is bitterly scorned and the great and kind Giver, who is surely andtruly full of the greatest love for you, is rejected.4. Know this: Now I have the gates of My heavens wide open. Whoever wishes to enter, let him doso, but let him come soon, let him come at once, for the Great Time of Grace has come and the NewJerusalem is descending to all of you upon the earth in order that all who love Me may take upresidence where they will become satisfied with the honey and milk- soaked bread and shall drinktheir fill of the pure water of life which they shall draw in abundance from the eternal Jacobs well.5. However, while the descent of My great city will be a boundless grace for all My children, it willon the oilier hand crush the blind and squash the deaf with its strong walls. For it will be largeenough to cover the entire face of the earth. And whoever will not see it descending and will notperceive its rushing through the clear atmosphere of the earth, will no longer find a place on earthwhere to hide from it and escape being crushed.6. For behold, the weight of its palaces will crush the mountains leveling them with the valleys, andI will place its houses over sloughs and bogs and all the scum existing therein shall be crushedcompletely by the foundations of the houses of the great city of God, your holy Father in heaven andon earth.7. And the true Shepherd will call His sheep and they shall hear and recognize His voice to the endsof the earth. Then they will come and happily graze in the vast pastures of the Father, which are thegreat gardens of the new holy city of the Great King of all nations that were, are and will forever be.8. These gardens will be the Paradise lost through Adam, which I, as the First, have found again andfaithfully kept for them as an eternal mansion.9. This is the reason why I have shown you in all detail My great household from eternity, haveshown you My creation and how the first man came into existence. I will further show him to you tothe end of his days and will show you the great whore and the destroyed Babylon, and then I willlead you into My great holy city and there give you a permanent home for all eternity, if you love Meabove all as I love you.10. Behold the heavens and the earth! One day they will pass away physically and will exist onlyspiritually. But every one of My words, which are spoken to, you will remain as it has come from Mymouth, both physically and spiritually, in all the might and power of holiness forever and ever.Amen. (Household of God, I) 4
  5. 5. Mankinds condition“What happened when I first came to the earth as a man will happen again. There will be signs -happy they who understand and heed them for their own benefit and that of their fellowmen!Spiritually that which has been predicted will commence -and actually has already commenced -with exactly the same symptoms as once during My pilgrimage on earth. Wars and uprisings, thepersecution of My followers, fear of the future and all kinds of diseases were the early signs thenand shall not be absent today. Not that I am sending them, but men work their own destiny throughnon-comprehension of My divine words that shall remain unchanged forever. The wind of spiritualfreedom is blowing also today, penetrating all human hearts. The human rights that have beendisregarded for so long want to be respected and no longer trampled underfoot by just one class -the more powerful.It says that even a worm will turn when trod upon. Well, the mighty of the church and the worldhave trod on the worm long enough, endeavoring to completely subjugate it and let human dignitybegin only with them. But they went too far. This they feel and are now - in their fear of theconsequences - looking for means to stop this development. But in vain! As once in Jerusalem, alsothese mighty of today will reap what they have sown.At that time I advised My followers to be moderate in everything, to retain their souls and bodiespure and not to misuse them, so that they may stand purified before the Son of Man when He shallcome.The same admonition applies also today: "Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation!" Keepyourselves pure, gain strength through your faith in My love and My divine care which, even if itallows the most terrible things to happen, will never punish those who have followed My teachingwith childlike trust and practiced it with faithful zeal.The signs of the time will pass you by when you have learned to adapt your body to a minimum ofphysical needs, but instead are more concerned with the building up of your spiritual being. Then -as once My followers did - you will praise My greatness, love and mercy even over smoking ruins ofworldly splendor and battlefields, where matter has been defeated, but the spirit liberated.” (TheLord’s Sermons, 1) *"Men are meant to have everything and arrange their life on earth with as many comforts aspossible. They may protect their hands from hard labor so as to gain all the more time for therefinement of their hearts and souls. But if with peoples increasing skill also their selfishness,greed and lust for power will keep growing and as a result their spiritual darkness, the worstconsequences may be expected." (THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN vol. 5,108:6.) *"The worlds industries will be pursued with diligence so as to deaden the spirit more quickly andpossibly also destroy completely the anyway scanty seed for the attainment of eternal life. And thusmens hearts, Gods sole dwelling place on earth, are becoming stunted." (Gifts from Heaven 11, p.367) 5
  6. 6. *"These are the industrial people and their needs that can never be satisfied. They may be comparedto the scrub and thorns under which the seed of the Word of God is choked." (Spiritual Sun II, 125,5) *"The dwellers in the big cities are forever craving for pleasures. They all want to live in comfort, tohave entertainment, be distinguished and, if possible, exercise a little bit of power. All theserefinements, however, are nothing else but idolatry, for they are sacrifices of the human spirit todead materiality." (Spiritual Sun II, 81,10&13). *“03] I tell you: Man needs very little for life on this Earth; but the haughtiness, the lethargy, thearrogance, the greed and domineeringness of man need indescribably much and nonetheless cannever be satisfied!04] The worries of man are mostly fed on this, and people then quite naturally have no more timeto concern themselves with what they should concern themselves because God placed them on thisworld for that reason only. […]13] Yes, your souls and the souls of millions of people no longer even know that they are thecarriers of the spirit of God, not to mention that they could and should do something beneficial forbecoming free and independent. For your love of splendor and comfortable life the poor and weakhumanity is driven by you too strongly to bloody endless drudgery and therefore cannot doanything to liberate their spirit and so you are dead along with you subordinates and are trulychildren of Satan and will not hear My word, which earnestly and truly leads you to life. Instead youdefend your word, from which eternal death for you and all your subordinates must necessarilyfollow!” (THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN vol. 3, 10:3,4 & 13). *“What happened to the Jews at the time Jerusalem was destroyed will happen again at the end oftodays mankind. There will again be the horrors of war and destruction, only in a different form.And just as in those times the few that believed in Me had a better lot or, if it was hard, were betterable to bear it thanks to their firm faith in Me, thus it will be in the time preceding My SecondComing. Then, too, faith and trust will have disappeared on earth because mankind, or at least themajority of men, will be favoring the world and its pleasures, as can already be noticed everywhere.Therefore, the purification of the spiritual sphere of the soul must be undertaken in accordancewith what I said of the fig tree in the Gospel. When it starts to come into leaf and develop sap, it isthe time preceding the summer, the time prior to development and fructification, which spirituallycompares with the time of testing and separation, when man has to account for the spiritual valuesentrusted to him.Natural events, accidents and illnesses preceding this time are the last efforts to save whatever canbe saved, that not all may suffocate in the mire of selfishness. The arrogant human heart can only bemade pliable through misfortune and blows of fate.” (The Lord’s Sermons, 53) 6
  7. 7. *"What would it profit man if he possessed all the treasures on earth enabling him to enjoy allimaginable pleasures, but thereby harmed his soul?" (THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN vol. 8, 183:9)The education of humanity "[1] NOW the highly ranked counselor said again: ‘But why would it be, namely for the high priests,harmful to – at least for a few years – compel them by the omnipotence and the wisdom of Your Godto end idolatry and teach the people the truth? If God’s omnipotence would liberate them again andthey would want to go back to the old idolatry, then the enlightened people would certainly correctthem in such a way that they would never more want to deal with this old idolatry again. Am I rightor not?’[2] I said: ‘If this would be advisable and good for the salvation of the people, then God would notneed the priests, but He could also let the trees and the stones speak, which would even have agreater impact with the people. But in both cases it is not only of no benefit for the free will of menbut it would merely harm the free development of the inner independent life of the soul. Because ifsuddenly all your priests would start to preach loudly against their old gods and idols to the peoplewho are now still for the greatest part superstitious and whose convictions are for the greater partbased on untruths, the people would consider them as enemies of their old gods, would grab andstrangle them. And when trees and stones would teach the people, an enormous compulsion wouldbe exerted on their consciousness and their will and then also the people would soon assault theiridols and priests and destroy them.[3] Say for yourself, who would be helped by that? Not the people. By that they would not have afree but an entirely imposed belief, consciousness and will, by which their souls could not becomefree as was the case with their old superstition, which now already by many among you has becomevery transparent as a result of personal searching and thinking.[4] A belief that has been imposed by miracles would have – as just mentioned – no sense, becauseit would be just like the old one, a superstition, and for the priests it will also not be beneficial. Andneither for you. Or do you have proof that you are really a wise man when you are only answeringthe questions which you are asking yourself?[5] If now for instance I would let the pillars speak in this palace and would ask them all kinds ofextremely profound and wise questions at which the pillars would give Me such wise and trueanswers as would not be possible for any man in this world and also not for no angel spirit inHeaven, what would you say on this?’[6] The highly ranked counselor said: ‘On the one hand it would be very wonderful, but finally thepillars would only be able to give those wise answers in agreement with Your will and inaccordance to Your understanding, and this would actually be the same as if You would askquestions Yourself and then would answer them.’[7] I said: ‘This you have perceived very well and well answered. And look, it would be precisely thesame if God by His almighty will would impress in man the order of life, which once He hasdetermined for eternity. Then God Himself would will and act in man. But if this were the case, thenwhat will become of the complete free independent life of man?[8] However, God did not create human beings as so-called playing dolls for Himself, but ascompletely equal images of Him, which He has brought to life out of Himself, not as creatures of Hisalmighty arbitrariness, but as true children of His eternal fatherly love. And He has given them a 7
  8. 8. creative quality, which is completely equal to Him, in order to develop themselves completelyfreely out of their own power of life according to their own totally free will until they arecompletely equal to God. And look, for this reason, the development of men’s free will may not beslowed down by any godly force. And even under the most severe circumstances they must beallowed to keep their completely free will, even when it would cost Me My earthly life on the cross.[9] Look, this is how much love the godly Wisdom has for men, who once placed His children in thisworld for the test of the complete free will that was given to them. Understand this well and do notask Me any further foolish questions, because God has set out of Himself an eternal order and this ishow it will remain eternally. And now, let us talk about something else if you want.’[10] Here said Cyrenius: ‘But, My Lord and Master in all things, You surely are not angry because ofthis? We are as we are: still very much earthly men who are slow in understanding and thereforewe ask You to be patient.’[11] Now Joseph said: ‘It never took so long for Him. It is more reasonable now to leave Him alone,because He truly has talked and spoken a lot now. And when He is like that, it is better to let Him goand to do what He had advised. Me also, I, as if I am His father, cannot help it. Suddenly He becomesquiet and He lets us talk about whatever we want. Therefore, honorable friends and benefactors,leave Him alone for awhile, then He Himself will come up with something.’[12] Cyrenius said to Joseph: ‘But do tell me if He has ever contradicted Himself?’[13] Joseph said: ‘Not ever. Whatever He has said once, is as if it is spoken for the whole of eternity,and this happens often with the smallest and most insignificant things. This I can completelytruthfully witness.’[14] Then Cyrenius said: ‘Yes, then it is indeed more reasonable to act as He wants, because Hisinner Being is filled with God’s Spirit and whatever He wills, happens. We, weak men, better do notbegin a fight with Him, of which I was already convinced 20 years ago. But now, the question is:about what other things will we discuss? Because He is the most memorable phenomenon of thistime, as well as since all other times and will also be until the end of the world.”(THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN, Book 18, chap. 34) *“So as to be on the safe side, believe only Me, listen only to My voice in your hearts, which does notdeceive, and do not let yourselves be deluded by clever, sell-seeking interpreters of My Word. Herethe word holds good: “Examine what you hear and read; adhere to the good and eliminate thebad.” (Secrets of life – G. Mayerhofer)Introduction by the Lord to His Word “The Household of God”“The writer of this work sought in all earnest and found what he had sought. He asked and it wasgiven to him, and since he knocked at the right door, it was opened to him and to all those who areof a good heart and will. But those who did not seek with the heart, but always only with theirpresumed pure reason and keep examining and criticizing, they knock only on the hard and deadshell of matter instead of the living name of the eternal Giver of all good gifts, and they shall not begiven and it will not be opened to them. For the Spirit of the Lord never reveals Itself through theintellect of the worldly-wise, but only in and through the simplicity of the heart to those who are 8
  9. 9. regarded as fools by the worldly-wise. However, soon the intellect of the wise of the world willcome to nothing before the simplicity of the fools.He who will read this work with a humble, grateful and devout heart will gain from it much graceand blessing, and he will not fail to recognize the true author of the work. However, to the pure-reason-caste it does not make any difference whether they read Daniel, a Sir Walter Scott, or aRousseau or Hegel; because for the worldly thinking everything is worldly and a highercommunication from on high is regarded as an irresponsible fancy of ignorant, fanciful people whothrough their mysticism want to become someone or achieve something because they cannot dothat on the road of pure reason which they do not possess.But do not let this deceive foul How often the tour Gospels have been distrusted! But are theybecause of it of less value in the hearts of the true believers in God? How often have I, the Lord andGiver of life and every gift of true benefit to the latter, been declared by the worldly-wise as just aman, as a mesmerist, also as a fraud and even as a purely fictitious person; and at present millionsregard Me as such! Yet other millions are not led astray by it. They, as doers of My Word and notjust hearers of it, understood in the simplicity of their hearts that Jesus of Nazareth was more thanwhat the many worldly scholars take Him for. Therefore, where this work is concerned, let no onebe influenced by the judgment of the world, which accepts only what is of its own kind, but let himlisten only to the voice of the heart of the unsophisticated. They will express a correct opinion toeveryone before the eyes of the good Giver. But the intellect of the worldly- wise will on manyoccasions find this a stumbling block. Good for the one who is not completely shipwrecked in theprocess!He who reads this work and regards it as spiritual inspiration, but is not yet clear in his mindwhether it comes from a lower or a higher spirit, is still extremely blind and the cover of hisworldly intellect still mightily veils the vision of his heart.Whoever has a living faith in Me is surely familiar with My strength, kindness and supreme wisdom,and he will, and must, understand that I possess strength andwisdom in eternal abundance and am surely able to oust forever the enemy from the field I amcultivating; for I and Satan have not ever yet used the plough in one and the same furrow.Unfortunately, this does happen where the intellect of the selfish world is involved, which is itselfdark and sees everywhere nothing but darkness. However, in the eyes of those who are taught andeducated by the Father everything appears quite different, for to the truly pure and enlightened allis pure and has sufficient light.Let those who gay that in order to be acceptable as inspired from on high this work lacks simplicity,tranquility and range of vision, as well as a certain depth in the whole of its ideology, be briefly toldthat they should examine their heart very carefully as to whether they themselves do not lack whatthey are missing in the Word. But they expressed their opinion so that, as European scholars, theyhave said something, too, about this work without having penetrated to the bottom of it. For inorder to express an opinion obviously more is required than a superficial perusal of a section of thework.What do such readers regard as simplicity? I think that writings which, despite the necessary, forthe limited human understanding so mysterious abundance and depth of what they otter, arepresented in a way that even children can properly understand them, once they are able to readreason- ably well and are capable of thinking beyond the first rudiments of writing and arithmetic,could really not be lacking in a certain simplicity. Pictures and language do not ever imply thesimplicity of a writing, but only the easy comprehension of an ever so simple heart that can find itsway in such a writing, Everything else like an antiquated, awkward language and several thousandsof years old corresponding allegories - is as far from simplicity as is the intellect of the worldly- 9
  10. 10. wise. And as for the remarks about the needed tranquility and range of vision and the requireddepth in the whole of the ideology, there is all the more of all that contained in this work, the morethe criticizing worldly wisdom imagines it to be lacking; for that which gives tranquility to the heartmust itself have tranquility in abundance. Of course, it cannot give tranquility to the intellect, whichis not receptive to this and, therefore, cannot find tranquility in a writing, as a stream cannot find ituntil it has reached the greatest depth of the sea. However, if the intellect of the worldly-wise couldhumble itself and descend from its presumed height into the simple little chamber of the heart, itwould then out of this tranquility find the tranquility believed missing in this work and the fullestrange of vision within it. But as long as the intellect is like a weather-cock on the spire of earthlywisdom, continuously turned in all directions by various winds of doubt, it will probably not findanywhere the tranquility it does not possess itself, nor the usual range of vision it enjoys on itswindy height.If someone misses in this work a certain depth of the whole ideology, let him be told that the Giverof this writing did not intend to develop in those who read it in the true tranquility and simplicity oftheir heart as what it actually is, such a view, which unfortunately has already spread too muchamong people, but simply to awaken a godliness and gratitude and there from a living faith and theproper love for God and the fellowman and to animate it to be lasting.Besides, those who read this writing with the fight attitude are still going to attain a sufficient depthin the better ideology without the help of scholars who by war of their futile rational examinationsare not likely ever to reach the proper depths of the total view of the world and universes, whichonly in this work can be found by the fight type of reader, - irrespective of other later workswherein, as it were, the sun and with it all the planets, solar and central solar systems are materiallyand, above all, spiritually, sufficiently comprehensibly and fully described and revealed.If in a work the material, and especially the spiritual, development of all created things from thevery beginning - thus already during eternal periods and states of existence - is presented withsufficient clarity and somebody still finds too little depth in the supposedly lacking ideology, truly,in all the heavens there would not be found an eye-ointment with the help of which such scholarscould cure their most regrettable short-sightedness."We simple and unsophisticated lovers of God", the proper readers of this work have every right tosay, "have, except for Gods university in our hearts, never attended another, neither in Paris nor inJena and Goettingen, yet we do not wish to change places with all your celebrated worldly wisdom;for we prefer our inner beholding of the depths of our holy Fathers great creations to yourthousand years of research with covered sight. We can see from your calendar how far yourtelescopes and mathematical lines are reaching, and your ways are familiar to us. However, how farthe enlightened sight of our hearts resting in God reaches, to measure that your instruments andmathematical lines would not reach far enough and fail in their mathematics."So whoever wishes to read this work with true benefit to his soul, let him read it in the simplicity ofhis devout heart without being a censor in the worldly way but let him always be only a carefulhouseholder of his heart, and he will find in this work in abundance what some highly educatedreaders have unfortunately not found.And now all My blessing and grace to the fight readers of a pure heart and good will! Amen.” 10
  11. 11. The heavenly Fathers warning to his children"Thus spoke the Lord to me and within me for everyone, and that is true, faithful and certain:1. Whoever wishes to talk with Me, let him come to Me and I shall lay the answer in his heart. Butonly the pure whose heart is full of meekness shall hear the sound of My voice.2. And he who prefers Me to all the world and loves Me like a tender bride her bridegroom, withhim I shall walk arm in arm, and he will always behold Me like a brother his brother, and as I beheldhim from eternity, before he was.3. Tell the sick, they shall not grieve about their sickness, but turn to Me in all earnest and trust Mecompletely. I shall comfort them, and a stream of the most precious balm will flow into their heart,and the fountain of eternal life will inexhaustibly manifest within them. They will recover and shallbe refreshed like the grass after a downpour.4. Tell those who seek Me: I am the true everywhere and nowhere. I am everywhere wherepeople love Me and keep My commandments and nowhere where I am only praised andworshipped. For is not love more than prayer and the keeping of the commandments more thanworship? Verily, verily, I say to you: He who loves Me worships Me in spirit, and he who keeps Mycommandments is the one who truly reveres Me. But only he who loves Me can keep Mycommandments, and the one who loves Me has only one commandment - that he love Me and Myliving Word which is the true everlasting life.5. Tell the weak from My mouth: I am a powerful God. Let them all turn to Me and I shall perfectthem. Of the flycatcher I shall make a lion-tamer, and the fearful shall destroy the world, and themighty of the earth shall be scattered like chaff.6. Tell the dancers openly that Satan manipulates them all. He seizes them all by their feet andwhirls them around to make them dizzy enough so that they can neither stand nor walk, nor sit, norsleep, nor rest, nor see, hear, feel, smell or taste, nor sense, for they are all dead and, therefore, canneither be advised nor helped. And even if they wished to turn to Me, they would feel like somebodywhom a strong one had seized by the feet and whirled around. If he were to look up to the sky hewould not see the sun, but only a bright streak blinding him so that he would close his eyes,unwilling to see anything anymore.7. The person whose physical eyes are blind has still the possibility of seeing with his spiritual eyes.But he, who has turned blind in his spirit, remains so in eternity.8. Tell the gamblers that they first gamble away their life and eventually everything that has beengiven to them for their life. For gambling is a well filled with poisonous dirt. The gamblers believe itto be a hidden source of gold and keep burrowing in it daily, inhaling its pestilential odor, poisoningthemselves through and through and finding their spirits eternal death instead of the imaginedgold.9. Those who have the Scriptures, but do not read them are like thirsty men beside a well withpure water which, however, they do not want to drink, either because of a certain spiritual dread ofwater like rabid dogs that instead of drinking some water and recovering will rather bite into thehardest stones to quench their thirst, or very often because of a certain indolence. They prefer to beserved by certain idle servants stinking slime from the nearest mud-hole to quench their thirst andeventually perish.10. Tell the love-makers: Whoever walks in the flesh, walks in death and his lust will soon becomethe food of maggots. Only he who walks in the spirit will reach the light, the original source of life.His share will remain forever and keep increasing. 11
  12. 12. 11. Those who are fashion-crazy tell in all earnest that they will be standing naked before theirmost just judge. Their splendor will vanish like bubbles. Their lust for power and pomp shall end inthe lowest slavery, and they will be ashamed of their foolishness everlastingly. Is not he a great foolwho wants to have a rubbish heap gold plated and has gems set in the worst kind of dirt instead ofgold! Oh, that there are so many lunatics in the world these days! They regard the light as darknessand the darkness as light!12. Already there is a star in the East that will pave the way for Orion, and the fire of Sirius willconsume all of them. And I will fling great numbers of stars to the earth so that all the evildoers mayperish and My light shine everywhere.13. I, Jehovah, God from eternity, the True and Faithful, for a final warning. Amen.14. This concerns first of all you, who have so poorly recorded this, and then all the others. Amen.This says the First and the Last. Amen." (chap. 1, The Household of God vol. 1)The Lords Precepts for men"Thus spoke the Lord to me and within me for everyone, and that is true, faithful and certain:1. You are the Lot of Sodom, but make sure that you do not suffocate in unchastely and thusparticipate in the heritage of the harlot, for you are unlike anyone before or after you. As a man youare entirely in the flesh and its lust, but as a spirit you are completely free with open eyes and openears. You soil your body with dirt, whilst streams of light are poured upon your spirit. Your bodyfeeds with the swine, whilst a thousand angels surround your spirit. You have filled your earthlyheart with mire and dirt, but I have made My abode in the heart of your spirit. You talk with harlots,whilst I talk to you as a brother to his brother. You stink like a cesspool, and your spirit breathes thesweet odors of the highest heavens. You are a horrible creature, but your eye shines more than thesuns. Therefore, cleanse your flesh and become one with Me so that I may become One with you.2. Tell the fearful mothers not to raise their daughters to be afraid of men and the world. For whatone fears one blindly obeys when the temptation arises and those who are feared have an easyvictory. Let them teach their daughters rather to respect and love Me that I may be the victor andthey despise the world and least on My boundless love. They shall not take them to public places tofind a husband, but to Me. Let them bring them to Me and I tell you: Not one of their desires shallremain unblessed and unsatisfied. For I am a rich God who has plenty of everything which He can -and will- give in abundance.3. The poor shall not beg at the doors of the rich where they experience the lot of stray dogs andtheir hearts are turned to sorrow and bitterness. They shall come to Me with great confidence, and Ishall refresh them all. I shall give load to the hungry and drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked andheal the sick. The lame shall leap like a hart, the leper shall be cleansed, the blind will see and thedeaf hear, and I will make the weak stronger than a lion. The timid shall become bolder than a coltand the aged shall find rest. The poor is My closest brother, I care for him. Therefore, the dogs shallnot debase him, for the rich of the world are brothers of Satan and children of the devil in hell.4. Tell My friends they shall not love My servants more than Me. They shall place their salvationfully in My hands, rather than keep it in their own hands, and completely rely on Me. For theservant must act strictly in accordance with the command, lest he be found unworthy. The giver ofthe law alone stands above it and can place whomsoever he wishes above it, too. However, as longas they are under the yoke, they shall be judged, but to those who come to Me I can remit judgment. 12
  13. 13. 5. My church on earth is a bath of purification. Let him who has washed himself come to Me that Imay dry him with the warmth of My love and keep him with Me. But the one who only enjoys thesplashing and dabbling will fare, as do the mill wheels, which never get out of the water.6. If someone has performed the works of true repentance, let him come to Me, and I will receivehim like a prodigal son and keep him within My strength. For the servant can advise, but I can doit; the servant can instruct, but the salvation is My work; the servant can pray, but I alone can bless.My servant must pass fair judgment, but only the Lord has the right to show mercy. Therefore, letthem not forget the Lord over the servants!7. Tell them this faithfully word for word without hesitation, for if you want to love Me you mustnot fear the world, as I am more than an the world.8. For the world I am a most insignificant hero for whom there is not much regard. The scholarslook down upon Me and at the most call Me an honest man. Some of them ignore Me completely; forthem I no longer exist others still admit some divine trait in Me, but only for a short time, then theylet themselves be influenced by the worldly wise. Soon I am dismissed and at the most regarded asa God for old women. For some of My servants and workers, who imagine themselves great, Imerely serve as an official seal and as an external kind of divine cover for their idle nonsense andtheir gross and utter foolishness and stupidity. There are some who permit Me still to retain Mydivinity, but for this I must allow them to make of Me what they will in their pursuit of temporalgains. And what is the worst: I must be a downright absurdity! Love and mercy I may have only aslong as it suits them; then I must become more pitiless than a stone and must suffer Myself to bechanged into a most despicable tyrant I am expected to rush from One tribunal to the next and passone condemnation after the other. My love must therefore be only temporary, whereas My tyrannyand harsh judgeship are meant to last forever. Oh, those utter fools! My infinite forbearance,gentleness, meekness and eternal love for My created beings certainly do not serve their greedypurposes, but all their plans shall soon be thwarted. Their accounts are before Me and the measureof their deeds has been almost filled, and their reward is awaiting them.9. For him who does not know Me the way I am, and who I am, it would be better not to knowanything about Me, for then I could still revive him in the spirit realm. But as things are they makethemselves incapable of receiving My help as they deaden the life within them by destroying andslaying Me within them, thereby becoming vines separated from the grapevine.10. This I now say: I am the sole eternal God in My triune nature, as Father in My divinity, as Son inMy humanity and as Spirit in all life, action and cognition. I am from eternity the very love andwisdom. I have never received anything from anyone. Everything that exists is from Me, andwhoever possesses something, has it from Me. How can I be a tyrant and one who condemns? -Oh,you fools! I love you and you scorn Me. I am your Father, and you regard Me as an executioner.Where I bless, you curse. Where I build, you destroy. What I raise, you bend down. What I sow, yousmother with floods. You oppose Me in everything. If I were as you say that I am, truly I tell you theearth would long since have ceased to exist; indeed, it would never have been created! However,since I am the way I am, everything is still in existence as it has been and will be forever. And youwill be the way you wish to be, without My condemnation, for you will be what you have made ofyourselves. But those who accept Me as I am and love Me as I love them, I shall make into what theywish to be so that their freedom and joy may be perfect everlastingly.11. Tell My officials and servants: My offices are not banks and changing-offices, for he who servesMe for the sake of money does not serve Me out of love. And the one who does not serve Me out oflove is a stranger to Me in his service as I must be a stranger to him since he does not serve Me outof love; with him My account is already closed. And how can he be a faithful servant who sells hismasters treasures illicitly like a thief at shameful prices? -Judas Iscariot sold Me at least for 30 13
  14. 14. pieces of silver not knowing in advance what would happen to Me; for he was deluded and becamelost. But now -as already tortured, slain and raised from the dead, I am available every minute for amere song. Oh you shameful thieves, you murderers, what can I compare you to? You children ofthe dragon, you brood of vipers! Are you serving Me like this, must I find you such? I bad My dearPaul tells you that he who serves the altar shall also live of the altar, but only from the works oflove, which works all that, is good. But you have no works of love and are, therefore, robbers andthieves and murderers of the Gospel and all truth. Know then: As the work, so the reward! Lovecannot be had for money, but only for love. I am the very love and can never be won for any otherprice but love. I have redeemed all of you with love and, therefore, demand again love from you. Sowhomever wishes to serve Me, let him serve Me with the love with which I died for him on thecross. And he, who wishes to come to Me, let him come in the love that bled for him on the cross.12. Tell the ministers and lords of the world frankly and truthfully that their offices do not rankhigher than the offices in My kingdom. Soon I will destroy every office that is against Me. Woe to itsservants! For I am the Most High, My law is eternal as am I and shall remain so in eternity. Themoths, which are endeavoring to nibble at My law and make new laws from their dirt in order toeradicate My law, the latter will crush with all its weight and destroy them as though they hadnever existed. Everyone who offends against My laws can be forgiven when he changes his ways,recognizes his mistakes, repents, turns to Me and remains in Me and I in him. But the One who triesto undermine My law shall be crushed by it, and he shall cease to exist forever. All the worldly lawsundermine My commands, unless men who are instructed by My Spirit give them out of My love.Woe upon the tyrants and despots who rule because of the might and authority of their thrones. Forwhen their measure is full, they shall experience the power of the weak. The ground is Mine and thefield is Mine. This tells you the True One, the Eternal God of Love and Wisdom, and He makes itknown through a fool to the worldly wise. Amen. I, Jehovah. Amen."(chap. 2, The Household of God vol. 1)The Word as Father of his children"Thus spoke the Lord to me and within me for everyone, and that is true, faithful and certain:1. I am a good host, not a crumb of bread is lost. Whoever invests his capital with Me will receivehigh interest, and it will remain recorded in My heart, and the interest will be growing forever andever. Look upward, you fool, and gaze at the starry sky! Who has ever counted the infinite numberof suns and all the earths of which I have created thousands for every sun? And I, Who am truthfuland reliable in every one of My words, am telling you: For a penny I shall give away an earth and fora drink of fresh water a sun. Truly I tell you: The smallest service of neighborly love shall berewarded richly and abundantly.2. You ask Me whether there are everywhere humans like here on the earth where you dwell. And Itell you: Yes, there are everywhere humans who are going forth from My bowels and who perceiveMe according to the respective organ. Those who go forth from My bands and perceive Meaccording to My bands; those who go forth from My feet and perceive Me accordingly; those who goforth from My head and perceive Me according to My head; those who go forth from My hair andperceive Me according to My hair; those who go forth from My loins and perceive Me according toMy loins; and altogether those who go forth from all the different parts of My bodily essence andperceive Me accordingly. Their life and happiness correspond to that particular part from whichthey have come forth. They are all My creatures whom I love, for I am love throughout and am thevery love everywhere. 14
  15. 15. 3. However, the people of this earth I called forth from the center of My heart and createdthem fully in My image. They were meant to be not just My creatures, but My beloved childrenwho were not meant to perceive Me as God and Creator, but as their good Father who will, after ashort trial period, take them back into His house to share everything with Him, dwell with Himeverlastingly and rule and judge the universe with Him. And behold, all my creatures love Me astheir Creator and gratefully enjoy their existence; but My children do not want their Father andreject His love.4. Behold, it saddens Me when I see how every hour thousands upon thousands wither and passaway. Oh, if I could only help them! Is it not sad when the Almighty cannot help?5. You ask Me again how this could be possible. Oh yes, I tell you, it is quite possible. Behold, all Mycreatures are held by My might but My children by My love. - My might commands, and it is obeyed,whereas My love only desires and gently bids the free children, but the free children refuse to listenand do not want to face their Father. Because they are free, as I am, I cannot help them if it is againsttheir will. My might surpasses everything, but My will is subject to My children. But let everyonenote this: I am your Father and am also your God and beside Me there is none other. Do you wantMe as a Father or as a God? Your actions shall give Me the final answer.6. Take note of this: Love dwells only in the Father and is called the Son. Whoever scorns this loveshall be subject to the mighty Deity, losing his freedom forever and death shall be his share, for theDeity dwells in hell, too, but the Father dwells only in heaven. God judges everything according toHis might, but grace and life eternal are only in the Father and are called the Son. The Deitydestroys everything; but the Son, or the love within Me, has life, gives life and animates.7. All this the good host and the thrifty Father is telling all His children that they may change theirways in order to receive the inheritance I have faithfully prepared and kept for them from eternity.8. Tell your friends and brothers lovingly that I, their most loving Father, have already stretched outboth My arms to press them all to My heart forever and ever. They shall on no account turn againaway from Me, but shall keep gazing at My countenance, and My eyes will tell them and clearlyproclaim how much I love them and how sincere My intentions towards them are.9. Tell them: I have put their sins out of My sight and have washed them white as snow and there isno longer any obstacle. No longer will I be an invisible father to them. They shall always see Me andbe happy and joyful. All their worries they shall transfer to Me.10. Oh, how gladly I shall take care of them! What are all the joys and beatitudes of My heavens forMe, the Father, compared with the bliss to be loved by My dear children as their only true Father!11. Behold, I give you all the beatitudes for this one bliss, which I have reserved for Myself. Andtherefore My children shall call no one but Me their Father, which I am and to which I am fullyentitled, and no one may take this right from Me as I am the only one and there is none otherbesides Me.12. Behold, I will call them all (i. e., your friends and brothers) by name: H LV T S S A A S S. Theyshall all receive My fatherly salutation and still today, if they so desire, shall the gates of heaven beopened to them, which are the eyes of their spirit; and already today will I dwell in their hearts.Only one thing shall they do with determination, namely, cleanse their flesh in the well thatcontains living water. And they shall take a staff that is half black and half white, break it in half,throw the black part at the feet of the world and keep the white part as a token that they havebroken with the world and its flesh forever.13. This means that they shall in all earnest go within, recognize themselves and then present theirdiscovered weaknesses to Me in their hearts. I shall remove the dirt from their hearts and fill themwith the fire of My divine fatherly love. Thus cleansed they shall then show themselves to the priest 15
  16. 16. through and in the confession. Thereupon I will come and share the joyous feast with them beforethe altar.14. Tell them also that they must on no account take offence at anything in or about the church, for Ipurify every food I recommend for the one who wishes to partake of it in spirit and in truth and sohe can enjoy it without fear. What I give to My children is clean and is not desecrated through theouter form for those for whom I have blessed it. I shall bless the temple, and the place where theyare shall be hallowed.For I, their holy Father, shall be in their midst wherever they go, and not a hair on their head shallbe hurt.15. Tell them in no uncertain terms: My love is waiting for them, and I will not close My armsbefore all of them are resting in My embrace, where they will behold their most loving, holyFather face to face, and their joy will never end. Amen!16. Tell all those who seek Me that I am always at home and never go out and that I do not havefixed hours or times when a person may come to Me as with the kings on earth and the great onesof the world. Thus, a loving heart is welcome to Me not only on a Sabbath or Holy Day, but everyminute, and even at night I have not ever barred the door to anyone. So whenever you will knock, Ishall say "Enter!"17. You must and can tell openly whether I have ever compelled you in any war or whether it was atall times left to your free will to come to Me with a question you wanted to ask and if I have everfailed to answer your question. When you asked Me from hell, I gave you an answer, and when youwere on earth, I spoke to you, and I spoke to you in the heavens. My ear is open to you day andnight. What you are writing here, you write at your own time and leisure, and I am always satisfiedwith how long and how much you wish to write. Therefore, tell them faithfully that it does notmatter to Me, but whenever someone comes to Me, he is heard and accepted.18. Tell the children that they must not mock Me, but that they shall take this seriously. Tell themthat I am never facetious nor do I appreciate a joke. I take everything seriously concerning the greatand the small, the young and the old, male and female. I do not make exceptions.19. For behold, I instantly and forever destroy My creatures that are useless. But for My children Ihave plenty of punishments, and I shall discipline the disobedient to the last drop of their blood,when they will surely recognize that I am at least the master of the house if they do not want toaccept Me as the loving, holy Father.20. Woe betides those who misunderstand and misinterpret My fatherly chastisement! I repeat:Woe betides them! They will be rejected by the Father and will have to deal with their forever-inexorable God. These things I am telling you, an inefficient, lazy servant. Amen. I, Jehovah. Amen. "(chap. 2, The Household of God vol. 1)"I Myself am the Master and the School""[8] However, the school where I could have learned it – this according to your way of thinking –exists nowhere on the whole world, for I Myself am the Master and the School.[9] The one who learns it from Me and who comes with Me in the school of life, by believing in theone, only true God and by the love for Him, and through that by the love for fellowman, and whowill then live and act according to My teaching, is a good disciple of My school. It is the only real andtrue school of life for everyone who wants to join that school and who wants therein to persevere 16
  17. 17. unshakably until the end of his earthly life. Only in this school he will find the eternal life of the soulin the beyond, and death and judgment of matter will leave him.[10] The one who joins this school, and acts according to its teaching, will then also experience inhimself how and why only I am the Master and the School Myself.[11] However, in this school, one cannot be half in and half out, but before anything else he shouldstrive only for the Kingdom of God and for its justice, which is all inside of man and nowhere elsewith some splendor outside of man. And do not worry about the things and treasures of this world,while they have no value for the life of the soul of man, because they are quite as perishable as themost beautiful shining dewdrop that is blown away already by a breeze. For that which a truedisciple of My school needs for his timely livelihood, will moreover be given to him as a free gift.[12] Look at the birds in the sky, the animals in the forest and those in the water. They do not sowand do not reap, and still they are all provided with everything they need. And if God takes care ofthe animals, then He certainly will take care even much more of men who believe in Him and loveHim above all.[13] So you also – to give you an example – can look at the grass and the many flowers in the field.Truly, they are more beautifully decorated and dressed than king Salomon has ever been inhis greatest splendor.[14] And if God – who is the only true Father of all men – takes care in this manner for the plants inthe field, that are still there today, but the following day are mowed, dried and are then partlyburned in the ovens and partly fed to the domestic animals, then He all the more will take care ofHis children, so that they do not have to walk naked on the Earth. Because someone, who is a realdisciple of My school, will certainly be better than all the grass and all other plants on the wholeEarth.[15] Therefore, a true disciple of My school should not worry about the next day, about what he willeat and drink, and with what he will clothe his body. Because that is what the heathens do, who areno disciples of My school. My true disciples will surely be taken care of, for what they need most ofall.” (THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN Book 22, 23)CROSS and CROWNMeditation for LentINTRODUCTION“The week approaches again when it is more earnestly thought about Me in Christendom, naturallyin a different way, and not as I would like it and as I have appointed it during My earth walk. Only,let us leave it alone! It will still happen, even more so since already, for some time, the necessaryprovisions, in regard to the spiritual, have been met and, finally allows light to shine where untilnow darkness ruled.Also you, My children, remember - with the approaching of these days of remembrance - the wordswhich I have given in the earlier years. And thus some long for new words, while he yet shouldawait, in himself, a better result and should enter into himself in order to see in how far he hasfollowed his task according to the earlier words. – Since I, however, am the Father of Love andknow very well with what weak children I have to deal with, thus I will let you write down your“General Confession” instead of you telling it to Me. For thus, perhaps, some would leave out hismain faults while I am not inclined to overlook even one in silence. 17
  18. 18. See, the coming week reminds you of two things: firstly, of the example of My humility, meeknessand an all-embracing, all forgiving love; secondly, of the great sacrifice which I, as God in humanform, brought to you, in order not to let you sink down to animals of lust, but to save your spiritualworth, so that you, corresponding to My likeness, could be that for which I have created you! Whatconcerns the first, the first question to be answered is: how and in how far have you followed myexample, how have you maintained your love of neighbor towards your fellow men, how have youpracticed your meekness, forgiveness and love.Now, everyone should grasp his breast, examine himself, and if he finds his main weaknesses, thenhe should improve them! For if I should re-count to you your weaknesses, then you could be certainthat it would look very badly. Not one, without exception, is what he should be, or what I coulddemand, after the gift of so much light which you have received from Me until now. For everywhereI see IMPATIENCE, FALSE CONVERSION ZEAL, UNNECESSARY TALKATIVENESS and GLADUNCOVERING OF OTHER’S FAULTS. Truly, these are not the attributes of My disciples.Precisely during the next week there stands the image of the greatest self-denial, the greatestpatience and the greatest love for you, and how little have you lived and acted according to thisimage!? While I once said: “Whoever is of a pure conscience, let him pick up the first stone!” – youhave often, with a soiled conscience, exposed other erring ones to a whole rainstorm of stones andhave unmercifully dragged him through filth when he should have been raised out of it with atender hand! – I spoke on the cross: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” - Whenhave you lead such a conversation? See, examine only in your heart, and you will tremble withhorror how many black spots show themselves in it, how many soiled pages you own in the diary ofyour life!From everything that you have perceived from Me until now, it shines forth quite clearly how youshould think, live and act and it is not always necessary to continually repeat the old with newwords. You should have already grasped that the READING AND HEARING OF MY WORD ALONE ISINSUFFICIENT IN ORDER TO APPEAR AS THE FOLLOWERS OF MY PERSON. You should know thatNOT OCCASIONAL DEVOTION OR THE RAISING UP OF FEELINGS IS ALREADY SUFFICIENT INORDER TO BE MY CHILD, BUT THAT A CONTINUAL LOOKING UP TO ME IS NECESSARY, ACONSTANT REMEMBRANCE THAT EVERY BEAT OF THE PULSE OF YOUR HEART IS A GRACEFROM ME, OF WHICH YOU OFTEN SHOW YOURSELVES UNWORTHY; that all that is good whichcomes across your path COMES FROM ME AND ALL THAT IS BAD WHICH STRIKES YOU, HASMOSTLY YOUR OWN FAULT FOR A CAUSE. You should also have come to the insight that to be aman according to My sense, is not so easy and precisely because of that, all trouble, all strengthmust be employed in order to come, even from afar, to the achievement of which your life is mostlytoo short, so that you must make up, under great difficulties in the beyond, that which you haveneglected.YOUR SOUL SHOULD PLACE ALL THIS AS A PICTURE BEFORE ITSELF, SO AS TO ASK ITSELF: AM IAS I WOULD LIKE TO APPEAR TO MY JESUS, MY CREATOR, EVEN NOW, IN THIS APPROACHINGWEEK? AND IS MY OWN BEHAVIOUR WORTHY THAT THIS JESUS, THIS GOD OF LOVE, HASBROUGHT SUCH A GREAT SACRIFICE FOR MY SAKE?Yes, such thoughts should especially occupy you in these days, since in many churches My corpsewill be placed in a tomb with all kinds of ceremonies, until I, tired of waiting, hold My secondresurrection to the horror of many, in order to show that not I, as they believe, must serve them, butthat they must serve Me!DO NOT PLACE ME, MY CHILDREN, INTO THE TOMB! DO NOT DECORATE MY WORDS - WHICHREPRESENT ME - WITH PRETTY BINDINGS AND THEN LET THEM QUIETLY STAND IN LIBRARYSHELVES! BUT LET THE CHRIST BE RESURRECTED IN YOU! HE WAS LAID IN YOUR HEART, SO 18
  19. 19. THAT HE MAY BECOME ALIVE, SO THAT ALSO IN YOU MAY SHINE HIS LOVE, HIS HUMILITY ANDHIS WILLINGNESS TO SACRIFICE! As long as you do not comply with these attributes, so long youhave only a dead corpse in your hearts and not a warm, living Word which once created the world,maintains it and spiritualizes it, and now soon again all spaces will be lit up in order to show that inspite of all the machinations only My teachings and deeds will live eternally and will build theshining point for all spiritual beings which, having gone forth from the Creator, return to Him again.Grasp next week in that way! YOU ALL WANT TO BECOME MY CHILDREN AND TO BE CALLEDSUCH BY ME! THEN SHOW YOURSELVES WORTHY OF THIS NAME AND WITH-IT-CONNECTEDBLESSING AND HAPPINESS AND THEN THE CHRIST, LAID IN THE TOMB, WILL ARISE IN HIS MOSTBEAUTIFUL LIGHT IN YOUR HEARTS.HE WILL CELEBRATE HIS AND YOUR BIRTHDAY, IN THAT HE, IN YOU, THROUGH THE ACTIVELOVE TOWARDS THE NEIGHBOR, STRENGTHENS THE LOVE OF GOD. AND AFTERWARDS AS HE ISARISEN AND YOU ARE RE-BORN, YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO RECOGNISE THE WHOLE SPHERE OFHIS LOVE AND HIS MIGHT.Thus you should stand before Me every year more purified and spiritually higher and with theresolve to continually improve, go forward until everyone’s way of life leads to Me in the beyond,where, certainly, THE STRUGGLES AND SUFFERINGS DO NOT CEASE, but you – according to theachieved level – will be provided with more strength and might and will be able to run through thisgreater spiritual school to My satisfaction.Therefore, My children, w a t c h and p r a y - so that you do not fall into temptation!Just as I once called out to My disciples on the Mount of Olives, I say to you again: WATCH THEMOST SECRET DRIVES WHEN THEY SNEAK AROUND YOU, SO THAT YOU DO NOT FALL! For likePeter regretted his denial, thus will repentance also follow the deed. SEEK MOREOVER, THROUGHGOOD WILL AND GOOD DEEDS, TO MAKE FIRM YOUR SATISFACTION AND REST SO THAT YOUBECOME STRENGTHENED AND NOT ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BEND, LIKE A REED, WITH EVERYSLIGHT BREEZE OF PASSION! CONSIDER MY LIFE ON EARTH!HOW OFTEN I FELT THE BLOWING OF THE HUMAN NATURE AND HAVE RESISTED IT! JUST AS ITHERE, AS A HUMAN BEING, YOU TOO CAN, AS SUCH, BE SPIRITUALLY VICTORIOUS. FOR, FORTHAT HAVE I COME, TO SHOW YOU, THROUGH WORD AND DEED, WHAT A HUMAN BEING ISCAPABLE OF, WHEN SOMETHING HIGHER INSPIRES HIM THAN THE USUAL DRIVE FOR SURVIVALAND OF EMOTION.I followed My aim with love, earnestness and patience until the end, where the words: “It isfinished!” Have completed the human life’s course and I left it to you to begin yours.Now, that these days of remembrance step up to your soul again, remember well what I once didand why I did it. Thus you will easily recognize, what task is yours, and which should have alreadylong ago, been entombed in your hearts in flaming letters!I AROSE AGAIN AFTER THE DEATH OF MY BODY – YOU, TOO, ARISE AFTER YOU HAVE CARRIEDYOUR PASSIONS - THAT IS, THE SENSUAL WORLD - TO THE TOMB!ARISE, YOU EARTHLY PEOPLE, TO BECOME SPIRITUAL CHILDREN OF AN ETERNAL FATHER ANDCITIZENS OF A SPIRITUAL KINGDOM. BE, ALL OF YOU, DETERMINED TO CELEBRATE, IN ME ANDWITH ME, A GREAT FEAST OF RESURRECTION AND RE-BIRTH, SO THAT ONE DAY YOU, LIKE I,WITH THE CROWN OF VICTORY ON THE HEAD, ARE ABLE TO CRY OUT: “IT IS FINISHED! –COMPLETED THE GREAT, DIFFICULT DAY’S WORK OF MY TRUE BECOMING MAN(INCARNATION)! I HAVE FOUGHT, SUFFERED AND ENDURED, BUT THE VICTORY IS ACHIEVED! IHAVE OVERCOME THE EARTHLY NATURE AND STAND, SPIRITUALISED, BEFORE MY CREATOR,BEFORE MY CHRIST WHO, WITH HIS IMMEASURABLE LOVE, WENT BEFORE ME WITH THE 19
  20. 20. HIGHEST EXAMPLE IN ORDER TO LEAD ME THERE WHERE DARKNESS AND COLD HAVE CEASED;WHERE ONLY LIGHT AND WARMTH, LOVE AND BLISS REWARDS THOSE WHO HAVE RESISTEDTHE WORLD, HAVE FINISHED THEIR TASK AND CAN CELEBRATE THE RESURRECTION FEAST INTHE FULLEST MEASURE!”Take this from Me for the coming remembrance feasts which you should betake to, NOTEXTERIORLY, BUT ALL THE MORE INTERIORLY, so that the Word becomes true: “Whoever wantsto love and worship Me, he must worship Me in spirit and in truth!”. Amen.”Without God man cant do anything for his eternal life"[2] Said the captain: [...] But this is of course no little thing, and the fulfillment of Your teaching willinvolve many difficulties, but once something truly serious is desired – which is typical for usRomans – then also that which is most difficult can be accomplished. As far as I am concerned, I willnot lack a serious will. But now, what is also important is that You also, Lord and Master, will help aloyal and seriously willing follower and executer of Your teaching with the almightiness of YourSpirit if we now and then – because we are only human beings – can still become weak and tired. Itis true that man can accomplish many and great things by wanting something very seriously, butstill not everything. However, with Your help, one can always be sure of the result.”[3] I said: “What you desire is already since eternity the concern of the One who lives in Me, forwithout Me you can never really do anything deserving for the eternal life of your soul. Butstill, everyone should do first out of his free will as much as he can, and then I will very surely andreliably do all the rest.[4] But first you yourself should turn away your eyes from the enticements and charms of theworld, as well as all your other fleshly senses, and you should control your worldly lusts. If you willnot do that, I will not – as far as your bodily senses are concerned – make you blind, deaf and mutebecause of that, and you will continually have to battle against them. But once you will havemastered your fleshly senses for half, I will very soon after that give you the complete mastery. Youcan be absolutely sure about that.[5] But if a person intents now and then to do something serious and will say: ‘Lord, from now on Iwill persevere steadfastly with my plan’, but then, going outside, there are again such temptingthings in the world that come to him, so that he cannot turn his senses away from them and hebecomes – although not bad – again weak, yes, such a person cannot progress, remains on the samespot and comes by that not even for one fourth to the mastery over the lusts of his senses.[6] In that case, in which his love is wandering to and fro between the charms of the world and Me,and comes not even for half on My side, yes, then I cannot yet support this person – who is like aweather vane – and give him full steadfastness. For since man has a free will, which has been givento him for the sake of his life, he himself should first make a good start. The full completion is thenMy concern. If you have understood this in the right way, then act accordingly, then My help will notstay away.”(THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN Book 19 chap. 99. Help from the Lord on the way to completion) *"[3] I said: “Your opinion is completely true and correct. Without Me, no one can achieveanything for the salvation of his soul. And even if he has kept the laws that were revealed to him, 20
  21. 21. as if out of his own willpower, then he still should acknowledge in himself that he has been alazy and slow servant, and give the honor only to God for all the good deeds he has done,then God will always support him and make him strong.[4] He who will always give the honor to God for all the good things he has done, is pleasing to Himand is a real helper and servant after His heart. God will not leave the one who will not leave God inhis heart, but will protect him with His hand. However, the one who will leave God in his heart andwho will pay little or no attention at all to Him, who thinks to be his own lord and act according tohis worldly reason, and who will let himself be honored, speaking about his cleverness and nobledeeds when he succeeded something, rewards himself and will not have to expect any reward fromGod. For all the good and true things that you do, do them in My name, and I will be with youand will support you and make you strong.”(27. The practise of neighborly love - THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN Book 22) *“[1] (John, the Apostle) – Genuine, true faith in a person who begins to believe resembles youngwine which is put into a wine skin. It soon begins to ferment, if it is the genuine grape juice.Through this fermentation it rids itself of all particles that are not completely wine. Once it has riditself of all the foreign particles, it will be a pure and strong wine that, so to speak itself life,animates whenever it is enjoyed. However, if you fill the skins with a different fluid, there will beeither no fermentation or, at the most, a smelly decomposition that will affect and destroy also theskin.[2] Man’s heart however, is like the wine skin; it keeps growing stronger and more alive throughthe truth, but is forced through falsehood and deceit to finally pass into complete death, since it isalso the center of life.[3] If in your heart you believe that there is a God, you will love Him because in the heart everythingis permeated by love. And if you love God, Gods highest power has entered into your heart and,thus, into your life.[4] Yet God’s power is not somehow limited but pervades the whole everlasting infinity. If in unisonwith this divine power you are stimulated within your lifes ground, the divine power within you isstimulated simultaneously and whatever this wills will happen without fail.[5] To be sure, outwardly I am a man just like you; but in my heart I no longer stand alone, forthrough my great love for God, His power now dwells within my heart and has become at one withmy love. This is why I, aided by the power of God, could see and perceive all that had happened toyou and your company on your travels. This is all there is to it.[6] Firstly, you must recognize God. For this purpose you possess an orderly intellect. But theintellect alone is not enough. What you understand you must promptly admit into your heartor into your life, thereby quickening it, and you will then surely be on the right road. (THEGREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN Book 12, chap. 73) 21
  22. 22. True faith. Superstition or false faith.“[2] You must not completely reject faith, for without it you would find it far more difficult to reachthe goal.[3] But there are, of course, two kinds of faith. The true faith, full of light, is held by one who trustsin a truthful and widely experienced man without harboring any doubts and accepts what he saysas a full truth, even when he does not immediately grasp it in its full depth and clarity.[4] For behold, whoever wants to study higher mathematics must in the beginning of his studiesaccept everything. Only after he comprehends the true value of the numbers and units does hegradually come to understand clearly one proof after another. And look, the same applies here.[5] If a very truthful man tells you something he has personally experienced, you may at first onlybelieve what you have heard, but then promptly become active according to such a belief in themanner shown, and you will then through your own activity and experience gain the light that youwould never have seen as a result of an ever so logical verbal discussion.[6] Somebody could go to the trouble of patiently describing to you the city of Rome in great detail,but you would never be able to form a true and clear picture in your mind of that great metropolis.However, you fully believed what the story teller told you and were filled with a mighty longing tosee Rome personally and looked diligently and eagerly for a chance to visit it. Soon you had yourchance and came to Rome. And now you marveled at the city and found it exactly as it had beendescribed to you, — but how different the real Rome looked from the city you had pictured in yourimagination![7] Was the fact that you had believed in the true description of Rome of advantage or disadvantageto you when later you really beheld Rome? Obviously, only of a tremendous advantage. For onething, you would never have entertained the idea of visiting Rome save for the description givenyou beforehand. Then, supposing you had entered the great city without knowing anything about it,you would have walked around like one blind, would hardly have dared to ask anyone about this orthat, but would of sheer fear and boredom have tried to leave this metropolis as soon as possible.However, had you not believed at all in the faithful description, well, it would anyway have been asgood as none, and half a belief is not much better than none at all, for it does not prompt anyone toa true and lively action.[8] Thus you see that one must, at least in the beginning, not be without faith when listening to anew precept. To be sure, man can examine the precepts and what gives rise to them, but he mustfirst accept them as truths of high value on the strength of the authority and truthfulness of theteacher, even without at once comprehending them in their depth; for the comprehension occursonly when the condition imposed by the precept itself has been fulfilled. Only if this does notoccur could he say with a shrug of his shoulders: Either the precept was a fabrication, or theconditions imposed have not yet been completely fulfilled by me. Then it is high time to discuss thematter thoroughly with the master and to find out whether the faithful observation of the principlesof the new teaching has also failed to produce a hoped-for result for everybody else.[9] However, if it did work for somebody else but not for you, the fault obviously would only bewith you. You would then without delay have to make up for many a failure and omission in orderto achieve what your fellowman did. But if no one had achieved anything by observing ever so 22
  23. 23. strictly the duties imposed by the new teaching, well, then it would be time to turn your back onsuch a false teaching.” (THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN Book 13, chap. 8) *“ [1] (The Lord) – “There is, unfortunately, beside the true, necessary faith also a gullibility, as aresult of which certain indolent, non-thinking men hold anything another tells them jokingly or,more often, out of sheer selfishness, to be the pure truth. Well, there is now a by far a greaternumber of people of this kind of faith on earth.[2] You really cannot do much with such gullible people, for they hardly care whether or not theyachieve anything through their faith. They merely believe, now and again marveling about itunconcernedly, and carry out what a teaching imposes on them, but without any inner benefit totheir life. It does not matter to them that they never achieve anything through it, except from timeto time boredom. They are too indolent and neither know or have any determination. Therefore,they can be likened to those ephemerides that only buzz about pro forma in the sunlight of the dayso that the swallows find it all the easier to catch and eat them.[3] Superstition and gullibility are alike anyway; the only difference being that superstition alwaysarises from gullibility and actually is a result of it.[4] The incalculably dire consequences of superstition are unfortunately only too visible andperceptible all over the earth; all the millions of pagan temples were built by superstition, andthis often under great and heavy sacrifices.”[5] But now the time has come that it should be destroyed, and thus there is a big work here; butstill there is a great lack of competent and brave workers. I therefore have a large field before Mewhich is to be prepared, and I am hiring workers. You all would be already very good people for thisbusiness, if you were familiar with the correct path with good insight; but it goes without sayingthat you yourselves must be fully indoctrinated in My new teaching for life beforehand. But oncethat has happened, then you would be very suitable for use thanks to your various experiences inlife. But that the reward here and particularly in the next life will be no small one, of that you can allbe most perfectly sure in advance. (THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN Book 13, chap. 9)True faith implies acting accordingly(other numerous similar teachings can be found in “The Interpretation of Scriptures” and “The Lord’sSermons” through Jakob Lorber)“[6] If you only believe, but do not bring faith to action, then faith itself is still dead and cannot givereal life to the soul, but by the action the faith becomes alive and therefore also the soul by his livingfaith. Therefore I say to you once more: do not believe only that what you hear from Me, but actaccording to it, willfully and zealously, then you will receive in yourselves true, eternal life.” (THEGREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN Book 20, chap. 31) 23
  24. 24. *[16] Truly, I say to you: without true faith no one can be blessed. And I told you what and whereinyou should believe. So act according to My words as I have acted according to these words of Mine.Then all will be able to do what I have done, and no one on Earth will be able to say anymore thatthe ways to reach bliss are inaccessible to him. (THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN Book 25 , chap. 90)Faith, trust and confidence(Secrets of life)4 October 1870"Since you have read yesterday these three words in a spiritistic book (Adelma, “Book ofContemplation”, Vienna 1857), which you cannot dismiss from your memory, upon your request Itoo will give you some words on these three important qualities that are very necessary,particularly for you, and also for your whole company. For also they are lacking in faith, even morein trust, and there is hardly any confidence. So listen:Faith, this beautiful and noble word which expresses that man, or his spiritual being, surrenderstotally to that which he has grasped as truth and, basing his future actions on it, derives his peacefrom, and founds his future happiness on, the same, how few have it and even if it occurs withindividual people, how minute its dose is!Faith, as I have only recently said in My words to your doubting friend, is the fundamental basis ofeverything. In the absence of faith, there is nothing that has to be spiritually substantiated. Faith,together with the infant’s first comprehension, is the first bond binding it to its mother and to theworld. What the mother trustingly lays into the heart of the child, that is, of its awakening spirit, itaccepts faithfully. It is convinced that its mother tells it only the truth; it has arrived at this firmconviction, achieved through spiritual and physical bonds, as the only one binding it to the motherand the surrounding world. The faith in these first imprinted truths is often so lasting and, if pureand sincere, so strong that even in his last days on earth, man does not forget the effect the firstimpressed precepts of his early years, coming from his mother, which he accepted, childlike, in theirentirety, preserving them as the first spiritual treasures in his heart.Many a person among you will often exclaim: “Oh glorious time of the first days of youth, when as adependent child I listened to the instructive tales of my mother and accepted everything as truth,and nothing but the truth, which at that tune she laid into my heart and which even now, despite allthe vicissitudes of life and all the negative experiences, cannot be blotted out from the heart!”Indeed, faith, this virtue of adhering with childlike faith is the first support which should lead maninto the temple of peace and serve him as prop against all doubts assailing him.When I now apply faith in the religious sense, how much more it should then be! The holy bannerwhich the inspired man swears never to forsake, as basis of all precepts and truths once given youby Me visibly, and now invisibly through spiritual influence!Many have sworn by this banner, defending it to their last breath and often sealing it with their ownblood. But how many others have left it without ever returning to it. And how many haveincidentally allowed their fine religious zeal to be perverted into fanaticism, which then led to theimmense number of abominations as witnessed by the annals of the priesthood to this very day. 24
  25. 25. Thus, faith can be likened to fire. Although fire is such a beneficial and useful element for the onewho uses it wisely, it is terrifying for the one who disregards and neglects its effect and to whom inthe end it can do the greatest damage instead of being useful to him.Everything I have created has two aspects, a good and a bad one. This applies also to faith. As totalsurrender to the divine will, what gentle warmth it spreads all over the human heart, and howburning, wildly blazing and intolerant it is if, used by the wrong hand, it presses a firebrand insteadof a small lamp as a road-sign into the hand of the man seeking peace!Therefore, My children, beware of extremes! Particularly in our time; use faith as healing balm andtake good care lest it become a consuming poison for you.So as to be on the safe side, believe only Me, listen only to My voice in your hearts, which does notdeceive, and do not let yourselves be deluded by clever, sell-seeking interpreters of My Word. Herethe word holds good:“Examine what you hear and read; adhere to the good and eliminate the bad.”If you will always faithfully observe this rule, the banner of faith will at all times be for you the mostsacred palladium (sanctuary) by which you will surely and safely find the road to your bliss and toMy heart.In order to consolidate your faith more and more you must also possess the second word in thehighest degree, that means you must have implicit trust in My words; for, strictly speaking, faithand trust are almost one and the same.Faith is the firm acceptance of truth and trust likewise signifies merely the innermost convictionthat what was said and faithfully accepted can be nothing else and leads to the desired goal onlythrough the firm trust that no matter what the action, what is believed has to be confirmed throughit.In order to metaphorically elucidate for you these two concepts, let us presume a man hascompletely lost his way in a forest. By chance he meets another man who has gone into the forest togather wood. The one lost asks the other about the right path to take. The wood gatherer gives himprecise instructions as to the direction to be followed. And the one lost believes the explanations ofthe wood gatherer and proceeds on the described path, firmly trusting that it will lead him out ofthe forest.Here you have the difference between faith and trust metaphorically presented. If you want toapply this picture to your own life, to the confession of My teaching and the practical application ofthe same, I must tell you that you believe many a thing spoken by Me, but lack the firm trust that itsapplication and the living according to it will be followed by the desired and predicted result.Hence it follows that although you seemingly believe in everything I say in My Gospels and in Mywords now being given to you, you still lack the unlimited trust in the infallibility of what has beensaid. You will then fare like the aforementioned lost one: Unless he absolutely believes the woodgatherer, is firmly convinced and trusts that the described path is the only true one, he will not findthe way out of the forest, for he will on the way, plagued by doubts, begin to waver.This is often the case with you. You believe, are convinced, at least for the moment, but as soon as itis a matter of carrying out what you believe, slight mists of doubts arise, here and there a “Why, or:“who knows if the success of my action will be as predicted!” etc. What is lacking is trust, andnothing however zealously believed helps, or, in other words: The words without action are anempty sound.Thus the right faith must be coupled with the right trust. The former is the tree that is to be planted;the second is the blossom to be cultivated, and the third, the firm confidence that is to be harvested 25
  26. 26. as fruit. Where these three qualities are united together in a heart, My Word is valid which I oncespoke to My disciples, where it says: “If you believe and will it unwaveringly, you will even movemountains!” – which means as much as:If you have the faith in the power of the word, uttered with the firm trust in its truth, also the firmconfidence is present that the desired result will follow!But where is this trio of divine attributes united in any of you? Everywhere there is shallow faith,little trust and no confidence at all. A hundred times I repeat it to you: “Act and live in accordancewith My words, and you will see miracles!”Faith’s most beautiful attributes, crowned by unshakeable trust, will enhance your heavenlyconfidence that also you, like Me, can rule the elements and perform deeds contrary to all ordinarylaws of nature which to others must appear as miracles because they do not know that your will,coupled with Mine, is the foremost law to which all other laws are subservient.I know quite well that at every attempt, numerous doubts will arise in you. For such invasions intothe essence of My natural laws can only be attempted by one who has become reborn and whoinvokes only My help for such actions, provided they are necessary for the benefit of mankind, andnot as a joke or out of ambition or vanity, when his action would result in failure.I only tell you that it is possible and has been achieved already by My disciples and by otherinspired men, although it cannot be easily attained unless these three qualities – faith, trust andconfidence – are present in the highest degree in a human being.A firm confidence in the success is the fruit of faith and trust; do strive after that.First strengthen your faith lest it wavers like a reed, but stands fast like a wall. Then build on thisfoundation wail the unshakeable edifice of trust, and the completion of the whole will then lend youconfidence. In this house, built on such ground, you can weather all storms from within and withoutand proceed unimpeded on your path to perfection.This, My children, is meant by these three words!Also you, My dear scribe, are greatly lacking in these three virtues; and if also these virtues shouldbe expressed in numbers, as are the love of God, the love of the fellowman and the love of self(significance of the number 666, as the just number of the spiritual man: 600 = love for God, 60 = lovefor fellowman, 6 = love for self – with the devil in the reverse order), the numerical result for youwould be very low and not in your favor. For you have little faith, still less trust and almost noconfidence that My words which I gave you will be fulfilled, although day in and day out I keeptelling you: Let people talk, stay with Me, for with Me there is trust and no falsehood!However, I know your heart and the reasons that urge you to doubt. It is the tests which I amsending you; you will pass them and then your capital of faith, trust and confidence will surelyincrease so that you will be able to enrich the rest of your company with these gifts and will thenbecome the first, instead of the last, as now. Ponder these few words; much is contained in them, asin everything issuing from My mouth." (Secrets of life, chap. 12) 26
  27. 27. The extraordinary importance of Lord’s teaching for our spiritualdevelopment20 January 1871“All of you, however, must not think that I chose him as My scribe on account of his special moralqualities, considering him better than you. By no means. I chose him because his circumstancesleave him more time to adapt his knowledge to Me for the reception of sublime explanationsanother could not grasp so readily. However, as for his moral worth and his trust in Me, he is notany better than many of you. For this reason you must not think that I am with him whenever heenters your gathering; there you would accord him a veneration far exceeding his due. Thesituation is that of a Father who writes to His children, but he is only the pen or the agent, nothingmore. When you receive a kind letter, what do you long for when reading it? Certainly not for thepen with which the letter was written, but for the author himself.Thus he too is a man like all of you, with his weaknesses and shortcomings, his desires and worries.He too baffles daily to be rid of all this and often begs Me to release him from the vale of tears,thereby showing, like all of you, that he has very little trust in Me and ought to have far more. Fromall this you see that the main shortcoming with you and the main obstacle with your progress iseverywhere the weakness in trust.None of you have as yet understood why I uncover and explain to you all the depths of Mycreation, all the innermost aspects of My divine self. Behold, My dear ones, the reason for allthis is, to instill into you the very thing lacking in all of you, meaning, the trust in Me. Forwhen together with Me you traverse the immeasurable spaces of My infinity, when I open upto you My spiritual heavens, giving you an inkling of what is there being kept and preparedfor you; when I reveal to you My own self, which is nothing but love and in return wants onlylove; when I prove to you down to the smallest atoms that I, the Creator and Father, sustaineverything with the same love, I only want to prove to you that a Being possessed of thismight and strength, as which I am showing Myself to you, should surely be worthy of trustand that, compared to My omniscience and omnipotence, all your activity and behavior mustbe considered as below the level of Zero.Ponder these few words; they are very important, like everything flowing from My mouth. Enterdeeply into the meaning of that which all of you were given, and you will not only find consolationand peace but, and this is the main thing, you will more and more realize your own standpoint andthen, consolidating what is unstable, be able to draw closer to Me.Not a word I send you through My servant was, and still is, without its own purpose. Also thesethree words I was just now bringing before the eyes of My scribe because right now it is beginningto be somewhat unstable in your company. There is no true spiritual life present. Many of you areagain living only for their businesses and pet interest, almost wholly forgetting Me and My teachingand only remembering it when by chance one or the other has made a speech to that effect.Be watchful and pray, lest you fall into temptation. Do not make fun of My grace! I do not, assome believe, bestow it on those who only concern themselves with Me and My teaching when theyhave nothing else to do. They should take care, for they may be struck by lightning out of a blue skyand be forced to realize that they had considered as a matter of secondary importance that whichreally should be their main concern.Whosoever knows nothing of My teaching and sins against it, is not so culpable. However, ifsomeone has read My teaching and, half believing, shows no true trust in its activation and noconfidence in the attainment of the actual purpose, I shall be forced to wake him up through a directjolt lest he drop off to the sleep of worldly things, thereby forgetting My spiritual school. Today I 27
  28. 28. still admonish; who, apart from Me, knows what I shall do tomorrow? The piece of ground on whichyou live and peacefully walk about enjoying your life, is hollow under your feet. This thin shellcovers terrible chasms and you with firm faith and trust look up to Me with great confidence andhope that I shall not let this thin shell give way, thereby letting all of you taste death unawares.Calmly you lie down above these chasms with the firm trust and confidence of again rising the nextday hale and strengthened while perhaps under your feet to you incomprehensible baffles of theelements are taking place. Why do you have such trust in this case and not in spiritual matters? Yousee, because you believe I shall not do it! And why shall I not do it? Because you put your trust in aloving Father, who will not without reason punish His children with destruction. What, then, is yourconfidence? It is that, what you hope for, namely, the constant granting of My grace to you, may notwaver.Now, since in this respect you put such firm faith, trust and confidence in Me, do allow also Me todemand of you, if not at this rate of divine forbearance, then with human indulgence, to have also inspiritual matters a firmer faith, greater trust and greater confidence; and to understand that all Ihave already bestowed on you happened only for your benefit and by no means for Myentertainment, but only in order to confer on you the honor of being able to become My children.You demand of Me unlimited grace, and I demand of you unlimited love. With the exchangeof these two conditions it is only you who gain, since I want to accord you a might that shallmake you lords of all that was created!Since I promise you such great graces, I am also allowed to wake up those on the road to Me, shouldthey fall asleep while walking, through gentle nudges as I am now doing to you. Then you willrealize that one must not walk My paths with one’s eyes closed, but with open eyes and ears so asnot to miss the right way and go astray.So again, let all of you consider what I am giving you here. Be watchful and pray, lest you fall intotemptation! Let this be your device towards a steady growth in firm faith, trust and confidence!Amen." (Secrets of life, chap. 12) *"Do not leave over any of My bread! Digest it spiritually! Make it your own, so that you - as livingevidence can prove through deeds, not only with words, that love, patience, meekness,forgiveness, perseverance, self-sacrifice and mercy are the foundation of your faith, the sevenbaskets into which you want to gather your good deeds, so that in your own basket of life you canhand them to Him Who has always showered upon you many favors and a great deal of light fromHis heavens!” (The Lords Sermons, 32) *“Every word coming from My mouth is light, truth and life in your heart. If you grasp My words inyour heart and act accordingly, you already obtain with the perceived word true life eternal.” (THEGREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN vol. 5, 218:9) *“Whoever is destined for life on earth, shall be awakened to life through My word.” (THE GREATGOSPEL OF JOHN vol. 9, 148:12) 28