365 Teachings from the New Revelation for Yesterday, Today and Forever  (part 1)
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365 Teachings from the New Revelation for Yesterday, Today and Forever (part 1)



Excerpts from the New Revelation of Jesus Christ received by Jakob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer - with images

Excerpts from the New Revelation of Jesus Christ received by Jakob Lorber and Gottfried Mayerhofer - with images



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    365 Teachings from the New Revelation for Yesterday, Today and Forever  (part 1) 365 Teachings from the New Revelation for Yesterday, Today and Forever (part 1) Presentation Transcript

    • 365 Teachingsfrom THE NEW REVELATION for Yesterday, Today and Forever A teaching like nothing that was ever written by a human hand... THE NEW REVELATIONA portrait of the Lord that any loving heart of JESUS CHRIST will recognize... given through Jakob Lorber & GottfriedA calling that will change your life forever... Mayerhofer (between 1840 and 1879)
    • THE NEWFew of our fellowmen REVELATIONknow that for more than a ofhundred and thirty years, JESUS CHRISTthere is on earth a vast throughensemble of spiritual Jakob Gottfried Lorber Mayerhoferwritings known as theNew Revelation, whoseauthors, the AustrianJakob Lorber and, later,the German, GottfriedMayerhofer, alike all theprophets of the scriptures,sustained that they were www.new-revelation.ro www.hisnewword.orgnothing but simplemessengers of God’s words. The two men explained very clearly that these writings were notconceived by them, but only the fruit of a mysterious dictation perceived by them as coming fromthe area of their hearts.The real author, the one who spoke the words that they put on paper (including those that youwill be reading here), declared himself to be, in all these texts, JESUS CHRIST Himself.The New Revelation is the greatest personal and direct testimony of a omnipotent, omniscientand most loving Father-Creator, Who never abandoned His creation, Who never left us on thisearth as orphans, Who is manifest in the existence of every atom, every cell of our body, everyfiber of our soul, every particle of our spirit, Who confesses us the ultimate love of the Father ableand willing not only to give His earthly life, but also His spiritual, eternal one, in order to have thelast of us saved…
    • "The reason why I am now giving out so much of the bread of heaven, as has never happened since the day I walked on earth, is that now indeed the time is approaching when the world reaches the culmination of its aberrations and deviation from My plan of creation.“ (Lord’s Sermons, 16)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "This you are given for your solace.I value you because I know your heart;it only needs the right guide who willbring it onto the right path. For the time being, I Myself will be thisGuide. And so, follow My advice andyou will certainly never regret it. All thisI, your most gracious Father, am tellingyou. Amen."(Secrets of life, chap. 10) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "For the pure word is a light and in itself the greatest sign of signs and the greatest miracle of all miracles.” (Great Gospel of John VIII 154:4) New Revelation Manuscripts - Lord’s Word through Jakob Lorber
    • “But know and understand, mandoes not so much live from the breadof this earth, but rather from everyword coming from the word of God!” (The Great Gospel of John IX, 134:12) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “In truth, I tell you, oneday also this earthand the entirevisible firmamentwill come to an end; but My THE NEWwords will REVELATIONremain forever, of JESUSand so will he CHRISTwho carriesthem alive through Jakob Lorber &in his heart.” Gottfried Mayerhofer(The GreatGospel ofJohn VI153:9) Manuscript Jakob Lorber
    • "For after Me the gate of heaven will alwaysremain open, and what we are now discussinghere will after more than a thousand years bepossible to be heard and written down, as ifall this were happening before the eyes ofthose living nearly two thousand years afterus on earth. And in whatever area man will inthe future have any doubt, he will be able toobtain clear advice from the heavens.For from now on everyone will have to betaught by God, and who is not taught by Godwill not enter into the kingdom of truth andlight.“ (The Great Gospel Of John III, 15:6)THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUSCHRIST throughJakob Lorber& GottfriedMayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer"I am giving it to you in order to set a new corner and boundary stone for the world. Many shall fall over this, for they do not follow the way of humility, utter self-denial, patience, gentleness and great love that is shown in it." (Himmelsgaben I p. 390)
    • “My beloved, act accordingly, only then it will become quite clear to you that this teaching, which you have now heard, does not come from the mouth of an ordinary man, but truly from the mouth of God, and that it contains the highest and purest truth and, thus, life itself.” (The Great Gospel of John VI, 99:2) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “He who reads this work and regards it as spiritual inspiration, but is not yet clear in his mind whether it comes from a lower or a higher spirit, is still extremely blind and the cover of his worldly intellect still mightily veils the vision of his heart.” (The Household of God – Introduction) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“One must be a living, active doer of the word in order to be released from the night ofeternal death - and not only a hearer, or ultimately even a critic, what is even worse, adespiser and then even a denier of My word.And I tell you this in addition: if anyone has a doubt and cannot fully believe thiscommunication, so that through it he becomes alive in his heart, he will do better not totouch it for, if he has touched upon it, he has also reinforced the inner judge towardsdeath.But if he has not touched upon it, his judgment will also be easier, and the way to thenegative pole more tolerable and, perhaps, after eternities, also reversible.But whoever reads it and considers it as a powerful signpost towards life, and doesaccordingly, truly, he already has the victory within himself, all of which is your father’ssole, holy love-will eternally. Amen.” (The Fly, final chapter 12:45, 12:60-61)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer"Therefore also, only those shall be given the light to awaken their mind and spirit from the heavens who are seeking it, and also love and esteem it as the highest there is in life." (The Great Gospel of John IX, 180:6)
    • "The day of My second coming will be as a lightning that goes from the east to the west, high in the clouded sky, and will illuminate everything that is under the sky. Before that will happen - as I have told you already several times - the Son of Man must still suffer many things and be rejected entirely by this generation, namely by the Jews and the Pharisees, and in later times by those who will be called the new Jews and Pharisees." (The Great Gospel of John, Book 21, 38:5)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Whoever is destined for life onearth, shall be awakened to life through My word.” (The Great Gospel of John IX, 148:12) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • Jakob Lorber: “You have been My Lord’s Scribe predecessor in this great time receiving of My coming to the people, His Inner Word and you will again be My predecessor when that great time will arise about which I have spoken. But the people will not recognize you then, despite that you will know THE NEW who you actually are, because REVELATION that last temptation in the of JESUS CHRIST flesh that you can expect will become the foundation for the building of the dawning kingdom of peace.The people at the time of your next life will care little about your word, but it will bewritten in their soul with burning letters so that they will nevertheless feel it when theywill be free of their body. That word of you will be My Word, and I will demand anaccount of everyone who heard it but despised it. “(The Great Gospel of John Book 25, 55:2)
    • Jakob Lorber: Lord’s Scribe receiving His Inner Word – THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST"Thus spoke the Lord to me and within me for everyone, and that is true, faithful andcertain:- You are the Lot of Sodom, but make sure that you do not suffocate in unchastely andthus participate in the heritage of the harlot, for you are unlike anyone before or afteryou. As a man you are entirely in the flesh and its lust, but as a spirit you are completelyfree, with open eyes and open ears. You soil your body with dirt, whilst streams of lightare poured upon your spirit. Your body feeds with the swine, whilst a thousand angelssurround your spirit. You have filled your earthly heart with mire and dirt, but I havemade My abode in the heart of your spirit. You talk with harlots, whilst I talk to you as abrother to his brother. You stink like a cesspool, and your spirit breathes the sweet odorsof the highest heavens. You are a horrible creature, but your eye shines more than thesuns. Therefore, cleanse your flesh and become one with Me, so that I may become Onewith you." (The Household of God I, 2:1)
    • "Understand thus My earthly life,and beams of light will envelop you,which you, following My example,can likewise use towards the highestbliss by doing only good, spreadingonly benefactions, by lifting up yourown Self and drawing nearer to Me.For, treading in My footsteps, youare doing the same thing I did andam always doing. In other words,retaining your human and spiritualdignity, you shall rise to that which Iwant to make you, namely, childrenof an eternal God and foreverloving Father." (Secrets of life, chap. 24) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • „Do tell My children and all others, no matter of what religion – whether Roman, Protestant, Jewish, Turkish, Brahmin or benighted heathen – in short, it goes for all: on earth there is only one church, and this is the love for Me in My Son. This love is the Holy Spirit within you, which reveals itself to you through My living Word. Thus I am in you; and your soul, whose heart is My dwelling place, is the sole Church on earth. In it alone there is eternal life, and it is the sole redeeming one! (...) Or do you think I am present within the walls or in the ceremony or in prayer or veneration? Oh, no, there you are veryTHE NEW much mistaken. There I am nowhere toREVELATION of be found, but only where there is love,JESUS CHRIST there I am also!”through Jakob Lorber & (The Household of God, vol. I, 4:9-12)Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Everyone should strive above all to gain the highest possibleknowledge of God. Whoever does not recognize God properly,can never fully believe in Him, let alone love Him above all and,consequently, can never fully receive God’s spirit.”(The Great Gospel of John VI, 227:18-19) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorb er er & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Seek ye therefore the kingdom of God and its righteousness in your heart before everything else, troubling yourselves little about anything else; because all these other things together with the wisdom of angels can be given you overnight.” (The Great Gospel of John vol. I, 162:8)
    • “For of a truth, believe Me: God in His heart steadily remains the Self-Same!As He was when no sun, moon or stars were shining yet for a long time upon thefirmament, just so is He still this moment and shall be into all eternity.He who seeks Him along the right path also shall find Him and be blessed into all eternityof eternities!’” (The Great Gospel Of John vol. 1, 127:16-17) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUSCHRIST through JakobLorber & GottfriedMayerhofer“The teaching itself mustjustify the truth. Whoever willhenceforth fail to liveaccording to the Word, will diein the judgement of the sameWord that was spoken to himand which he had not believedand trusted.For just as I, out of Myself, have received the power from the Father to give eternal life toeveryone who is capable (of receiving it) through his will, or take it from him, the samecan be done also by My Word. For My Word is invariably the almighty and everlastingexpression of My will.He who fully absorbs My Word and unfailingly acts and lives according to it, therebyabsorbs Me with all My love, wisdom, might and power and has thus become a true childof God from whom the Father in heaven will not withhold anything He has. “(The Great Gospel Of John vol. 1, 83:1-3)
    • “The one who learns it from Me and who comes with Me in the school of life, by believing in the One, only true God and by the love for Him, and through that, by the love for fellowman, and who will then live and act according to My teaching, is a good disciple of My school. It is the only real and true school of life for everyone who wants to join that school and who wants therein toTHE NEW persevere unshakably until the endREVELATION of his earthly life. Only in this schoolof JESUS CHRIST he will find the eternal life of thethrough Jakob Lorber & soul in the beyond, and death andGottfried Mayerhofer judgment of matter will leave him. The one who joins this school, and acts according to its teaching, will then also experience in himself how and why only I am the Master and the School Myself.“ (The Great Gospel Of John Book 22, 23:9-10)
    • THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer“You are completely right when you say that the Kingdom of God has come to you in Meand is now with and among you, but this is still not sufficient to attain to the eternal lifeof the soul and keep it completely, for although the Kingdom of God has come to you inMe, it has by that not yet penetrated in your inner self, which only can and will happenwhen you will have completely accepted My teaching in your will and thus also ineverything that you do, without considering the world. Once this will be the case, you willsay no more: ‘Christ, and with Him the Kingdom of God has come to us and He lives withus and is among us’, but you will say: ‘Now it is not I who lives, but Christ lives in me’.When this will be the case with you, then you will also completely understand that theKingdom of God does not come with outer pomp and splendor to and in men, but that itdevelops only inside of man and draws the soul into the eternal life of that Kingdom ofGod and will keep him permanently in it.” (The Great Gospel Of John Book 21, 40:9)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer “Many of the countless people on those stars know by their angels that a soul can only attain to the true childhood of God on this Earth, but only by means of a heavy and difficult life in the flesh.When they want, they will be allowed that their souls will also be begotten in the fleshon this Earth. Once they are here, they also have to accept that for a short time theyhave to go through it, because by that they will reach forever the triumph of the fullequality with God, and therefore they can also submit to a few things, since I also,voluntarily, out of love for My children have submitted to a lot of things, and also willhave to submit to something very big and bitter, for the salvation of My children.God’s Kingdom can only by obtained by force and great sacrifices.” (The Great Gospel Of John Book 18, chap. 64:2)
    • “However, God did not create human beings as so-called playing dolls for Himself, but as completely equal imagesof Him, which He has brought to life out of Himself, not as creatures of His almighty arbitrariness, but as true children of His eternal fatherly love. And He has giventhem a creative quality, which is completely equal to Him, in order to develop themselves completely freely out oftheir own power of life according to their own totally free will until they are completely equal to God. And look, for this reason, the development of men’s free will may not be slowed down by any godly force. “ (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 18, 34:8) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUSCHRISTthroughJakob Lorber& GottfriedMayerhofer“But whoever hears God’s Word and acts according to it, he has God’s Word living withinhim, and has become himself, in all his nature, a living Word of God, and is therefore in hisspirit from God. But if that is so, who can say that then the whole person has notproceeded from God? But if a man, through his being completely filled with the spirit ofGod, has become in his whole being the living Word of God, fully filled with the spirit ofGod, is he then not a God, seeing that what is perfectly divine must everywhere beregarded as God, and all the more in the case of man?” (The 3 Days Scene, 9:8)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer"The full shaping of his own life is put in every individuals own hands." (The Great Gospel Of John vol. 1, 93:8)
    • “Therefore, do give God the credit for everything andact always in His name, then you will have God’s love within you. And he who has the love of God has everything within him for eternities.” (The Great Gospel of John VIII, 19:4) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“If, however, you are a friend of the light, the day and the truth out of God, you will alsoact in accordance with divine truth and will surely long for your works to come to thelight and be revealed to everyone, for you know that your works, because they weredone in the light of truth out of God, are good and righteous and thus deserveappreciation and visible reward. Therefore, who is a friend of the light will not walk inthe night but by day, and he will recognise the light immediately, because he is from thelight, and this light is called - faith of the heart.” (The Great Gospel Of John vol. 1, 21:4-5)
    • “If I created outside of Me two more THE NEW REVELATIONGods, like for instance the Son and of JESUSthe Holy Spirit, so that the two would CHRISTbe individually different from Me,then they inevitably could claim allMy unlimited power, without whichno God could be imagined, no morethan one can imagine a second oreven third endless universe thatwould be divided in a certain way, through Jakoblimiting each other. However, if this Lorber &would be thinkable, then what about GottfriedGod’s sovereignty of which there can Mayerhoferonly be one? The one Kingdom of the one God can exist eternally because only He is the only King andLord of it, as it is written in the books of the prophets, who have prophesized out of themouth of God: ‘God will give His glory to no one else’ (Isaiah 42:8). FOR ONLY I, CHRIST,AM THE ONLY GOD. Human beings, angels, sovereignties and powers, yes, all things inHeaven and on all globes have always bowed before Me and will throughout eternity onlybow before Me and never for anybody else, just like the cosmic spaces of creation thatseem endless in your eyes are devoured by the one endless space of creation, andcompared to that, they appear like a total nothing. “ (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 18,74:5-6)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“”For whatever happens on earth, in the moon, the sun and all the stars is for the sole benefit of man, for the reason and purpose of al creation in infinite space lies in man alone. “ (The Great Gospel of John VIII, 140:5)
    • “It is worth the effort THE NEWto become a child of Him, who for one REVELATIONlook of love can give you solar regions of JESUS CHRISTand cosmic systems! ” through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer(Secrets of life, chap. 14)
    • THE NEWREVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer “Yet, this is why I clothed Myself with a body, so that I no longer appear to you as an incomprehensible and invisible God, but as a man with whom you can talk an associate as with your peers, and I have thereby not only made you My children in My true image, but also My friends and brothers.” (The Great Gospel of John X, 207:11)
    • “Once a man has reached this maturity and consistency, he has also become a master over all the forces emanating from God and, through these, spiritually and materially, also a lord over all creatures and is then in and for himself no longer destructible through any force and thus, has gained life eternal." (The Great Gospel of John, Book 13, 10:6)THE NEW throughREVELATION Jakob Lorber &of JESUS CHRIST Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer “No one will come to Me unless he is drawn to Me by the Father. You must all be taught by the Father, that is, by the eternal love in God, if you want to come to Me. You must all be as perfect as the Father in Heaven is perfect. Yet neither great knowledge, nor the greatest deal of experience will get you there, but only the active love for God and in the same measure for the neighbor. Therein lies the great secret of the rebirth of your spirit out of God and within God. But each one will first have to go with Me through the narrow gate of complete self- abnegation before he becomes like I am. Each one must cease to be something by himself so that he may become everything in Me.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 21, 71:4-5)
    • “Everything I have createdhas two aspects, a good anda bad one. This applies alsoto faith. As total surrender tothe divine will, what gentlewarmth it spreads all overthe human heart, and howburning, wildly blazing andintolerant it is if, used by thewrong hand, it presses afirebrand instead of a smalllamp as a road-sign into thehand of the man seekingpeace! Therefore, my children, So as to be on the safe side, BELIEVE ONLY ME, LISTEN BEWARE OF EXTREMES ONLY TO MY VOICE IN YOUR HEARTS, which does not particularly in our time! deceive, and do not let yourselves be deluded byUSE FAITH AS HEALING BALM clever, sell-seeking interpreters of My Word. and take good care lest it Here the word holds good: “Examine what you hear become a consuming and read; adhere to the good and eliminate the bad.” poison for you. (Secrets of life, chap. 12)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “If I arrange it so that even the smallest and most insignificant creation has a veryimportant purpose, and prescribe the fly a usefulness in all its seemingly insignificantfunctions, - how much more would I provide for man, who is not only My creation, buttruly a CHILD OF MY LOVE, or at least should become one, which means that he shouldrecognize that I am a Father to him, not simply a Creator, as I am to the stones and clumpsof earth.Yes, even a marginally devout childlike heart has to say that I give Fatherly care to thesilent grass in the field, - and such is true, yes, very true, for only the Father gives foodand drink to all things whatever food and drink they may require. But, if I give Fatherlycare to the dumb things in this manner, how much more Fatherly care will I give to thosebeings who came forth as CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, truly IN MY IMAGE?!(The Fly, 6:28-29) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • ‘I tell you: God is love and the Son is His wisdom. And God loved the worldso much that He gave His only-begotten son, that is, His wisdom, emanatingfrom Him from eternity, into this world that all who believe in Him may notdie but have eternal life. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer‘Look here. I have a head, a body and hands and feet. Thehead, the body, hands and feet are flesh, and this flesh is theSon of Man, for what is flesh comes from the flesh, but in thisSon of Man who is flesh there dwells Gods wisdom, and that isGods only-begotten Son.” (The Great Gospel Of John I, 21:1-3)
    • "I, love personified, have created you out of love, and so you, the created, must strive to emulate this Creator, who laid the spark of love into you, as much as it is within your power. This is the actual fundamental meaning of love, of the dignity of man, who, curbing his passions of anger, hatred or revenge, does, suffers and feels everything only out of love, only for others. Therefore, mans dignity consists only in the subjugation of anything ignoble, be it in thoughts, word or deed! The dignity of man, or the spiritual awareness: ‘I am not of this world, but of another, better and eternal world.’” (Secrets of life, chap. 26)THE NEWREVELATION ofJESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Without Me, no one can achieve anything for the salvation of his soul. And even if he haskept the laws that were revealed to him, as if out of his own willpower, then he still shouldacknowledge in himself that he has been a lazy and slow servant, and give the honor onlyto God for all the good deeds he has done, then God will always support him and makehim strong.He who will always give the honor to God for all the good things he has done, is pleasing toHim and is a real helper and servant after His heart. God will not leave the one who will notleave God in his heart, but will protect him with His hand. However, the one who will leaveGod in his heart and who will pay little or no attention at all to Him, who thinks to be hisown lord and act according to his worldly reason, and who will let himself be honored,speaking about his cleverness and noble deeds when he succeeded something, rewardshimself and will not have to expect any reward from God.For all the good and true things that you do, do them in My name, and I will be with youand will support you and make you strong.” (The Great Gospel Of John Book 22, 27:3-4)
    • THE NEW Says the Lord (to Judas) I: “WhateverREVELATION someone loves, that he also has theof JESUS CHRIST intellect to commend; you love moneythrough Jakob Lorber & excessively and hence well know how toGottfried Mayerhofer praise it. Hence I shall say no more about it to you, because what one loves, one also knows how to praise! But you nevertheless shall in the not too distant“I tell you, a proper trust in future learn about the curse ofGod is worth more than all money!“ (The Great Gospelthe treasures of the world, Of John I, 94:4)with which you can help yourflesh indeed for a short time,but not your soul! But if youhave ruined and thereforelost your soul, what can yougive later to ransom yoursoul?!” (The Great Gospel OfJohn I, 94:4)
    • “In general, the full, naked truth cannot now be given to man even by Me, but only veiledin parables and metaphors so that in his search he can unravel it from such metaphors.Only with you few do I speak without reservation, but those to whom you pass it on, shallalso not receive it completely naked, but somewhat veiled, so that they will have anopportunity to freely reflect and be freely active. And to prevent you yourselves frombecoming half-hearted, I am telling you also:There is much else I ought to tell you, but you cannot bear it as yet. However, once theSpirit of Truth will come over you and your children, it will lead you into all truth.And thus, you will for this earth be inall truth and will only then receive intoyour hands the key to countless truthsof the heavens. And through the evernewer and more profound unveiling ofsuch truths, you will have more andmore to do in eternity.” (The GreatGospel Of John III, 168:12) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer“Now look, My children!Human dignity is really nothing else but the constant acting, thinking and willing inaccordance with My laws of love!I, love personified, have created you out of love, and so you, the created, must strive toemulate this Creator, who laid the spark of love into you as much as it is within yourpower. This is the actual fundamental meaning of love, of the dignity of man, who,curbing his passions of anger, hatred or revenge, does, suffers and feels everything onlyout of love, only for others.“ (Secrets of life, chap. 24)
    • “Where men must have freedom of will and freedom of action so that they can becomehuman beings also in spirit, I Myself do not interfere — no matter how foolishly they mayact. All I do is allow them to reach, unperturbed, that which they have so eagerly strivenfor as if their lifes happiness depended on it.It does not make anydifference to Me whetherthe consequences aregood or bad. What theycreate they get. AlthoughI know what will happenafterwards, I can — and must— not intervene with Myomnipotence; for if I do that,man ceases to be a man. THE NEWHe is then nothing else but REVELATION ofan animated machine and JESUS CHRISTcan be of no value forever,either for himself or for Me.” through Jakob Lorber &(The Great Gospel Of John V, Gottfried Mayerhofer109:2)
    • THE NEWREVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“I said: “That for which you will ask the Father in My name, will also be given to you. Foronly the Father is good and has no pleasure in the suffering of people, but He also doesnot prevent that such things come over the people if they, out of sheer love for the world,forget the Father, do not have faith and direct themselves in that which must give themall kinds of misfortune.Walk continuously on the ways that I have truly shown to you now, then you only willhave little to suffer and your departure from this world will be easy.” (The Great Gospel Of John VIII, 16:10-11)
    • THE NEWREVELATION ofJESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer“Man’s heart however, is like the wine skin; it keeps growing stronger and more alivethrough the truth, but is forced through falsehood and deceit to finally pass intocomplete death, since it is also the center of life.If in your heart you believe that there is a God, you will love Him because in the hearteverything is permeated by love. And if you love God, Gods highest power has enteredinto your heart and, thus, into your life.Yet God’s power is not somehow limited, but pervades the whole everlasting infinity. Ifin unison with this divine power you are stimulated within your lifes ground, the divinepower within you is stimulated simultaneously and whatever this wills, will happenwithout fail.” (The Great Gospel Of John,Book 12, 73:2-4)
    • THE NEW “In the one who takes delight inREVELATION ofJESUS CHRIST Me and loves Me, I too take delight and love him. However,through Jakob Lorber & times will be coming whenGottfried Mayerhofer people will also seek Me, but not find Me as promptly and easily as you did. But whoever will in all earnest seek Me in his heart and in his actions in accordance with My word, will also find Me and be full of joy at having found Me. Once a person has found Me, he will not lose Me again. For a greater trial of his love and patience I shall now and then for certain moments hide My face from him, yet I shall not leave him.Good for those whom I shall try a great deal, for they will recognize from it that I lovethem very much. He who is tried much and stands the test, will hereafter in My Kingdombe set over many and great things, whereas he who is tried less because of his weakness,will be set over fewer and lesser things. “. (The Great Gospel of John VIII, 103:9-12)
    • “Love for God on the part of manis determined by the love for hisfellowman. The one who says thatfor one’s salvation it is onlynecessary to love God above all,but then closes his heart and doorfor his poor fellowman, is in greaterror because love for God iswithout love for fellowmaneternally not thinkable and alsonot possible. So love yourfellowman, because theyare just like you God’schildren, then by doingso you will also loveGod above all.”(The Great Gospelof John IV, 1:5) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEWREVELATION ofJESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer “Behold, love does everything! Whoever loves Me above all, renders Me the greatest sacrifice and most pleasing thanks, for at the same time, he sacrifices the whole world for Me. However, apart from the love for Me, there is another love, namely, the love for the neighbor. The true neighbors are those who are poor in spirit and poor in the sometimes necessary material possessions. Whatever someone does to them in My name, he does to Me.” (The Great Gospel of John III, 112:3-4)
    • “That is why true, unselfish lovefor fellowman is one with thelove for God, and God rewardshis love already in this worldand will once on the other sidein His eternal Kingdom reward iteven more with eternal life.Truly, not even one drink ofwater that you have given witha good heart to a thirsty personwill not remain unrewarded toyou.”(The Great Gospel of John, Book 21, 28:4) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Therefore, investigate first of all into themisery of your poor brothers and sisters;give them help and comfort. Then you willfind more in one brother whom you havehelped than by having travelled to all thestars and praised Me with the tongues ofthe Seraphim.Truly, I tell you, all angels, all heavens andall worlds with their wisdom cannot giveyou in eternity what you can attain by trulyhelping with all your might and with all youhave to help a brother who is in misery.Nothing is higher and closer to Me thanalone the true, active love.” (The GreatGospel Of John vol. 4, 1:11-12)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST “Feel the need of the poor through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer and relieve it according to your strength and wealth, comfort those who are sad, clothe those who are naked, give food to those who are hungry, and drink to those who are thirsty, help those who are sick where you can, free the prisoners and proclaim My gospel to the poor of spirit. This will exalt your feeling, your mind into the Heavens, and on this true path of life your soul will soon without difficulty become one withhis spirit from God and will bythat also share in His wisdom and might.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 19, 98:14)
    • “To be rich on this Earth and only use as much for yourself as one really needs for the maintenance of oneself, that is, to be sparse towards oneself, in order to be all the more generous towards the poor, this is the greatest divinity even in the flesh on this Earth! But the greater this genuine and only true divinity exists in a person, the more blessings and mercy constantly flow to him from the heavens! Whoever gives much with love and joy, to him will also be given much!” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 7,, 78 :11,13)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW through Jakob Lorber & REVELATION Gottfried of JESUS CHRIST Mayerhofer “If poor people come to you and grieve about their need, help them according to yourstrength and ability, because what you will do for the poor I will consider it as if you have done it for Me, and I will repay you already here and even more everlastingly later in My Kingdom.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 21, 71:4)
    • “The poor in this worldare truly My childreneverywhere. The richhowever are mostly thechildren of this world.In order that My childrenwould not indulge, I letthem also in this hard –but for them extremelybeneficial – school of lifeto suffer need. And intheir need they come tothe rich of the world.What these will do for Mychildren, I also will do for So the one who has the love of the children by his lovethem, and I will reward for the children, has also the love of the Father and hasthem already here acquired by that the eternal reward. Do you nowmanifold and in My understand what it means to love God above all?”Kingdom endlessly fold. (The Great Gospel of John, Book 24, 22:12-14) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "I tell you: let the fireof your love for yourfamily be likea light which is lit during the night;But let your love for the children of other poor parents be like a greatconflagration,through whicha large area is lit THE NEWup far and wide!“ REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST(The Great Gospel through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferOf John X, 225:4)
    • THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUSCHRISTthroughJakob Lorber &GottfriedMayerhofer“Do not look for any reward in this world for the little sacrifices that you are giving Me,for truly, then you would not be My children, but children of this world and Earth which isa bad footstool for My love and My earnest. However, perform all the things that you doout of true, inner love for Me, your Father, then I will surely know with what I have toprepare a true joy in return for My beloved children.Truly, truly, I say to you: no human eye has ever seen, no human ear has ever heard andno human sense organ has ever felt what I am preparing for My children who truly loveMe with a simple heart as their Father. " (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 18, 86:13-14)
    • “Man is not ennobled by the conventional adherence to social rules and state laws. Not at all! Man is ennobled by his own conscience, when he is aware of having done everything out of the most noble, most exalted motives, of having done everything out of love for his Creator and love for his fellow created beings.” (The Secrets of life, chap. 24)THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer"Therefore understand the resurrection of the body to mean the good works of true love for your neighbor! These shall be the flesh of the soul and thus rise with it to everlasting life as an unalloyed ethereal body on its judgment day in the spirit world, following thetrue trumpet call of this My teaching. If you have borne a body a hundred times on earth, in that next world you shall have but one body, and that the one described to you.” (The Great Gospel Of John V, 238:1)
    • “Therefore, I say to you once more that no human being has ever seen or heard and that the spirit of THE NEW REVELATION no human being of JESUS CHRIST has ever through Jakob Lorber & experienced what Gottfried God has prepared Mayerhofer for those who truly love Him.I still could tell and also show you many things but you cannot yet bear it now. However,when the Spirit of all truth and all life will come over you and you will be reborn into it, it will guide you into all depths of My light and will exalt you. Only then you will understand and perceive what great words I have spoken now to you, and through you, also to all human beings.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 18, 97:3-4)
    • "God is supremely good, supremelywise, supremely just and does notneed anyones advice and instructionwhen He wishes to do something.But I tell you: Also man in this earthis called to become as perfect as isthe Father in heaven.And I think that if God offers this toman in return for a small effort,namely, for the easy complyingwith My teaching, man shouldspare no pains to reach thissupreme goal."(The Great Gospel of John I, 39:5-8) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer „Truly, I tell you: Here one hour counts more than a thousand years do there. Inscribe these words deeply in your heart!" (The Great Gospel Of John VI, 13:10)
    • "Your body, as matter, is indeed a ‘nothing’;therefore, great immortalman shall not care for his temporal and material ‘nothing’, but for the spiritual ‘everything’.Then he will no longer be able to say that he is an absolute ‘nothing’ but, instead, in and with Me,an absolute ‘everything’." THE NEW(The Great Gospel of John REVELATION of VI, 247:8) JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Friends, humility in the human heart is one of the most necessaryvirtues by which one can come first to the inner life of light. Butthat virtue exists actually only from true love for God and for fellowman. It is the gentle patience of the heart, by which man surely recognizes his excellence but who is never exalting himself as a ruler over his weaker brothers, but surrounds them with all the more love and tries to raise them to their own recognized higher perfection through teaching, counseling and action. Therein consists the real and only true humility,but it never exists in despising oneself. THE NEWI Myself am humble and gentle of REVELATIONheart, and My patience goes of JESUS CHRISTbeyond all limits, but you have never experienced through Jakob Lorber &that I have despised Gottfried MayerhoferMyself before men.Whoever does not recognize him to be a work of God cannot truly respecthis fellowman or even God, but only for a totally wrong reason.”(The Great Gospel Of John, Book 17, 60:9-10)
    • “Happy the old man who, finally, aftergreat conflicts and manifolddisturbances, has at least secured forhimself so much that the garment of hissoul has approached the archetype of Myimage, even though not completely.Happy he if he, albeit late, has properlyrecognized his mission on this earth, hisGod and Lord and the other world.He will calmly await the moment ofdeparture when the garments will bechanged; he will leave the world withoutfear and regret, for, although late, he hasfound his creator, his father, who will upthere, in keeping with his still youthfulheart, surely invest him with a new,youthful garment.Then, constantly becoming more handsome and more spiritualized, he can, on the level ofperfection, keep drawing closer to me in order to become quite worthy of the name:‘of God’”. (Secrets of life, chap. 6)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Therefore, for every soul, only one thing is necessary: that he would search for My Kingdom of life in himself in the little chamber of the heart of the original life, and would also find it. All the rest, he will receive from Me as a free gift anyway.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 19, 9:14)
    • “For there is only life in the truth, andtherefore, to search for the truth is theonly blissful activity that warms the heartof man and will more and more awakenthe divine spirit that lives in him, while inlaziness, in the lie and the unwillingnessto search for the divine truth there is notonly physical death but it is especially thecause that the soul will more and more belost in material things. By that he will notonly cause an early physical death but hewill also make himself incapable toprogress in the life in the beyond andsearch for his only salvation there."(The Great Gospel of John, Book 25, 26:12)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “You see, your dear friend has imbibed the sweet poison of human wisdom from these books. Following these scientists step by step, he has often in his life found their arguments seemingly proven and has thus fallen victim to pseudo-knowledge. This, however, neither satisfies nor consoles, but condemns him to share with them the sad fate these scientists have allotted to man in creation. This is, to wait patiently until, after much misfortune and suffering of human life, finally also his hour comes which carries him off this vale of tears, turning him perhaps into a bit of water, or ether, or nitrogen (according to their idea). It is this horrible prospectTHE NEW REVELATION that depresses him, and since no one has as yetof JESUS CHRIST come (to him) to enlighten him, he is sick and tired through of his life and existence.Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferSo you see, My child, you are reading here what I, as your God, am speaking to you.You fail to understand this event. It has never occurred to you in your life that God, Whoclaims to exist, the Creator of all these immense worlds, should want to talk to you, anddespite your astonished shaking of the head, this is what I am doing. For I love you, Mycreated being, too much to want to see you lost, a victim of materialism and unbelief!”(Secrets of life, chap. 13)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Let all come to Me who are troubled and weighed down by darkness, and I shall restorethem. Those who want to come to Me, to them the door shall be opened and they willfind in Me the One for Whom they have long been searching in vain, despite all theirworldly wisdom. Where I am, there is also room for anyone who loves and seeks Me.”(The Great Gospel of John X, 88:6)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of " Do not shut off your heart to My fatherly JESUS CHRIST voice! Even when the last rays of hope are through Jakob Lorber & fading, do not lose heart! I am and remain Gottfried Mayerhofer always with those who want to stay with Me at all costs. Do not wait for My personal appearance like Thomas, but prepare yourselves to believe and trust firmly, so that My appearance will be only a confirmation of that which you have already believed and hoped for. Then you will be able to help Me, yourselves and your fellowmen as I once helped My disciples during My life among them. Do not allow doubts to attack your heart nor brooding to weaken your faith! My children shall not keep their hearts shut. With their gaze directed upward above all worldly things, they shall always remember My sacrifice, My love and fatherly care for them and all living creatures so that their heart, as a permanent temple of My love and with unshakable faith in My infallibility, may be a true support in all lifes difficulties and against all temptations through doubts and disbelief. .” (Lord’s Sermons 20)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Every word coming from My mouth is light, truth and life in your heart. If yougrasp My words in your heart and act accordingly, you already obtain with the perceived word true life eternal.” (The Great Gospel Of John V, 218:9)
    • “Only activity upon activity for the common good ofpeople brings you salvation. For all life is the fruit ofGod’s constant, never tiring activity and thereforecan only be maintained and preserved for eternitythrough proper activity whereas nothing but deathdoes and must result from inactivity.The heart of the soul, however, is called love, and itspulsating expresses itself in true and full love-activity.Thus constant love-activity is the never wearyingpulse beat of the soul’s heart. The more actively theheart of the soul pulsates, the more life is generatedin the soul and once thereby a sufficiently highdegree of life, this awakens therein the life of thedivine spirit. This - as the very life, because theuntiring supreme activity itself - then flows into thesoul that has become equal to it through loveactivity, and everlasting imperishable life has fullycommenced within the soul. And look, all this arisesfrom activity, but never from idle rest. THE NEW REVELATIONTherefore, shun rest and seek full activity, and of JESUS CHRISTeternal life will be your reward.” (The Great Gospel through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferOf John I, 221 – 6, 9-11)
    • "If someone then comes upon too great an obstacle, I shall give him a light and the power to safely conquer such a stumbling-block. But every man must above all do all that is within his power." (The Great Gospel Of John VI, 51:13)THE NEWREVELATION ofJESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRIST throughJakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer"With what kind of almightiness and wisdom can you fight against it if you want it to beeffective for eternity? I say to you and to you all: with nothing else except with the truththat I have taught you and with the power of extreme self-denial and the true and fullhumility of the heart.Strive only for that which you recognize as truth, and then act according to it and not outof appearance for some worldly reason like the temple servants and also many gentilesare doing. Then by that, you will have conquered in yourself the complete Hell and itsprince. All evil spirits that are present in all matter will not be able to harm you anymore.And even if an endless great number from the whole great Man of Creation would attackyou, then they nevertheless will have to flee away from you as loose chaff and as desertsand for the mighty storm.But if the treasures of the Earth are holding you captive, so that you in order to possessthem, would also deny the recognized truth, then you are already conquered in your soulby the power of Hell and its prince who carries the name of lie and darkness, judgment,destruction and death." (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 18, 60:9-11)
    • “Truly, truly I say unto you: those who believe in My teaching, that it has come out from God, they shall also be raised from the dead on the Youngest Day, under these circumstances everyone will find his just sentence. But those that love Me like you do, will never taste death! Just as quickly as the fastest thought, so also will they betransfigured out of this life of the body into the very brightest eternal life, and will take up residence with Me, their Father for eternity! However, carefully keep such a secret with you, until I have been resurrected!” (Correspondence between Abgarus and Jesus, chap. 3) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "Whoever will in all earnestseek Me in his heart and in hisactions in accordance with My word will also find Me and befull of joy at having found Me. Once a person has found Me, he will not lose Me again. For a greater trial of his love and patience I shall now andthen for certain moments hide My face from him, yet I shall not leave him."(The Great Gospel of John VII, 103:11-12) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "You will have grasped that the eternal space of creation is filled with nothing else that My Spirit which is pure love, thus life, light, wisdom, clearest self-awareness, a certain feeling,perception, vision, hearing, thinking, volition and action. Within Me is the main focal point of life of this one, forever immutable, Spirit, that is yet united with its outer-life ether which fills all infinity. In contrast to the souls outer life-sphere which, as a substance, cannot spread beyond the limits of a certain space because of the diversity of the foreign elements it encounters, the outer life-ether of the Spirit cannot ever come across foreign elements since it is basically all things itself. Thus, it can without hindrance forever see, feel, hear and understand all. And on this is based, easily comprehensible, the omniscience of God which you find so hard to grasp." (The Great Gospel Of John IV, 257:10-11) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Wherefore it is written: ‘God resides within the eternally inaccessible light!’, which is to say: ‘God’s omnipotence - God’s actual power, filling infinity, is forever inaccessible to the nature of every created being, if it wants to endure. For every conflict with God’s omnipotence is the death of the being. Because every being, having completely separated from God’s love, and taking it up with this might, must necessarily be completely swallowed up by such almight, being only with difficulty or not at all, capable of disentangling from it – somewhat like a mite buried under the rubble of the THE NEW REVELATION Himalayas!” (From Hell to of JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer Heaven I, 29:7)
    • “And, in addition, I tell you that,viewed in this light, as a collectionpoint of life, a single fly counts formore than our entire formerlydeveloped planet clump! And whenyou think about this, you will see howmuch higher above the outer matterlife itself is, even in its first spark, andyou will also see how much higherover all suns and all the planetsstands the life of a single person.And when you comprehend this, itwill not be hard for you to understandwhy I, as the Original Life of all life, asFather and Redeemer, came to earthand have made man into a child ofMine, and have prepared for him away to My heart. And, finally, you THE NEW REVELATIONwill comprehend why I said to you, of JESUS CHRIST“The fly, the fly, it sings to you ofvictory!” (The Fly, 8:37-38) through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Now, since the Spirit in My Person, as aneternal, independent identity must have as itsfundamental principle the main attribute “love”,it follows that I must also possess all the otherattributes belonging to love, which cannot existwithout love and without which love cannotexist. These attributes are: meekness, patience,perseverance (or faithfulness), humility and,since all created things are My products, as itwere My children, in them also fatherly love findsits loftiest expression. Now look, if the Creatorwants to create something, He must surely Thus, in order to call into existence theendow the created with something of His own universe with all its worlds and suns,self, so that it may resemble its Creator and with their plant, mineral and animalbecome worthy of Him! kingdoms, I had to endow each of these parts, thus all things of the universe, with a certain quantum of Myself, with a wish to gradually strive upward and an urge to again return to Me.” (Secrets of life, second part of chap. 16)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “When people fell a tree orpull out a plant, do theyknow whether the tree orplant feels something duringthis violent act? They do notknow! But their lack ofawareness is no proof thatthe tree or the plant doesnot physically feel pain and,spiritually, death. For whatyour senses momentarilyfail to perceive does notprove its non-existence.This emotional life is thus probably more or less present in everything created, in keepingwith its individuality (nature). Now it surely is natural to ask: If, according to certain laws,the feeling is there, who established these laws, who showed them their establishedlimits beyond which they cannot go?Where there are laws, there must also be a lawgiver, for elements and natural forces donot evolve spontaneously. Therefore, since the laws naturally imply a lawgiver,it goes without saying that with the wisest laws there must also be a most wise lawgiver who is the quintessence of all wisdom.” (Secrets of life, chap. 10)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“The fact that God does not let Himself found so easily as many people would like, hasthe following very wise reason: if people would find with little effort what they areseeking, then the thing they have sought for would soon have no more value for themand they would make little effort to seek and investigate further. They would becomelazy, and then the spiritual treasure that was found so easily and fast would be even lessuseful to them than when they had to seek that treasure continuously and anxiously,which they can find in this world only seldom completely and with much effort.Therefore, great revelations happen only rarely, so that people will have to make effortthemselves in the fear of their soul’s night in searching with all zeal the eternal truth, andthus Me.” (The Great Gospel Of John IX,19:8)
    • "Only those people who in their soul aretrying to become like Him or are alreadymore or less like Him, will be able to findGod. But to become equal to God means:to become full of love for your fellowmen,and to let your heart be full of humility,meekness, patience and mercy regardingeverybody. Then God will also have mercyon you, and in the spirit of His love andeternal truth He will let Himself be foundby you. If you only want to search God inand with the only truth , then you will findHim indeed, but you will not see His realbeing and even less understand it.However, if you are searching God in thepure love, humility, meekness, patienceand mercy, then you will find God,recognize Him and receive the eternal lifeof your soul.” (The Great Gospel Of John,Book 17, 19:3-5 ) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “It is true, there is much lovelesness in the humanheart as the seat of love, yet the heart is the seat oflove. But pure love in the heart on its own would bequite as incapable of producing fruits of life as theearth without the light of the sun. The heavenly sunis for the heart of man his natural intellect. Thisdescends in well-ordered, good thoughts, ideas andconcepts into the heart, or to the earth in man,enlightens it and quickens the germs toward goodand noble acts. Is the light of the intellect still weak,as is the light of the sun in winter, the heart stillbecomes more sensible and wiser; but because itstill abides too much in self-love, the noble germswithin it do not sprout, grow and bring living fruits ofaction to fruition. If a person through diligence andproper use of his talents and abilities becomesincreasingly more enlightened in his intellect, thislight will also awaken the vital warmth in the heartall the more mightily and the seeds for good deedswithin it will begin to sprout, grow and blossom; andsoon they will be bringing forth fully ripened noble THE NEW REVELATIONfruits of action for a rich harvest of life.” of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber (The Great Gospel Of John vol. 7, chap. 56:14) & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUS CHRIST throughJakob Lorber& GottfriedMayerhofer“Although your eye can see and your reason can recognize nothing else except judgment,persecution, robbery, murder, death, decay and perishability, it is not as you imaginethese things, but quite different.Firstly the laziness, which is an inevitable attachment of the matter of the body, is thegreatest enemy of the soul who must become more and more awake and active, for onlythrough that can she becomes completely similar to the Spirit of God in her, and thusbecome similar to God. And the hotter the countries are where people have built theirhouses, the more they are threatened by this first enemy of the soul.If in such countries there would not be all kinds of animals that are troublesome for man,and if he did not have to take care for the nourishment of his body, then he also wouldnot take care for the development of the powers of his soul. He soon would look like asea polyp or like the roots of a tree that have nothing else to do except to suck to themthe nutrients that are suitable to them, from the water, from the soil and from the airthrough its organic-mechanical system.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 23, 2:3-5)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer"Yet nature is everywherecalling out to you: ‘We are! butnot by chance, nor knit togetheraccording to your laws, but out ofand through a higher power, broughtinto form... We are! but not force and matter, as you believe in your blindness;we are spirit! - bound spirit, dissolved spirit,spirit creative in form and again destroyingits forms, so that in the end we shall emerge fromall the struggle transformed into spirit, to show youthat everywhere in nature everything is spirit, and thatyou merely lack the spirit to comprehend, refusing,despite revelation in visible and invisible nature tocome round to the admission:‘YES, WE REALIZE THAT WE KNOW NOTHING.’’’(Secrets of life, chap.13)
    • “And look, it is this love, which, as a divine sparkoriginating from Me, appeases the animaltowards its immediate environment, sending alight-beam of joy, of well-being into the littleanimal soul, so that it does not only follow theurge to feed and of self-preservation but knowsalso a higher spiritual pleasure, which does notbind to matter, but binds spirit to spirit.”(Secrets of life, chap. 24)THE NEWREVELATION ofJESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Most other animal souls are endowed with enough intelligence to approach you human beings and if you knew how much love and devotion often lies in an animal soul nestling against you, which would feel happy if a higher human spirit would concern himself with it, you would certainly be amazed at the qualities present in such an animal, which would shame many a man and force him into humbly abandoning his proud notion of being the ruler of all that was created.”THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST Through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer (Secrets of life, chap. 9))
    • “Look, a dog who knows his master very welland who is very fond of him is also aware thathe is near his master, runs to him and showsthrough all kinds of jumps, facial expressionsand affections that he loves his master andknows him well. But he does not run to aforeigner, and when someone comes near hismaster he is furiously attacked, and he followsno one else’s voice but only the voice of hismaster. But who tells the dog that suchperson is his master and no one else?Look, My dear friend supreme judicial cityofficer, it is not the flesh of the dog thatknows this, but the dog’s soul that is already THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTon a higher level of intelligence. But how? Through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferLook, man as well as animals possess an outer sphere that surrounds them, which isnecessary for life and which is very related to their soul. Many people who live very simplycan often notice from a distance of several hours of walking that a friend, whom they knewbefore and who was absent for a long time, comes to meet them, and they even candetermine the time on which that friend will come to them.Animals often possess an even sharper capability to detect and notice if something is hostileor friendly to them from an even greater distance. Dogs and cats possess that capability to avery high degree . “ (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 25, chap. 8:6-9)
    • The animal world, so trampled upon by you, often suffers far more than you. It oftensuffers not merely through laws of nature, which, for the sake of the animals’ progress,has also woven suffering and conflicts into their short lives, but it suffers mostlyinnocently through that which man inflicts upon it, and which far surpasses inheartlessness your slavery and other despotism which you are trying to abolisheverywhere! THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferWhenever an animals brood, its habitation is destroyed, watch its fear, its pain, itsrestless running about; watch it and be ashamed because you yourselves so oftenmercilessly commit such an act of cruelty, fancying to be "the lords of the worlds".If I allow such things, not punishing them as they deserve, it is because these sufferings,harsh and bitter as they are for the dumb creature, must nevertheless help in thestrengthening of its soul- and spirit-life. (Secrets of life, chap. 24)
    • “Of course, this You human beings should does not give you remember that I did not create thethe right to torment world as you have it now before the animal, BUT your eyes. By no means. In the YOU, BEING THE early times man lived in harmony STRONGER, SHALL with the animal world. The animal PROTECT THE did not see its enemy in man, nor WEAKER and not did man have to fear the animal. exploiting their But now that people have weakness, waste corrupted the trust to mistrust also your time with towards the animal, they have to senseless killing bear the consequences of such during hunts and conduct.with forced feeding, The once existing Paradise fattening up, etc., consisted in the unity of the entire for the enjoyment created world, as an everlasting of your palate prayer of thanks to Me. And it was tormenting an only man himself, who planted in it innocent being, the discord of self-seeking, hatred WHOSE LIFE, SINCE THE NEW REVELATION and vengefulness, so that he is no YOU DID NOT GIVE of JESUS CHRIST longer the lord of the world, but IT TO THE ANIMAL, through Jakob Lorber & the world has become his lord!” YOU HAVE NO Gottfried Mayerhofer RIGHT TO TAKE. (Secrets of life, chap. 24)
    • THE NEW REVELATION “Whosoever is capable of abstainingof JESUS CHRIST from eating meat, or eats it in moderation, protects himself in this manner from a multitude of spiritual specifica, or elements, whereas another through human being thoughtlessly fills his Jakob Lorber stomach with it. As far as the spirit is & Gottfried Mayerhofer concerned, through vegetarianism, he provides the soul with a healthy body, while another human being is prone more to ailments and maladies, wherein the cause presents a puzzle. When you are permeated with the beautiful spirit of compassion, and do not want to take the life of an animal, merely to turn its flesh into your own, you do well should you not wish to do that. Because everything a human being is convinced of as a spiritual being, he should never do the opposite, since it would have a harmful effect upon him.” (The Lord through Gottfried Mayerhofer, 12.9.1870)
    • “As for the excesses and cruelties of the human race against the animal this kept pacewith the decline of mans own spiritual dignity, bringing mankind spiritually andphysically to a stage that will also soon be approaching its end. Then the humanspiritual dignity will soon again occupy its proper position, which man will activelyexercise not only towards his fellowman but also towards everything inferior to him.Then the earth will again be peopled with spiritual human beings towards whom theanimals will be inclined in a less hostile manner, so that man will recognize the formerlost Paradise in the unity of all living beings as the great spiritual school of life.Everything is striving towards it. THE REGENERATING SPIRITUAL WIND COMES FROMALL DIRECTIONS. “(Secrets of life, chap. 24) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Imagine yourself a human soul in its originalunspoiled state as a true sun among all the variousenlivened creatures containing a soul, which all haveto submit to the human soul, since they take from itsouter life sphere, when this like the soul, is in perfectorder, their life light and spiritual life warmth tovegetate in their further rising soul life sphere, andthereby become gentle, tolerant and obedient. Sincethe souls of plants as well as animals have the to youof course still very unknown destination, ONCE TOBECOME HUMAN SOULS THEMSELVES.The plants and even more so the animals are nothingelse than suitable pre-vessels according to Mywisdom and insight for accumulation and successivedevelopment and for seizing each other of the - youmight say - general nature-soul-life-power in theimmeasurable space of creation, from which also THE NEW REVELATION ofyour souls originate, if originally on this or also on JESUS CHRISTanother earth world, does not matter. These animalsouls feel the emanation of a proper human soul and throughthe sphere formed by its outer-life-light and outer- Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhoferlife-warmth.” (The Great Gospel Of John IV, 16:1-2)
    • Oh, my dear children!“Yes, I tell you, there are still countless Do believe me! I amother and more insignificant things, and occupied day and nightstill I don’t let even the minutest caring even for the thing perish! And since I am, growth of every hairtherefore, not the all-consuming on your body, whichGod, but a Father preserving the will soon perishsmallest things, and also an together with yourexceedingly faithful economist body; then how muchfor my children, - how great must be more will I care for yourthe blindness of a man who wants to immortal souls and yourcontest My constant, all-encompassing eternal spirit out of me?!”Fatherly care for My children?! (The Fly, 6:31-32) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Imagine that in it there is not asingle little point that is withoutlife and without intelligence andthat even that which is in youreyes dead and which seems tobe completely without life, isnot dead and without life, butonly judged by God’s almightywill, just like you yourselves canobserve from a heavenly bodyor from its apparent lifelesselements.However, if all heavenly bodies If God, who is identical with the endless space andwith their most diverse its eternal time, is in Himself entirely the highestelements are nothing else and and most perfect Life, then how can that whichalso cannot be anything else wholly comes out of Him be dead, without life andexcept ideas and thoughts of without intelligence?” (The Great Gospel Of John,Himself that are fixed by God’s Book 18, 76 :15-17)almighty will, then how can theybe considered by men as dead THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTand without any intelligence? through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Behold, all matter of thisearth – from the hardest rock up to the ether high above you – is soul substance, however in a necessary and thus consolidated state. Its destination however is to return to an unbound, pure spiritual being, if it hasreached, by this isolation, the necessary life independence.But to reach this continuously increasing self-activity, thesoul freed from bound matter must go through all possiblelevels of life and must in each new level of life wrap itselfanew in a material body, from which the soul again attracts new life - and activity substances and makes it her own.” (The Great Gospel Of THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST John, Book 15, 4:3) through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Believe Me, every man possesses hidden within his spirit the countless wonders circling about and revolving in for youTHE NEW immeasurable spaces. Therefore,REVELATIONof JESUS aim first of all at your spirit’s fullCHRIST awakening, and what no eye has ever seen and no sense has everthrough Jakob felt, you will always, in greatestLorber &Gottfried clarity, see within yourselves andMayerhofer also genuinely perceive through all other senses. Those who truly recognize and love God in Me, the Son of Man, will already in this life enjoy a bliss of the glory of which until now, no man’s heart has ever perceived or felt anything. But merely on the way of science, no man will ever get there.” (The Great Gospel Of John III, 175:8-9)
    • “For there is only life in the truth,and therefore, to search for thetruth is the only blissful activity thatwarms the heart of man and willmore and more awaken the divinespirit that lives in him, while inlaziness, in the lie and theunwillingness to search for thedivine truth there is not onlyphysical death but it is especially thecause that the soul will more andmore be lost in material things.By that he will not only cause anearly physical death but he will alsomake himself incapable to progressin the life in the beyond and searchfor his only salvation there." (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 25, 26:12) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “The seed for the true knowledge of God and the living faith in Him is in the first place the love for fellowman, and in that, also the pure love for God. However, if someone is already so heartless that he cannot even lovingly help his poor fellowman whom he can see, then how will he, in the hard blindness of his soul, be able to love God whom he impossibly can and want to see and be aware of?“ (The Great Gospel of John, Book 22, 78:13-14)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Therefore, all of you should not be just idlehearers of My Word, but diligent doers, only thenwill you begin to notice its blessings within you.For life is action and not stagnation of the powerson which life depends. And so life must bepreserved even for eternity through the constantactivity of all its powers, for in the lying-down-to-rest there is no permanent life. THE NEWThe certain feeling of well-being you gain from REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTrest is nothing else but a partial death of thepowers needed for living. The person who then through Jakob Lorber &increasingly enjoys the inactive rest, especially of Gottfried Mayerhoferthe spiritual life-powers, thereby also slides evermore into the arms of actual death from which noGod will easily free him.Once idleness has made itself at home in a soulthere soon follows also depravity. For idleness isnothing else but a self-indulging love which all themore flees any activity for someone else’s sakebecause it basically wants only one thing, namely,that all others should work for its benefit.”(The Great Gospel Of John I, 220:7-9, 15)
    • “But if a person intents now and then to do THE NEW REVELATION something serious and will say: ‘Lord, from of JESUS CHRIST now on I will persevere steadfastly with mythrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer plan’, but then, going outside, there are again such tempting things in the world that come to him, so that he cannot turn his senses away from them and he becomes – although not bad – again weak, yes, such a person cannot progress, remains on the same spot and comes by that not even for one fourth to the mastery over the lusts of his senses. In that case, in which his love is wandering to and fro between the charms of the world and Me, and comes not even for half on My side, yes, then I cannot yet support this person – who is like a weather vane – and give him full steadfastness. For since man has a free will, which has been given to him for the sake of his life, he himself should first make a good start. The full completion is then My concern. If you have understood this in the right way, then act accordingly, then My help will not stay away.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 19 , 99:5-6)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“But the teachers must therefore not fancy themselves, that they asteachers and wise are standing higher with Me than the children of thisearth; for with Me it will always countand apply: Let these small ones come to Me and do not hold them back! Since who will not be like these little children, will not enter My kingdom; since it belongs to them and for the sake of them it is made. Who however is a wise man and therefore a teacher and at the same time is wholeheartedly totally humble and gentle, will one day also be there where I will be a true Father among My children from eternity to eternity!” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 15, chap. 48)
    • “When I say that the Kingdom of God can only be taken into possession as a child, then Ido indeed not mean the physical being of a child, but only being a child in your heart.A child has no pride, no anger, no hatred, no tendency for fornication, no lasting passionand also no impatience. He surely cries if something has been done to him, but he alsosoon lets himself be comforted and forgets the sadness that he had and embraces thebenefactor with all love. So should every person be in his heart and his mind, then theKingdom of God is already his possession. Now if you understand this now, you surelywill not have to ask how a person as a child should take the Kingdom of God intopossession?” (The Great Gospel Of John VIII, 165:20) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “No mortal eye can see nor ear hearand no earthly sense can ever graspwhat beyond in the Kingdom ofHeaven awaits those who becomeworthy of being called children of God.For, before the eyes of true children ofGod the earths, suns and moons shallbe floating like glimmering dust.Therefore, do not be only hearers, butbe doers of My Word.Only the deed will let you recognisewhether the words I have spoken toyou, and am still speaking, are comingto you from the mouth of a man orfrom God’s mouth."[John 7:17] (TheGreat Gospel Of John, 140:7-9)THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUSCHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “How does man become aware that his soul has united with its indwelling true Spirit of God? - That he verily easily perceives within. When you no longer feel within yourself any pride, any unnecessary ambition, thirst for glory, envy, greed, love for splendor and self-love, but instead feel all the more living, true love for the fellowman and for God and a true, heart-warming joy when in an emergency you have shared all that you possess with your poor, suffering brothers and sisters; indeed, when you feel great sorrow in your heart for not being able to help some poor, when God means everything to you, but the whole earth with all its treasures nothing, then your soul has already united with theTHE NEW REVELATION of Spirit of God within, has attained to JESUS CHRIST perfect eternal life, is wise and able, wherever necessary, to perform miracles through Jakob Lorber & by merely willing it." (The Great Gospel Gottfried Mayerhofer Of John V, 51: 3 on)
    • "Therefore, I have prepared the new way in such a manner that My Spirit, which I am now laying - and have laid - as a spark of My fatherly love into the heart of every soul, be nurtured through your love for Me and thereby kindled truly and actively into love for fellowman, that it may grow within your soul, and after attaining the proper size and strength, completely unite and become one with the purified soul, which act shall and will - be called rebirth of the spirit.However, this spark of My love will not be laid in its fullness into the heart of a soul until aman has heard My word and accept it in his heart in faith and love for the truth. Unlessthis is the case, no man, however perfected in his soul, can attain to the rebirth of thespirit. For the spark of My love does not enter the heart of your soul without My word as Iam speaking it to you now. Henceforth, also infants, consecrated to Me and baptized uponMy word and in My name, shall receive the spirit spark of My love into the heart of theirsoul. However, this will not grow with a wrong upbringing, but only with an upbringingaccording to My order which I have now shown you in all clearness." (The Great Gospel OfJohn IV, 20:9-11) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Verily, I say to you: Without the rightlove you will not find God, neverrecognize Him properly and willtherefore alsonot be ableto come close to Him!Only love shows you the right way toHim, - your mind forever never!But who does not find the way to God,does also not find the way to his veryown life and therefore walks in darknessand on the road of judgment andeverlasting death”.(The Great Gospel Of John VI, 138:17)
    • “Therefore, for every soul, onlyone thing is necessary: that hewould search for My Kingdom oflife in himself in the littlechamber of the heart of theoriginal life, and would also findit. All the rest, he will receivefrom Me as a free gift anyway.For this reason I have already told you many times that you do not have to be fearfully worried about what and where you will receive food and drink and with what you will clothe your body, but to search most of all My Kingdom and its true justice in you. All the rest will be added to it just like that, because the Father in Heaven knows what you need for your earthly livelihood.If you work today, and you eat and drink, then you sufficiently have taken care of thedifficulties of the day. Therefore, on the day that you work, it would be useless to worryfor the day of tomorrow. If you will experience that one it will bring along its own worries.For only the day that you are still alive and working is written on your account by Me. Thefuture one rests still in My hand and you are not responsible for that one yet. Andtherefore, it is foolish to worry in an earthly way already today for the day of tomorrow,for it depends only on Me if ever I will give man to let him experience the following day.”(The Great Gospel Of John, Book 19, 9:14-16)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“He who will not search will also not find, the one who will not knock, for him will alsonot be opened. He who believes that the spiritual knowledge of that which is good andtrue must search for him so that it would automatically fall to him on his regular worldlyways, can wait eternally to receive it. The one who, out of indolence and because ofworldly businesses, avoids to make even a little detour to search for the source of thetruth, although he already heard about it, belongs to the worldly people to whom theLord will say at the end of times: ‘You heard about Me and did not search Me. Now I donot search you, although I know that you are there. Go away from Me and go to whereyour love draws you.’" (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 25, 23:10)
    • THE NEW REVELATION “This Truth therefore can be sought andof JESUS CHRIST found only in Truth; but the head has donethrough Jakob Lorber & its share if it has delivered you the key toGottfried Mayerhofer Truth. Yet everything that urges and draws you towards love can be a key to truth; hence follow such attraction and urge and“Your head can create countless enter upon the love of your heart, and yougods for you, but what are they? shall find the truth whichVerily I say unto you, - nothing shall free you from allbut vain, lifeless patterns deception!”produced by the brain with its (The Great Gospel Ofloose mechanisms; only in the John I, 69:10-11)heart shall you find a God, andthis One is true, because the lovein which you found the only trueGod is itself Truth.
    • THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer„I am not like a weak person who is afflicted with all kinds of passions, but I have comeinto this world to help all people who will believe in Me and will live and act according toMy teaching. And so I am now as I was before, even before this Earth was created. I lovealso those people who still do not know Me and have never known Me. And also tothem the gospel will be preached at the right moment. Whoever will take that at heartwill receive eternal life, but whoever will not accept the gospel, will remain in theancient judgment and the ancient death.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 20, 41:5)
    • THE NEW “Therefore be always and constantly merciful, and youREVELATION ofJESUS CHRIST will always find mercy with Me! The way you are behaving towards the poor brothers and sisters, I will behave towardsthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer you. I say and advise it to all of you: Be always prepared to serve each other, outbid each other to do good, truly love each other, just as I love you, and you will show to all the world that you are truly My disciples and in your spirit are fully My true children. This is the destination of all My children, that they on this earth should continuously exercise themselves regarding the business in My heavens; since there everything has to do with love only, and each wisdom which does not originate from the flame light of love, will forever never find any acceptance in My heavens and likewise will not get anything to do!” (The Great Gospel Of John IV, 97:8-9)
    • „He who is in complete orderwithin himself is also a masterover all wordly conflict andtherefore able to endure in anypolitical society, no matter ofwhat nature. I Myself am also onthis earth and adapt Myself as toMy outer person to the orderprescribed by the Roman emperor,never being in opposition to thesame, not even seemingly.Do I thereby lose the order of My innermost divine nature? By no means! I am who I am,unchanged. And My counsel is also accepted by those bearing the ruler´s might in theirhands.Believe Me, one who has truly become a master over his own self, can easily become a rulerover a whole nation. The people will appoint him themselves by rushing to him for advice.Of course, such an attitude requires also that indomitable courage that knows no fear ofdeath. Yet how should he fear it who is clearly aware of eternal life within, well knowingthat those that slay the body cannot harm the soul but that the soul makes an inconceivablegain shedding the body. Therefore, do strive above all to become perfect masters over yourown self, and you will also be masters over all the laws and all judgement and not subjectto the curse of some foolish wordly law.” THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST(The Great Gospel of John V, 133: 4 on) through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “He who worries about earth and fleshis a fool; for just as mans flesh has its THE NEW REVELATIONend, so will it be with the earth! When of JESUS CHRISThowever the end of the earth shall through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhoferonce have come for sure, on whichground shall the poor soul have itsdwelling then?!But I say unto you that every manwhose body is taken from him alsoloses the earth forever. And if he hasnot created a new earth in his heartthrough love, then his soul shall have toexpose itself to the mercy of the windsand the clouds and mists and be drivenabout throughout everlasting infinitywithout finding pause or rest, otherthan in the false and insubstantialconfigurations of its own fantasy, whichbecomes feebler and darker the longerit lasts, eventually turning into thickest Hence you can in future do as I have justnight and darkness, from which the shown you; but for now do as you want tosoul shall by itself hardly ever find its and can do!’” (The Great Gospel Of John,way out! I, 58: 5-6)
    • “And the Father is in Me, as I am alwaysand eternally in Him, and I give you thefull assurance that I will never leave youbehind as orphans, until the end oftimes of this Earth.Truly I say to you: who truly loves Meand keeps My commandments I willcome to him and reveal Myself to him,and then everyone will be able toconvince himself that he is not like anorphan in this world. The one to whom Iwill reveal Myself to him in this mannershould however not keep it to himself,but should also tell this comfort to hisbrothers, so that also they may becomforted and strengthened by that.Who gladly will strengthen the weak,comfort the sorrowful and gladly willhelp those who are suffering, can in all THE NEW REVELATIONthese things expect tenfold the reward of JESUS CHRISTof life from Me. You always can becompletely sure about that.” (The Great through Jakob Lorber &Gospel Of John, Book 21, 42:14-16) Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Only those people who in their soulTHE NEW are trying to become like Him or areREVELATION of already more or less like Him, will beJESUS CHRIST able to find God. But to become equalthrough Jakob Lorber & to God means: to become full of loveGottfried Mayerhofer for your fellowmen, and to let your heart be full of humility, meekness, patience and mercy regarding every- body. Then God will also have mercy on you, and in the spirit of His love and eternal truth He will let Himself be found by you. If you only want to search God in and with the only truth, then you will find Him indeed, but you will not see His real being and even less understand it. However, if you are searching God in the pure love, humility, meekness, patience and mercy, then you will find God, recognize Him and receive the eternal life of your soul. (The Great Gospel of John, Book 17, 19:3-5 )
    • “Thus life, as a spirit-spark everlastingly flowing out from Me, is that which impartedto the first atoms in the great ether the energy to solidify, made from them worldsand suns, endowing them with all the wonders of creation and populating them. Andit will ultimately lead them back on the same road, so as to build from the remnantsagain other spiritual and superior dwellings for freer, greater spirits.THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried MayerhoferThe life out of Me is infinite; likewise the effect it produces. He who fails to understandhis own life or the life of the world surrounding him in this sense, fails to understand themeaning of the concept of God, of the Creator. He is unable to grasp the idea of a lovingFather, who is, and has been, doing everything to be loved, revered and also recognizedby His created beings.” (Secrets of life, chap. 19)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Before God and to the advantage of the own inner, spiritual life, every person, either rich or poor, can exercise neighborly love; it depends only on a truly living good will, whereby everyone with all devotion does with pleasure, what he is able to do.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 9, 3:8)
    • THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUS CHRIST throughJakob Lorber& GottfriedMayerhofer“Whilst in worldly things we are mainly dependenton others, in the spiritual your own innermostbeing is the greatest storehouse where all thetreasures of an infinite world of the spirit are lyingconcealed. It is within you that I can reveal Myselfas the Father, as the Son and as the Supreme Spirit.On this revelation depend your peace and equanimity and, thanks to it, you learn toregard all the troubles in your life not as punishment but as wise and necessary trials.Then you begin to fully comprehend the words: "Come unto Me, all ye that labor and areheavy laden!" Love, a heavenly Fathers everlasting, infinite love, has put this burdenupon you, but it also helps you carry it.Then the suffering and troubles of temporal life are no longer misery, but blessings from aFather Who does not want to make of His children worldly masters, but spiritual pioneersfor His teaching of love - already here and one day in that everlasting kingdom. “(Lord’s Sermons, chap. 2)
    • “LOVE and PATIENCE are the two greatest things for everything in this world, as well ineverlasting infinity.” (The Great Gospel Of John X, 68:1) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW "That which you call the infinity of space is the spirit of MyREVELATION will, which has from eternity created the endlessof JESUS spaces and filled them with all kinds of beings.CHRIST This spirit, however, has a centre, a formed being, in which all the might of this infinite spirit is concentrated to a unified working. This might-centre of the infinite being of God is love as the life of this spirit and this love am I from eternity. Although the Spirit of God can work everywhere, it cannot present Itself in a form without love. Wherever God shows Himself to finite beings in a form, He manifests Himself through His love, which is the actual fundamental essence of God and the rallying-point for all might, power and holiness of His infinite Spirit. Behold, that is Gods true being, and it can only be comprehended with the heart, never with the intellect!"through Jakob Lorber & (The Household of God II, 139:20-22)Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “But the endless glory of God does not have the power – and can impossibly have it – to create Gods outside of Himself, who are completely equal to Him. For if He would be able to do that, He would be able to create besides the one endless universe also other equally endless universes, of which any somewhat clearly thinking person can already see from a distance that this is the purest nonsense. For if the first universe is endless in all imaginable directions, then where must the second equally endless universe begin?A second perfect God with the fullest endless glory is therefore quite as unimaginable as a second endless universe. And so you can clearly see that I who am now just like you walking as a Son of Man in the flesh, am not a second but only the one and the same God who I was since eternity before all created beings and also will remain in all eternity.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 18, 74:2-3) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “I said: “Yes, yes, it could indeed be different (onearth), as it is different on countless many otherplanets; but then exactly this Earth would not bechosen for the cultivation of those people whoare designated and called to become Mychildren!Can true, powerful love ever become fully awareof itself among human beings who themselvesare pure love? What object on which to practicepatience, humility and meekness could be givento people filled with love from birth?If I had endowed every mans nature with thehighest degree of perfection from birth, notrequiring his own effort, what practice in life- andself-development would be thinkable for him?For what activity could such spirits finally beused? I tell you: The trees of the wood and therocks of the mountains in the very mostindispensable self-activity would be many timesmore preferred than a person quite perfected inevery respect right from birth on!” THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST(The Great Gospel of John, Book 12, 52:2-5) through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Unless I allowed errors to creep in among mankind, but only allow the truth with itscertain and necessary effects, men would be like the richest gluttons and sensualists, whoin the end do nothing else but care stupidly for the timely filling of their belly.Provide for all people the easiest for the body, and you can be quite certain that soonthere will be no priest, no king, no soldiers, but also, no citizen, no peasant and no workerand tradesman left. For why should a man work or be active in something, seeing that heis anyway from top to bottom well provided for his whole life?Therefore, people must suffer want and misery, as well as pain and grief, lest man die inmost inactive indolence.” (The Great Gospel Of John III, 168:5-7)
    • “Believe Me: our Jehovah is since eternity the only true, good, living God and has never failed to answer the supplications of those who without doubting believed in Him, who have kept Hiscommandments and thus also who loved Him above all and their fellowman as themselves. Even if He sometimes delayed to completely answer theirsupplications in order to purify their souls all the more, but He still has never failed to answer them completely and has always fulfilled them, often at a moment when those who prayed for it thought about it in the least.” (The Great Gospel Of John IX, 20:1) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer“NO ONE WILL COME TO ME UNLESS HE IS DRAWN TO ME BY THE FATHER. You must allbe taught by the Father, that is, by the eternal love in God, if you want to come to Me.You must all be as perfect as the Father in Heaven is perfect.Yet neither great knowledge, nor the greatest deal of experience will get you there, butonly the active love for God and, in the same measure, for the neighbor. Therein lies thegreat secret of the rebirth of your spirit out of God and within God." (The Great GospelOf John IV, 1:4)
    • “Do not ever forget to what end you were created!Use every minute and every word from Me to fulfillthis purpose, for soon the time will come when thegrain and the chaff will be separated. Happy they whohave used time and word in such a way that they,raised as corn for a fertile, invigorating bread for theheavens, can confidently continue on the road toperfection, when I shall come, as the sole Shepherd,to gather My sheep under My protection, which willcertainly happen soon!” (Secrets of life, chap. 18)THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Even in your human-earthly life, what is life without love? Where is there a sentimentequal to love! What renders also nature beautiful and sublime? What is there in musicthat evokes exalted feelings? What is it that inspires and warms the poor, suffering,enduring heart?It is the ray of love which wafts around you through the material nature and penetratesthe invisible spiritual spheres, moving, urging you on towards an embrace, a drawing nearto another person, where you again perceive the beating of a heart which, like yours,beats for the beautiful and holy.What would be all that you see visible before you, did not this spiritual bond passthrough all living beings, and what would unite Me with you, drawing you to Me, and Meto you, if not love?This holy, blissful feeling, which reaches from the physical limits of your nature to farbeyond all stars, where in eternal bliss and tranquility is waiting the One who gave youthis gift as His very own self and wants to let you feel that without love, the world wouldhave been created in vain!” (Secrets of life, chap. 16)
    • “Man, as My complete image, must also have a perfect freewill by which he has to – as far as his spiritual part isconcerned – transform and strengthen himself, and makehimself free from My omnipotence, so that one day he maystand next to Me and live and act as a strong, free,independent and arbitrary being. THE NEWLook, all creatures are subject to laws, REVELATION ofwhich are established by Me. JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferAlso man, where his body is concerned. Only the soul and the spirit of man are not. Thatis, as far as his will and the freedom of learning and the realization of everything areconcerned. The form and the structure of the soul in all its parts is of course also subjectto laws which are established by Me, but only in such a way, that, precisely because ofthe free will in man, he can become either very noble and strong or very ignoble andweak.“ (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 17, 40:3-4)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer “Where people are called to become complete spirits and beings equal to God, also the opposite direction must be possible for their freedom of will to have free allowance to become a complete devil, who however by his own fault will have to bear in a miserable way that which he has caused by his own will.Therefore, I will judge and punish no one by My omnipotence for his bad deeds, but thisdoes the one himself and also the unchangeable law of My eternal order, which has beenmade known to everyone by the way of the light of the many revelations, already sincethe first beginning of the existence of man on this Earth.”(The Great Gospel Of John, Book 18, 21:11)
    • “Whoever sees and hears Me, believes easily and can also live and act easily according to My word. But he who in the future will not see Me anymore physically will have it more difficult to attain to the true, living Kingdom of God, for he must believe what themessengers who are send out will tell him about Me. However, if he willingly accepts what he hears in his believing heart, and will feel true joy because of the truth that he heard, then soon the baptism of the Spirit from Me will come over him, and then he will see the opened gate to God’s Kingdom. From that point on, also for those who were no witness of My presence now, the way to God’s Kingdom will be easy.” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 21, 26:2-3) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer “Happy he who comes to Me and recognizes Me, as you do! For, whoever recognizes Me, has already received a light from Me and then actively believe in Me. But at thepresent, this light is only a tiny flame within your soul. Not until you have accepted My teaching and with it My will, and act and live accordingly, will your present tiny light become a sun and only then will you attain to the full truth of all life and being and awaken eternal life within you." (The Great Gospel of John X, 88:11-12)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“So in Me, there is also the One who came visibly into this world, whom you searchedand were not able to find in any school nor in any temple. As I am here now in Myself,being active throughout the whole of infinity, so I will also exist and be active in the spiritin all those who will keep My simple commandments, who believe in Me and whoactively will love Me above all.But those who, although they believe in Me and say ‘Lord, Lord’, but who are lukewarm intheir actions, and careless in their love for their fellowman, I will not live in them and Iwill not reveal Myself to them, and My power and wisdom will not fill their soul. For sinceevery man has a completely free will, I want that he first comes to Me, completely out ofhis free will, by acting in everything according to My will that was revealed to him. Then Ialso will come to him, reveal Myself to him and then fill him with all My wisdom andpower by the Holy Spirit of My eternal love that rules everywhere.” (The Great Gospel Of John Book 22, chap. 26:4-6)
    • “Firstly the truth willremain one and thesame truth, evenwithout signs, andwhoever will live andact accordingly willbecome deeply insideaware that Myteaching is divine andnot a human word. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferSecondly, those who will transmit My teaching about the Kingdom of God in man toothers and who will not only be teachers but who they themselves will also do My willthat is clearly contained in My teaching, will also be capable to perform signs in Myname, and even greater signs than I am performing Myself." (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 21, 51:1-2)
    • “However, as concerns the outerform of the revelation, this mustadapt to the given situation.Outwardly it must, therefore,necessarily appear contradic-tory, whereas it is within itself inperfect harmony.Look, for instance, at thewritten word of the Old, as wellas the New Testament. Howmany thousands of branches,twigs and roots would younotice therein? Outwardly, thereseem to be many contradictions.[…] Whoever seeks the innermeaning starting from the outer “Know this, that no message from God may comeaspect, will surely lose his way from the heavens fully unveiled to men on earth, butand hardly find it." (The Natural every such message is always enclosed in a covering.Sun, 69:8-9) Without such a covering, no message from the heavens, being as such purely spiritual, could beTHE NEW REVELATION received by men. “ (The Spiritual Sun II, chap. 15)of JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Yes, My children! There is a higher life, a life that reaches far beyond all that is transientand even in the rock is infinite. For also the rock changes only its form and chemicalstructure, but it too does not become nothing, and whatsoever is infinite in the rock,owing to its origin from Me, which in the plant and animal kingdom and in the humanrace is even more distinctly expressed, this imperishable something is the bond unitingthe material with the spiritual world, and both with Me!” (Secrets of life, chap. 19) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "So as to be on the safe side, believe only Me, listen only to My voice in your hearts, which does not deceive, and do notlet yourselves be deluded by clever, self-seekinginterpreters of My Word. Here the word holdsgood: Examine what you hear and read; adhere to THE NEW the good and eliminate REVELATION of the bad.“ JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & (Secrets of life, chap. 8 ) Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "The Father, I, as the Son, and the Holy Spirit are, distinguishably, one and the same from eternity. The Father within Me is eternal love and as such the first cause and the actual primal substance of all things that fill all infinity. I, as the Son, am the light and wisdom going forth from the fire of eternal love. This mighty light is Gods eternal, most perfect self- awareness, His clearest self-knowledge and the eternal Word in God by which everything that exists has been made. In order to make it possible for all this to be made, also Gods mighty will is needed and this is the Holy Spirit within God that gives the works and beings their full existence. The Holy Spirit is the great, uttered word Let there be! - and what love and wisdom within God have determined, comes into existence. And behold, all this is now within me: Love, wisdom and all might! Thus, there is only one God, and that is I, and I have assumed a human body THE NEW like yours, solely in order to reveal Myself - as is nowREVELATION of the case - to you men of this earth whom I haveJESUS CHRIST created completely in My image out of the primalthrough Jakob Lorber & substance of My love.“ Gottfried Mayerhofer (The Great Gospel of John VI, 230:3-6)
    • “Man consists of three things, namely, of body, soul and spirit. My love is eternal, and thus everything that has originated, originates and will eternally originate from it, is actually also eternal. The living spirit in man is My eternal love and wisdom that creates, arranges and maintains everything, and this spirit is actually the true and in itself already eternal man in man, who, in order to become independent, covers himself, only in the course of time, with a soul and a body according to My eternal order in him, and steps thus into an outer visible form.”THE NEWREVELATION (The Great Gospel of John,of JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Book 21, 53:9-10)Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "I tell you that it is now not even necessary that you go with Me, but if following an innerprompting you want to do so out of love for Me, you will thereby not only lose nothing,but gain tenfold in everything. For whoever does something out of true love for Me willhere be rewarded tenfold, but once in My Kingdom a hundredfold, also a thousandfoldand endlessly." (The Great Gospel Of John I, 93:10) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “None of you have as yet understood why I uncover and explain to you all the depths of My creation, all the innermost aspects of My divine self.THE NEW through Jakob Lorber &REVELATION Gottfried Mayerhoferof JESUS CHRISTBehold, My dear ones, the reason for all this is, to instill into you the very thing lacking in all of you, meaning, the trust in Me. For when together with Me you traverse the immeasurable spaces of My infinity, when I open up to you My spiritual heavens, givingyou an inkling of what is there being kept and prepared for you; when I reveal to you My own self, which is nothing but love and in return wants only love; when I prove to you down to the smallest atoms that I, the Creator and Father, sustain everything with thesame love, I only want to prove to you that a Being possessed of this might and strength, as which I am showing Myself to you, should surely be worthy of trust and that, compared to My omniscience and omnipotence, all your activity and behavior must be considered as below the level of Zero.” (Secrets of life, chap. 12)
    • “What does it actually mean ‘to fear God’? To fear God means: to love God above all as the eternal, highest and purest love, and, because God is the highest truth, to remain in the divine truth and not to adhere to the lie of the world out of material self-interest. Whoever is truthful in everything has the true fear of God in his heart, and he who has that, will always worship God in the right way. For as the lie is a very great dishonoring of God, so also is the pure and living truth a continuous and highest glorification and truest worship of God.“ (The Great Gospel of John, Book 21, 54:5-6)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer „Love for Me, great goodness of heart, love for all men – this is also the true sign of rebirth. Where this is lacking and there is not enough meekness in adversity, neither halo nor cassock nor spiritual visions are of any avail; and people of this kind are sometimes further from the Kingdom of God than others with a very worldly- loocking face. For the Kingdom of God never comes with outer pomp, but only within the quiet of human heart! Do imprint this as deeply as you can onto your heart, and you will find the Kingdom of God much more easily than many a one thinks.” (Earth, chap. 70)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer “I am the Lord over everything in heaven and on earth, in Me is allmight, power and strength, and yet I am from all My heart full of love,humility, gentleness, patience, goodness and mercy. Let all of you be likewise, and thereby one will see that you are truly My disciples.” (Great Gospel of John X, 90:4)
    • THE NEWREVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber &Gottfried Mayerhofer “True, pure and living love is in itself completely unselfish. It is full of humility, active, full of patience and compassion. It will never unnecessary burden anyone and will gladly tolerate everything. It does not take pleasure in the need of its fellowman, but is always trying to help everyone who needs help. So also, pure love is chaste in the highest degree and does not feel pleasure in the lustfulness of the flesh. But the purity of the heart is all the more pleasing to it.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 18, 42:13-14)
    • “However, the people of this earth I called forth from the center of Myheart and created them fully in My image. They were meant to be notjust My creatures, but My beloved children who were not meant toperceive Me as God and Creator, but as their good Father who will,after a short trial period, take them back into His house to share everything with Him, dwell with Him everlastingly and rule and judge the universe with Him. And behold, all my creatureslove Me as their Creator and gratefully enjoy their existence; but My children do not want their Father and reject His love.Behold, it saddens Me when I see how every You ask Me again howhour thousands upon thousands wither this could be possible. Oh yes,and pass away. Oh, if I could only I tell you, it is quite possible. Behold,Help them! Is it not sad when all My creatures are held by My might, but the Almighty cannot help? My children by My love. My might commands, and it is obeyed, whereas My love only desires and THE NEW gently bids the free children, but the free children refuse REVELATION to listen and do not want to face their Father. Because they of JESUS are free, as I am, I cannot help them if it is against their will. My CHRIST might surpasses everything, but My will is subject to My children. through But let everyone note this: I am your Father and am also your God and Jakob Lorber & Gottfried beside Me there is none other. Do you want Me as a Father or as a God? Mayerhofer Your actions shall give Me the final answer.” (The Household of God I, 2:3-5)
    • "Now look, My children! Humandignity is really nothing else but Thus the material,‘the constant acting, thinking and physical man withwilling in accordance with his human needsMy laws of love!’ is hallowed,I, love personified, have created spiritualized throughyou out of love, and so you, the the sublime warmthcreated, must strive to emulate of a divine love, morethis Creator, who laid the spark of worthy of his actuallove into you as much as it is descent and morewithin your power. capable ofThis is the actual fundamental understanding hismeaning of love, of the dignity of Creator and ofman, who, curbing his passions of drawing near Him.”anger, hatred or revenge, does,suffers and feels everything only (Secrets of life, chap. 14)out of love, only for others. THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“For every good man heaven will be exactly where he is at a given moment, and all thegood and pure of his kind will immediately be very close to him. It is not a case of: Behold,here or there, perhaps beyond all the stars, is heaven and perhaps somewhere deep downbelow the earth is hell. All this does not depend on this time and on this space and, beingwithout any outer pomp like some idle temple ceremony, but within the innermost beingof man himself. Therefore, as mans innermost is constituted, so will be the world in thebeyond which he has created for himself out of himself and in and on which he will thenlive in either a good or a bad way.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 14, 4:8-9)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer„If man closely follows this new teaching, his hither-to bound spirit becomes ever freer,grows and, finally, permeates the whole man, thus drawing everything into his life. Thislife is of God and must, therefore, last forever in the highest possible degree of bliss.Every man thus reborn in the spirit, as it were, will never see, feel or taste death, and tobe separated from his flesh will give him the greatest happinesss. For the spirit of manwhich is thus at one with his soul can then be likened to a man in a dark prison, who canthrough a small hole look out into the open country and watch free people enjoyingthemselves with all sorts of activities, while he has to languish in prison. How glad hemust be if the jailer opens the door and frees him from his chains, saying: ‚Friend, youare free from further punishment and can now go and enjoy the fullest freedom! Butsuch a blissful goal can only be reached by the painstaking and sincere adherence to Mycommandments of love.” (The Great Gospel of John III, chap. 53)
    • “He who will not search will also not find, the one who will not knock, for him will also not be opened. He who believes that the spiritual knowledge of that which is good and true must search for him so that it would automatically fall to him on his regular worldly ways, can wait eternally to receive it. The one who, out of indolence and because of worldly businesses, avoids to make even a little detour to search for the source of the truth, although he already heard about it, belongs to the worldly people to whom the Lord will say at the end of times: You heard about Me and did not search Me. Now I do not search THE NEWREVELATION you, although I know that you are of JESUS there. Go away from Me and go to CHRIST where your love draws you." through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried (The Great Gospel of John, Book 25, Mayerhofer 32:10)
    • “My eternal complete free will is the law over My thoughts and ideas that have indeed since eternity their visible existence only in Me. However, if according to My love it would please Me to bring them to a firm and independent existence, then My wisdom places My will as law over My thoughts and ideas, and then those become realities, as if outside of My Being. And further, they have to continue to exist as external independent realities as long as My love and wisdom allows My will as law of all laws to rule expertly and efficiently over them. “.(The Great Gospel of John, Book 18, 85:7)THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "All I experienced during Myearthly life, beginning with Mybirth and ending with the cross,namely, My teaching, Mysuffering and conflicts, My loveand meekness, My grace andforgiveness and the forgetting ofall My might, My immense THE NEWpatience with erring mankind, REVELATION ofall this was correspondingly laid JESUS CHRISTinto every tiny spirit-particle.And what I, as an example, through Jakob Lorber &experienced, suffered and Gottfried Mayerhoferfought for on earth, had longago been determined in everycreated being, in all matter,wherever a spark out of Me was Thus the triumphant rising from level to level willhidden, so that even the actually prove that, just as there are laws relating tosmallest spirit-atom may matter, laws of repulsion and attraction, there existconsistently absolve, together also moral, sublime, spiritual laws which, groundedwith its great Creator, the same in Myself, constitute My own Being and thecourse which shall ultimately permanence of all that was created .“raise the spirit above matter. (Secrets of life, chap. 24)
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Whoever wishes to talk with Me, lethim come to Me and I shall lay theanswer in his heart. But only thepure whose heart is full of meeknessshall hear the sound of My voice.And he who prefers Me to all theworld and loves Me like a tenderbride her bridegroom, with him Ishall walk arm in arm, and he willalways behold Me like a brother hisbrother, and as I beheld him frometernity, before he was. “(The Household of God I, 1:1-2)
    • “Tell those who seek Me: I am the true everywhere and nowhere. I am everywhere where people love Me and keep My commandments and nowhere where I am only praised and worshipped. For is not love more than prayer and the keeping of the commandments more than worship? Verily, verily, I say to you: He who loves Me worships Me in spirit, and he who keeps My commandments is the one who truly reveres Me. But only he who loves Me can keep My commandments, and the one who loves Me has only one commandment - that he love Me and My living Word which is the true everlasting life.” (The Household of God I, 1:4)THE NEW REVELATIONof JESUS CHRISTthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Tell the weak from My Of the flycatcher I shall make amouth: lion-tamer, and the fearful shallI am a powerful God. Let destroy the world, and thethem all turn to Me and mighty of the earth shall be I shall perfect them. scattered like chaff.” (The Household of God I, 1:5) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Tell the sick, they shall not grieve about their sickness, but turn to Me in allearnest and trust Me completely. I shall comfort them, and a stream of themost precious balm will flow into their heart, and the fountain of eternal lifewill inexhaustibly manifest within them. They will recover and shall berefreshed like the grass after a downpour.” (The Household of God I, 1:3) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Tell the fearful mothers notto raise their daughters to beafraid of men and the world.For what one fears oneblindly obeys when thetemptation arises and thosewho are feared have an easyvictory. Let them teach theirdaughters rather to respectand love Me that I may bethe victor and they despisethe world and least on Myboundless love. They shallnot take them to publicplaces to find a husband, butto Me. Let them bring themto Me and I tell you: Not oneof their desires shall remain For I am a rich God who has plenty of everythingunblessed and unsatisfied. which He can - and will - give in abundance.” (The Household of God I, 2:2) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Tell the gamblers that they first gamble away their life and eventually everything thathas been given to them for their life. For gambling is a well filled with poisonous dirt.The gamblers believe it to be a hidden source of gold and keep burrowing in it daily,inhaling its pestilential odor, poisoning themselves through and through and findingtheir spirits eternal death, instead of the imagined gold. “ (The Household of God I, 1:8) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Those who are fashion-crazy tell in all earnest that they will be standing naked beforetheir most just judge. Their splendor will vanish like bubbles. Their lust for power andpomp shall end in the lowest slavery, and they will be ashamed of their foolishnesseverlastingly. Is not he a great fool who wants to have a rubbish heap gold plated andhas gems set in the worst kind of dirt instead of gold! Oh, that there are so manylunatics in the world these days! They regard the light as darkness and the darkness aslight!” (The Household of God I, 1:11) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Tell the dancers openly that Satan manipulates them all. He seizes them all by their feetand whirls them around to make them dizzy enough so that they can neither stand norwalk, nor sit, nor sleep, nor rest, nor see, hear, feel, smell or taste, nor sense, for they areall dead and, therefore, can neither be advised nor helped. And even if they wished toturn to Me, they would feel like somebody whom a strong one had seized by the feetand whirled around. If he were to look up to the sky he would not see the sun, but only abright streak blinding him so that he would close his eyes, unwilling to see anythinganymore. The person whose physical eyes are blind has still the possibility of seeing withhis spiritual eyes. But he, who has turned blind in his spirit, remains so in eternity. “ (The Household of God I, 1:6)
    • “Tell the love-makers: Whoever walks in the flesh, walks in death and his lust will soonbecome the food of maggots. Only he who walks in the spirit will reach the light, theoriginal source of life. His share will remain forever and keep increasing.”(The Household of God I, 1:10) THE NEWREVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “What God has joined, no man should separate, and thus a true marriage remainsindissoluble for all eternity. A false worldly bond is no bond before God in any case and therefore can be dissolved like worldly men and all their bonds, which are nothing but plain whoring in advance, through which Satan’s children are brought into miserable being. You two therefore are now fully husband and wife, and one flesh before God, Amen.’ (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 3, 36:9) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“Those who have the Scriptures, but do not read them are like thirsty men beside awell with pure water which, however, they do not want to drink, either because of acertain spiritual dread of water like rabid dogs that instead of drinking some water andrecovering will rather bite into the hardest stones to quench their thirst, or very oftenbecause of a certain indolence, they prefer to be served by certain idle servantsstinking slime from the nearest mud-hole to quench their thirst and eventually perish.”(The Household of God I, 1:9)
    • “Tell My friends they shall not love My servantsmore than Me. They shall place their salvationfully in My hands, rather than keep it in theirown hands, and completely rely on Me. For theservant must act strictly in accordance with thecommand, lest he be found unworthy. The giverof the law alone stands above it and can placewhomsoever he wishes above it, too. However,as long as they are under the yoke, they shall bejudged, but to those who come to Me I canremit judgment.My church on earth is a bath of purification. Let him who has washed himself come toMe that I may dry him with the warmth of My love and keep him with Me. But the onewho only enjoys the splashing and dabbling will fare, as do the mill wheels, whichnever get out of the water.If someone has performed the works of true repentance, let him come to Me, and I willreceive him like a prodigal son and keep him within My strength. For the servant canadvise, but I can do it; the servant can instruct, but the salvation is My work; theservant can pray, but I alone can bless. My servant must pass fair judgment, but onlythe Lord has the right to show mercy. Therefore, let them not forget the Lord over theservants! (The Household of God I, 2:4-6) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Tell My officials and servants: My offices are not banksand changing-offices, for he who serves Me for the sakeof money does not serve Me out of love. And the onewho does not serve Me out of love is a stranger to Me inhis service as I must be a stranger to him since he doesnot serve Me out of love; with him My account is alreadyclosed. And how can he be a faithful servant who sells hismasters treasures illicitly like a thief at shameful prices?- Judas Iscariot sold Me at least for 30 pieces of silver notknowing in advance what would happen to Me; for hewas deluded and became lost. But now - as alreadytortured, slain and raised from the dead, I am availableevery minute for a mere song. Oh, you shameful thieves,you murderers, what can I compare you to? You childrenof the dragon, you brood of vipers! Are you serving Melike this, must I find you such? I had My dear Paul tell youthat he who serves the altar shall also live of the altar,but only from the works of love, which works all that, is THE NEWgood. But you have no works of love and are, therefore, REVELATION ofrobbers and thieves and murderers of the Gospel and all JESUS CHRISTtruth. Know then: As the work, so the reward! through Jakob Lorber &Love cannot be had for money, but only for love.“ Gottfried Mayerhofer (The Household of God I, 2:11)
    • THE NEW “Tell them also that they must on noREVELATION of account take offence at anything in orJESUS CHRIST about the church, for I purify everythrough Jakob Lorber & food I recommend for the one whoGottfried Mayerhofer wishes to partake of it in spirit and in truth and so he can enjoy it without fear. What I give to My children is clean and is not desecrated through the outer form for those for whom I have blessed it. I shall bless the temple and the place where they are shall be hallowed. For I, their holy Father, shall be in their midst wherever they go, and not a hair on their head shall be hurt. Tell them in no uncertain terms: My love is waiting for them, and I will not close My arms before all of them are resting in My embrace, where they will behold their most loving, holy Father face to face, and their joy will never end. Amen!” (The Household of God I, 2:14-15)
    • “There is only a God, and that is I, and I have assumed a human body like yours, solely in order to reveal Myself – as is now the case – to you men of this earth whom I have created completely in My image out of the primal substance of My love.” (The Great Gospel of John VI, 230:6) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer“That I, as a God, performed miracles was not so wondrous, thereally wondrous thing was My love for you, My created beings, and My immense condescension and selfless kindness, meekness, patience and extraordinary humility before the people whom I could annihilate with just a breath.” (The Great Gospel of John VI, 178:2)
    • "I am he, who writes all the sins into the sand, who neither curses nor hates or is vengeful, but who has always been, and still is, ready to pour balm on gaping wounds. I have never been an unjust God, no more than a strict Father towards my children!" (Secrets of life, chap. 26)“From eternity I never have punished any being, except that it punished itself – much the less will I ever punish you for THE NEW REVELATION of your good and noble heart.” JESUS CHRIST (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 16, through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried 58:13) Mayerhofer
    • “This I now say: I am the sole eternal GOD THE NEW REVELATIONin My triune nature, as FATHER in My of JESUS CHRISTdivinity, as SON in My humanity and as through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried MayerhoferSPIRIT in all life, action and cognition. I amfrom eternity the very love and wisdom. Ihave never received anything from anyone.Everything that exists is from Me, andwhoever possesses something, has it fromMe. How can I be a tyrant and one whocondemns? - Oh, you fools! I love you andyou scorn Me. I am your Father, and youregard Me as an executioner. Where I bless,you curse. Where I build, you destroy. WhatI raise, you bend down. What I sow, yousmother with floods. You oppose Me ineverything.If I were as you say that I am, truly I tell you, the earth would long since have ceased toexist; indeed, it would never have been created! However, since I am the way I am,everything is still in existence as it has been and will be forever. And you will be the wayyou wish to be, without My condemnation, for you will be what you have made ofyourselves. But those who accept Me as I am and love Me as I love them, I shall makeinto what they wish to be so that their freedom and joy may be perfect everlastingly.“(The Household of God I, 2:10)
    • “Truly, in the whole of eternity thereis not a single case where even onespirit had been condemned by God!But I can show you countless caseswhere spirits, owing to theirfreedom of will, scorn andblaspheme the Deity, not for all the THE NEWworld wanting to be dependent on REVELATIONIts endless love, since they fancy of JESUSthemselves to be lords even over CHRISTDeity! through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer However, as the Deity can only bestow the abundance of Its endless love on those who wish to enjoy it, it becomes clear that those who hate and scorn the Deity and Its endless love above all and blaspheme It, cannot partake in this love because they stubbornly refuse to do so. “("From Hell to Heaven" I, 24:5-9)
    • “Now if I have come with such intentions to the people in this world, then how could Iever be just like a man be in a bad mood, and who can offend Me? He who hasrecognized Me and believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will certainly notoffend Me, and he who did not recognize Me or who does not want to recognize Me,even if he could recognize Me, cannot offend Me. He only offends himself, since hebecomes an enemy of his own life.But I only seek those who are sick in soul and body, to help them, and not the healthywho do not need help. For of what kind of love, wisdom and justice could a doctor beaccused if he would hate the sick, would persecute and chastise them, only because theyare sick? So change your opinion about Me and remember that He, who speaks to younow, is a true and righteous Doctor for the soul and spirit and in case of emergency alsofor the body.” (The Great Gospel of John, Book 20, chap. 41:5-9) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “The world is always the same; a loving heartsees only love, where an embittered one finds hatred and discord, in your heart you do not see the world, but only its reflection; clean the mirror and the reflection of My nature, which is always the same, will soon show itself to you in greater purity.Read My old and My new words; they contain peace and tranquility, which you will seek in THE NEW REVELATION of vain in the books of scholars.” JESUS CHRIST (Secrets of life, chap. 13) through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "The worldly understanding of men does not grasp the inner things of the spirit and of living truth, and takes those for fools who bring them news of such." (The Great Gospel of John IX, 132:16) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “Tell the children that they must not mock Me, but that they shall take this seriously. Tellthem that I am never facetious nor do I appreciate a joke. I take everything seriouslyconcerning the great and the small, the young and the old, male and female. I do notmake exceptions.For behold, I instantly and forever destroy My creatures that are useless. But for Mychildren I have plenty of punishments, and I shall discipline the disobedient to the lastdrop of their blood, when they will surely recognize that I am at least the master of thehouse if they do not want to accept Me as the loving, holy Father. “ (The Household ofGod I, 2:18-19) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • “To their request for a miraculous sign, I even answered to the Pharisees and scribesthat this generation would not be given a sign by Me, which meant that where Myvisible appearance was the greatest miraculous sign, no additional proof of My deityand the truth and everlasting continuance of My teaching was needed. THE NEW REVELATION And what I then told the Pharisees of JESUS CHRIST and scribes, applies also today to all through Jakob Lorber & hypocritical churchgoers and to all the Gottfried Mayerhofer scholars of your time developing their philosophies about matter. They, too, will not be seeing any signs because they do not want to accept the greatest sign, the voice of a God and Father in their own hearts. Thus many of your scientists, notwithstanding the constant discoveries of laws of nature, do not believe that there must also be a law- giver. They would rather dispute their own self away than admit defeat through factual evidence of the existence of God.” (The Sermons of the Lord, 32)
    • “How, then, can there ever be OneShepherd and one fold, when the Christsof the various groups are angry with eachother, worse than the wild animals of theforest.All such animosity must disappear: Tothat end I have already engaged laborersin My vineyard. They work diligently andwith zeal (for instance, as critics of thegospels, etc); after them will soon comemany who will work with still greater zealand diligence in order that I can come tothe people in truth as the true Christ and Therefore, grant the sciences their territoryGod of eternities - not as the one I am of action, for science is an effectivesupposed to be, who, in accordance with sweeping instrument to remove the dirtthe pleasure of each group, has nothing from the world, and at the same time it is abetter to do than judging, condemning powerful Hercules, who knows how to cleanand being allowed to make only them out the stable of Augias, an action which,happy in heaven who have been declared though it is a good table of earliest paganworthy and capable by their church- antiquity, can be very well applied still in oursuperintendents or other representatives days.” (Interpretation of Scriptures )of God ! […]THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "Every discovery in the field of science is wrongly interpreted by your scientists and exploited only for material ends. Here and there individuals may discover traces of a sublime spiritual power, beyond the elementsTHE NEW REVELATION that are already well known, but they willof JESUS CHRIST make every effort to explain away what isthrough Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer there right before their noses, in very round about ways and using long - learned scientific terms, or they will invent their own explanation, not wanting to acknowledge that there is a God. If there has to be one, they want to be that god themselves." (Lord’s Sermons, 52)“Therefore, this is a fundamental principle: Prior to dealing with any science, men mustbecome true men, or any science whatever it may be, will harm rather than benefit them.For all science engages only the reason which lodges in the brain; but the heart, as thefoundation of life, remains coarse, cruel and wild as that of a beast of prey and workseven more evil, with the aid of science, than without it. For with an ungodly heart,science is a true light of evil of every kind and type.Therefore, My friends and brothers, first of all give the blind a true light of life into theirheart and let such light at first illumine the soul’s understanding, then all science willbecome a true blessing to man.” (The Great Gospel Of John III, 175:4-5)
    • “If a worldly-wise man comes and wants to hear the truth from you, do not give it to himfor free, but let him pay you a penny for every word; because for such a truth seeker truthonly has value if it has cost him a lot!If a poor man comes to you hungry, give him to eat and to drink and do not let him leaveas a poor man; however, if someone comes who enjoys sitting at your table, he shouldpay for what the poor man next to him ate!Support every need for free, and charge every mere pleasure! – Did you understand Me?” (The Great Gospel Of John, Book 11, 1:11-13) THE NEW REVELATION of JESUS CHRIST through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer
    • "What would it profit man if he possessed all the treasures on earth enabling him to enjoy all imaginable pleasures, but thereby harmed his soul?" (The Great Gospel of John VIII, 183:9)"People complain about the hard and difficult way ofearning a living. Who makes it so difficult for them?Neither I nor the world, but one person for another!Every one seeks to gain from that which he either hadto learn with effort or which fell into his lap withouthis doing. Who else is it but unscrupulous people,who even use their fellowmens misfortune to enrichthemselves, thus making the cost of living moreexpensive. Because such people without conscienceare now in the majority, refuse to acknowledge aspiritual mission and believe neither in God nor in theimmortality of the soul, you see how one seeks to THE NEW REVELATION ofgain advantage over another and none shows himself JESUS CHRISTin his true nature.” (Secrets of life, chap. 33) through Jakob Lorber & Gottfried Mayerhofer