Mobile Solutions: Challenging opportunities


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Presentation on how we work with mobile solutions in Creuna. Originally held for the Google Technology User Group in Denmark.
Covering both the business and the technology angle on mobile solutions.

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  • Telecom providers will likely spark growth by bundling flat rate internet with voice service
  • (Of course, all three. Japan showed how the Fed handling of “Spectre” kickstarted the market for operators and then for service providers, by not charging billions for 3G licenses. Innovative services like Google Maps mobile, Latitude, FourSquare, Goggles, Facebook Mobile can create a need for mobile connectivity. In Japan Flash technology is available on all devices giving a common platform for applications across devices. In Europe it seems that Mobile Internet is the first real common ground – but what a great platform!)
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  • Mobile Solutions: Challenging opportunities

    1. Mobile Solutions Challengingopportunities<br />Simon Kibsgård, consultant at Creuna<br />Mobile business and development<br />
    2. NOTE For Slideshare users:<br />This is an edited version of the presentation held for Google Technology User Group meetup in Århus February 10th 2010<br />Numbers and user trends are moved to the back of the presentation, since this is material from my m-commerce presentation.<br />
    3. Agenda<br />Doing mobile business<br />Mobile business evolution: What’s hype and what’s business?<br />Different solutions and audiences means different platforms and technologies<br />Going technical<br />Learnings and toolbox<br />The future at present<br />The Numbers and the users<br />Mobile in numbers + forecasts<br />What users do?<br />What’s driving the market?<br />
    4. Hype AND/Or Business<br />Not everyone needs an iPhone App<br />At least not the ones without an iPhone<br />Still: The medium is the message (Marshall McLuhan)<br />A lot of people request context aware personal services<br />Mobile is personal (id), media for entertainment and services, billing applicable and always on and online<br />This means business (be it via apps, SMS, web etc.)<br />
    5. CONSIDER YOUR MOBILE COMMUNICATION MIX<br />Solution<br />Audience<br />Platform<br />Technology<br />Campaign<br />Dialogue<br />Application<br />Service<br />Shop<br />Everybody<br />The Young<br />The Professional<br />Women<br />Mobile<br />Desktop<br />Feed<br />True Multichannel<br />SMS<br />Application<br />Twitter / other social network<br />Widget<br />Mobile Web<br />Bluetooth<br />Augmented Reality<br />Barcodes<br />LBS<br />
    6. New Sales channel by application<br />6<br />Arla mobile cookbook: Thinking Applicational<br />Thinking Applicational<br />Web Application<br />
    7. A new sales channel for traditionalproducts<br />Find local resources<br />Document the accident<br />Submit claim<br />…and it’s a flashlight!<br />7<br />Nationwide Mutual Insurance: Application as a differentiator<br />
    8. Julekalender<br />8<br />A creuniancreativeconceptonviraladscollectingleads for sale<br />
    9. Coupons<br />75 % of smartphone users are positive towards receiving mobile coupons for offline buys<br />A coupon can be intertainment in itself<br />A coupon can be something you make yourself (collect bits, by submitting content to web 2.0’ish campaign, by collecting friends in Facebook app etc.)<br /><br />
    10. Public service adapting to mobile<br />
    11. Public service adapting to mobile<br />
    12. Public service adapting to mobile<br />
    13. Århus KOMMUNEs BIBLIOtEkER<br />Searchmaterials<br />Check your reservations<br />renewyourbooks<br />Securelogin<br />Events info<br />Top 10 <br />Werecommend<br />And much more…<br />
    14. a Friendly CMS<br />Desktop website<br />Java App<br />Mobile website<br />WinMo App<br />Symbian App<br />Android App<br />iPhone App<br />SMS dialog<br />Public place television<br />
    15. Technology: Mobile Web vs. mobile Apps<br />Do silent patches or launch with a blast!<br />Use HTML, JavaScript + server side code of your choice<br />Get access to GPS, send SMSes, send email + maybe do more later<br />Live data at hand<br />Adapt with detection and styling<br />Ask user to update<br />Use Objective-C, Symbian C++, Java, .Net – according to device platform<br />Get access to most depending on device sandbox settings<br />Synchronize or request live data<br />Design for device (mostly iPhone)<br />Mobile Web<br />Mobile App (in app store)<br />
    16. Technology: Still hassling with old Nokias<br />Acceptance: text/html or application/xml<br />Screens: size and renderings<br />CSS ignores<br />.Netviewstates and postback redirects<br />JavaScript support?<br />Tracking for web analytics<br />Detecting device and converting to device profiles<br />
    17. Mobile detect on a website<br />Detect the mobile device<br />Adaptstyle and contentreturned to mobile<br />One system to edityour desktop and mobile content<br />SameURL as always<br />Automaticupdatesfor future mobile devices<br />
    18. And still there are some great web apps<br /><br /><br />
    19. Technology: HTML 5<br />The next web standard<br />To reduce the need for plugins in web Rich Interface Application (such as Flash, Silverlight and JavaFX)<br />Introducing &lt;video /&gt;, &lt;audio /&gt;, &lt;canvas /&gt; and much more<br />Offline use and local storage <br />
    20. Technology: HTML 5<br />Recommendation from 2010, 11, 22?<br />Ready for some use<br />iPhone seems ready<br />Sadly Androids (1.6) still do a lot worse<br />Luckily, there is also Google Gears for Mobile<br />
    21. Now go check<br />
    22. Worldwide <br />Worldwide mobile phone 286.1 million units in Q2 2009 (6.1 % decrease)<br />Worldwide smartphone 40 million units in Q2 2009(27 % increase)<br />Android from Google will increase by 900% in 2009<br />iPhone will grow by 79% in 2009<br />22<br />Gartner, August 2009 & Strategy Analytics, May 2009<br />
    23. Percentage of mobile users consuming mobile media (advanced usage) is gaining 17 % a year (UK)<br />Kilde: <br />Product: MobiLens<br />Data: Three month average ending June 09 <br />Country: UK - N= 13,997<br />
    24. Revenuemix in mobile web<br />24<br /> <br />
    25. Global revenue in mobile web (except data) 2008<br />Estimated 37 billion USD revenueon mobile internet (data excluded) in 2008<br />76 % beingpayment for accesson digital content (music, games, video, ring tones etc.)<br />5 % on advertising<br />Only 19 % ongoods not consumedon mobile (eg. a pair of shoesor a new mobile phone)<br /> page 82<br />
    26. When is mobile web accessed (hour of day) (NO)<br />26<br />Source: <br />Operator<br />WLAN<br />Total<br />
    27. Demographics: mobile Services (UK)<br />Higher on chart = more female<br />Further to right = older<br />Size of bubbles = # of users<br />Source: <br />Product: MobiLens<br />Data: Three month average ending June 09 <br />Country: UK - N= 13,997<br />
    28. Younger and less feminine(UK)<br />Social media and news are moving mobile to mainstream<br />Source: <br />Product: MobiLens + Media Metrix<br />Data: Three month average ending June 09 <br />Country: UK - N= 13,997<br />
    29. Forecast: Mobile penetration in Europa<br />Source: Jupiter Research European Mobile Forecast, 7/08 (Western Europe)<br />© 2008 Jupiter Research, LLC<br />
    30. Market is driven by...<br />Legislation?<br />Innovative services?<br />Technology / platforms?<br />
    31. The introduction of a game changer<br />iTunes, app stores and smartphones<br />Distribution of mobile content just got a super mall<br />After little more than 2 years iPod Touch + iPhone reached 57 mil. users. i-mode in Japan didn’t reach half as many on a far more homogeneous market<br />App Store as Gatekeeper / revenue share model / security enforcement<br />Java capable platforms are still the largest business, but app stores are introducing an intuitive and user oriented distribution channel<br />
    32. What’s up with those iPhone users?<br /> side 43<br />
    33. Gartner says…<br /><br />
    35. SELECTED CLIENTS<br />
    36. Thankyou!<br />Mobile Solutions: Challengingopportunities<br />SIMON KIBSGÅRD<br />Consultant, mobile business and developmentM: (+45) 22 49 83 41<br /><br />