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C:\users\simonl\documents\rubbish\rm contractor process 2010


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All a RF PM needs to know about hiring Contractors

All a RF PM needs to know about hiring Contractors

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  • 1. Resource Management Contractor Process Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved. March 10, 2010
  • 2. What if I need a contractor?
    • Our process in a nutshell
      • Resource Manager requests contractor form (sample incl) from Project Manager during staffing process
      • Form is reviewed by RM, schedule added and passed to Recruiting
        • Time to fill expectations set
      • Candidates are screened and interviewed
        • new candidates logged into icims
      • Onboarding for contractor begins
      • Legal Portal approval process
        • Serves as OPS notification for bldg registration, equipment, space, email/phone, etc
        • Request routed by margin info to approver(s)
        • Contracts are generated
      • RMs monitor performance during staffing process
        • Applicable feedback shared with recruiting/logged in icims
      • Contractor Admin checks in with RM a week before contract term expires for renewal
    Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  • 3. How will the contractor be paid?
    • Time entry and Invoicing
    • In addition to completing a weekly timesheet using Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) timesheet entry system, you as a contractor must also submit an invoice in order to receive payment for your services.  
    • The following are Accounts Payable invoicing requirements:
      • All invoices must be submitted electronically via e-mail to [email_address]
      • You must include your name and invoice number in the subject line of the e-mail.
      • Invoices must include the following in order to be paid properly and in a timely way.
        • Your name as it appears on your timesheet in OTL
        • Your remit to name if different than your name in OTL
        • Remit to address
        • Invoice date (must be on or after the last date of service per invoice)
        • Invoice number (this must be unique for every invoice)
        • Project Manager’s name
        • Project and Client name
        • Time period for services being invoiced
        • Hourly rate
        • Hours per day as well as Total hours (this must be totaled and must agree to your time submission in OTL)
        • Total dollar amount due
    • Please detail your time by project, just as you do within OTL. Please make sure any font you use is clearly readable to avoid delay in payment. 
    Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  • 4. Samples
    • Contractor Request Form
    • Welcome Email
    • Sample Invoice
    • IT Notification
    • Token Request
    • Oracle Notification
    Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  • 5. Contractor Request Form
  • 6. Contractor Request Form
    • Subhead or lead-in statement goes here.
      • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing consequat.
      • Leuismod tincidunt ut laoreetlamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl commodo consequat.
        • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing consequat.
        • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing consequat.
  • 7. Welcome email
      • Hi Alex: Thank you for your support!
    • This agreement, exhibit, equipment agreement (if you are borrowing equipment) and W-9  (keep in mind that the name on your contracts must match the name you enter on your W-9, and the address on your W-9  is where your checks will be sent)  need to be signed and faxed to our Legal Department as soon as possible.  Please fax back all pages, not just the signature pages. 
    • You should have already received an email from your Project Manager with your network id and password .  Feel free to contact me if this is not the case, and you have not received this information.  You will need to check your Razorfish email for all correspondence from your project team, not just your personal email. 
    • Attached you will also find time/expense, invoicing instructions and a sample invoice.   Please read through these instructions now so you fully understand the process and to ensure your payment will not be delayed.   
    • I’ve also attached some information on how to request a VPN token .  If you are not working in a Razorfish office you will need to request a token in order to access our Oracle Time Entry and Expense management system (instructions attached).   Time entry is required to process your invoice .  You should be receiving your Welcome to Oracle email 2-3 days from receipt of your signed contracts.  If you have any issues accessing or entering your time please contact me. 
    • Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
        • Linda
    Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  • 8. Invoice Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  • 9. IT notification email
    • New Contractor account created! This information needs to be sent along to the incoming contractor. TSS is NOT responsible for getting this information to them prior to their start date. Please advise the contractor to check their Razorfish e-mail for further communications from TSS. Razorfish e-mail should be used for communication within the company whenever possible. Network Access Credentials Username: t-pamelas Password: Changeme! (required to change at first login and is case sensitive) Email: [email_address] Expiration: See Contractors Request below for End Date information.   Changing Default Password The password can be changed at d/ . When prompted for the account please enter main as the domain and t-pamelas as the account. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and/or symbols. E-mail Access You must change your password prior to accessing e-mail.  E-mail can be accessed via Outlook Web Access at . When prompted for the your username please enter t-pamelas. Oracle Time Entry It generally takes 1-2 weeks for contractor Oracle accounts to be fully set up.  Once you have been set up for Oracle access, you will receive a welcome e-mail with further instructions.   Personal Laptop If the contractor will be using their own Windows laptop on our network I will require evidence that their laptop is running a current version of a commercial Anti-Virus application, with up to date virus definitions. (Mac Users please disregard this directive. Although it is suggested you have some form of Anti-Virus software installed if available to you)   Helpdesk Access If you have any questions or problems with IT related issues then please submit a ticket at http://qt/ , or externally at
    Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  • 10. Token request Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  • 11. Oracle notification
    • Your Oracle account has been created and you can now record your time and expenses.
    • Please follow the instructions below to log into Oracle. For help entering your time (such as which project & task numbers to use), please see your buddy or manager for assistance.
    • Accessing Oracle
    • Before you can access Oracle you must be connected to our network. You can be connected to our network either directly in one of our offices or remotely via our Cisco VPN or the SSL VPN. Please refer to the VPN Fishnet site for further information regarding remote access and our VPN.
    • Once you are connected to our network you can access the Oracle homepage from any browser at http://oracleapps . You may also access the Oracle homepage through the Razorfish Links on the Fishnet at http://fishnet . 
    • Support
    • If you have any issues or questions related to Oracle then please submit a ticket at https://qt , or if you are not connected to the Razorfish corporate network or VPN.
    •   Logging into Oracle
    • Oracle uses Single Sign-On (SSO) which allows you to use your Razorfish network credentials to login to Oracle. To login to Oracle enter your Razorfish network username and password from the Oracle homepage, as illustrated:
    • Additional Information
    • Please refer to the Oracle iExpense and OTL Fishnet site for detailed information, demos and help guides for using Oracle to enter your time and expenses.
    Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  • 12. Goals Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  • 13. Where can we collaborate?
      • How often do we go to agencies vs. using internal networks/database?
      • Is it worth pooling our negotiating leverage to secure better pricing or terms?
      • Who approves the pricing? 
      • Do we have set bill card for Contractors?
      • Should we collaborate on freelance rates? 
      • Any trends in the market that are impacting our ability to freelance?
    Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved.
  • 14. Thank You
    • Jennifer Burke
    • 617 250 2542
    Page © 2008 Razorfish. All rights reserved.