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X dev relevant-experience

  1. 1. Relevant Experience Below is some of the work that XciteDevelopment have completed in the past. XciteDev have a strong history with developing collaborative applications that meet commerce and government security requirements, without sacrificing performance or usability. MyWorld Atlas The Jacaranda myWorldAtlas(MWA) App instantly engages with a three-dimensional globe and the ability to explore the world through studies of amazing places and important events. MWA will change how primary school students learn about the world with a playful approach to education enriching their learning with interactive pages and video. All case studies are just a tap away, being presented immediately through an interactive globe. Students can simply dive straight into viewing a map or case study about a country with a simple touch on the country's location on the globe. MyWorld Atlas Screenshot 1
  2. 2. MySchool Day This is a Student, teacher & parent iPad application which interfaces with Schools current information systems. Some of the features this iPad application includes are Allows students to view ● Homework ● Timetables ● Newsletters ● Map of the school The parents are able to ● Sign permission slips ● View newsletters Teachers are able to ● Manage their class timetables ● Manage student attendance ● Assign homework MySchool Day Screenshot 2
  3. 3. Fisheries Kiosk Working with the Fisheries Discovery Department in Hillarys, we developed an application that turns the iPad into an Interactive kiosk. Content is streamed from a local server and can be customized through a web portal linked to a central database. The interface of this application is designed to be user friendly and appeal to both young children and adults. What has made this product effective is the whole user interface can be customised to cater for new exhibits. Fisheries app Screenshot 3
  4. 4. Liberal Victoria News and Reference iPhone application for the Liberal Party of Victoria. This application allows users to keep up to date with the party, with the ability to view the latest twitter, flickr, you tube, facebook and news feeds from the Liberal Party. Users can also view and contact the ministers and electorates. 4
  5. 5. Conference Time ConferenceTime lets you create and manage conferences, seminars and other events using a simple and user friendly web interface. Add venue, session and speaker information and resources, then invite your attendees to connect and collaborate using ConferenceTime on their iPads. 5
  6. 6. Keystone (WebDAV) iPad Application Keystone app was developed for students and teachers to be able to view and open files that were hosted on the schools Web DAV file server. 6
  7. 7. Alumni School alumni collaboration for the iPhone Terminus Terminal emulation developed for the iPad that securely pulls information from the Tasmanian Police’s Legacy system. iCabinet Enterprise secure document distribution and annotation iPad application Meeting Time Conference scheduling, RSS feed reader and collaboration iPad tool. Show ‘n’ Share Collaborative whiteboard teaching aid SharePoint Explorer SharePoint navigation and list and document viewer e5 Teacher Journal e5 Teaching Framework interactive journal for the iPad. 7
  8. 8. 8