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Prime Prospects Handout Agency Information

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Prime Prospects Agency Brochure

Prime Prospects Agency Brochure

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  • 1. Data and Services Guide Prime Prospects is a division of Sample Answers Ltd, Bridge House, 74c Broad Street, Teddington, TW11 8QT Registered in England No. 3046957
  • 2. Contents2 Introduction Prime Prospects provides simple and bespoke solutions to your local area marketing Our Services Supporting your needs3 Data Services Our Consumer, Business and Data Cleaning services Targeting Getting the most from prospect data Strategies4 The Prime How the data is collected and what volumes are available Prospects Consumer and Business database information Database5 Other How we can fulfil your other data needs Databases6 Example Education Campaigns Sports General Automotive Example Map Business to Business11 Database Health More information about how to get your free data health check Checks12 Service What to do next Standards What Can I Simple, Targeted, Planning and Fully Supported expect from the data13 Summary of Prime Prospects compliments your existing marketing by targeting Services the right kind of prospects Contact Details14 Appendix 1 Targeting Options and Response Rates15 Appendix 2 Common Database Selections16 Appendix 3 Frequently Asked Questions Page 1 of 16
  • 3. IntroductionPrime Prospects provides bespoke data solutions for your direct marketing campaigns. Quick We hold our databases in house allowing for quick turnaround for counts and orders. Simple Simply tell us what you want and we do the hard work for you by searching either our in house or partner data sources for the data you need. Comprehensive Our in house databases cover both consumer and business data with a mixture of postal, telephone and email data available.You will have access to one of the UK’s largest consumer data pools with over 18 millionindividuals with 11.5 million car records. These actual prospects have responded to surveysand product registration cards and given permission for you to contact them.Our two business databases hold over 1.8 million company records with 5 million individualswho are contacted on a regular basis to ensure the data is kept up to date.Prime Prospects has supplied leads for national, regional and local companies for over 16years. These leads have been used in campaigns to raise brand awareness and generateenquires, leading to increased sales.Our Services Consumer Data Business Data Data Cleaning Postal Email Telephone Fax Geography Drive Time Towns Distance Standardised Counts Quick Simple Single Stacked Book of Counts X-Tab Deduped Profiles Drive Time and Penetration Maps Data Supply Pure Prospects Multi Use Guaranted Delivery Rates Data For Research Page 2 of 16
  • 4. Data Services Consumer Data Our databases of over 18 million actual (as opposed to modelled) records providing us with great insight into the individuals in the areas around your business. Even at a local level this gives us great market penetration, all from one source and at one price for single or multiple uses. Business Data Our two databases allow us to search a variety of selections including SIC code, fleet size, turnover or job title. We can supply you with postal addresses, telephone numbers and emails of prospects either for single or multiple uses. Data health check for A free data health report from Prime Prospects will highlight any your own data cleaning or enhancements we can provide to your data. The report will highlight if there are any gone aways, movers, deceased records and so on. For car companies we can run a keeper change report to examine the owner ship of the car on your database.Targeting StrategiesIf you are looking to expand your marketing area or a competitor is closing down or ifyou’re opening a new site we can provide the prospects you want to talk to. Communicate more Your own database is vital for your campaigns to run effectively,efficiently with existing incorrectly addressed records waste money in production and customers mailing costs. We can clean your files to improve your communications. Communicate with Targeting will allow you to reach people who are like your existing potential customers customers and would be interested in your product. Alternatively if you’re looking to move into a different market our databases will help you reach new customers. Raise awareness Multiple uses of your selection will help you communicate over a longer period to promote you, your products and services. These prospects may not be ready to buy just yet, but regular communication will help stimulate their interest when they are ready to buy. Page 3 of 16
  • 5. The Prime Prospects DatabaseOur databases can provide you with a range of data services including competitor cardrivers, wealthy prospects, parents, local businesses to more specialist data such asinsurance renewal dates and Motabilty prospects. Appendix 1 shows how response ratesdiffer from your own data to Prime Prospects and onto modelled data. How is the data Consumer Data is collected from Product Registration Cards, collected Consumer Surveys and from websites. These people have given permission for their data to be used for marketing purposes, making them more responsive to other direct mail campaigns. Business Data is sourced from Companies House and telephone qualified on a rolling basis to keep clean and up to date. ConsumerPeople all over the UK have volunteered information about their circumstances and lifestyleand allowed it to be used for marketing purposes. By mailing actual as opposed tomodelled data this will improve the response rate of you campaign. Postal Records 18 million individuals across the UK. Telephone Records Approximately 15% of our data will have a telephone number that has been screened against the Telephone Preference Service. Emails Our two partners have access to over 5 million email addresses. Car make, model, Number of cars in a Sports and social year of registration household interests Income Charity donations Holiday destination Age Marital status Occupation Number of children Age of children Financial status Full details can be found in Appendix 2 BusinessOver 5m contacts from 1.8m businesses with 70+ search criteria, almost all records will havea telephone number and approximately 25% will have an email.Selections include turnover, fleet size, contact names and email addresses based on theLBM and Experian National Business Database. Page 4 of 16
  • 6. Other DatabasesA selection of our most commonly requested databases from our partners include: High net wealth There are a number of ways of targeting the very wealthiest individuals individuals, for example through house value, income, share ownership and lifestyle. Motabilty for car Approx 300K prospects UK wide. 60% of the data is voice dealerships collected with the rest coming from surveys. Selection is based on prospects where their Motabilty contract is coming to an end. 30% of records with a TPS’d telephone number. Insurance Renewal Over 2m records UK wide split by month. Collected through data online and telephone surveys with approx 10% telephone numbers available. Other Examples Electoral roll data Directors at Home Small Office / Home Office Motorbike Data Very high wealth individuals EthnicityWe can build a data pool of prospects in your area targeted as widely or specifically as youneed.The following pages provide some examples of how the data can be used. Page 5 of 16
  • 7. Example CampaignsPrime Prospects can support your local marketing campaign by providing targetedprospects in your area.Typical campaigns aim to raise awareness about you and your services usually directingrecipients to contact you either by telephone or to your website. It is easy to test and refineyour message and offer and this section provides some examples of the variety of ways inwhich the data can be used. Education Prospecting for Public School candidates Adult prospects for evening classes Parents of 15 year All adults interested Districts olds and £50K+ in further education GU6 23 207 RH6 39 493 RH10 72 1,035 RH11 29 925 RH12 59 657 RH13 55 576 RH14 22 170 RH16 48 531 RH17 38 251 RH20 37 350 Total 422 5,195 Sport offers (example campaigns for a local golf club) Prime Prospects can target golf players by age for a promotion aimed at retired people over 60. We can also identify high net worth golfers for mailings targeted at affluent golfers. We can identify golf orientated prospects with children aged 5-10 years old for a promotion to encourage young golfers. Finally, we can target golfers who drive particular makes and models of cars for any special promotion for a local car dealership. Similar promotions can be done for almost all other local sports and social clubs. Page 6 of 16
  • 8. Other example targets Charitable criteria which can include age and income to help promote smaller, local charities. Hotels can use our year / month of birth criteria to target people with upcoming birthday milestones. Holiday offers can be targeted at people who like to go to different places, are at different life stages (such as children or income) or at different times in the year. Motorbike owners can be contacted for a variety of offers such as servicing, products or motor biking holidays.Example General Counts Birthday Month: Interested in Districts Interested in Golf March Sept Gourmet Food GU6 420 433 518 718 RH6 887 893 947 1,298 RH10 1,916 1,753 2,208 2,753 RH11 1,577 1,318 1,420 2,104 RH12 1,231 1,203 1,534 2,005 RH13 1,039 1,005 1,233 1,748 RH14 412 361 441 630 RH16 976 837 998 1,468 RH17 521 476 567 859 RH20 786 694 881 1,257 Total 9,765 8,973 10,747 14,840 Page 7 of 16
  • 9. Automotive examples Car dealerships and service centres can target owners of specific makes and models and registration years, perhaps combining their promotion with the local golf club or health club. Spring / summer / autumn / winter ‘health’ checks to owners of specific makes and models but geared precisely to the age of car. Special ‘pensioner service’ mailings can be targeted at retired people for servicing offers during quiet times in the work shop.Example Car Counts Competitor Cars - All Ages Districts All VW Total Polo Golf Passat Phaeton Eos Tiguan GU6 137 247 226 241 9 16 42 918 RH6 210 583 548 488 16 33 94 1,972 RH10 394 1,271 1,053 1,081 29 83 117 4,028 RH11 261 993 842 750 18 44 64 2,972 RH12 366 797 762 740 27 64 85 2,841 RH13 268 581 585 593 29 53 101 2,210 RH14 87 197 221 202 10 17 44 778 RH16 267 557 472 505 11 23 75 1,910 RH17 126 314 247 241 18 23 63 1,032 RH20 186 369 430 423 23 46 87 1,564 Total 2,302 5,909 5,386 5,264 190 402 772 20,225 Page 8 of 16
  • 10. Example MapOur counts can also be mapped to give a more detailed picture of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spotswithin your local area (or across the country): Distribution map of all VW owners by post code districtGeography: GU6, RH6, 10-17 and 20 Page 9 of 16
  • 11. Business to Business examplesBusinesses can be targeted by a variety of selections and channels including job title,turnover, SIC code or fleet size. Almost all of the records have a telephone number andaround 25% of the file has an email address. Car dealerships can target fleet buyers in companies with different sized fleets Fleet Size District District 1 to 2 3 to 5 6 to 9 10 to 19 20 to 49 50 to 99 100+ Unknown GU6 195 212 26 12 - - - 182 627 RH6 292 302 77 32 11 4 2 361 1,081 RH10 458 633 145 63 40 7 6 612 1,964 RH11 154 165 44 16 13 4 - 268 664 RH12 389 438 73 35 12 2 2 488 1,439 RH13 341 356 51 22 6 2 - 308 1,086 RH14 126 175 22 5 - 1 - 124 453 RH16 240 297 29 7 9 3 2 342 929 RH17 181 222 24 11 - - - 200 638 RH20 221 248 34 9 3 2 1 238 756 Total 2,597 3,049 525 212 94 25 13 3,123 9,638 Training companies can target by activity and by turnover. Different sized companies can be contacted in different ways, for example small companies can have an email sent to the owner with a follow up phone call and larger companies can be called first and the direct mail posted to the correct job position for that company. Turnover District Total <£50k £50k - £100k £100k - £250k £250k - £500k £500k - £1M £1M - £5M £5M - £10M £10M - £20M £20M - £50M £50M+ Unknown GU6 41 53 169 110 104 116 12 2 - - 22 629 RH6 61 87 280 175 175 199 28 15 11 4 26 1,061 RH10 106 135 452 311 335 421 67 40 25 9 79 1,980 RH11 55 48 162 99 102 124 22 8 9 2 33 664 RH12 91 119 371 232 263 249 31 11 11 3 64 1,445 RH13 86 75 292 192 160 190 29 9 1 1 52 1,087 RH14 38 28 122 73 91 68 9 - 1 1 23 454 RH16 52 72 254 162 173 155 17 4 11 3 30 933 RH17 43 61 171 117 97 94 11 4 - - 40 638 RH20 63 81 196 137 117 98 13 2 1 3 27 738 Total 636 759 2,469 1,608 1,618 1,714 239 95 70 26 425 9,659 Page 10 of 16
  • 12. Database Health ChecksMaintaining contact with past customers can be a vital contribution to the success of yourbusiness but properly maintaining the customer list is a time consuming effort. Data iscontinually evolving and changing – people move, change cars, marry and so on – as a resultit is easy to lose track of older records on your database. Data Check we can give your database a free check-up on the following details: • PAF verification – check that your addresses are correct to Royal Mail standard. • Goneaways – check for people who have moved house • Movers – in some cases we may be able to search for their new addresses • Deceased – confirm that your database is up to date • Duplicates – ensure you’re not sending multiple mailings to one address. Keeper Change How many of your customers still have the same car as on your database – a free report could show where you’re wasting your marketing budget. An example of part of a Data Clean Report Prime Prospects - Home Address Data Cleaning ReportDate: May 2010Client: Example ClientFile Description: 11x Branch Files for Cleaning Selection Quantity % Cost Required? Rate Data countsThe following is a summary of the submitted data. Number of records 18,857 - Including number of companies 15 Number of Telephone Numbers: - Addresses £ 84.86 Y £4.50 / 00017552 (93.08% ) are correct to PAF Standard. Number of addresses which were verified as correct: 17,055 90.4% Number of addresses which were incorrect before cleansing: 1,802 9.6% Number of addresses which INTACT updated: 497 2.6% Number of addresses which are not PAF standard: 1,305 6.9%By checking up on your database you can ensure that you are not wasting your marketingbudget on customer or businesses that are no longer there. Page 11 of 16
  • 13. Service Standards What do I need to i. Tell us the type of prospect you are after or data clean tell you? ii. Would you like us to dedupe against your data? iii. What area do you want us to look in? iv. Postal, telephone numbers or email? v. We’ll provide you with a detailed count vi. You decide whether to order Counts supplied within 24 hours Any changes to geography or criteria can be made as required Data can be supplied within two hours after sign off Full Terms and Conditions are supplied with the first order.What can I expect from the data? FAQ These can be found in Appendix 3 Simple We interrogate three consumer and two business databases for you, saving you the hassle of going to them separately and sorting through any database duplicates. Targeted The resultant Prime Prospect data enables you to target your marketing directly at customers that may be interested in your goods or services. Planning The free counts we provide can be used to plan your campaign either for expansion, if a competitors has closed down or if you have a lower than expected coverage in a certain area. By creating bespoke profiles and geographic areas we can speed up the time it takes to create and supply data to you. Full Support We will provide a full bureau service, from start to finish, identifying your needs to provide you with the best data possible, leaving you more time for your own sales. Page 12 of 16
  • 14. Summary of Services Leading UK The Prime Prospects database is a pool of three of the UK’s leading Databases consumer databases. Our counts are deduped for you to provide a single quote at a single rate, saving you time and money going to multiple suppliers. Free data counts Consumers or businesses according to your requirements. Free data Data Clean and Keeper Change reports on your data for free. health check Quick Our in-house Consumer and Business databases allow for quick turnaround of counts and orders. Pricing Customised quotes provided according to your requirementsPrime Prospects complements your existing marketing by targeting your budget at theprospects you’re looking for. Those prospects are compiled from actual responders tosurveys who have given permission to be contacted.We hold three of the UK’s leading consumer databases in house and 2 of the leadingBusiness Databases ‘in house’ enabling us to give fast and accurate quotes and data supply.These databases still give us a large spread of prospects even at the local level. We can alsodedupe our data against your own database to provide pure prospects for your campaign.Our fully supported service with low minimum orders let you get on with growing yourbusiness by finding more customers.Contact DetailsSimon Claydon, Dip IDMOffice: 020 8274 5000Direct: 020 8274 5007Email: Prime Prospects is a division of Sample Answers Ltd located at Bridge House, 74c Broad Street, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8QT in the UK. Registered in England No: 3046957 Page 13 of 16
  • 15. Appendix 1 – Targeting Options and Response RatesThe best response rates are from your own data sets of customers, lapsed customers andenquiries, but this has the smallest volume available. Prime Prospects adds more data foryour marketing.These prospects are individuals who match your existing customers. This data has beencompiled from consumer surveys and product registration cards to provide leads that arereceptive to direct mail and match your required targeting. Response Rate - Volume Levels of Targeting - Volume Available High Custo mers Lapsed custo mers Client respo nse data Individual level data (Prime Prospects) M o delled lifestyle data with o ther data o verlays Custo mer data mo delled with generic data sets Low Ho useho ld level segmentatio n systems such as M o saic Geo -demo graphics Electo ral Ro ll data Page 14 of 16
  • 16. Appendix 2 – Common Database SelectionsDate of Load Children Home OwnershipWhen the record was first Number of children Length of residencecaptured and its source Age of children Status Owner or renterGender Interests and Activities Type of houseMale / Female Art and antiques Detached, semi-detached Books read Terrace or flatMarital Status Computer and internetMarried Cultural pursuits CharitySingle DIY Causes donated toDivorced Drinks Payment method Alcohol, tea or coffeeHousehold Income Eating out Personal FinanceBy bands Environmental interest Credit and debit cards Exercise InsurancesAge Film interest InvestmentBy year of birth Gambling Mortgage Golf PensionOccupation Home and garden Stocks and sharesSector employed in Music WillYou and your partner Newspapers readOwner Popular, mid-market or AutomotiveDirector Quality Age of carProfessional National Trust Bought newExecutive Pets Have a carManual work Recycling interest Make and Model ownedStudent Shopping MotorcycleRetired High street or, online SMMT bandUnemployed Sports Theatre GeographyHealth Travel Pre-selected areasInformation requested Foreign, UK Drive TimeTreatments undertaken TV DistanceHealth clubs Weddings RegionsMore selections are available on request... Page 15 of 16
  • 17. Appendix 3 – FAQ How do I use the Data is rented for a number of uses as required. Anyone who data? responds – whether to purchase or enquire – is then yours to market to in the future. What kind of The essential components for any direct mail are the creative, response rate can I offer, timing & the list. All these factors can affect your response expect? rate for your campaign. Prime Prospects cannot guarantee a response rate, but our high level of repeat business shows how direct mail is a cost effective part of the marketing mix. What happens with We will refund any gone aways in the unlikely event they go over any returned mail? 5%. Typically you can expect 2-3% of mail to be returned - in line with industry standards. How do we handle Any complaints can be forwarded onto Prime Prospects and we complaints? will respond and investigate fully. How much does the We have a low minimum order for postal records, but please data cost? contact us for a personalised quote according to your needs. What happens Our consumer and business databases are held in house to next? provide quick counts and any changes can be made easily until you have the count you want. Where does the Consumer Data is collected from consumer surveys and product data come from registration cards. This information is checked monthly for suppressions (such as deceased or gone aways) Business Data is collected from a variety of public sources and is telephone checked on a rolling basis to ensure accuracy. When was the data New data is being collected continuously as well as regular checks collected? against the Electoral Roll. If required we can add a recency to the selection. What can you Business or Consumer data with a mixture of postal, telephone, supply? fax and email data. What if I already Prime Prospects can dedupe the prospect list against your own have a database? customer list to provide you with new prospects only. Page 16 of 16