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CV / Curriculum Vitae | Resume - Simon Major
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CV / Curriculum Vitae | Resume - Simon Major


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Public copy of CV / Curriculum Vitae | Resume - Simon Major . File Version: smcvpdf14031701pub

Public copy of CV / Curriculum Vitae | Resume - Simon Major . File Version: smcvpdf14031701pub

Published in: Career, Technology

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  • 1.     S I M O N M A J O R S U M M A R Y My core competencies centre on Linux / Solaris UNIX system administration, with a track record for troubleshooting across competencies. These site reliability engineering skill sets allow me to make valuable contributions to software development and project delivery, in addition to fulfilling architecture roles. Exposure to a broad range of business and technical environments has given me a strong cumulative insight starting from a systems design engineering and management educational background. E X P E R I E N C E Career Break 01 / 2011 - 11 / 2013 Family & Business Carer Sadly at this time my father became extremely ill and I switched to taking care of him and his Independent Financial Advisor business. Technical Keywords: Ubuntu, Solaris 11, Splunk>, SIP VoIP & Asterisk, IPv6, ITILv3, Zenoss, OTRS::ITSM, Python, XSLT, KVM, Eucalyptus, AWS, EC2, Office 365, mod_security, Puppet, lxc, Arch Linux Rank Interactive 10 / 2009 - 12 / 2010 Infrastructure Architect (Offshore & Onshore Data Centres) (via Rank Group) Activities: • Responsible for Infrastructure Architecture. • Hardware and design patterns for Cisco, Brocade, (F5) Load Balancers, HP & Sun server and Storage were all standardised. • 2 x offshore data centres rebuilt to my server & network designs. Including 1 x DC relocation under my implementation leadership. • I reabsorbed the security and change control functions when we were between these personnel, and the churn in two network managers during this period. • TCP/IP network latency and performance troubleshooting. • Fraud forensics. • Performance troubleshooting our BIR (Betting In Running) real time B2C pricing offering. Later debugging the lower latency replacement Comet version. • I continued to assist and mentor my former third level support personnel. Additional Keywords: VMware, ESX, ESXi, IIS, tcpdump, wireshark, tcptrace, PHP, memcached, (Opsera) Opsview (Nagios), Splunk> Rank Interactive 12 / 2008 - 09 / 2009 Platform Manager (UNIX, Informix, Windows) (via Rank Group) Achievements: • I jointly received the inaugural employee of the month. • An Informix licensing reorganisation was conducted saving over £500,000 potential
  • 2.   Simon Major Curriculum Vitae- ii - expenditure. • Mitigating DDOS attacks. • Redesign and rebuild of entire infrastructure for PCI DSS 1.2. successfully anticipating PCI DSS 2.0. • I designed an enhanced web anti-scrape security solution using a web analytics for input. Activities: • Reported to the CTO. Managed 12 personnel. • Absorbed the responsibility of 2.5 senior / management FTE (Unix Manager + Enterprise Architect + 50% Operations Manager). • Perpetual on call and many 7 day weeks due to incident management and 4th level escalation. Maintaining the 24/7 availability of multiple e-commerce / i-gaming web sites. • Merger of Windows back office team into the UNIX front office team. Additional Keywords: .Net, Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDoms), Jumpstart, JASS, JET, LDAP, Agile, Scrum, Altassian Jira, HP C7000, OS X Rank Interactive 01 / 2008 - 11 / 2008 Platform Manager (UNIX, Informix, Windows) (via Rank Group) Achievements: • Informix troubleshooting, including highlighting a shared memory bug to IBM’s back end developers. • I designed and deployed SANs and storage in three data centres. • Mission critical Informix database servers were replaced with no downtime. Additional Keywords: Sun Cluster, ActiveMQ, BI, LAMP, TCL Blue Square 02 / 2007 - 01 / 2008 Unix Technical Analyst (Solaris, Apache, Informix) (via Rank Group) Achievements: • Revamp of the Apache web servers with automated build system and configuration modularisation. The scalability improvements achieved an 80% reduction in resources with and pushed performance enough to discover Solaris 10 SSL kernel bugs. • Debugging and performance troubleshooting an offshore outsourced C++ game development. • My technical advocacy resulted in significant implementations and procurement: Solaris Zones virtualisation, ZFS and Blade Center 6000. Activities: • Infrastructure liaison for a new B2B partnership with 888. • Root cause analysis. Additional Keywords: PHP, MySQL, Tomcat, CentOS, Postgres, dtrace, pthreads, Rational Purify, libumem
  • 3.   Simon Major Curriculum Vitae- iii - Saker Enterprise Solutions 2000 - 02 / 2007 Director (Linux, Windows, SME) Consulting to the small business market based upon Linux infrastructure and virtualisation for Windows applications and integrations. At the end of this period in order to realign with enterprise environment I undertook a relief contract at the BT Northern Command Centre in Sheffield. This was a high maturity 24/7 shift environment servicing tens of thousands of servers, both BT’s, and managed services. Additional Keywords: CRM, Virtualisation, openSUSE, CentOS, Red Hat, (Novell) SEL (SUSE Enterprise Linux), Debian, ActiveState Perl, HP- UX, AIX, Sequent Dynix, F15K (F25K) Barclays Capital 2000 - 2001 UNIX Administrator (Solaris - Contractor) Achievements: • Creation of a Lights Out automated proactive patch installation mechanism for the Operating System and layered products for Solaris 2.6, 7 & 8. Activities: • Mixed project and BAU production support banking role. • Sole responsibility for the legacy Tru64 environment. Additional Keywords: Summit, VCS (Veritas Cluster Server), (Veritas Foundation Suite), VxFS, E10K PwC 2000 - 2000 UNIX Infrastructure Administrator (Solaris - Contractor) (via nscglobal) Providing EMEA region SMTP mail gateway, DNS and web proxy services for over 35,000 users. Additional Keywords: Network Associates’ Gauntlet, Innosoft’s PMDF, sendmail, bind, Lotus Notes, (Symantec) Veritas NetBackup, Netscape Proxy, Inktomi Traffic Server J.P. Morgan 1997 - 1999 Senior UNIX Administrator (Solaris) (via CSC) Achievements: • Redeveloping the London server build standard Sybase servers to use Veritas Volume Manager instead of DiskSuite. Activities: • Cross chargeable internal implementation consultant. Out of hours production support. • Secondment to the Financial Business unit to help implement a new General Ledger in the European branches using • PeopleSoft Financials and CA Unicenter Work Load, both of which were alien to the London environment. Additional Keywords: (Symantec) VxVM (Veritas Volume Manager), SVM (Solaris Volume Manager) formerly known as ODS & SDS.
  • 4.   Simon Major Curriculum Vitae- iv - SELEX Systems Integration Ltd 1996 - 1997 UNIX Administrator (Solaris, Tru64, SunOS, Linux) Additional Keywords: Hummingbird eXceed, DEC, Compaq Alpha, OSF/1, Digital UNIX, EMC (Legato) Networker, Amanda, Rational (PureAtria) ClearCase, cc:Mail, squid, regular expressions SELEX Systems Integration Ltd 1995 - 1996 Technical Support Engineer (Netware, Windows, Mac OS) E D U C A T I O N Brunel University 1991 - 1995 B.Eng. "Special Engineering Programme" (multi-discipline systems engineering and management). I ran a Linux server (Slackware) in my halls of residence since 1994. Dartford Grammar School 1983 - 1990 S U P P L E M E N T A L Items that do not fit well on my CV e.g. interests, training record and personality profiles, etc. overflow to Additional career history excluded from these curriculum vitae may be found on LinkedIn ( S K I L L S Awk Apache Unix Veritas Volume Manager Veritas Cluster Server Sun Cluster SAN ITIL Security Informix Dtrace System Administration Virtualization Performance Tuning Troubleshooting VMware ZFS Red Hat Linux CentOS Ubuntu NFS Solaris Zones Solaris Volume Manager Netbackup Splunk MySQL Puppet