Timit app presentation by Team BeatMatched


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A personal productivity and time management application that allows users to monitor their social media and online gaming usage.

This presentation was developed for a Stanford class in Technology Entrepreneurship.

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Timit app presentation by Team BeatMatched

  1. 1. TIMIT TMBy Team BeatMatched
  2. 2. Monitoring System + Time ManagementFor social media members andonline gamers it is important to Facebookunderstand how much time is spenton these activities. It easy for themodern business person to interactsocially and entertain themselves for Pintresthours on end without realizing theamount of hours they occupies.The objective of this web & mobile Online Pokerapp will be to provide users with atool to monitor their online siteusage and set up automaticreminder that alert them when theyhave exceeded a certain amount of World of Warcrafttime.
  3. 3. FEATURESThe application will automaticallylaunch when the user logs in to theirsocial network or gamingcommunity.This activation will start a timer thatwill audibly alert the user every 30minutes or 1 hour they have spentlogged in. A pop up message willalso prompt the user with acollective time spent and a messageencouraging them to log off.
  4. 4. Benefits of ProductTime management and productivityare the main concerns beingaddressed with the application.Our goal is to decrease the amountof unnecessary time spent onlineand empower users who are unableto control themselves.This product will allow them to setreminders, alarms and alerts toassist them in managing the timethey spend online.
  5. 5. Improve Personal PerformanceThe average online users spendanywhere from 2-6 hours online Workingdoing non-work or life essentialactivities.To improve the quality of their livesand increase the amount of timethey have to do productive activities Commuting Online Eatingwe offer a way for them to see howmuch time they spend and dosomething about it! Sleeping
  6. 6. UI &InterfaceThe majority of the users interactionwith the program will be respondingto prompts sent by the applicationas pop-up messages or pushnotifications.These reminders and alerts will tellthe user how long they have beenactive on a site and allow them toview charts visually displaying theiractivity.Tracking and logging their activitywill allow them to gauge how muchtime they are spendingcumulatively.
  7. 7. Catalyst For ChangeThrough a customized action planthe program will suggest a systemfor reducing time spent online andincreasing productivity.These performance optimizationcharts will give the user guidanceand allow them.The suggested systems will featuretime limits for sites and automatedmotivational messages that arepreprogrammed.
  8. 8. Data MiningThe monetization of this app willcertainly come from the mining ofdata gathered. This information willbe vital to companies searching forinformation on their users and abouttheir time spent online.
  9. 9. App Sales & AdvertisingRevenue will be generated from thedirect to consumer sale of theapplication itself via the iTunes appstore for apple users and Googleplay as well as Amazon for androidusers.A freemium model may be used toallow users to test the product andthen require them to purchase afterestablishing frequent usage.Advertisements will be featured onthe free app during the trial periodand will be removed once the usersupgrades as an added incentive.
  10. 10. ThankYou For ViewingWe believe this product could be We appreciate the time you havevery valuable to users and easily taken to review our presentation andconverted into a sustainable hope that you will give us a positivebusiness model. review.Our concept was modified from the Thanks again and good luck withoriginal “worst” idea for a Online your class projects!Gaming Addiction Prevention. Sincerely,You can view their concept here: Team BeatMatchedhttp://venture-lab.org/venture/team_ideas/5817