Save costs with your cleaning


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A little about our Clean and Guard cleaning product.
Our proprietary formula is safe and biodegradable.

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Save costs with your cleaning

  1. 1. A REVOLUTION IN CLEANING CUT COSTS SAVE TIME Silverlock Tenders Clean and Guard brochure – cover The cover has been kept really simple for maximum impact. The headline has been simplified to appeal to the target audience. The colours and fonts have been taken from the product logo. The decision not to use images was taken to avoid looking cheesy or run of the mill – the product is an exciting new development in the world of cleaning so the design should reflect that.
  2. 2. * based on product trials in real life situations CLEAN & GUARD CAN REDUCE YOUR CLEANING COSTS BY AT LEAST 25% * A revolutionary replacement for conventional disinfectants, detergents, sanitizers, bleaches and biocides based on technology developed by our UK team and incorporating 30 years of research. Saves on time • Lowers labour costs • Effective, rapid action formula improves cleaning time • Cleans,deodorises& disinfects all in one action Saves on products • Clean & Guard can tackle any surface or soiling, removing the cost and inconvenience of having to buy several different cleaning agents Saves on re-cleaning • The long-lasting protein film repels dirt for up to 14 days so surfaces stay cleaner and bacteria-free for longer A detergent… Clean & Guard helps remove even severe soiling quickly and effectively using our innovative technology: • Multi-purpose – removes dirt/soiling (detergent) and kills bacteria (disinfectant) • Fast-acting on dirt– eradicates oils, body fluids & grease 50% quicker than conventional detergents • Fast-acting on germs –specifically targets bacteria • Removes odours –by breaking odours down, not just maskingthem • Effective – the action is not neutralised by the presence of detergents or soiling, unlike other disinfectants, so even works in dirty and hard water environments • Long-lasting protection – due to the ground-breaking microscopic protein layer • Safe – to humans, animals and suitable for food preparation areas • Non-toxic – odourless & colourless • Non-corrosive –environmentally friendly and biodegradable • Penetrates surfaces –6X better than water, flushing out deeply soaked in dirt, bacteria and odours • Unique formula –destroys a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and germs providing a superior level of cleaning tested to BS EN 1276 Clean & Guard eliminates the need for separate detergent (to remove dirt) and disinfectant (to kill germs) allowing all your cleaning to be done with just one product, saving time and money ONE PRODUCT THAT DOES THE WORK OF TWO Silverlock Tenders Clean and Guard brochure – spread Key pieces of information have been picked out in headlines to grab attention and encourage the potential customer to read on. The left hand page works as in introduction to the product and brochure so has been given the lead over the right hand page in terms of focus. A headline has been created for the right hand page to lead that section.