Social Media For Business | Zurich Workshop


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My workshop for Zurich's clients on 18th April 2012 on Social Media for business

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Social Media For Business | Zurich Workshop

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Director of TwoCents Group Branding Graphic Design Marketing Advertising Social Media WebWrite for Marketing Magazine Lion Nathan, Heineken Consumer behaviour FMCG goods Retail Promotions Social networking
  3. 3. You can buy attention (advertising);you can beg for attention from the media (PR).You can bug people one at a time to get attention(sales).Or you can earn attention by creatingsomething interesting and valuableand then publishing it online for free.”David Meerman Scott
  4. 4. People Trust Their Friends
  5. 5. Social vs. Traditional vs. Interactive One-way One or two messages 2,000 to 3,000 messages a day
  6. 6. What is Social Media?• Accessible.• Scalable.• Interactive.• Usability.• Recency.
  7. 7. Core Channels Facebook Blogs Google Social LinkedIn + Media YouTub Twitter e
  8. 8. Important Facts About Social Media• 10million+ Australian users on Facebook• 190 million Tweets per day• Flickr hosts 5 billion images• Wikipedia hosts 17 million articles• Google+ has 180 million users• 2.5million websites integrated with Facebook• 30 billion pieces of content shared via Facebook every day• 490 million users visit YouTube every month• Instagram sold for $1billion
  9. 9. We‟re Doing It Wrong!• 2 of 10 SMEs have a social media presence• 37% of female business operators have implemented social media activities, vs. 16% of males• Those with a social media presence, only 1 in 4 monitors it every day, 1 in 4 just once a week.• 5% say they never provide updates, and 48% believe social media has had no impact on their business.• 5% SMEs developed a mobile-specific siteBUT• 82% of 30- to 39-year-olds use social media, 47% of 40- to 49- year-olds and 45% of 50- to 64-year-olds• half of Australians in their forties connect via mobile and a third of those in their 50s• 12% of consumers purchasing online have made purchases using a mobile.
  10. 10. Social Media Illusions• Its free.• Build it and they will come.• My customers want to engage with my business• Just for kids.• Its the answer to my business woes.• It can stand on its own as a communication tool.• Fool-proof.
  11. 11. Why Do People Interact?40%: discounts and promotions39%: show my support for the company to others34%: stay informed about activities of the company33%: updates on future products30%: updates on upcoming sales29%: entertainment25%: access to exclusive content21%: learn more about the company
  12. 12. When Do People Interact?
  13. 13. TECHNOLOGY
  14. 14. Mobile phone is the greatest piece of persuasive technology of all time. Location-specific Contextual Timely Immediate
  15. 15. 20115 billion mobile phones in use.
  16. 16. By 2012There will be as many connected mobile phones, as there are people. (PhoneCount)
  17. 17. VIDEO
  18. 18. The End of TV? 2015
  19. 19. YouTube• Owned by Google; bought for $1.65 billion• Ten minute and 2Gig limit on videos; partner accounts can get more• 103 million monthly UNIQUE visitors in May 2010• 24 hours of video uploaded every minute• 1.12 hours per month spent on YouTube every month• 5.8 billion videos streamed in June 2010 in US; 2 billion videos viewed PER DAY worldwide• 47% of the global internet population visited YouTube in April 2010Ways to engage• Creating your own channel; commenting on videos• Share, embed videos; create content
  20. 20. Instructional Video Webinars Welcome VideoVideo testimonials Success stories Product demos Product reviews Training Commercials Viral video
  21. 21. CONTENT
  22. 22. CASE STUDYGreat description ofcompanyPhilosophy on Info pageAppealing use of “photo ofthe day”Keeps customers returningthrough mystery trips(“surprise and delight”element) and an interactivegameCreates customercommunity on Meet Otherspage
  23. 23. • DON‟T BE BORING• Constant repetition will KILL your followers• Relevant to current events• If you can‟t be creative, EMPLOY someone to be creative for you• Think „magazine‟
  25. 25. LinkedIn• Formed in May 2003, based in California• 100 million members+ as of March 2011• One new member every second• 50% of members outside the US• 2 million members in Australia• 7,840,000 shares of common stock at a price to the public of $45.00• Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are members on LinkedIn• 2 million companies have LinkedIn pages• ‘Social Networking for Business’
  26. 26. Twitter• 100 million active users every month• 50 million users every day• 9th busiest website in the world• $140 million revenue• Processes 1.6billion searches a day• Valued at $7.8billion• Revolutions organised via Twitter: Egypt, Tunisia, Iran Election protests, Moldova Civil unrest• Steve Job‟s death brought Twitter down
  27. 27. CONNECT
  28. 28. Places • Control your business profile • Geo-location • Share experiences
  29. 29. MEASURE
  30. 30. Measuring InvestmentROI: the return.Quantitative Data: the numbers.Qualitative Data: the opinions.
  31. 31. Google Analytics
  32. 32. Facebook Insights
  33. 33. Top Tips• Have a Plan! Set Objectives!• Know Your Message• Stay On Brand• Help People Find You• Constant & Relevant Communication• Get Everyone Involved• Listen! And Reply!• “A vocal minority, but an aural majority”• Be a Resource• Develop Tabs