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If Britain were a brand, what would its values be?
As Britain approached a four day weekend during which the British bathed in a glow of patriotic fervour, and inspired in part by some of our own brand consultancy, we put together this deck of slides on Britain.

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Brand Britain

  1. 1. If Britain was a brand, how would it be viewed?Consilium| sales transformation |
  2. 2. As an obstinate kid?Consilium| sales transformation |
  3. 3. Basking in past glory?The „bulldog breed‟,„Winnie‟, „Monty‟ and“our finest hour”.
  4. 4. Two objective measures Rank Rank Country Score 1 New Zealand 9.5 2 Denmark 9.4 10 2 Finland 9.4 4 Sweden 9.3 In September 2011 5 Singapore 9.2 20 6 Norway 9.0 BrandFinance ranked 7 Netherlands 8.9 30 eight British brands in 8 8 Australia Switzerland 8.8 8.8 their Global Top 100. 10 Canada 8.7 40 11 Luxembourg 8.5 12 Hong Kong 8.4 13 Iceland 8.3 50 But we only score 7.8 out 14 14 Germany Japan 8.0 8.0 60 of 10 in Transparency 16 Austria 7.8 16 Barbados 7.8 International‟s corruption 16 United Kingdom 7.8 19 Belgium 7.5 70 perception index. 19 Ireland 7.5 21 Bahamas 7.3 80 This places us 16th. 22 22 Chile Qatar 7.2 7.2 24 United States 7.1 90 25 France 7.0 25 Saint Lucia 7.0 25 Uruguay 7.0 100Consilium| sales transformation |
  5. 5. “The Firm”There are other contributors to BrandBritain. We are clear market leader inthe royalty stakes.In 2011 the brand received a welcomeboost from Wills and Kate.Their marriage was viewed by 36.7min Britain with millions more aroundthe world including 72m on theYouTube Royal Channel.Who said Britain lives in the past?Consilium| sales transformation |
  6. 6. Reith‟s Reprise?The BBC doesn‟t feature in BrandFinance‟sstudy, despite achieving a weekly overseasaudience of 250m.As the third world skips the land line movingstraight to the mobile, with internet accessfollowing, a strong British web presence isessential.Despite cuts to the World Service, the BBCremains one of the most powerful means ofprojecting Brand Britain.If proof is needed, there is constant pressurefrom press barons to curb its web presence;we hope the BBC will prevail.Consilium| sales transformation |
  7. 7. Dreaming of British SpiresJesuits claimed “Give me a boy at theage of seven and Ill have him for life.”The British follow this principle, thoughsomewhat later by educating foreignstudents at our universities.According to “Foreign Office Sources”most British ambassadors‟ havepromoting British education high on theirlist of priorities.The Government estimates earningsfrom foreign students at £14Bn … similarto our pharmaceutical exports.Consilium| sales transformation |
  8. 8. Credit where it‟s due?Aided by language and its regulatory environment,London remains the world‟s largest financial centre.Consilium| sales transformation |
  9. 9. Lex Britannica London has become the Oligarch‟s venue of choice for justice. Inspired no doubt by the BBC‟s reputation for objectivity rather than by Transparency International. Meanwhile Bond Street is still littered with limousines hovering while their owners shop.Consilium| sales transformation |
  10. 10. So Britain‟s brand values are probably: ► stability ► fairness ► perhaps financial probity ► and a little retail therapyConsilium| sales transformation |
  11. 11. Time for a rebrand?Whether as we fill out an internetform wondering if we will be listedunder G, B or U, or having to explainwhy Northern Ireland is part of theUnited Kingdom but not of Britain;our brand is confusing.If Scotland secedes what will we callourselves?“The dis-United Kingdom of Britainwith Northern Ireland”?We trust not!Consilium| sales transformation |
  12. 12. How you present yourself and brand your business is really important. Brand is worth billions to Britain every year: • Education • Financial Services • Justice • Tourism and more How much could yours be worth to you? Do you nurture it? How can you make it work better? Consilium is available to advise on this, and the more prosaic issues of sales and marketing. Email or visit us! ConsiliumConsilium | sales transformation | All copyright acknowledged including Wikimedia commons and MS clip art.| sales transformation |