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The Coffee Message from Scanomat UK
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The Coffee Message from Scanomat UK


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The Coffee Message from Scanomat UK.

The Coffee Message from Scanomat UK.

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  • 1. The Coffee Message PROFIT
  • 2. 2010 is 50th anniversary of Scanomat. Scanomat developed the world’s first fully automatic cappuccino machine in 1980. Our coffee machines are all proudly produced in Denmark and we export to 46 countries. Over the years we have produced and sold hundreds of thousands professional coffee machines worldwide. about
  • 3. The coffee message is... The reasons for getting the Venezia brewer are many, but to us the most important one is the unique taste of the coffee produced by the brewer. This is accomplished by heating cold fresh water to the right temperature for each brew and by providing the best cir- cumstances for the freshly grinded coffee beans. It only takes the VENEZIA 1.6 seconds to grind the coffee beans which are then led into the pre-heated stainless steel brewer. Whether you choose filter or espresso coffee, the adjustable tamper pressure makes sure that the end cup result may compete with leading professional baristas’. The Venezia won a competition held by one of the world’s leading food operators who has ordered over 1,000 Venezia brewers. The Venezia was singled out among the products of all prominent coffee machine manufacturers worldwide as being the best of its category: The best end cup result, the easiest to operate, the lowest maintenance costs, the lowest power consumption, the lowest environmental costs, and the best price performance per cup at all times. Please see for yourself what else the VENEZIA can offer you.
  • 4. 100 Unique, new design; the 100 slope of the front door is an eye-catcher and very suitable for advertising your brands, your logo etc., and with its stainless steel cabinet the brewer communicates professionalism.
  • 5. Hybrid Whole beans & instant The Venezia is also equipped with an outstanding world-reputed instant brewing unit which can be configured with 1 to 4 instant products (e.g. decaffeinated coffee, coffee, chocolate, milk) depending on your require- ments. Why combine whole bean and instant brewing units you may ask? You may serve decaffeinated coffee without using one of the grinders for this option, for instance. You may serve a carafe of coffee instantly (in 20 seconds) by combing ground coffee and instant coffee in 1 to 5, for instance. Back up: If the whole bean brewer should fail the instant section will still be able to produce all your drink selections.
  • 6. Fresh milk Almost no maintenance required owing to the Scanomatic Milk Clean System which ends every vend cycle by rinsing the milk tube of the world’s smallest milk foaming device. You can switch between instant milk and fresh milk.
  • 7. Adjustable The brewer can be adjusted to any cup size you may choose, it automatically regulates the quantity of products required for the cup size selected. Furthermore, the Venezia uses less products and brews faster than most competitors in the industry, thus it gains more cash to you.
  • 8. The heart is the brewer Due to cutting edge technology, the patented brew- er can be removed in 10 seconds. “You may not believe it, but it is true”. The brew unit is built as a modular plug-in unit that holds the water heater, brewer motors, actuators and electronics which renders quick and optimal service possible. 230V. Back of brewer Water Electronic Conect
  • 9. Clean design The easy maintenance of the Venezia is unmatched by our com- petitors owing to the service-friendly, modular design of the brewer. The easily removable sides and back panels facilitate service and changing of components. All canisters and mixers can be removed in a few seconds.
  • 10. The fridge Use our low energy, design-matching side fridge with compressor or our base cabinet or your own refrigerator. The side fridge cools the milk all the way to the dispensing head when dealing with the straight instant version of the Venezia and comes with a cup warmer on top if requested. The base cabinet contains: Fridge, pump and optional water cooler.
  • 11. CO2 awareness ready i 45 sec. from stand by The Venezia brewer can be designed in any colour you like and its consumption of electricity has been minimized. The Venezia brewer can be set to turn off automatically when it has been idle for some time. Due to its fast heating element it takes but 45 seconds for the brewer to reach the brewing tempera- ture required.
  • 12. The choice is yours
  • 13. You get all this Top quality stainless steel hybrid brewer: Up to 2 kinds of coffee beans and 4 instant products. No compromises as to quality of materials, performance and design. All-in-one brewing unit, includes heater, electronics, water connection, removable in 10 seconds. 1 or 2 grinders: 1 or 2 kinds of coffee beans, 1 or 2 grindings. Tamper pressure adjustable from 0 to 30 kg – more perfect than a Barista. Professional flash boiler for fresh brew section: Freshly boiled water for each cup. The pre-heated brewing chamber guarantees the ideal temperature of each and every drink each and every time. Perfect end cup result. Flash steamer: Steam on demand. No yearly inspection of steam system required. Handy two-milk-system, e.g. whole and skimmed milk. Minor maintenance owing to the Scanomatic Milk Clean System, ending each vend cycle by rinsing the milk tube. The milk is kept cooled till it reaches the frother. Tiny, unique, air-compressor-controlled milk frothing system.
  • 14. Choose between instant milk and fresh milk, ground coffee or instant coffee. Speedy preparations: A cup of filter coffee in 14 seconds, a cup of espresso in 20 to 30 seconds, a cup of instant coffee in 4 seconds and a carafe of coffee mixed 5 to 1 on instant and filter coffee, for instance, in 20 seconds. Numerous combinations of drinks: Double espresso, espresso, macchiato, latte macchiato, caffè latte, café mocha, cappuccino, café crème, traditional filter coffee, chocolate, espreschoc, milk, tea and splash of cold or hot milk for tea. The Venezia uses less products and brews faster than its competitors, thus it gains more cash to the outlet as each drink is based on profes-sional grinding, freshly heated water, applying of correct tamper pres-sure made in a pre-heated brewing chamber. Standby consumption: 0 kW. Ready to brew in 45 seconds: Place your cup, make your choice, the selection keys flash to indicate heat-up-preparations, once ready your drink is served and the machine is ready. Coffee disposal Coffee disposal gathered internally (dregs bin holding 100 cups) or externally which may give room for a lot. Low energy, design-matching side fridge. Optional cup warmer on top of fridge. Power supply: 230-240 VAC, 13 Amp single phase with ground connection, or 400 VAC 2/3 phases with neutral and ground connection. 1800 watt – 8.4 kw.
  • 15. Height: 670 mm Width: 440 mm Depth: 610 mm
  • 16. Scanomat A/S - Vibe Allé 3 - 2980 Kokkedal -