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Social media introduction final

Social media introduction final






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    Social media introduction final Social media introduction final Presentation Transcript

    • Exploiting the social media revolution Katie King Managing Director, Zoodikers
    • • Managing Director, Zoodikers. 23 years in PR • PR for ISS, FMA etc • Social media column in FMJ • Former Director Text 100 • Commentator BBC TV & radio • Social media trainer, moderator & conference speaker (Workplace Futures; KPMG/FMA conference) • Strategy & training for agencies, SMEs, Universities, voluntary groups, Saatchi, Harrods, Kingfisher, o2… Credentials
    • • The social revolution • Alignment with your goals • Developing a compelling content strategy • How to prepare for crisis scenarios • Measuring the effectiveness of social media campaigns • Protecting yourself with a social media policy Our agenda
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXD- Uqx6_Wk A Social Revolution
    • • Traditional organisations ‘owned’ their brands • New comms are word-of-mouth led. Social media gives more power to people. They own the brand. • The brand is what people perceive it to be, and now, say it is. • They are passionate enough to create blogs, videos, and images, or to comment on them – often in their own time • Sources of info are fragmenting. You now have access to thousands of blogs and social networks Impact on brands
    • | 6 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals
    • Social Media in Professional Services • More than 2.7 million people now follow FTSE 100 corporate Twitter accounts - a rise of 131% since 2011 • 27.4 million fans of FTSE 100 corporate Facebook pages - a 98% rise • 82 million views of corporate videos- an increase of 105%
    • Latest FM social media research The most successful organisations… • Had a comprehensive strategy • Highlighted all social platforms in use (via website, corporate literature, business cards, etc) • Posted a wide range of content, not just text – videos, pictures, infographics • Listened as much as they spoke
    • ‘Every facet of the NHS is represented on social media. Senior Department of Health officials, nurses, junior doctors, radiologists, patient groups, NHS librarians, mental health practitioners and more are all on Twitter. - ‘Only chief executives who are social media literate will be able to ask the right questions of their directors and staff when discussing the results of social media use and monitoring.’ NHS Advice for CEOs Dean Royles, NHS Employment Organisation A New Way of Working
    • Allows participants to develop their own views and opinions, through discussion and participation. •Social Media lacks the time and place restrictions of traditional meetings •Allows discussion and development over a longer period of time - nobody is ‘put on the spot’. •Information and discussions can be more casually distributed to relieve administrative pressure NHS Advice for CEOs
    • | 11 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 12 core developments
    • | 12 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 1. Strategy A board level issue
    • • As a listening tool – e.g. for market research on customers, competitors • For customer service, to handle enquiries • To engage audiences, 2-way, e.g. on Facebook • To influence press, customers, partners • To recruit staff • To drive traffic to the website and sell more Cross departmental roles
    • | 14 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 2. Brand The internet has forced transparency. Brands no longer control the media, consumers do. Authenticity is essential.
    • | 15 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 3. Experience Focus on improving customer service.
    • | 16 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 4. Data Data needs to be turned into insight & action to be a source of customer, competitive & marketing advantage.
    • | 17 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 5. Digital Digital thinking should be embedded into marketing strategies as a matter of course.
    • Digital Content Strategy
    • | 19 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 6. Personalisation Personalisation offers the greatest opportunity to transform what customers currently get.
    • | 20 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 7. Technology Technology is an Enabler. You need to be comfortable and adept at procuring & using technology to your best advantage.
    • | 21 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 8. Content Content marketing & focus on owned and earned media represents a fundamental shift in marketing.This is more than a fad.
    • | 22 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 9. Creative We need creativity just as much as we need technology. We need storytelling just as much as we need data.
    • | 23 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 10. Multi-screen Mobile revolution is only just beginning.TVs, books, in-store kiosks and billboards are all screens.
    • The vending machine was triggered by students tweeting a specific hashtag which on receiving the tweet, the vending machine would dispense a sweet treat along with information on Mars career opportunities. Mars hashtag vending
    • | 25 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 11. Social It’s about changing business culture, the ways we work and the ways we engage with our colleagues and customers.
    • | 26 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals It’s about creating businesses with ‘Social’ in their DNA.
    • | 27 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals 12. Commercial Need to optimise the customer journey along its entire path, including the sales funnel and post- sale.
    • | 28 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals
    • Relevance not hype: alignment with your goals
    • Alignment with business strategy Your audiences Business objectives Marketing objectives Perceptions to create in 3, 6, 9 months Messages to convey INFLUENCE THEM PR & social media tools Clients Twitter/FB/LinkedIn Online PR Blog Networking Prospects LinkedIn Groups Case studies Social media Awards New staff Webinars Newsletters Social media Partners/Influencers News stories Social media
    • Content curation
    • Content curation process
    • Case study example
    • Big FM Conversation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxobGGY5vyI
    • Big FM Conversation
    • Case Study - Director Magazine We recently secured an interview with HR Director, Ged Horn, and Apprentice, Steve Tassie, in the June Edition of Director Magazine. The piece was secured as a result of intense lobbying in response to an upcoming feature that we had identified. The feature required Ged and Steve to attend a photo shoot and interview in London, accompanied by one of the Zoodikers team. Director Magazine’s ABC figure is 50,694. In terms of AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent), a piece of this size would normally cost from £10,000*. * http://www.director.co.uk/content/pdfs/Director MP_display.pdf
    • Staying on the right side of law
    • • Guidelines see fewer people being charged in England and Wales for offensive messages on social networks • The Director of Public Prosecutions said people should face a trial only if their comments on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere go beyond being offensive • He said the guidance combats threats and internet trolls without having a "chilling effect" on free speech • The guidance means some people could avoid trial if they are sorry for criminal comments posted while drunk Guidelines
    • • Why social media is important • How social media will be integrated with your offline work • How staff will be responsible for what they write online • How using social media will help to encourage a sense of community • How using social media will bring value to the people you’re talking to that they wouldn’t have got offline • Respecting copyright • Protecting confidential information • Finding a balance between your social media and other work Need for a clear policy
    • Crisis planning
    • Crisis Communications • Mistakes must not happen in the world of Social Media, especially for large businesses. • Social Media can quickly escalate mistakes, opinions and events into a PR disaster. • The public’s views and comments are opinionated, individual, and out of the businesses control.
    • How can I solve the Crisis? • Do not ignore it • Ensure proper training • Address the Crisis • Receive feedback and adapt appropriately • Minimize fallout
    • | 43 29/11/2012 | Social Media Legals Measuring Effectiveness
    • Social ROI; Beyond Marketing • Reputation • Risk Reduction • Client Retention • Efficiency • Business Intelligence • Differentiation • Brand Association • PR & Exposure • Immediate Revenue • Long-term Revenue • Supplier Capacity Building • Perception Shifting • Environmental Impact • Innovation • Client Education • Sales Staff Capacity Building • Support Staff Capacity Building • Network Growth • Political Influence • Opportunity Creation • Job Satisfaction • Family Satisfaction • Trust Building • Economic Development • Community Capacity Building
    • Platforms and Metrics Twitter • Number of actively generated Tweets • Number of Retweets • Number of Followers • Total audience reached • Tone of posts • Sentiment • Key messages • URL links
    • Hootsuite
    • Social Media Influences SEO • Search engines are now incorporating social media data in to their search results. • Both Bing and Google recently stated that their search results are positively affected by social signals, such as tweets, Facebook Likes, and +1s. • Sites with lots of links to relevant content climb higher in organic search results. • About a quarter of Tweets and Facebook posts contain links to content.
    • Search Engine Impact • Ranking of actively generated posts in search returns • Assess ranking of negative articles in search returns • Pre and post activity keyword search returns analysed • Work with SEO agency/online marketing department • Online PR/social media campaigning will not be the only influence on search returns • Note the Google PageRank of coverage generated
    • Thank you @katieeking