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Good Girls Go Bad Chapter 3
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Good Girls Go Bad Chapter 3


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Melanie finds out some life-changing news.

Melanie finds out some life-changing news.

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  • 2. Hey, welcome back to ‘Good Girls Go Bad’! Last chapter we left off with Angelina making a pregnancy comment to Melanie. Melanie, obviously distraught, ran off.
    See where Mel is!!! =>>>>>>
  • 3. After running out the gym, Melanie walked across town to Oasis Public Park. She sat down on a secluded bench and closed her eyes, breathing deeply. Obviously, Angelina was crazy. There was absolutely NO way she could be pregnant. It just couldn’t happen.
    Of course, that was what her panicked mind said. Reality said it was, in all ways, possible.
  • 4. “Hey,” a voice said cautiously above her.
    Melanie opened her eyes to the stinging daylight and reluctantly looked up to see Angelina standing there, a worried look on her face.
    “Why do people like to bother me when I’m sitting down minding my own business?” Melanie asked. It happened quite often.
  • 5. “Are you mad at me? I didn’t expect you to run out of the gym like that. I was joking, you know,” Angelina said.
    “Yeah, Ang, I know you were joking. But…but it COULD happen, couldn’t it? I COULD be pregnant,”
    “Well, just be calm and think back. You two used protection, right?”
  • 6. “How would I know, Ang? I was pretty drunk,” Melanie said.
    “Gah, I TOLD Charlie not to put out that beer keg.”
  • 7. “Oh my God, I’m so pregnant…” Melanie said, panic rising in her.
    “No, no, you might not be! Just don’t panic, ok? Look, when are you due for your period?”
    “Ok, if it doesn’t come on Sunday, wait a week. If it still doesn’t come, we’ll go buy a pregnancy test.”
  • 8. Melanie’s eyes welled with tears. She got up and hugged Angelina.
    “Thank you, Ang. You’re such a wonderful friend,” Melanie said as the tears started to course down her cheeks.
    “Love you, Mel.”
  • 9. One Week After Sunday
    Angelina and Charlie were in Angelina’s attic bedroom, having a pretty intense makeout session.
    Just when things were starting to get a bit heated, Angelina’s phone buzzed.
  • 10. She disentangled herself from Charlie and glanced at her phone.
    “Sorry,” she told Charlie. “I gotta go, Mel is panicking.”
    “Why, what’s wrong with her?”
    “Um…I can’t say…”
    “Is it about her and Dean?”
  • 11. Angelina whirled around.
    “How did you know about that?” she demanded.
    “Dean’s been bragging about it since the night after my party.”
    “Oh, God…” Angelina was extremely worried. She didn’t want everyone knowing about this. “How many people know?”
  • 12. “Don’t worry,” he replied. “Only me.”
    “And you’d never say anything?”
    “Of course not, Ang. Mel’s my friend too.”
  • 13. “Thank you, Charlie.”
    “Of course. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. I love you.”
    Angelina stared at him. “What?” A grin slowly spread across her face.
  • 14. “I love you,” he repeated.
    “Oh Charlie…” she said. “I love you, too.”
    “Really?” he asked, beaming.
    “Yes. I do.”
  • 15. Her phone buzzed again.
    “Oh, Charlie, I’d stay, but Mel is threatening to harm me in inventive ways if I don’t go NOW.”
    “Don’t worry, Ang. I understand. Go help Mel, she needs you.”
  • 16. “Really?” Angelina asked.
    “Of course. Go,” he replied.
    “Ok…I’ll drop by later tonight. Maybe we can finally get around to that thing we’ve been wanting to get around to,” she winked coyly as she leaned in to kiss him.
  • 17. “Really?” he asked, disbelieving.
    “Don’t forget protection. I don’t want Mel and me to switch roles.”
  • 18. Angelina arrived at Mel’s house, slightly peeved Mel had interrupted her romantic moment with Charlie.
    “Ok, Mel, I’m here. What is it?”
    “WHAT took you so long?”
    “FYI, Mel, Charlie just told me he loved me. Forgive me if I was a little reluctant to leave him.”
    Melanie’s face changed.
    “Oh, Ang, that’s so GREAT! He’s so wonderful. You must be so happy!”
  • 19. “Yeah, I am. I’m going over there later.”
    “God, be careful.”
    “Of course, Mel, your predicament isn’t exactly fun.”
    “No. It’s not. Which reminds me…”
  • 20. “I’m late. It was due a week ago.”
    “Ok, well still. Don’t panic. Let’s go buy a test, c’mon.”
    And with that, Mel and Ang ran off to the drugstore, where they received a medley of odd looks from the elderly cashier woman.
  • 21. The test, garishly colored and with poorly detailed instructions, stood between Angelina and Mel on the counter.
    “Ok, Mel, you take the test, and then we wait 45 minutes. Try not to panic,” Angelina said.
    “See you in a minute,” Angelina said, and walked out to wait.
  • 22. Melanie took the test and waited. 45 minutes later, she took a deep, shaky breath and closed her eyes. She picked up the test and looked at it through squinted eyes.
    She gasped and felt a wave of repulsion overtake her. She backed away from the test hastily, trying to forget the word now burned into her brain.
  • 23. Pregnant.
  • 24. She felt like she was spiraling down a black hole. It couldn’t be true. The test was wrong. She couldn’t be pregnant. Lights appeared in front of her eyes. She pressed the heels of her palms to her eyes and rubbed them, watching the lights turn to black specks. A strangled cry escaped her.
  • 25. Angelina yanked the door open.
    “Mel? What’s it say?”
  • 26. “Oh, Ang!” Melanie sobbed. “I’m pregnant!”
    Angelina gasped and pulled her best friend into a hug.
    “It’s ok, Mel, it’s ok.”
    “What am I going to do?!”
    “Don’t worry, please, we’ll think of something, I promise.”
  • 27. Angelina left after the sun started to set, leaving Melanie alone. Melanie slowly walked out of her bathroom and slid down her wall.
    She sat on the floor for a while, numb with disbelief. Pregnant. She was going to have a baby. There was a baby inside her that she didn’t want. A baby…what would she do with a baby?
    Even worse…it was Dean’s baby.
  • 28. She didn’t know what she would tell everybody. Dean would be angry, her parents would be disappointed…she just couldn’t think anymore.
    So she didn’t think. She sat there and cried at the horrible position she had gotten herself in.
  • 29. And that ends Chapter 3…kinda short chapter 3…
    Chapter 4 will probably be out in a week or so, I have two VERY important exams tomorrow and Thursday, and won’t be thinking much about Sims. I do have an interlude I want to do for Angelina and Charlie soon, so watch out for that. But first…=>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • 30. BLOOPERS!!! I love bloopers…
    While I was filming the scene in the park, Wanda Tinker autonomously sniffed the flowers. It was funny. I hadn’t tried out that animation before!
  • 31. And while I was filming the pregnancy test scene…
    These two REALLY know what they’re talking about. They throw me the best faces and conversations.
  • 32. Also, proof that Sims’ habits do rub off on other Sims! Melanie fingergunning!
    Melanie has 3 outgoing points. Obviously, she spends copious amounts of time with Dean during shooting. Dean has almost maxed outgoing. She did this autonomously, too. I was all WOW!
  • 33. Bye!