XERISCAPES:           WATER EFFICIENT LANDSCAPES                                                       So what exactly is ...
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Xeriscapes: Water Efficient Landscapes - Ontario, Canada


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Xeriscapes: Water Efficient Landscapes - Ontario, Canada

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Xeriscapes: Water Efficient Landscapes - Ontario, Canada

  1. 1. XERISCAPES: WATER EFFICIENT LANDSCAPES So what exactly is a xeriscape? evolved in tandem with local cluding wildflower, yarrow, fescue, clover rainfall conditions. and/or thyme lawn seed mixes. These can be mown and will stay green through the Xeriscaping does not necessarily summer with little or no watering beyond exclude species that demand more natural rainfall. water. The key is to group these species together into distinct wa- Xeriscaping may involve garden soil tering zones, and to adopt effi- amendments. Sandy soils readily absorb cient watering and irrigation prac- water but drain quickly, whereas clay soils Xeriscape combines the Greek word tices that minimize waste and hold moisture but have a low absorption “xeros” (meaning dry) with evaporation. rate. The key, in either case, is to incorpo- “landscape”. A trademark of the rate lots of organic matter in your garden In a xeriscape, lawn areas are re- soil to maximize water absorption and re- Colorado Waterwise Council, it duced to what is needed for practi- tention. Water retention is further enhanced refers to a water-wise approach to cal or func- through the exten- landscaping. Xeriscaping has now tional rea- sive use of gained wide acceptance in Ontario, sons, while mulches. Mulches where the demand for water in the rest of can also help mini- many fast-growing communities is the land- mize weed growth, exceeding supplies. scape might and can become an Xeriscapes are composed of hardy, be devoted, attractive land- drought tolerant plants adapted to for in- scape feature that local rainfall amounts without the stance, to enhances plantings. need for supplementary watering. drought The beauty of drought-tolerant tolerant Finally, xeriscaping plants is that they generally remain perennial should also under- vigorous even through dry periods. and shrub ground covers (or, in line the collection and storage of rainwater Many native plant species are par- some cases, ornamental stone beds). off rooftops and pavements for use in the ticularly well suited to water effi- Alternatives to the common lawn garden. Green roofs and porous pavements cient landscapes, as they have are now also widely available, in- are other components of an effective water270 Main St, P.O. Box 341Schomberg, Ontario, CanadaL0G 1T0Tel: 905-939-8498Fax: 905-939-7044Toll Free: 1-877-467-2079Email: info@genus-loci.ca ...creating a “spirit of place”, naturally... WWW.GENUS-LOCI.CA