Crash course on creativity


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Crash course on creativity

  2. 2. PAYING ATTENTIONFor me, the main purpose of this assignment was to havea deeper look to my surrounding with a different eye thanever.So I did not mainly concentrate on the shops.The first place that I concentrated was actually the schoolthat I am working in and mainly my class.Then I went to a few of the places that I visit from time totime. I started with my hairdresser and then continuedWith my favourite shop, supermarket, spice shop andrestaurant.
  3. 3. PAYING ATTENTIONFor me, the main purpose of this assignment was tohave a deeper look to my surrounding with a differenteye than ever.So I did not mainly concentrate on the shops.The first place that I concentrated was actually theschool that I am working in and mainly my class.Then I went to a few of the places that I visit from time totime.I started with my hairdresser and then continued with myfavourite shop, supermarket, spice shop and restaurant.
  4. 4. PAYING ATTENTIONSo, let the show begin…….
  5. 5. PAYING ATTENTION MY SCHOOL AND MY CLASS• My school is in Kusadasi, Turkey, a holiday resort on the Aegean Coast of Turkey where I live and work (LUCKY ME!! )• I am the English Teacher of the 10-D which is a special class for students with high ability in English and they get advanced education in English to carry them to university level.Here comes a few photos of my school and my class and then comes the new point of view…..
  6. 6. MY CLASS
  7. 7. MY CLASS• This is my class that I teach 14 hours every week. And with the help of the observation lab, I realized that the class is dull and boring. Being a public school, we are not allowed to make major changes on the environment, but today I asked my students to come up with creative ideas about how to make our class more attractive and how to make the learning enviroment more helpful.
  8. 8. MY CLASS- The floors of the class arecovered with tile and the ceiling is whitewash, the walls are painted in orange and cream- There is a huge smartboard in the center of the class which is great help during the lessons- I have 18 students- We use music in each lesson to make the lesson more attractive and to help the students’ concentration.
  9. 9. MY FAVOURITES Gondol Orhan Kuafor Pizzeria & Bistro Perfect View of Best Hairdresser Many Hairdressing Provides many Very good atmosphere The harbour and High quality food İn town Awards Services The seaside Spice Shop LC WAIKIKI Many herb and spice High Quality Good price FashionableTraditional for Turkey Good price varieties
  10. 10. AND THE CHAIN SUPERMARKET…..• “Migros” is a highly preferred chain supermarket in Turkey.• It provides good buying Good Staff Good bargains opprtunities and very good promotions in different brands.• It has sliding doors that make you feel welcome everytime. Lots of Different Brands and Varieties• The customers are from all genders and from all social classes.• The staff are lovely and helpful and best of all, they do not disturb you unless you have a question and when you ask for help thay are there to help you for everything.
  11. 11. MIGROS • There are different stalls at the entrance that present the promoted goods of the week. • The atmosphere is bright and silent with a lovely and soothing music. • The area is well heated except for the frozen good area which is literally “freezing”. So you just want to finish your task and leave the area  • Most of the customers seem very relaxed and are enjoying their time in the supermarket, touching the goods and deciding on the best for themselves. • The cashdesks are at the exit area and the cashiers are always lovely and nice and helpful. • Most of the products are designed in an eye-catching way, mainly on eye level. • The expensive products are on the upper shelves while the cheaper and promoted ones are on lower ones.
  12. 12. MY HAIRDRESSER• Orhan Kuafor is the best hairdresser of the town opened in 1990.• It has a brilliant and highly fashionable atmosphere for all tastes.• Although it is usually very crowded, you never feel neglected due to the way you are treated by the staff.• The area is very well lit with bright and soothing colours meeting your eyes.• You can always listen to the latest songs from the good music system within the store.• When the place is crowded, it is usually quite noisy because of the hair driers and the people chatting but it is never disturbing, more than that you feel more into the place as you hear them.• The hairdresser has a distinctive smell which makes it different from the others around. You feel the lovely scent embracing you and making you feel immediately better.
  13. 13. THE SPICE SHOP• Spice shops are traditionals of Turkey.• You can find a few in each small town and they are highly preferred both by local people and the tourists.• Although most of them are dark and usually in a mess with different herbs and spices scattered everywhere makng you unable to walk around, this one is different with its atmosphere, its cleanliness and tidyness.
  14. 14. SPICE SHOP • You can find many varieties of herbs and spices plus some herbal remedies. • The shopkeeper is very helpful and extremely knowledgable about herbal remedies, so he can help you with whatever you need. • The shop is a little gloomy but it doesn’t make you feel bad where as in many other spiceshops I found myself feeling trapped with a need to leave the place immediately. But this one is welcoming and you wish to buy and learn more.
  15. 15. GONDOL PIZZERIA & BISTRO• Gondol Pizzeria&Bistro is located at the seafront of the city with a lovely view of the Aegean Sea an the Harbour of Kusadasi which is the second biggest harbour of the country.
  16. 16. GONDOL PIZZERIA & BISTRO• This is what you see when you are sitting at one of the outside tables which are cozy and comfortable and sipping your drink or enjoying the loveliest food ever.• They have a variety of dishes from every cuisine but they are mainly specialized in Italian Cuisine and of course Pizza, which is my favourite.• The interiors of the restaurant is a little dark but the outside tables are very well placed and brightly lit.
  17. 17. GONDOL PIZZERIA & BISTRO • The decoration of the restaurant is very good making you feel at home. • The customers are usually addicted to the place so it is normal to see the same people everytime you go with a few new addcted-to-be’s. • Al the customers seem to be enjoying the food and the attention of the staff who are real professionals in their jobs. You can even see the main chef walking around the restaurant, meeting and greeting people and receiving their compliments and even suggestions on the food. • The restaurant has a very good smell of pizza which captures the passers by and drag them in in search for a vacant table (IF ANY )
  18. 18. LC WAIKIKI• LC WAIKIKI is a chain ready made garment store in Turkey which is preferred by many people.• They provide clothes and accessories for women, men, children and teenagers and even maternity wear.
  19. 19. LC WAIKIKI• The products are arranged on different storeys according to their types and genders.• There are different stalls presenting the products on sale or the new season ones.• There are not too many workers and due to the crowdedness of the shop, there are sometimes big queues in front of the cash desks but the staff tries to help you in every way.• The place is brightly lit with spotlights on the ceiling and provides elevator access to different floors.• The prices are usually lower than similar shops which makes LC WAIKIKI more preferrable in another level.
  20. 20. PAYING ATTENTION• So what have I learned from this assignment?• First of all, I realized that the doors of most of the shops on the main street are open. I had never recognized this before but I also realized that shops with open doors make me feel welcome and drag my attention to the inside of the store even more than the shop windows.• I realized that brightly lit stores with a distinctive smell attracts my attention.• The relationship between the customers and the personnel change the way you feel about a certain place.• And the final thing is, I realized that people DO NOT like the customers taking photos of their shops. Only the man at the restaurant was cooperating for this. All the other photos were taken discreetly Simge KAYTAN