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Owbc cpt 2

  1. 1. Leafe OWBC Chapter 2
  2. 2. ” So... who would you like to invite?”, Eleonore asked Randy as she was sending out their wedding invitations. Randy had moved in a couple days earlier and now it was time for their wedding. ”I don't know... I don't have anyone in particular who I would like to invite. You had plenty of friends at the college, why not just invite them? It might be fun.” ”True, I will just invite few though, I don't feel like organizing anything too huge”, Eleonore replied and a brief though about her own family crossed her mind. If there was any family, she thought. Then she shook her head, this wasn't the time to think about that, it was time to arrange a party where she would meet again all her closest friends from the college. ”And after that we will go shopping, you need new clothes and also a new hair cut.” Randy sighed, ”I don't see what's wrong with these, they are comfortable enough.” Eleonore sighed too and muttered, ”men...”
  3. 3. It was just like she had thought it would be. Everyone she invited arrived dressed in their best clothes. It hadn't been that long since they had last met but you can't ever meet your best friends often enough. Avri Pasang was the first to come and hug her, ”I can't believe you are actually going to do this. Nice house and everything... Congratulations!” ” Don't hold her forever though”, Blake Parker said behind him. ” I have to say that right this moment I'm a bit jealous”, Avri said, ignoring Blake. Eleonore smiled, ”you will find the right guy for you as well and then I will be congratulating you.” Eleonore saw how Andrezj Grove smiled faintly as he listened to them. So maybe that day wasn't too far away at all. ” Beautiful dress and such a nice hair”, Kiera Baena was all smile when it was her turn to hug Eleonore.
  4. 4. ” Why aren't they all in place?”, Randy asked seriously, ”we should be starting already.” Eleonore smiled, ”they will be here in a moment. Besides, we don't have any strict timing.” ” But the food is getting cold if we spend too much time here”, Randy complained. Eleonore's smile widened a bit, ”you are actually nervous, aren't you?” Randy just shrugged.
  5. 5. Finally they were all seated, well at least almost everyone. As they said their vows Avri was missing and arrived just in time to see the end of the ceremony. After simple and short vows - Randy had insisted keeping them simple, he didn't feel much like opening his whole heart in front of everyone - the couple was Mr and Mrs Leafe.
  6. 6. Inside the cake was cut and for a moment the whole living room was nothing but quiet as everyone chatted merrily. There was lots of talk about the college, their future careers and of course their own relationship status.
  7. 7. And what kind of a party would it be without smustling?
  8. 8. The next morning while cleaning the kitchen and fixing them some breakfast Eleonore wondered. She wondered what Avri had said about wanting the same for himself, how obviously Andrezj liked him and how they probably would never be able to do anything for it. Sure she had seen them kissing and hugging but apart from that there wasn't much they could do. They probably would never have own house the way she had, they would never be able to live together, like she was with Randy, would never be able to adopt kids or pursuit their careers. Not unless that someone who Randy called simself would do something for it. Who were they anyway, deciding who could have everything and who could have nothing at all? Were there other sims like she, and Randy now, who were playable? Was there any way she could find out? And was there anything she could do for her friends?
  9. 9. Over the breakfast she told about her thoughts to Randy. As always, Randy was all practical about it. ” I know it is all a bit too much to understand but there is nothing you can do for it, really. Of course we could ask them to live with us but how would you decide who we would give that possibility? What about Kiera, your closest friend or Blake? Wouldn't they deserve it as well?” Eleonore thought about this for a moment, ”you are right, of course you are right. I just... it feels so cruel. The life of a townie doesn't sound like much fun.” Randy smiled fondly, ”actually it is fun. Not the way this is of course but it still is fun and for example Avri probably doesn't think there is nothing wrong with his life. I didn't think there was anything wrong with my life before I met you.”
  10. 10. ” But...”, Eleonore started, then thought for a moment what to say but Randy interrupted her. ” Don't go messing with anything. There really is nothing you can do, or need to do. When I met you, it was the day of my life, the kind of day that I had never even dreamed of. Literally.”
  11. 11. They finished their breakfast in silence, then Randy spoke. ” I mean it. Leave the whole thing, we have our own life here. You will just make the matters worse if you go messing around with it.” Eleonore let out deep sigh, ”fine. I won't. But I will find out who that simself is. I have couple things to ask them.”
  12. 12. Eleonore did as she had promised – for now at least. She had something else to think about. ” You are pregnant? You sure?”, Randy asked as Eleonore had told her the news. Eleonore nodded. Randy took Eleonore's hand on his own, ”we are going to be a family.” Eleonore bit her lip looking slightly worried, ”do you think we will manage? The house is small and everything.” ” Of course we will manage, we can always build up an extra room as there is land more than enough. And just as a baby they don't take that much space. We have time to earn some more money”, Randy said, always so reasonably.
  13. 13. It turned out that the beginning of her pregnancy wasn't easy for Eleonore. She simply didn't have energy for both cooking and eating and Randy often found her asleep either on the floor or snoring to her food. So he usually prepared something to eat for her before leaving to work.
  14. 14. Finally Eleonore herself realised that she just had to rest. There was something more important than learning new things for her work, keeping the garden neat and the house clean – the baby growing inside her. Once she realised this and used her days for relaxing, including for example bubble baths and talking long calls with her friends, she was doing just fine.
  15. 15. Then finally the day, or more likely the night, they had been waiting for so much, arrived and little girl with bright blue eyes was born. ” Can I hold her?”, Randy asked with shaky voice. ” Of course you can”, Eleonore smiled, ”in fact it is better if you do, I'm pretty tired after all this.”
  16. 16. Couple days after Bigga was born, Eleonore invited some of her friends to come and see the baby. They all were very eager to meet the new family member. ” Please... not again that school cheer”, Eleonore sighed, ”I think I have had enough of it to last a life time already”, she complained but smiled anyway. ” It is just for old times' sake”, Brandi told her, ”and you shouldn't forget how to have fun even you are a mother now”, she added and asked her to smustle. For that Eleonore joined easily. She hadn't forget how to have fun, smustling was ok, the school cheer not. No matter what the others thought about it.
  17. 17. Yes, life was good for the Leafes. Bigga was easy baby, she was usually happy if her diaper wasn't dirty or she wasn't hungry but of course she didn't mind having some attention too. Both of the parents were proud of their daughter and didn't mind waking up during the night as they usually got nice smile as a reward.
  18. 18. There was also another new family member – a cleaning robot. It was just too bad that as Eleonore was pregnant again and feeling quite sick during her first trimester, the toilet was often clogged. The poor robot was instructed to clean everything and if no one remembered to turn it off, it went to clean also the water from the bathroom floor. That of course resulted to malfunction and the robot was more an annoyance than very helpful.
  19. 19. Sooner than either of them had thought it was Bigga's first birthday. ” I can't believe she is growing up already”, Eleonore said sounding a bit sad. ” At least you will have another baby soon”, Kiera nodded towards her growing belly, ”I didn't ever think you very much as a family person.” Eleonore smiled, ”neither did I, but apparently you grow into it. And I think the life is easier with a toddler than with a baby. And if there is two of them they will be able to play together, right?” Kiera coughed slightly, ”right.”
  20. 20. And grow up she did, whether the life was going to be easier with a toddler in the house rather than a baby was a matter of opinion...
  21. 21. ” You are going to get a little brother or sister soon. Isn't that nice?” Eleonore asked Bigga one day. ” Wabbit! I wanna play wabbit!” Bigga just said, not listening at all. ” We will have soon new baby in the house”, Eleonore tried again.
  22. 22. Finally Bigga heard her mum, ”Bigga don't want! Don't want, don't want. DON'T WANT!” That of course made Eleonore sad, ”wouldn't it be fun to have someone to play with?” ” Mummy still play with Bigga?” Bigga asked more calmly. ” Yes, mummy and daddy will still play a lot with you.”
  23. 23. Soon after that Eleonore gave birth to another girl with blue eyes. The little girl was called Olive.
  24. 24. Not much after that it was time to have party, yet again, as it was Bigga's second birthday. She had gotten over the fact that she now wasn't the only child in the house and was actually quite proud about her little sister. But Eleonore was worried. ” She is impossible. She does whatever she wants, gest herself into trouble every other day. We have to bath her almost every day because she is always playing in a pool of water if there is some in the bathroom. She doesn't seem to want to learn anything new, the only thing she is interested about is drawing...” ” Take a breath”, Avri laughed, ”I'm sure she will be fine. She just likes to have fun. Think about it, what is so bad if she plays in a pool? She will just get dirty and then you will bath her. She doesn't break anything, she isn't mean to you?” ” Well... no”, Eleonore replied, though not convinced at all. She was going to continue but then Randy brought Bigga for her, it was time to blow the candles and have some cake.
  25. 25. As soon as Bigga had blown the candles and eaten the first piece of cake, she cornered Andrzej. ” Cool tattoos, I want to have some too! Where can I get them? Yours are so cool!” Andrzej laughed, he had overheard Eleonore talking about Bigga and he had to agree with her, this girl was a handful. ”Well... I had mine done in a small place at the campus.” ” Can I get them too?” Bigga asked eagerly. ” Not just yet, they don't do these for underaged sims, you have to be a college student first.” Bigga nodded, ”I will get some when I go to college.” Andrzej hoped Eleonore hadn't heard them, she was already worrying too much.
  26. 26. The family's life seemed to be full of birthdays, next one being Olive's first birthday. As soon as Eleonore saw Olive's expressions, she knew that she was going to follow her older sister what comes to personality, determined girl who would probably get herself into trouble almost as often as Bigga.
  27. 27. Eleonore had so many friends that it just didn't make any sense to invite all of them so there were some changes on the guest lists but one sim stayed, Kiera. She liked the girls a lot and the girls liked her. Even Randy had become friends with her so the whole family was always looking forward to her visits.
  28. 28. Once the birthdays were over – for now anyway – their life was back to normal. Both Randy and Eleonore were able to keep their jobs. They had thought about hiring a nanny but Randy didn't want to leave their kids for a stranger and Eleonore didn't like about the thought that she had to pay someone. So they took it in turns to stay home if their job schedules clashed. This time it was Randy's turn. ” You are just as impossible as your older sister, only interested about playing rather than trying to learn something.” ” Daddy funny”, Olive said casually and made Randy jump. He had been trying to teach her how to say 'dad' for at least half an hour. Randy just looked at her, ”If I ever understand you two...” ” Daddy funny”, Olive said again and crawled to the drawing table to continue her drawing.
  29. 29. ” I just don't understand our girls”, Randy murmured as he was holding Eleonore that evening. ” So let's hope that the next one will be a boy”, Eleonore said with a faint smile. It had been a big piece of news when Eleonore had said that she was expecting their first one, it had even been so with Olive. But now Randy was just too tired to take in what Eleonore had said and apparently news about having third kid wasn't big enough to keep him awake any longer. ” Yes... a boy”, he only murmured, turned over and started snoring.
  30. 30. ” Here is mum and here is dad, you can't draw anything like this”, Bigga told Olive, ”I'm so much older than you are and much better drawer.” It was sort of true, Bigga was older than Olive and also therefore better drawer, but Olive wasn't happy at all about this.
  31. 31. ” Olive is good too”, Olive complained. ” So what's that supposed to be?”, Bigga asked. ” A biwd.” ” A bird? Really? You can draw a bird?”, Bigga snorted, ”what's that compared to my picture about mum dad?”
  32. 32. ” Everyone, come and see what I have made!”, Bigga shouted. ” Olive is good too”, Olive said quietly, ”Olive will show 'em”, she added.
  33. 33. That wasn't the only argument the sisters had had and Eleonore decided to do something for it. ” I heard you and Olive”, she started and had to think for a moment how to continue and decided there was no reason to circle around it, ”could you be a little nicer for your sister?” Bigga looked her angrily, ”she is small and stupid.” ” Not any smaller than you were at that age and not that stupid either.” ” She spoils everything”, Bigga said defiantly. Eleonore sighed, yes she understood what Bigga meant, but in any case Olive was much younger.
  34. 34. ” She is younger than you are, of course it might look like it but she doesn't do it on purpose. What about if you tried to be friendly for her? One day you both are going to be adults and maybe then it is nice that you have a sister you get along with?”, Eleonore suggested. Bigga sighed heavily, ”I can try... but she is so not cool!” ” That's because she is almost a baby still, but one day she will go to the same school with you. And speaking of which, we invited the headmaster from the best private school here for a dinner. Try to behave nicely, ok?” ” Private school?” Bigga's eyes widened, ”that's so cool! I have heard that they have easier homework and I will get better job easier if I go there.” Eleonore looked at her daughter, ”you thinking about work already?” Bigga nodded, ”I want an easy job with good salary. I want to hire all kinds of servants when I'm big.”
  35. 35. Bigga wasb so eager to get to the private school that she even helped cleaning the house. ” Come say hi to the headmaster”, Eleonore called for her daughter and gave her a warning look as she came. ” Bigga Leafe”, Bigga introduced herself giving her hand to the headmaster. Eleonore was just watching in disbelief, it wasn't typical Bigga at all but apparently Bigga really wanted to get into the school. In fact Bigga behaved so well during the whole visit that the headmaster was very impressed and accepted her to the school right away.
  36. 36. Now Bigga was a student in the best private school in the area but nothing else had changed. She still teased her little sister whenever it was possible.
  37. 37. Bigga didn't hate her sister, it was just that she liked doing her own things rather than playing with someone who she considered a baby. To her annoyance Olive would have liked to do just that – play with her older sister. Soon she realised though that everything was fine as long as she kept to her own toys leaving Bigga alone.
  38. 38. The life was peaceful for a while until one evening two things happened at once; the cleaning robot broke and Eleonore went into labour. Randy was just cleaning the mess the robot was doing when she heard the screams from the bedroom.
  39. 39. ” Just on time”, Randy breathed when he arrived in the bedroom. ” Just on time to see your son”, Eleonore replied. Indeed, after two girls the family grew by one little boy called Opal.
  40. 40. ” I be big giwl now”, Olive said beaming to her father, ”like Bigga”, she added as an afterthought. ” Yes, my little girl is growing up”, Randy had to sigh. How come the kids grew up so fast?
  41. 41. ” Mum, I don't like this dress!”, Olive complained during her party. ” What's wrong with it? It is nice for a girl like you”, Eleonore told her. ” It is too... yellow and it has a pink bow and everyone will laugh at me at school!” ” You will be going to the same private school as your sister and wear the same clothes as everyone”, Eleonore tried. ” Mum! I will bring friends over and then they will see this stupid dress!” ” Don't talk to your mother in that tone”, Randy cut in. ” Fine!”, Olive said and sighed, ”could I please have different clothes?”
  42. 42. Finally Eleonore agreed to give her new clothes. They had quite a few shirts, skirts and pants that they had bought for Bigga. ” But there we have one nice looking lady”, Avri said grinning when he saw her. ” You are just making fun of me”, Olive said sadly. ” Of course I'm not. I really think that the combination of red shirt and black skirt is very good.” ” You think so?” Olive asked wanting to have reassurance. She thought the clothes were ok but Bigga had just told her that the shirt was something only babies would wear. ” Yes, I really think so”, Avri assured her. That made Olive feel much better. If someone going to the college thought she looked nice, then she most likely did.
  43. 43. Now that Olive wasn't just a baby anymore the girls got along slightly better. After all, they had a lot in common. For example neither of them were morning persons... Usually it was the smell of pancakes made by their father that finally got them up.
  44. 44. Sometimes the parents even witnessed that the girls were doing something together. ” Almost in sync sis”, Bigga said, ”you have to try harder! Listen to the music!”, she shouted over the music. ” See? You finally got it!” ” I'm not as stupid as you think!”, Olive replied with defiant tone.
  45. 45. Then again the family gathered around a birthday cake. Soon the house was going to baby free – for now at least.
  46. 46. In middle of the party Eleonore had to leave to work but all the guest were so familiar with the house and the other family members that it was hardly any problem at all.
  47. 47. The birthday hero himself found the toy rabbit and spent most of the party playing with it joined by Olive and Kiera.
  48. 48. ” Why is it always me who has to do the dishes?” Olive complained that evening, ”I would like to get to bed too.” Bigga jumped down from the chair, ”almost done, will finish tomorrow”, she had been doing her homework, ”if it bothers you, tell mum and dad to buy a dishwasher.” ” And who would be taking all the dishes into it?” Olive said grudgingly. ” I think you already know the answer”, Bigga grinned and went to wash her teeth before getting to bed.
  49. 49. ” This is sooooo easy”, Bigga started the next morning, ”even babies could do these.” ” I know you will be teen soon, no need to boost about it”, Olive said and bend over her own homework. After a while Bigga sighed deeply and stared at her homework, clearly thinking. ” Ha, not that easy then?”, Olive said triumphantly. ” Shut up.”
  50. 50. That day the weather was nice and Eleonore decided to take the advantage of it by walking home from work. Halfway to home she ran into a woman who was picking up her mail. The woman was around her age and lived in what clearly looked like very cheap apartment. ” Um... hi”, she started awkwardly, ”I'm sorry but I have never walked here and I just thought that... these are rented apartments?” ” Yes”, the woman said and sighed, ”not everyone of us can afford own houses, even I'm one of those who townies like to call playable.” A playable?! Eleonore had never seen anyone else playable around the neighbourhood, except her family. This woman was very interesting to get to know with. ” Nice to meet you, I'm playable too. Eleonore Leafe.” ” You are? Nice to meet you too. Jessica Peterson.”