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Team minjas tetley tea

  1. 1. Brand: Tetley Tea Team Minjas Karishma Vaidya Swati Viswanathan Mrinaal Deshpande Nipurn Agarwal 1
  2. 2. Tetley Tea Tetley is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages. It dominates the tea bag category with market share of 56% currently in India and is the first to introduce flavoured and green tea Business Objective: To increase market share in the packed (tea bag) category Marketing Objective: To induce consumption of tea through category adoption (tea bag) and habit formation Current Communication: ‘Chai mein twist. Life mein twist’ till 2011. Currently their communication is ‘Free Your mind... That’s Tetley!’ Communication Objective: To generate awareness about Tetley’s variety of flavoured tea as a healthy and convenient alternative to the usual tea Task Map: Current Desired Do I either don’t drink the office tea and have to make do with the alternative available or go down to the chai stall I prepare my own tea as per my flavour, choice and needs Think Feel Believe I feel office tea is not favourable as per my taste buds/flavour so I have to compromise on my tastes I can make my own customized combination that suits my requirements, conveniently
  3. 3. Target Audience SEC AB, 25-35 years, Males and Females Behavioural and Consumption: Non users who have tried tea bags but are not aware of flavoured tea bags. Consumption is low; heavy tea drinkers but medium tea bag users Psychographics: Lifestyle - Working professionals who live a stressful and busy life Attitude/Interests - Health is of utmost importance, they are active and don’t compromise on their body and health. They are open to new experiences, are smart go-getters Needs: They feel they deserve to get their choice and don’t want to stick to just alternatives. Convenience and hygiene is of utmost importance to them. Purchase Occasion – Anytime of the day Mainly Weekends, more consumption during winters Lifestyle Measures – Use and own high end/ expensive durables and products such as smartphones, laptops, cars etc
  4. 4. Core Media Strategy A balance between Awareness (imagery) and Experience as key matrix A journey from awareness to Loyalty A mix of Ad Exposure – Considering the convenience, purchasing the brand, and being loyal is the way out DISCOVERY CONSIDER PURCHASE Ad exposure Brand Trial Brand Experience
  5. 5. Phases Create maximum awareness of the brand with Wellness & Convenience Campaign Flow Awareness Consider Advocacy At this stage the consumer needs to try the brand and consider the brands benefit Leverage the Earned mediaMedia Objective Task Use mass media like Magazine, OOH, Radio, Digital and Social Media Activation at corporate gyms, yoga centers, canteens, joggers park Social media response should be leveraged Reach at least 50% of the TG to experience the brand Purchase Purchase the brand and experience it Retail activations, Bundling of flavors, POS
  6. 6. Phase I Rationale • Magazines will have advertorials and health articles about the wellness and convenience of the black and green tea bags • Magazines like Health and Fitness will carry sachets of different flavours Print •Banner and pop up ads on Youtube •SEO on sports and news related websites like,, etc. •These ads will be shown between 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm #chaitimewithtetley Digital Objective: Convey the benefits of tea bags as “Wellness and Convenience” •Peak hours of morning and evening 1 min slot on Radio Mirchi will be named as ‘Chai Time withTetley’ •The RJ will talk about Tetley tea which he is having at the station and advocate about the refreshing experience Radio OOH •Hoardings, Bus shelters, Cab branding will have Tetley Tea advertisements •Product placements like tea mugs next to news anchors •Office canteens will have Tea bags of different flavours for 2 weeks Consumer interact with every step of this media awareness stages and is targeted when he is in the frame of mind to have a cup of tea that refreshes him
  7. 7. Phase II Rationale • Black or green Tea will be served by trainers to these corporate professionals post their Gym, yoga session • This will be done for a week Activation Trials will lead to Purchase phase. During purchase phase in-store promotions will be the main drivers Advocacy: Consumers would then talk about the experience with Tetley tea bags on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook where #ChaiTimeWithTetley and Fans club will be leveraged • Collect data of people who use corporate Gyms and Yoga Centre i.e. their mobile numbers and names • Send a SMS between 4:00 - 4:30 pm which says ‘Free your mind...That’s teltley’ #ChaiTimewithtetley Mobile • Special shelf for Tetley Tea Bags • Bundling of two flavours with price rebates Retail Activation
  8. 8. Budget Campaign Effectiveness •Print + Digital +Radio + OOH will help reach the Target Audience while they are in the process or mindset of having tea • Activation +Retail activations+ In-store promotion which will lead to the act of purchase Medium Specification Budget Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Print- Magazines 5 Health Magazines + Sachets 3000000 Digital + Social Media Banner, Pop-outs, SEO, leverage Social media response 500000 Radio Integrated content with Radio station Radio Spot ads Morning & Evening slot only OOH Hoardings, Bus Shelters, cab Branding 3000000 Activation Trials in Corporate Gyms & Yoga Centres 500000 Retail Activation Shelf space activation and Bundling 500000 Mobile SMS campaign 50000 In-Store Promotion Danglers, POS 100000 9150000Total Budget 1500000 Activity Calendar
  9. 9. Thank You