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Sim cians indigo airlines

  1. 1. INDIGO AIRLINES By SIMCians Mohammad Rahil | Pratik C. Ramteke | Raunak Ramteke | Shruti Chauhan
  2. 2. THE BACKGROUND STUDY • Parent Company : InterGlobe Enterprises • Tagline/ Slogan : Go IndiGo • USP : On Time Performance, Lowest Price, STP • Segment : Cost Conscious Passengers • Target Group : Lower Middle Class / Middle Class • Positioning : Low Cost No Frills • Competition : Go Air, Spice jet, Kingfisher, Jet Konnect • Strength – Strong backing Promoters and is one of the largest low cost carriers in India – Only LCC to make consistent profits. Major market share. – LCC which has entered international markets has boosted its brand value – Good advertising and marketing strategies have increased its brand recall • Weakness – Not on too many routes as compared to competitors – Still has to establish itself on international destinations • Opportunity – Opening up of International routes – Bringing in the emotional connect and bank on it since new players are stepping in the aviation industry. ( Air Asia is soon to step in, and this is the right time to strengthen Indigo’s position in the Indian sub- continent.) – Increase in brand presence amongst the Indian Middle Class • Threats
  3. 3. THE COGNITIVE PROCESS • On time efficient performance, • Lowest Price, • No Frills, easy availability • Quality service and aircrafts BRAND PILLARS • Cool, modern and smart • Dependable • Confident • Approachable and likeable • Ambitious, dynamic and informed youth • Cost Conscious Passengers • Frequent travelers BRAND DEFINITION BRAND PERSONALITY TARGET AUDIENCE The NEW CAMPAIGN
  4. 4. THE CREATIVE PROCESS INSIGHTS CAMPAIGN IDEA COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES Promote reasons to travel and travel by air. INDIGO. All YOURS campaign Modern youth is ambitious, individualistic and with greater exposure in TV and movies, loves to travel & explore. New Tagline : “ All Yours ” A short tagline, that says it all. Conveying that its all yours when you are with Indigo, everything falls in your court and things happen the way one had always wished for. Consumer centric approach • Promotion of the general travel habits in the target audience • Emotional connect and a feel good association • Freshness to the brand • USP of low cost and frill free flying experience strengthened in the target audience
  5. 5. PRACTICALITY AND FEASIBILITY• We’ve adopted a very practical approach, keeping in mind that this can be implemented in the actual market scenario • We retained the core brand and our campaign aims at extending the same in newer and at the same time bringing the Brand pillars in focus • Apart from the regular avenues, we will focus on locations that are exposed to frequent flyers and have not been tapped yet or rather the ones that haven’t been paid attention to / or considered before, this will be more cost effective and easy to implement • Example : Airport branding, Music Concert - say by Metallica; Tourist locations - say Ladakh ; • Thereby percolating the emotional connect to the grass root level. And giving Indigo a different outlook as a whole through TV, Print, OOH, Digital/Social Media
  6. 6. THANK YOU J Touching emotions of the common Indian population with simple day to day emotions and moments where your presence cannot be replaced like urgent family commitments say arrival of a new member in the family or just living life the way you always wanted to.