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Resurrect nesquik new

  1. 1. The Story so far •Nesquik was launched as a powdered chocolate flavoured mix in the US in 1948 as Nestle Quik •In the 1950s, it was launched in Europe as Nestle Quik •The Quik Bunny was parodied in the animated television series Drawn Together episode "Unrestrainable Trainable" where he was found engaging in sexual activity with three of the main characters, and stunned at the contents of his "chocolate milk“ •A promotional comic with Superman was introduced to promote the drink amongst kids •The Adventures of Quik Bunny comic was introduced as well
  2. 2. Vox Populi – We asked a few people. . . •Nesquik? What’s that? •Haan maine dekha hai! •Nesquik? Is it something like Fevikwik? 75% people were not aware of Nesquik •Must be expensive •Low fat? Really? •Chocolate drink? Healthy? •Huh? I have never heard of Nesquik! •Yes, yes, woh Nestle ka Nesquik? •I have it as often as I can! •Oh is that yellow thing a chocolate drink? Out of the 25% who are aware of Nesquik, only 5% consume it on a regular basis And < half are aware of variants available INSIGHT: “A brand like Nesquik, was lacking in capturing market share & TOM recall because of low awareness about the brand & no promotional activity done for the same. These factors are extremely critical to improve sales & we have therefore aligned our strategy towards it.” OBJECTIVE: Our primary objective is to increase awareness of the brand Nesquik that will lead to TOM recall & increase in sales. The ultimate goal is to make Nesquik a synonym for Chocolate drink
  3. 3. Target Group: Demographics: 15 + Male & Female Psychographics: People who love chocolate but are health conscious at the same time, they are also experimental, adventurous, dynamic and constantly on-the-go Market Prioritization: •Considering that brand awareness among our Target Audience is low, the immediate objective of our campaign is to spread awareness about Nesquik & trigger trial among TG •The mid term objective triggered through this campaign is to bring Nesquik in the consideration set of the TG when they think of alternatives to non colas •The long term objective is to deepen the consumption of Nesquik & build a loyal customer base that will also trigger word of mouth •Our current focus is on the eight metros to achieve our objective •Nesquik comes in six different flavours in a wide range of SKUs and has variants like No Sugar and Low fat •The eight metros are heterogeneous in their composition of target audience, which means stirring up trial amidst people who have different tastes will be easy •On these grounds we are choosing these markets as our priority to start off with Audience & Market
  4. 4. Resurrect Nestle needs to restart by making their audience aware about Nesquik. The ultimate goal is to acquire space in the consumer’s mind as a synonym for chocolate drink. Our strategy is in sync with the brand identity of Nestle and it will add to the already established brand equity. Awareness -The main idea is to create a buzz around the brand by creating a mystery character and building stories around it Engagement -The brand mascot of Nesquik is a bunny, we want to play around the idea of grabbing attention and engage the youth by projecting the bunny as the new playboy bunny in town Recall -Widening the product distribution through retail chains / kiranas -Increasing physical & digital presence of the brand -Co-Branding with food joints Top Of Mind - Nestle Nesquik becomes omnipresent and synonymous to the word “chocolate- drink”
  5. 5. Implementation Strategy
  6. 6.  Awareness about Nesquik & its variants  Top of mind recall, sticks in the consumer’s mind  Trials / Purchase of new flavors HOW WILL THIS CAMPAIGN HELP THE PRODUCT/BRAND & THE PARENT COMPANY?  The campaign induces trials, hence increases sales, awareness & market share  Positive brand Image (beneficial for the brand and the parent company) Have you spotted the new Playboy Bunny yet?
  7. 7. Budget The brand pre launch & launch activities will take place in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh.
  8. 8. Thank You!