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Project 306 mahindra reva

  1. 1. Mahindra Reva Project 306 Team Members Anisha G (MBA PR 2013-15) Annette Stephen(MBA PR 2013-15) Manasi Sakpal (MBA PR 2013-15)
  2. 2. REVA is the new REVA-lution • It isn’t just a car, it’s a new concept, a new way of life- that of the future. • Quality matters more than the cost
  3. 3. The story thus far… • The Reva Electrical Car Company (RECC, founded in 1994by Chetan Maini, as a joint venture between the Maini Group of Bangalore and Amerigon Electric Vehicle Technologies (USA) • In 2001 Reva was launched by RECC. • Mahindra acquired Reva in May 2010. • It was positioned as a ‘green’, affordable car and aimed at young and elderly couples and women. It was predicted to sell 1500 cars during the launch. However the numbers fell short to just 300 cars. • There are more than 1000 Reva customers.
  4. 4. Old campaigns… • Mahindra Reva previously, came up with a digital campaign, Think and Ask. • The customers uploaded videos starring themselves and their friends posing questions about e-cars. • Creating and sharing these videos enabled the participants the chance to win a new Reva e20. • With increasing number of questions, the features of the car was revealed. • More than 20,000 questions were asked.
  5. 5. The new campaign addresses… • Battery power and efficiency: viewed as cumbersome • Negative price positioning: seen as too expensive, not enough value for money • Customer value: Customer should feel their purchase is meaningful towards themselves and the environment
  6. 6. REVA-lution A musical concert- PR campaign tool Emphasises revolution in the way we use the car highlighting its eco-friendly features. The entire concert is powered by the batteries of the REVA cars
  7. 7. REVA-lution happens… • REVA-lution is a musical concert show that is lit by the battery of Mahindra Reva cars • The concert stars Indian leading playback singer Shreya Ghoshal • Mahindra Reva cars are lined up and piled in the back drop. Direct connections are taken from the cars to show that the batteries are used to light the instruments. • Free tickets are provided for the customers • Timely feedback taken from other viewers
  8. 8. We are seeking to cover… • Primary objective- Brand retention and Visibility Concert counters the negative image about the car batteries’ powerfulness. Reva’s uniqueness as a green electric car is re- emphasised Reva’s position as a quality alternative to fuel burning cars is also emphasised
  9. 9. We are seeking to cover… • Secondary Objective: Customer Value Customers are made aware of the correctness of their choice Brand loyalty is built Brand promotion happens by word-of-mouth
  10. 10. Is it possible? YES… • Engineering cars and set up to produce electrical energy for the concert- highly possible • Organising cultural event, high profile singer with household appeal (such as Shreya Ghoshal) – subject to date availability and other factors, possible • Budget, money spent on the pre-event, event and the post-event- viable
  11. 11. How do we go about it… • Customers receive e-ticket or pick them up from dealers • Print and Radio advertisements • Pamphlets and hoarding put up in various parts of the city.
  12. 12. How much do we spend.. • TALENT COST: Shreya Ghoshal’s salary (subject to various factors) • PRODUCTION COST- 5 lakhs (Stage, lights, music, seating and security) • MARKETING COST- 7 lakhs (print ads, radio ads, pamphlets and hoardings) • STAFF COST- 50,000 (fees for the event management company) • VENUE COST- subject to various factors • TICKETING COST- 600 per ticket • MISC COST- 3 lakh
  13. 13. We expect… • The misconceptions about the battery power can be replaced with true understanding • Brand loyalty built • Pool of potential customers widened • Revenues from the tickets • Increased brand awareness
  14. 14. We referred from… • • 2/ • dont-work/ • • easy-riding-bike • • Mahindra-Reva-e2os-PR-is-electric.aspx
  15. 15. Join the REVA-lution…