Mahindra pantero ad hawks


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  • Impressive stuffs and good SWOT analysis. Would be keen to know if this has been executed or not. If executed then could you please share some photographs for the same.
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Mahindra pantero ad hawks

  1. 1. BRAND CAMPAIGN STRATEGY Thought and Brainstormed by : Charu Mahajan Rohit Goidani Shivam Vij Sumeet Sharma MAHINDRA PANTERO By TEAM – Ad Hawks - Since 2013
  2. 2. Mahindra Pantero tied up with Rajasthan Royals. Mahindra launched a Hindi site for promoting the Pantero. The Hindi version could only be viewed on mobile phones while the English version was available on desktops. Mahindra launched an interactive website dedicated to ‘Pantero’ – showcasing 360 degree view and information like specifications, features, dealer locator, test ride bookings, price. The focus has been mainly digital and not on ground. (all in all a very uninspiring and irrelavent campaign has been running so far) Background Study of Past Campaigns MAHINDRA PANTERO
  3. 3. STRENGTH Designed keeping in mind the travelling woes of a Indian bike rider. Backing of the brand Mahindra. Longest in class SEAT. Mileage of 79.4 kmpl. Features -LED Tail lamps. Functionality + Looks. WEAKNESS Poor awareness and visibility of Pantero. Weak association of Mahindra in the 2 wheeler s segment. Irrelevant and a Not so Catchy tagline. Brand Mahindra's earlier bike's production discontinued. (Mahindra Stallio) No successful campaign post launch - hence low top of the mind recall. . OPPORTUNITIES Perfect combination of Price, mileage and comfort. Positioning as a commuter bike can play a very strong role if campaigned properly. Can initiate and explore a lot of unique innovation and activation strategies - as it came late in the entry level segment. THREATS Competitors like - Hero Splendor, Bajaj Discover, Yamaha SZ, Honda Dream Neo. Inconsistency in positioning of the parent brand - Mahindra. Presence only in digital media. Non virtual media presence is almost absent. Very uninspiring advertisement and brand strategy. SWOT
  4. 4. Idea Brief “Home delivery of a test drive” •Unique First Time In The World concept. •To harp on functional benefit v/s user imagery. •Approaching the target audience – instead of they visiting showrooms. •Test drive location : TG’s home – office – home route, and not just a 1 km test drive •Giving bikes to people for test drive near bus stands, metros, railways and their offices for a day, and capture their experience/views. •Using the captured experiences as a commercial to promote Pantero & gain visibility •Hence our TG becomes our Brand Ambassadors. •This will help the brand to gain the emotional connect. (We plan to phase out their irrelevant association with Panther and bring in a more human angle to it)
  5. 5. Train professionals to deal with customers while approaching them for test drive. Target customers in metros and tier 2 cities at possible public junctions. Provide on location test drive ; for a day from home – office – home. Collect customer experience s and insights (for 3 months) Include customer bites in the ad campaign Publicize ads on print, digital and TV Implementation The earlier campaigns were very boring and easily forgettable – hence INEFFECTIVE. People found no relevance to those ads in their lives – our current campaign is bound to change it all – where consumers will be able to relate to the protagonist unlike the Panther. Positioned as a comfortable Commuter Bike for office goers & long distance travelers.
  6. 6. Our campaign Existing Campaign Stress on functionality. Connect with TG’s emotions. Those who want to ride the bike. Heavy focus on personal selling – hence in their heart and mind. Unique first time in the world concept. Scope - Top of Mind. Brand equity to strengthen. Stress on Panther and maybe user imagery. Connect with TG who like and relate to Panther. Heavy focus only in virtual digital space – hence in their spams and recycle bins. Clichéd always adopted concept. Scope - Out of mind. Brand equity to dilute.
  7. 7. Budget PARTICULARS COST BREAKUP TOTAL COST (Approx) in Rs. 150 new bikes for test drive – Nation wide. n/a 150 trained employee for targeted regions 150 employees * Rs.10000 salary * 3 months 4500000 Fuel costs 150 bikes*Rs.3000 cost per month*3 months 225000 Commercial production costs – Regional and national 5000000 IMC (including advertisements) OOH, Transit Media, Digital, Print, TVC and On -ground activations. 20000000 Miscellaneous 2250000 TOTAL 32000000
  8. 8. We are directly reaching the target audience. (unique sampling idea) Hence we can capture their expressions/ opinions and gain core insight. There is a positive word of mouth publicity A one of its kind campaign concept launched for a bike – leading to high recall value. Supported by print and OOH and also TVC Ads would be incorporated using the core value that we derived during the unique test drive This would thus lead to more people purchasing the bike and hence more profitability. Hence a separate brand identity for Mahindra 2 wheelers Finally a favourable brand association for Mahindra in the 2 wheeler segment. How will this CAMPAIGN help the Product/Brand and the Parent Company?
  9. 9. THANK YOU.!! (always heading in the right direction)