Lifebuoy brand communication team pathbreakers


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Lifebuoy brand communication team pathbreakers

  1. 1. Lifebuoy Brand Communication Idea • Shantanu Pramanik • Karishma Khanna • Abhigyan Choudhury By
  2. 2. Past Successful Campaigns - Mahakumbh Roti Campaign • Lifebuoy tied up with 1000 of local dhabas at kumbh mela which has huge footfalls and also has huge sanitation issues. • they designed a special stamp bearing message “lifebuoy se haath dhoya kya ?” for dhabas and dhaba wala stamped that message on each chapatti. • They also placed lifebuoy soaps in wash basins of those dhabas. • to complete this campaign they posted a lots of posters and hoardings around Allahabad city. • This campaign caters to all those who were in kumbh mela. from those who stayed there and for those who come and go.
  3. 3. Past Successful Campaigns - Gundappa Campaign • In the film, noticeably set in rural India, a man walks to his local temple on his hands, to express his gratitude to God because his son turns five, unlike his other children who succumbed to diarrhea and other such infectious diseases well before reaching this age. • Here, lifebuoy is targets rural India where millions of people die each year due to diseases like diarrhea which can be prevented by the simple act of washing hands with soap. • The whole video with sound track and surroundings designed in such a way that it focuses on rural india but teaching a lesson to 130 million Indians.
  4. 4. Our Strategy • Objective : To reinforce the idea of keeping hands clean and increase usage of Lifebuoy’s hand sanitizer by popularizing the concept which hasn’t found complete acceptance as yet. • TG: Primary SEC-B,C Male 25-45, who are aware of hygiene but do not pay any heed to the same, also they are not accustomed with the usage of hand Sanitizers. • Approach: BTL activation and Sampling at places where the hand comes across germs the most like Train handles, Restaurants etc. • Expected Outcome: Greater awareness about personal hygiene induced trial of Sanitizers thus increased discernment about the category and increase sale of the brand & product.
  5. 5. Our Strategy Phase 1 • BTL Activation+ Free Sampling in Local Train Handles Phase 3 • BTL+Sampling Tying up with Restaurants and replacing the hot water bowl with Hand Sanitizer Sachets Phase 2 • BTL+Sampling Providing Hand Sanitizer Sachet in food trays in Express trains
  6. 6. • Hand Cut-out danglers to be suspended at handles of Local Trains. • The danglers will be folded cards with the message saying that you might get up on the train alone, but you don’t get down alone as millions of germs accompany you which you would have acquired from the handles. • The card will contain a small sachet of Lifebuoy hand sanitizer. • The activation will happen on a Monday in the 9:00 am Mumbai locals Implementation- Phase 1
  7. 7. Inside of the palm cut out danglers, the message of germs present in train handles and a small hand Sanitizer Sachet would be placed
  8. 8. Feasibility of the Campaign • Our campaign is an activation idea for Lifebuoy Sanitizer. The Indian Railways provides a unique opportunity to communicate this message to a large, predominantly large towns, small-towns and rural population. • Its Feasibility study involves Location : The trains (Local Trains) Lifebuoy shall hire around 85 promoters/city, who shall hang the danglers on berth handles and washrooms . We expect no feasibility hurdle as our campaign’s implementation is simple & require just some manpower. Since the first phase is a one time BTL activation and Sampling the cost incurred also would be much lesser
  9. 9. Estimated Budget • Our Campaign shall be in collaboration with IRCTC. It shall be considered as a social service campaign. • On similar lines we aim to share costs with the Indian Railway Authority. • The Estimated cost of the campaign is : 2 Crores • The cost will be shared in the ratio of 70:30 (HUL:Indian Railways),as per the pitch.
  10. 10. Estimated Return • In effect, this simple, clutter breaking idea will help Lifebuoy reach out to a massive audience, at a fraction of the cost. • Indian Railways carry 24 million passengers daily (roughly half of which were suburban passengers)- Our Target Group. • HUL can easily expect the message to reach at least 10 million potential customers at a minimal cost in the span of 2 days.
  11. 11. Implementation- Phase 2 • In Phase-2, the tie-up with the Indian Railways will be strengthened and the campaign will go to the next stage by distributing Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer Sachet in food trays served in express trains like Rajdhani and Duronto • This would enforce trials and make the usage of hand sanitizers(which is limited now) more frequent and habitual. • Hand Sanitizer the category hasn’t fund much acceptance in India as of now because of people’s reluctance to change, however such subtle trials would surely familiarize the category and thus lead to more usage and increased purchase
  12. 12. Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer as an additional product in the food trays in Express trains would enforce trials and popularize the category.
  13. 13. Implementation- Phase 3 • In Phase-3, the sampling will go further by tying up with restaurants and replacing bowls of hot lime water for washing hands with sachets of Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizers • The Sanitizer Sachet would be served in the same bowl along with a card which will say “ Is Lime water enough??” and then explain inside how hot lime water isn’t enough because it only washes your hands but not clean it, which leaves back millions of germs leading to diseases and thus consumers from now on should make it a habit to use hand sanitizer for effective cleansing of hands • This would yet again enforce trials and make the usage of hand sanitizers(which is limited now) more frequent and habitual. • As the usage grows the category will grow and since it was a Lifebuoy initiative, people would certainly prefer the brand over competitors
  14. 14. After meals are finished in restaurants sachets of Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer would be served in a bowl instead of giving hot lime water for washing hands. Alongside Hand Shaped Cards saying “Kya Nimbu Pani Kafi Hai” will be placed which will explain why a hand sanitizer is a better cleanser after meals than a bowl of hot lime water would be. The campaign would enforce the usage of sanitizers and making it as a habit
  15. 15. Thank You