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Legacy glaxo smithklinehorlicks

  1. 1. BLITZKRIEG- HORLICKS (GlaxoSmithKline) Submitted by: Team Legacy Amisha Mathur- MBA PR Garima Lal- MBA PR Malavikka Sharma- MBA PR Nikita Mahipal- MBA PR
  2. 2. Past campaigns • Horlicks partnered with NGOs and launched the “Horlicks Ahaar Abhiyaan” campaign to fight malnutrition. For every sale of Horlicks, GSK donated Re. 1 towards the cause. The Facebook page of the campaign had apps for to pledge, donate and share the Pledge on individual walls. • “Art for Nutrition” was a unique OOH campaign launched in Kolkata in which walls of 2 metro stations were decorated with 25,000 paintings received from various schools depicting the children’s interpretation of nutrition. This campaign was conducted to raise awareness about malnutrition in WB. • The campaign “Badlo Apne Bachpan ka Size” aimed to communicate how Horlicks enables kids to have a bigger, better childhood while growing Taller, Stronger, Sharper. Various tools used : TVC, radio, on ground activation, trade visibility and online activation. • “Brain Ready and Body Ready” campaign, an outdoor campaign to focus on consumption during the examination season. Life-size cut-outs of Horlicks milk glass, lit with LED lights were displayed in traffic areas in Delhi and NCR. • “Cold Consumption” was an innovative Horlicks campaign aimed at increasing consumption during summer months. Retail activation, promotional offers, in-store branding and sampling activities were done to spread word.
  3. 3. Proposed PR campaign- Nutrilicious • Mall activation- This is the first phase of the campaign. Choose malls with high footfall in urban cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Surat and Jaipur. This includes:  A makeshift enclosure and a stall is created in the center area of the mall on the ground floor.  A pamphlet cut out in the shape of a glass is distributed across the mall with the following words, “Wanna have a yummy shake for free? Visit the mystery shake stall in the center of the mall! Hurry now, test your taste buds and your brain! ”.  At the stall, visitors are made to taste different flavored Horlicks shakes and asked to guess the ingredients, after which they would be directed to the enclosure to find out if their answer is correct.  In the enclosure, a life-size cut-out of a jar of Horlicks would drop down. The walls of the enclosure are decorated with posters of Horlicks, stating that Horlicks can now be consumed as a yummy shake.  There would be a camera inside the stall that would instantly click pictures of their expressions of surprise when people go in.
  4. 4. Proposed Pamphlet handed out at the mall to direct footfall to the mystery stall
  5. 5. Proposed PR Campaign- Nutrilicious (Contd.) • Online expansion- The second phase would be a competition for online submission of innovative Horlicks recipes.  Entries would be judged by reputed chefs and the ten best among the lot would be chosen to feature in a Horlicks Shake Book, which would also have recipe ideas from the chefs.  Before submitting the entries, participants would have to ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘tweet’ about Horlicks; on the Horlicks Facebook page, using Horlicks Twitter handle or sharing on their own walls to in turn spread the campaign in their social circle. • CSR activity- In the third phase of the campaign, Horlicks vending machines could be set up in Government/ private schools, college canteens and workplace pantries from which kids, young adults and even office-goers could have hot/ cold Horlicks. A refreshing cup of Horlicks would not only make for a delicious drink, but also provide the required energy and nutrition to the body.
  6. 6. Practicality and Feasibility • Easily approachable audience attracting kids, young adults, working professionals and elderly people all at the same time, thus catering to a larger audience. • Mystery pamphlets, banners and stalls will generate curiosity among visitors. Free shake will be an incentive to draw crowds to the stall. • Procuring mall space and setting up stalls and photo-booths is not a hard task. • Installation of vending machine is easy, leading to actual health benefits. • Social networking and digital campaign has minimal cost involved. • Schools, colleges and offices may initially resist setting up of vending machines for Horlicks and would require convincing. • Some part of the target audience may not be active on the social media, such as housewives, busy work professionals and students not using Facebook and Twitter. • Visitors may be wary of tasting a mystery shake and going inside the enclosure area during the mall activation phase.
  7. 7. Implementation of the Campaign • Enough research must be done regarding the famous malls with highest footfalls in the cities listed, so that a larger audience can be reached at one go. • The pamphlet to be distributed to mall visitors should be designed in a very interesting manner so as to attract better response from visitors. • The stall inside the mall would have a banner with question marks on it, thus generating curiosity among visitors passing by. • An emcee would draw crowds towards the stall by engaging in interesting conversations. • People could get images of their surprised expressions printed and keep with them as a “delicious and sweet” memory! • The Horlicks Shake Books would be distributed for free with Horlicks jars after the ten best entries have been selected. • Facebook and Twitter pages of Horlicks should be updated with the latest news from the company. • Vending machines would require regular maintenance.
  8. 8. Budgets and Returns The approximate budget of the campaign has been listed as: Mall Activation Rs. 40 lacs Social media & Shake Book Rs. 5 lacs Vending Machine phase Rs. 30 lacs Estimated total Rs. 75 lacs The projected budget for the entire campaign, after considering additional unforeseen expenses, is approximately 75-80 lacs. Expected Returns:  The campaign will lead to an increase in the sales of the entire product range of Horlicks.  Rise in consumption of Horlicks due to its multiple uses.  Goodwill and reputation of the brand will enhance as people will begin to strengthen their association of the brand as a means to obtain nutrition with taste.
  9. 9. Campaign Benefits  Children will begin to associate Horlicks as a yummy substitute for plain white milk, and look forward to consume more of it. This would also assure mothers that the child is drinking a nutritious drink, rather than going for less healthier soft drinks when thirsty.  Majority of the sales of Horlicks products are of the original Horlicks, Chocolate Horlicks and Junior Horlicks. Portraying other products of the Horlicks range as a delicious drink would lead to increased sale of such brands as Women’s Horlicks, Horlicks Lite and Mothers’ Horlicks.  After the execution of the proposed PR campaign, the parent company, GlaxoSmithKline, will be associated as a daily consumption product rather than just a drugs and pharmaceutical company.  The suggested campaign is a very good opportunity for the brand and the company to project its corporate social responsibility to a larger, untapped audience.
  10. 10. THANK YOU!