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How to sponsor the first conference on SQL 2012 in Italy that will be held in March in Milan

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Sql & bi conference 2012 v2.5 en

  1. 1. 28-29 March 2012 Innovation Campus Microsoft - Peschiera Borromeo (Milano)It’s part of
  2. 2. SQL Server 2012 - UnpluggedThe SQL conference of this year will be particularly important: it will be the first conference in Italy coveringin technical depth the new version of the Microsoft SQL Server & Business Intelligence platform.In fact, at the end of February, SQL Server 2012 "codename Denali” will be launched by Microsoft.It is a very important version release, probably the most important since SQL Server 2005, with a greaternumber of new services and opportunities for all developers.A preview of the new SQL Server 2012 will be provided during the virtual launch, scheduled at the end ofFebruary, with many available online and free introductory sessions on the Microsoft site.For further study, the event not to be missed is theMicrosoft SQL Server & Business Intelligence Conference 2012 to be held at the new headquarters of Microsoft Italy on 28 and 29 March 2012.
  3. 3. Conference Goals Present in detail the new version of SQL Server Train technical staff on new projects and migration to this new application platform Investigate the Microsoft business intelligence platform and its features for users of the new version Offer a unique visibility in the market to partners who have significant experience and solutions related to SQL server
  4. 4. Conference Structure 2 parallel tracks:  The relational database, for DBA and Developer  Business Intelligence for IT pros and consultants  20 sessions level 300 – 400 (in depth training) Another 12 introductory sessions of 20-25 minutes will be presented during a virtual (streaming) event on February 28, 2012, at the launch of SQL Server 2012 Sponsors will have a wide availability of technical and business sessions in classrooms next and connected to the conference agenda  These activities have to be agreed with the organization
  5. 5. Conference Location The SQL & BI Conference 2012 will take place in the brand new conference center at the Microsoft headquarters in Peschiera Borromeo (Milan - Italy) This location offers many choices of different classrooms and easy access for people arriving from other cities by plane (it is near to the Linate airport) Rooms available for sponsors’ activities Room Floor Seats Audio Video Memphis 0 14 Monitor + RT Longhorn 0 4 Monitor Danube 0 12 Monitor + RT Viridian 1 12 Monitor + RT + VTC Yukon 1 20/28 Video projector + RT Bobcat 1 3 Monitor Tahoe 1 5 Monitor Hermes 1 24 Video projector Daytona 1 20 Video projector These booked rooms can be made available to partners sponsors for presentations of their experiences or for private meetings with customers
  6. 6. Attendees Estimated 200 paying attendees based on previous years (since 2009 we had constant numbers each year) Price of participation: around 600€ for 2 days of training Free access to the sessions of the partners, by appointment Sponsors will be able to invite their customers to the conference by highlighting their sponsorship Sponsors can buy free coupons and discounts for a number of attendees depending on the sponsorship level
  7. 7. Agenda and SpeakersSpeakerThe speakers are leading experts on SQL Server and Microsoft Business Intelligence at Italianand international level. All the speakers have extensive public speaking experience atconferences.Agenda The agenda is being finalized: 60/75 minute sessions Side activities (available to sponsor partners) - Sessions of 30 or 60 minutes - “Classical” presentations with demo - Focus Group - Hands-on-labs - practical tests on the product - Ask-the-Experts - Advice (i.e. licensing, TCO) - Presentation of customer references - Insights by business sector (i.e. BI for finance, for the PA, ...)
  8. 8. Marketing PlanSave the Dates and communicationwith mailing (launched in December)Conference Site Online (within 15th January)Digital marketing PR activities Material for the Sponsors,campaigns through and press office enabling them to runmailing lists, technical marketing campaignscommunities, digital directed to their customerschannels and online and contactssocial networks
  9. 9. Sponsorship Offer  Entry point down to € 500 for web logo and to €1000 for Silver logo in Silver Gold Gold+ Platinum OnDemand the conferenceLogo on the web € 500  Visibility on the web siteLogo on conference  6000 unique visitors (technical) in the € 1000documentation two months before the conferenceVideo download € 300  Visits continued throughout the year to watch recorded videos and downloadMaterial distribution € 2000 materialSide activity (1) € 3500  The partners may decide to sponsorCustom activities even only a single activityBillboard on Keynote  The bundled packages are cheaperroom  Partners can buy discounted packagesCase History on the web in order to provide discount couponsDiscount coupons -10% -20% -20% -30% to customers or for their own use  € 400 for 10 coupons, € 200 for 5 couponsFree passes 1 2 3 € 1000 € 2500 € 5000 € 7000  Only Platinum partners (max 2) may have exclusive access to:  Custom activities  Possible press conference  Other special events dedicated
  10. 10. Silver Sponsor (entry level)Silver: € 1000 Logos in “Silver” format on the web and on other material at the conference Can buy 10% discounts coupons (€ 400 for 10 coupons, € 200 for 5 coupons) One free account to access the recording of conference sessions (available 2 weeks after the conference) Opportunity to present 1 case history on the conference website for free
  11. 11. Gold Sponsor (middle level)Gold: € 2500 All the benefits of the Silver sponsorship, plus logos in larger “Gold” format Distribution of their material to the participants in the welcome kit 1 free pass Can buy 20% discounts coupons (€ 400 for 10 coupons, € 200 for 5 coupons) Opportunity to present 2 case studies on the conference website for free List of participants who give permission to be contacted in the feedback form or through the Internet web site
  12. 12. Gold+ Sponsor (middle level)Gold+: € 5000 All the benefits of the Gold sponsorship 2 free passes (instead of 1 expected for the simple Gold) A side activity to choose between (*):  Sessions of 30 or 60 minutes  “Classical” presentations with demo  Focus Group  Hands-on-labs - practical tests on the product  Ask-the-Expert  Advice (i.e.: licensing , TCO, etc…)  Presentation of customer references  Insights by business sector (i.e.: BI for finance, for the PA, ...)* The side events will be organized according to the interests of the participants to the availability of rooms
  13. 13. Platinum Sponsor (top level – max 2)Platinum: € 7000 All the benefits of the Silver sponsorship, logos in larger “Platinum” format Can buy 30% discounts coupons (€ 400 for 10 coupons, € 200 for 5 coupons) 3 free passes (instead of 2 expected for the Gold +) A choice of special activities (*):  Press Conference  Coffee Break or Cocktail sponsored  Video presentation of the sponsor on the conference website  Other negotiated(*) If the real cost of the activity is greater than € 1 000, € 1 000 will be deducted from the real cost(i.e.: if a cocktail offered by the sponsor costs € 3 000, the sponsor will pay in addition to the € 7 000for platinum only € 2 000 for the special activity)
  14. 14. Contact usFor more information and to receive a personalized offer tosponsor the conference contact: Sponsorship Manager Silvio Filippi sponsorship@sqlconference.it Tel. (+39) 348 074 9141