Applied linguistics introduction


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Applied linguistics introduction

  1. 1. Educación a Distancia Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación Licenciatura en Inglés UNIVERSIDAD FASTA 3/19/2014 1Applied Linguistics - Lic.Silvia Morgavi
  2. 2. Licenciatura en Inglés APPLIED LINGUISTICS 3/19/2014 2Applied Linguistics - Lic.Silvia Morgavi
  3. 3. Applied Linguistics As part of the BA in English course, Applied Linguistics introduces students to the broad scope of applied linguistics, focusing primarily on two areas: second language acquisition and critical discourse analysis. Both fields are vital for teachers, as they allow them to understand and therefore improve on their professional practice. The subject offers a complementary approach to their undergraduate education to professionals with a degree in translation. On the one hand, the subject develops and / or deepens the students' understanding of the process of second language acquisition. This knowledge will enable them to engage in solving problems related to the teaching and learning of a second language, in order to enhance their effectiveness as teachers, to carry out research studies, provide advice to individuals and institutions on specific aspects of the acquisition of English, and participate fully in the academic world. 3/19/2014 3Applied Linguistics - Lic.Silvia Morgavi
  4. 4. Applied Linguistics With respect to critical discourse analysis, Applied Linguistics allows students to examine the relationship between language and its social context, creating awareness about the abuse of power through language. This will help students to detect, create awareness of and tackle inequalities expressed by linguistic means. This knowledge is essential to develop critical and independent thinking, both in language professionals and students. In conclusion, Applied Linguistics provides students with an interface between theory and practice in order to solve problems related to the use of language in different contexts. 3/19/2014 4Applied Linguistics - Lic.Silvia Morgavi
  5. 5. Contents 1. APPLED LINGUISTICS 1.1 History 1.2 Attempting a definition 1.3 Dichotomies related to the discipline 2. SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION 2.1 Brief history 2.2 Components of language learning 2.3 SLA approaches 2.4 Forms of instruction 2.5 Teachers’ and students’ roles Applied Linguistics - Lic.Silvia Morgavi 53/19/2014
  6. 6. CRITICAL DISCOURSE ANALYSIS 3.1 CDA: a definition 3.2 Main principles of CDA 3.3 Areas: language and gender, the media, political discourse and ethnicity 3.4 Language awareness 3/19/2014 Applied Linguistics - Lic.Silvia Morgavi 6
  7. 7. These are some of the people that will walk along the path of applied linguistics with us… 3/19/2014 Applied Linguistics - Lic.Silvia Morgavi 7
  8. 8. Teun van Dijk Stephen Krashen Noam Chomsky Rod Ellis Vivian CookElaine Tarone Norman Fairclough Ruth Wodak Henry Widdowson MerrillSwain 3/19/2014 8Applied Linguistics - Lic.Silvia Morgavi
  9. 9. On their behalf, I heartily welcome you all. Silvia 3/19/2014 Applied Linguistics - Lic.Silvia Morgavi 9