Design Thinking Challenge Process


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Design Thinking Challenge Process

  1. 1. My experience thinking challenge ... apply the skills and mindsets of design thinking to your own work and interests. By Silvia Barroso
  2. 2. 4 learnings... not 3! :) 1. Although at the beginning of the course I wanted to improve my creative and innovative skills for my work I discovered a methodology to deal with any problem in any area. The possibilities are endless and the ability of the mind too!!! 2. Increased confidence about myself. Although I not currently have the chance to work in a trusted environment where innovation is pursued and this negatively impacts my evolution's perception and blocking me thanks to the course I have found that my creativity is still there and I can deal with complex problems. I will not doubt my abilities anymore, only continue exercising them. 3. Welcome failures. Although Thanks to my background I realize that failures are great teachers is hard to stay on that idea in a society like Spanish where failure is a stigma. This course has helped me to consolidate the concept and keep working on that judgments are nothing but a part of the process. 4. See the work of others is very precious… Although there are common points are many points that diverge and these enriches the thinking and my own conclusions. It was very good to see the work of others doing the same. It's a great chance as unusual at my work environment to see someone trying to solve the same problem. I love it!
  3. 3. design thinking process
  4. 4. Small brainstorm – My own context
  5. 5. - out together - share goodies - fun - laugh - tell all the things - want to be together - share our favorite things Make all team tasks All making proposals for the same problem Eating together every day Create an environment of trust make brainstorming Delineate roles and responsibilities Make user test Always show us our job Ask for advice and help - Be good persons and mates -Think about what is best for the company and for us without envy. - Humility and effort. - Respect others - Appreciate individuality and differences. - Help and support others - know more about us - Put ourselves in another's skin - Travel to the future to see how we will be - Travel to the past to see how we are -Superheroes team: each one has a special power - Learn all about our users via telepathy - take a trip around the world together - receive teamwork classes - receive user experience classes - eating out every day with a colleague to know us better in good restaurants :) - Weekly group outings How to improve the team work
  6. 6. How ideas could be applied? “I feel it is more difficult to apply an idea to have it” - How to apply the ideas? - Any person of a organization can make this change? - How to put ideas running? - How to initiate change? - Convince other team members - Show new ideas to the CEO - Can only one person change the environment?
  7. 7. Thank you Leticia and team! Has been great! :)