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Triggered Emails Right Message Right Time

Triggered Emails Right Message Right Time



With social media increasingly competing for your customers' attention and their inboxes becoming inundated with undifferentiated "batch and blast" messages, delivering the "right message at the right ...

With social media increasingly competing for your customers' attention and their inboxes becoming inundated with undifferentiated "batch and blast" messages, delivering the "right message at the right time" has become paramount. Automated, or trigger-based emails have become a key "must-do" approach to increasing consumer relevance and marketing ROI. In fact, emails, such as those triggered by customer Web site behavior, deliver more than nine times the revenue than standard broadcast emails, according to a study by JupiterResearch, now Forrester Research.

In this presentation, you'll learn how a variety of companies are supplementing their broadcast and targeted programs with automated emails that dramatically increase revenue from a very low volume of emails. Using minimal resources, one ecommerce company deploys a series of automated and lifecycle emails such as – welcome, cart abandonment, purchase anniversary, birthday, shipping/order notifications and reactivation – that generates 40 percent of its email revenue from only 4 percent of its email volume.

Loren McDonald with Silverpop, presented this information on a Target Marketing Webinar, September 14, 2010:

• Why automated emails are critical to success
• The most common type of triggered emails
• Multiple examples and sample results
• Best practices on welcome and cart abandonment programs



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  • crafting these highly relevant messages empowers you to more effectively engage customers and can generate nine times more improvement in revenue and as much as 32 times more improvement in net profit over undifferentiated broadcast campaigns. Even after including additional Web analytics spending, the use of Web-site clickstream data as a targeting attribute still significantly improves both top line and bottom-line results. - “The ROI of E-mail Relevance, JupiterResearch,” May 2005
  • It is not just about how social media has changed our approach but now because of lack of trust about coordinating across multiple channels both digitally and offline
  • 0.7% of product views convert to orders8% of cart additions convert to orders
  • - 60% Open Rate (Nearly 200% higher than our broadcast average)- 18.5% Click through rate (More than 200% higher than our broadcast average)- 7.5% higher average order value than overall average- 60% higher conversion rate than overall average
  • 52% Open Rate (Nearly 150% higher than broadcast average) 13.8% Click through rate (125% higher than broadcast average) 10% higher conversion rate and slightly higher average order value.
  • 30% Open Rate (40% Higher than Broadcast average) 7% Click through rate (18% Higher than broadcast average) 15% Higher conversion rate than overall average Surprisingly slightly lower than average order value

Triggered Emails Right Message Right Time Triggered Emails Right Message Right Time Presentation Transcript

  • Delivering the “Right Message at the Right Time”
  • Relevant Emails Rock!
    Note: Metrics and salary costs based on JupiterResearch executive survey. Broadcast assumes $3 CPM, and all others assume $4.5 CPM. All assume $89 AOV, 50 percent product margin, and 2.8 million pieces of mail per month.
  • Broadcast & Triggers Complement
  • Low Volume, High ROI
    Volume of Emails sent
    Sales Generated
    95.9 %
    59.8 %
  • Question is not What is the optimum frequency?, but How do we send more relevant emails, more often but with fewer resources?
  • Agenda
  • Welcome
  • Welcome emails may be the most important email your company sends.
  • Welcome Emails: Goals and Purpose
    Speed up conversion
    Minimize list churn
    Strengthen brand perception
    Reduce inactivity
    Educate subscriber
    Instill/reinforce trust
    Enable immediate “email experience”
    Provide administrative information/tools
    Set expectations
  • Timing / Cadence
    • Immediate
    • Suppress regular emails
    • Transactional OK
    • Move to a series
    3-part series
    Email # 1
    3-7 days
    Email # 2
    Stand alone
    Email # 3
    7-14 days
  • Single Welcome Email
  • Tafford #1
    Welcome to the Tafford Community
  • Tafford #2
    Three Reasons You Will Love Tafford + A Special Offer
  • Tafford #3
    Personalize Your Tafford Experience
  • 2009 Welcome Series Indexed Results…
    Welcome #1 Performs 6X Better!
  • Pre-to-Post
    “Transactional 2.0”
  • Think beyond just this…
  • To Pre- to Post-Purchase Emails
    Right time, right message!
  • Pre-to-Post “Transactional”
    - Cart/Browse Abandonment
  • Multiple Opportunities in the Funnel
  • Recommendations/Abandon Site Email
    Early results:
    • 40% open rate
    • 57% click to purchase conversion
    • Earns $2.18 per email deployed.
    • Earned $127.70 per email clicked.
  • Average cart
    abandonment rate
  • Following up with abandoners by email yields
    25% or more conversion rates.
  • Cart Abandonment - Reminder
  • Cart Abandonment w/ Discount
    CTR 350% higher
    50% higher conversion rate than broadcast
  • Did You Forget Something?
  • A Special Offer To Return To Tafford
  • 2009 Abandoned Cart Indexed Results…
  • Abandon Cart Emails
    25% conversion on cart abandoners.
    Cart program accounts for almost 1/3 of TOTAL yearly email sales
    First and most effective in the series sent within hours after abandonment.
  • Grad Images: Three stage campaign
    23 hrs after
    120 hrs after
    Email delivery via Silverpop Transact real time transactional API
  • “Service” tone
    An overt sales message may be counter productive. Service based communications work much better
    • Expectations
    • A service email stating their transaction did not complete
    • Use your transaction confirmation as a model
    • May not be ready to buy yet
    • An overt sales message may be counter-productive
  • Abandonment Email Takeaways
    • First email within a few hours
    • Multiple follow-ups
    • Start with service tone
    • Test timing and discounts
    • Automate
  • Pre-to-Post “Transactional”
    - Transactional / Purchase
  • Order Confirmation Series
    Demand from Order Confirmation Series emails grew 41.5% from 2008 to 2009.
    Open rates range 45%-50%
  • Cross Sell / Upsell
    Best Practice:
    Recommend accessory items
    or complementary items for each product in cart
  • Pre-to-Post “Transactional”
    - Post Purchase
  • Fred, A Special Thank-You Offer From Tafford
    Tafford Customer Survey - Tell Us What You Think
  • Fred, A Special Thank-You Offer From Tafford
    Tafford Customer Survey - Tell Us What You Think
    Fred, Rate the Tafford products you purchased
  • Fred, A Special Thank-You Offer From Tafford
    Tafford Customer Survey - Tell Us What You Think
    Fred, A Special Thank You Offer from Tafford
  • Post Purchase Lifecycle Indexed Results
    6X+ Better
    Survey performs over 20% better…
  • Post-Purchase Review
  • Product Review Email
    14% of those who click place another order
    Second highest conversion rate next to Abandon Cart emails.
  • Products Review Notification
    12% of those clicking on this email go directly to make another purchase.
  • Recommendations
    Recommendations based on segmentation
  • Bounceback / Thanks
  • Thanks!
    • 60% Open Rate
    • Nearly 3X avg
    • 18.5% CTR
    • 3X avg
    • 7.5% higher AOV than overall average
    • 60% higher conversion rate than overall average
  • Reminders…almost out of stock
    Open, CT and Conversion Rates that are MORE THAN DOUBLE broadcast email rates
    Average Order Value is 53% HIGHER
  • Purchase Anniversary / Birthday
  • Happy Birthday
    • 52% Open Rate
    • 13.8% CTR
    • 10% higher conversion rate
  • 10% off good for one month
  • 2009 Birthday CampaignIndexed Results…
    Almost 25X better…
  • Purchase Anniversary
    15% higher conversion rate than average from broadcast messages
  • Low Volume/High ROI
    Triggered Emails:
    3-5% of email volume
    45% of profits
    Travel Site
    4% of email volume
    40% of email revenues
    Ecommerce Site
  • Keys to Conversion
    - Web analytics
    - Reviews
    - Recommendations
    - Timing
    - Layout
    - Offers
    - Copy style
    - Level of
    e.g., Review request timing may need to vary
    • Personalized to
    - Non-purchase behavior
    - Right tone
    - Compelling offers
    - Value add
    - HTML
    - Mobile
    - Image blocking
    - Navigation
  • Resources / Q & A
  • About Silverpop
    • A leading email marketing / marketing automation provider
    • Email marketing
    • Transactional email
    • Share-to-social
    • Send Time Optimization
    • Landing pages
    • Surveys
    • SMS
    • API Integrations w/ Web analytics, personalization, reviews, recommendation technologies
  • Resources
    Resource Center
    White papers
    Case studies
    Many presentations on SlideShare
  • Q & A and Contact Information
    Loren McDonald, Silverpop
    VP, Industry Relations
  • Thank you!On Twitter: @Silverpopwww.slideshare.net/silverpopwww.silverpop.com