Silverpop using email marketing to drive business


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Silverpop using email marketing to drive business

  1. 1. Instant ROI: Using Email Marketing toStay in Touch and Drive More Business April 2012 Dave Walters, Product Evangelist Twitter: @_DaveWalters
  2. 2. HousekeepingQuestions?We’ll have 10-15 minutes for Q&A at the end of thepresentation. Please use the “Question” box to askquestions. Unanswered questions will be receiveresponses via emailIs this Webinar Being Recorded?Yes, the recorded webinar will be posted webinar page as well as onYouTube. Attendees will receive link via email
  3. 3. HousekeepingHaving Audio Problems?Phone – please hang up and call back inComputer – we recommend using the call in phonenumber
  4. 4. Agenda• Silverpop Intro• Why Use an Email Service Provider• Customer Examples • Stay In Touch • Grow Your Audience • Increase your Interactions • Own Your Location• Questions
  5. 5. Who is Silverpop?• Market-leading digital marketing platform• Email delivery + marketing automation + location• Used by marketing groups from 1 to 500• Many customers migrate from platforms like Constant Contact and MailChimp
  6. 6. 4,000+ Brands Powered by Silverpop Financial Services Retail Energy & Utilities Media Business Services SoftwareTravel & Hospitality Non-Profit Food & Beverage Hardware Entertainment Education
  7. 7. Scaled for Small & Medium Businesses• More than 15,000 marketers use Silverpop every day• Complete but not complex• Force multiply your marketing effort• New Essentials product designed for small and medium businesses
  8. 8. Why Use An Email Service Provider?• CAN-SPAM requires opt-out, physical mailing address and other attributes within every message• High deliverability into major domains like Gmail and Hotmail• Behavior tracking and response rates are critical• Using your Gmail or Outlook just doesnt cut it
  9. 9. The Marketing Spectrum Mass Direct BehavioralMarketing Marketing Marketing CustomersCustomers Customers are manyare a single are little audience individuals audiences
  10. 10. Staying In Touch
  11. 11. Confirmation• Delivered when the user signs up• Provides second-level information and program details• Timeliness is the key to engaging the user
  12. 12. Personalized Reminders
  13. 13. Happy Birthday• Birthdate can be captured at retail or via Facebook• Aim to deliver the Monday before the customer’s birthday• You can choose to deliver discounts or just recognize
  14. 14. Channel CommunicationsCommunications every 6-8 weeks AustraliaCommunications every 1-2 weeks 200% increase in relevant business dialog 47% open rate
  15. 15. Welcome Message• Goes out automatically at sign up• No matter the source of the subscription• Much higher open rates than traditional broadcast messages (38:1)
  16. 16. Welcome Offer• Subscribers who opted in outside of the purchase process• Get the same coupon as part of an onsite promotion• Scheduled for the morning after sign up
  17. 17. Grow Your Audience
  18. 18. Social-Powered Forms 66% of users prefer using social credentials
  19. 19. Email Opt-In on Facebook
  20. 20. Email Opt-In on Facebook
  21. 21. In-Store Email Collection
  22. 22. Increase Your Interactions
  23. 23. Create UGC• Holiday card: Sent Dec. 24• Facebook: 150+ photos added
  24. 24. User Input Rules 30% Increase in Orders and Sales
  25. 25. Re-Engagement Messaging
  26. 26. Upsell and Cross-Sell Best Practice: Recommend accessory items or complementary items for each product in cart
  27. 27. Own Your Location
  28. 28. Location-Based Marketing Isn’t New
  29. 29. How And Why Do People Check In?
  30. 30. Claim Venues
  31. 31. Offer specials for check-ins• Check-In• Loyalty• Mayor• Swarm• Flash• Newbie
  32. 32. Check-In Special
  33. 33. Access Foursquare Analytics
  34. 34. Questions? Dave Walters @_DaveWalters Twitter: @Silverpop