Silverpop Return Path Deliverability Keynote


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Silverpop and Return Path take a fresh look at email marketing deliverability in a world where Reputation and Engagement are critical to message delivery.

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Silverpop Return Path Deliverability Keynote

  1. 1. Deliverability in the World of theIntelligent InboxA Silverpop & Return Path Keynote
  2. 2. About Silverpop• 1,500+ customers• Across 38 countries• 30+ billion emails sent per annum across our customer base• 97% avg. deliverability rate
  3. 3. About Return PathWho We Are Leader in email monitoring, deliverability, certification, and anti-phishing solutions 300+ email professionals Offices in New York, Denver, San Francisco, London, Paris, Hamburg, Sydney, and Sao PauloProven Experience Serve over 2,500 leading brands Over 2 billion inboxes covered by certification program 26 million IPs scored daily by Return Path 300+ ISP partners globallyClients From Several Industries Retail / eCommerce Publishing Social Media Financial Services 3
  4. 4. Today’s Speakers Richard Evans Richard Gibson Director of Marketing, EMEA Channel Relationship Manager, UK Silverpop Return Path @rlevans @richardgibson
  5. 5. By 2014, the average consumer will receive9,000 email marketing messages a year.
  6. 6. Why spend 45minutes today talkingabout deliverability?
  7. 7. Because it isn’t a technical issue…
  8. 8. It’s a business issue…
  9. 9. What makes for good deliverability?
  10. 10. It’s all about reputation...
  11. 11. Reduce complaints
  12. 12. Focus on List Hygiene 13
  13. 13. Top tips to keep your list healthy. 1. KNOW your unknown user rates and monitor them 2. REVIEW your internal bounce categorization routine to ensure you are regularly removing bad or inactive addresses 3. MONITOR sending logs for messaging from ISPs that may indicate the presence of spam traps 4. COLLECT good data up front: the most common techniques are double opt-in and welcome messages 5. IMPLEMENT address verification processes and ECOA 6. CHECK blacklists that focus on mailers who hit spam traps (and make sure you’re not on any of them)
  14. 14. Intertops Success StoryCompany• One of the largest sites for sports betting, casino, poker and gamesBusiness Challenges• Email incorrectly being identified as spam• An aged email database w/ some subscribers older than 10 years• Inaccurate deliverability reporting from an internal system
  15. 15. Intertops Success StoryOverview of Solution/Benefits• Reduced list size by 75% removing invalid and inactive addresses• Implemented a promotional email and newsletter program focused on relevancy• 20-30% increase in open rates• 10% increase in conversion rates• 100% increase in deliverability. Now 20% higher than industry average
  16. 16. Infrastructure (insert yawn here!)
  17. 17. Who are you?• SPF (Sender Policy Framework)• Sender ID• DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)
  18. 18. What AuthenticationDoes and Doesn’t Do
  19. 19. Maintain a permanent home
  20. 20. Message Quality
  21. 21. Follow Best Practices Across theSubscriber Lifecycle
  22. 22. Top Tips: Acquisition
  23. 23. Preference Centres
  24. 24. Welcome Series
  25. 25. Optimise design and rendering
  26. 26. Best Practice: Use a Pre-Header
  27. 27. It’s all about Engagement
  28. 28. What Engagement Means to an ISP
  29. 29. ISPs use your sender reputation to make filtering decisions. Apoor reputation means, your email will get blocked.
  30. 30. Intelligent inboxes are here
  31. 31. What Engagement Meansto the Consumer
  32. 32. Email is great fordeveloping loyal andactive subscribers. 72% Percentage of companies rate email as excellent or good for return on investment. Source: Econsultancy "Email Marketing Census 2011" (2011)
  33. 33. Optimising Delivery Time
  34. 34. Little Tikes Increased metrics across the board with Send Time OptimizationOverview• Regular weekly promotional email• Established open and click rate trendsResults on first send• Open rates increased 20%• Click rates increased 30%• Total revenue generated increased 75%• Average value per order grew 35% Using Silverpop’s Send Time Optimization feature has allowed Little Tikes to take a more sophisticated approach to our email marketing with no extra effort on our end. --Julie Gibson Email Coordinator, Little Tikes
  35. 35. Encyclopaedia Brittanica Encyclopaedia Brittanica solves decade-old marketing dilemma of when to send an email by using Silverpop’s Send Time Optimization featureBusiness Challenges• Finding an innovative way to boost sales for its online store• Targeting emails to their customer’s specific window for purchasingOverview of Solution/Benefits• The company first tested the feature in an email alerting its 120,000 subscribers to the company’s Spring Sale. The results included:• 20-46% increase in open rates• 30-50% increase in click rates “If I can get to our email subscribers when they want to hear from me, that made a lot of• 30% increase in total number of orders per sense to me. It gave me a competitive campaign advantage.”• EB has now made STO a standard in their --Kassie Stephenson Adams campaigns Director of Consumer Marketing and Campaign Management, Encyclopaedia Brittanica
  36. 36. Master the art of Email Marketing Jiu-Jitsu
  37. 37. Take a break. Hit Snooze. 3-5 per cent decrease in unsubscribes.
  38. 38. Top Tips: Win-Back
  39. 39. Best Practice: Win-Back
  40. 40. A Quick Look Back• Deliverability is a significant business issue.• It is part art and part science... And, It is 100% about engagement!• Engage with recipients early and on their terms• Worry about your reputation... A lot!• Brace for more change. More technology. More complexity.
  41. 41. Resources• Resource Centre at – White papers – Webinars – Blogs – Case studies – Newsletters• Presentations on SlideShare –
  42. 42. Resources from Return Path Global Deliverability Benchmark Report (Sept 2011) Mobile, Webmail, Desktops: Where Are We Viewing Email Now? (December 2011)
  43. 43. Thank you!