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Silverpop digital marketing launch event sao paulo brazil

Silverpop digital marketing launch event sao paulo brazil






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  • 30/10/12

Silverpop digital marketing launch event sao paulo brazil Silverpop digital marketing launch event sao paulo brazil Presentation Transcript

  • #silverpopbr
  • #silverpopbr
  • #silverpopbr
  • 5 Behavioral Actions to AutomateLoren McDonald@LorenMcDonald#SilverpopBR
  • Message Overload
  • Some Consumers are Tuning Out
  • Pounding isn’t the answer…
  • …because hope is not a marketing strategy.
  • Batch& Blast Behavior & Automation
  • Mass Direct BehavioralMarketing Marketing MarketingCustomers Customers Customersare a single are many are audience little individuals audiences
  • Explicit data Implicit data
  • Examples of Behavior - Visited website - Visited Blog - Clicked to Twitter Page - Visited Community - Downloaded White Paper “XYZ” - Watched “7 Reasons” Video - Submitted Demo Request Form - Call Center Conversation - Trial software login
  • Customer Behavior Drives the Actions
  • 5 Behaviors to Automate
  • 5 Behaviorsto Automate
  • Behavior #1: Join / SusbscribeAction: Onboarding Emails
  • Within two months of opt-in, the open ratetypically falls 20% to 25%. Source: MarketingSherpa
  • 1/3 of U.S. largest retailers Send zero welcome emails
  • Single Email Welcome Email SeriesWelcome emails are one of the most important emails your company will send.
  • Move to onboarding basedon behavior/preferences…
  • Web Tracking Behavior
  • Mint.com
  • MintWelcome
  • Mint Activation 1Users who have not added their banks after 7 days
  • Mint Activation 2Users who have not added their banks after 14 days
  • Behavior #2: Web Browse AbandonmentAction = Content-Based Nurture Series
  • Browse Abandonment: Expressing Interest Sent Delivered Opened Clicked Product Views Cart Additions Checkouts Orders Revenue Units
  • Browse Behavior• 37.6% Open Rate• 7.35% CTR• $0.44 Rev/Email
  • Browse Behavior
  • Browse Behavior
  • Browse Behavior
  • Behavior #3: Shopping Cart AbandonmentAction = Remarketing Series
  • Abandoned Shopping Carts = Lost RevenueUp to 70% of Shopping Carts are Abandoned before Checkout “60–70%” — Multiple Sources 34
  • Cart Abandonment: 1-step from revenue Sent Delivered Opened Clicked Product Views Cart Additions Checkouts Orders Revenue Units
  • Up to50%conversion!
  • DEMCO: Cart vs Broadcast Emails High % of sales relative to volume Relative Volume Relative Sales Abandon Cart Abandon Cart Emails Emails 0.3% 18.6% Promotional Emails Promotional 99.7% Emails 81.4%
  • Message A – 1 day after
  • Message B – 3 days after
  • Message C – 5 days after
  • DEMCO Cart Results Cart Email A Cart Email B Cart Email C Day 1 Day 3 Day 5 AVERAG EOpen Rate 40% 39% 32% 37%Click-to-Open 44% 47% 28% 41%Click-thru-Rate 18% 18% 9% 15%Conversion Rate 22% 15% 24% 20%Sales/email $8.60 $8.40 $5.04 $7.46
  • Behavior #4: Make A PurchaseAction = Upsell Emails 42
  • SmartPaks Upsell Emails Customer orders supplements in buckets for their horse GOAL: Convert customer to order supplements in AutoShip SmartPaks
  • SmartPaks Upsell Emails• Focus on the most important product purchase
  • SmartPaks Upsell Emails
  • Behavior #5: Going InactiveAction = Automated Reengagement
  • Inactive customers are painful! 47
  • Typical Actives vs. Inactives Ratio
  • Impact of Inactives
  • Inactive Email recipient Email recipient does not open, does not open, click or purchase in click or purchase inRe-Engagement 45 days 45 days Inactive Re-Engagement Email: Inactive Re-Engagement Email: Update Profile - - 1.1 Update Profile 1.1 Opens or clicks any• Goal: Reactivate customers Opens or clicks any email or makes aa email or makes before they become inactive purchase in 75 purchase in 75 days days• Results: • Open Rate – 5.6% • CTR – 0.5% Inactive Re-Engagement Email: Inactive Re-Engagement Email: Pays to be Smart –– 1.2 Exits Inactive Re- Exits Inactive Re- Enagagement Enagagement Pays to be Smart 1.2 Program Program Opens or clicks any Opens or clicks any email or makes aa email or makes purchase in 90 purchase in 90 days days Inactive Re-Engagement Email: Inactive Re-Engagement Email: 10% off Order –– 1.3 10% off Order 1.3
  • Inactive Re-Engagement Evaluate for 30 days for activity, move into once aDay 45: “Help Us month frequency for 6 Day 75: “It Pays toServe You Better” be months. Smart” Day 90: “We Miss You! Come Back and Save 10%”
  • More time on the beach go he re! Y ou
  • Behavioral Marketing Automation Is Going to Be VERY BIG!
  • Q & A / Contact Information Loren McDonald lmcdonald@silverpop.com Twitter: @LorenMcDonald G+: +Loren McDonald Pinterest: intevation www.slideshare.net/silverpop Twitter: @SIlverpop www.silverpop.com
  • Relevant Emails Rock! 9x Note: Metrics and salary costs based on JupiterResearch executive survey. Broadcast assumes $3 CPM, and all others assume $4.5 CPM. All assume $89 AOV, 50 percent product margin, and 2.8 million pieces of mail per month.
  • Steps in Re-Engagement Program Evaluate for 30 days for activity, move into once a month frequency for 6 months.
  • #silverpopbr
  • Como Turbinar suasCampanhas de Relacionamento com Marketing Automation
  • 1982-2012 Souza Aranha ♦ A Souza Aranha desenvolveu inúmeros projetos de sucesso para as mais diversas categorias, entre eles o pioneiro Smiles para a VARIG e o High Sorgs para a Microsoft (*). ♦ É pioneira em Marketing de Relacionamento e CRM no Brasil. ♦ Foi escolhida como a Agência de CRM do Ano - Prêmio ABEMD em 2009. ♦ Uma das consultorias de Marketing de Relacionamento e CRM com maior experiência no Mercado Brasileiro. (*) Programa de Relacionamento dirigido à prospecção de 220 mil pequenas e médias empresas.
  • Road Map Souza Aranha Ciclo de Vida do Cliente $Aquisição Rentabilização Retenção Ativação Recuperação tempoprospect single-buyer multi-buyer inativo Longevidade
  • Comunicação de Massa FrequênciaComunicação de Relacionamento Sequência
  • Conheci- Comportamento do mento de Cliente Respostas
  • Conhecimento do ClienteQuestionário de Pré-Renovação Modelo de Propensão
  • Automação de Marketing Régua de Renovação Banco de Dados Modelo de Propensão Análise junto a BI Modelo e Segmentação de Propensão Questionário Envio Mala 1A, 1B, 1C Renovação NÃO Envio Mala 2 D10 Monitoramento VAI PENSAR Aceitou SIMFormulários RespostaProgressivos Não aceitou Recuperação Telemarketing
  • Plataforma de CRM Ações Ações Ações de Atendi- de de Recupera- mentoAtivação Retenção ção FERRAMENTA DE CRM E SILVERPOP
  • Métricas de Resultados
  • #silverpopbr
  • Segmentation Success?20% 80%Relevant Irrelevant
  • The Behavioral Marketing Approach eo ’s rod uct vid eb s ite – P W Jo h n – Gary – Email – Clicked Off Sarah – Facebook – Ebook er
  • Behavioral Marketing Automation Demo
  • Silverpop LandingPage / Form Static Website @GetVision
  • 1st Visit2nd Visit @GetVision
  • {Chocolate}1st Visit {Chocolate} + {Salty Snack}2nd Visit @GetVision
  • ct In SilverpopName Email Chocolate SocialRichard Evans richard@gmail.com Dark @rlevans Join Club Recipe Form Social Sign In @GetVision
  • Welcome “Hello” Program Email with DC @GetVision
  • DC {Dark} DC {White}
  • How Can You Know Someone? Silverpop Web Tracking {Script} Silverpop Web Tracking {Script}
  • Silverpop Form(iframed) in Facebook
  • Where is your Marketing relationship? ESP BMAName: Richard Evans Name: Richard EvansEmail: revans@silverpop Emai: revans@silverpop Social: @rlevans Web: cookie {GUID} CRM: TT66E78YEB654 Address:123 Main St Atlanta, GA 30301 SMS: 404.867.5309 Devices: iPhone, Laptop @GetVision
  • Where are you Relevant? ESP BMA Profile Data Profile DataEmail Email Relational Data Relational Data Web Behavioral Data Behavioral Data Social Forms @GetVision
  • When are you Relevant? ESP BMA Profile Data Profile Data Query QueryLarge Audience Relational Data Relational Data Large Audience Click Send Listening for live Behaviors Individual Messaging Behavioral Data Behavioral Data Email Web Content @GetVision
  • Audiences of thousands ~ ESP MarketerThousands of Audiences of ONE! ~ BMA Marketer
  • Thank You@Silverpop | @rlevans
  • #silverpopbr
  • #silverpopbr
  • Plataforma de Social Infrastructure para marketing.Integra web properties com redes sociais.Integra com o SilverPop
  • Conectando Websites com Redes Sociais
  • http://www.socialidnow.com/index.
  • From Mass Marketing
  • To Boutique Marketing
  • Visite socialidnow.com
  • #silverpopbr
  • #silverpopbr