Republican Candidate Email Marketing Analysis


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Republican Candidate Email Marketing Analysis

  1. 1. Republican Presidential CandidateEmail Marketing “Throwdown”> An analysis of the email marketing programs of7 Presidential candidatesJanuary 2012 to …
  2. 2. Overview• Opted in to candidates email programs January 7-9, 2012• Analyzing various elements of email programs from opt-in to opt-out processes, and everything in between• In-progress approach – analyzing email programs as they unfold• Continue to follow programs even as candidates drop out of the race.
  3. 3. Candidates Included in Analysis• Newt Gingrich• Rick Santorum• Mitt Romney• Ron Paul• Jon Huntsman• Michele Bachmann• Rick Perry
  4. 4. Email Practices: Analysis by Phase1. Opt-in process (completed)2. From and subject lines (completed)3. Content (coming)4. Design/Layout (coming)5. Frequency (coming)6. Overall analysis (coming)
  5. 5. Opt-in Process: Overall Scorecard
  6. 6. Email Opt-in Scorecard
  7. 7. Opt-in Process: Newt Gingrich
  8. 8. Home Page – Email opt-in form very visible
  9. 9. Good use of real estate to encourage sharing of email opt-in
  10. 10. Double opt-in (DOI) confirmation email DOI link should stand out better Inbox view: From & subject line“info” is unrecognizable from name, which is especially critical in a double opt-in confirmation email – should be “Newt Gingrich”
  11. 11. Opt-in Process: Rick Santorum
  12. 12. Combining “email” signup with “volunteering” may reduce conversion fro those only interested in receiving emailsSplash Page – Not being used currently
  13. 13. Home Page – 2 email opt-in promotions + a social sign-up
  14. 14. Facebook Request for Permission
  15. 15. Opt-in form from Home Page “Email Updates” link Email address is only required field
  16. 16. Email opt-in confirmation pageConfirmation page is singularly focused on donations.But should they have also added some social sharing, volunteer recruitment and other CTAs?
  17. 17. Opt-in Process: Mitt Romney
  18. 18. Splash Page Email updates areprimary CTA; zip code is required field.
  19. 19. Drop down asks for zip code Confirmation is also drop down, butno visible notice to check drop down.4 Flash screens; 4th is SIGN UP TODAY Home Page
  20. 20. Opt-in Process: Ron Paul
  21. 21. Home Page – No email opt-in form, but “Updates” very visible
  22. 22. Sign-Up Page Description, benefit statement Sign-up page/form linked from home page + navigation and “Receive Updates” button on every pageEmail address, zip Social sharingcode only requiredfields
  23. 23. Subject line: What is a “PCC List” – meaningless to a subscriber Good from nameGreat use of HTML-based button with text that displays even when images are blocked Double opt-in – Please confirm subscription email
  24. 24. Social follow buttons Web site and preference center buttons are good; but better would be a true welcome email with a call to action.Double opt-in – subscription confirmed email
  25. 25. Subject line: What is a “PCC List” – meaningless to a subscriber Consistent from name Double opt-in confirmation emailWhat’s with the vCard? Pre-populates your supplied data While including opt-out button in DOI confirmation email is an honorable practice, perhaps better to explain process and link to a preference center.
  26. 26. Opt-in Process: Michele Bachmann
  27. 27. Home Page 2 email opt-in forms; very top asks for email address and zip code; lower form also asks for first and last name.
  28. 28. Facebook Request for Permission
  29. 29. Post submit page / Volunteer/ preference pageAfter submitting from email form, you are taken to this very detailed “Volunteer” page. No additional fields are required however.
  30. 30. Email subscription confirmation pageDecent confirmationpage using a person approach from Michelle. Includes social links. But noother call to actions
  31. 31. Subject line: Not horrible, but Welcome email could be more creative, intriguing. “info” isvery poor from name. Good: Bachman was only campaign to use a welcome email! Not so good: Content is identical to Web site confirmation page – no additional value, so what is the purpose?
  32. 32. Opt-in Process: Jon Huntsman
  33. 33. Splash Page – Simple, focused on email opt-ins
  34. 34. Home Page – Email opt-in form very visible
  35. 35. Email opt-in confirmation popover Missed Opportunity: By redirecting to Good: Use of popover provides confirmation page, Huntsman campaignimmediate confirmation of opt-in. could have asked for additionalKeeps visitor on home page where information; incorporated social sharing;they can then explore/take further and directed visitor to specific action. pages/action like “Donate” or how to get involved.
  36. 36. Opt-in Process: Rick Perry
  37. 37. Splash PageNo email opt-in or messaging
  38. 38. Home Page Email opt-in is buried well below “the fold” and “Help Contribute” form. There is no other email promotion in navigation or elsewhere. Zip code is required. No use of Twitter icon with follow messaging.
  39. 39. Email subscription confirmation page Clean page, but no real call-to-action copy or buttons. “Invite” and “like” copy does not include any instructions, links or Facebook icon.
  40. 40. From Names and Subject Lines
  41. 41. Santorum has used 3different from names Romney has used 5different from names
  42. 42. Huntsman used 5different from names “Jon2012Girls” – strangest from nameused by any candidate Gingrich used 3different from names Krull is campaign manager; Waldeck’s title/role is not identified
  43. 43. About Silverpop / Contact
  44. 44. About Silverpop
  45. 45. ContactLoren McDonald: @LorenMcDonald Google+: Loren McDonald On Twitter: @Silverpop